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I'll play any kind of Fallout, but this sounds really cool!

Bethesda had a lot to say about Fallout 76 at E3 this week, and I had my geek eyeballs all over it! Let me run down some of the high points for you in this video, and stay tuned for some gameplay vids as soon as I get my grubby little Deathclaw Gauntlets on a copy of it! Video of ep 101: All out... Read More

Be Local, Play Local

This week's episode of BJ Shea's Board Game Alliance is all about local, Seattle area creators and artists. Game designers, writers, cake wizards, all working and creating locally and doing an amazing job of it, too. With that in mind, I wanted to share with you all a few of my favorite places in... Read More

Summertime reading

Summer is almost here, and I do love spending time outside camping, hiking, relaxing on the beach, all that stuff. I also love reading and listening to audiobooks, which I can do at the same time as I'm doing any of those other things. I have a couple of books on my list already (including a new... Read More

Mom did this to me... and I love her for it!

Almost everything I am, I owe to the woman who raised me and, this Mothers' Day, I thought I would share the geeky side of my upbringing and say a big "Thank You" to my mom, without whom I might never have become a true geek! Video of ep 100: My Mother, the Geek Read More

Happy Birthday, YouTube!

YouTube turned 13 years old today, we talked about it a little on BJ & Migs, so I wanted to share with you some thoughts about that and maybe link a few of my favorite channels for your perusal. The number of options that we have for the way we consume entertainment has grown exponentially in... Read More

Cruises for geeks

BJ & Migs were talking recently about going on a cruise, BJ even heard about the Official Star Trek Cruise and suggested that we should all go together (I'm in, you know I'm in). Everybody talking about cruises made it sound like none of them had actually ever done it. I have. It's pretty great... Read More

Sea of Thieves is the best game I've played in a long time!

I started playing Sea of Thieves on my XBox One and I'm really loving it! This is the open-world co-op I've been waiting for! Pirate adventure on the high seas, skeleton ghosts, buried treasure, this game has it all! Developed by Rare for Microsoft, Sea of Thieves is designed for 1-4 players, but I... Read More

One of my favorite comic books is getting a movie!

Paramount recently announced that they're working on a ROM: Space Knight movie! As a HUGE fan of the comic book series, I'm really excited about this movie! The only info I have right now is that Zak Penn (Ready Player One, The Avengers) is working on the script, but that's enough to get this geek... Read More

Did I say two zombie shows? I meant four!

There are, in fact, four different zombie shows that I'm watching right now. FOUR! The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, iZombie, and The Santa Clarita Diet. The first two are serious, dark, dramas. The last two... not so much. Sometimes, it's nice to take a break from the gloom and doom of the... Read More

Two Zombie Shows and I can't get enough!

While we're all still watching "The Walking Dead" on AMC, I'm the only one who's still watching "Fear The Walking Dead". That being said, I'm still really enjoying it and I wanted to talk with you all about that... Video of ep 96: Nothing to "Fear" but "Fear"... Read More