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Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament

Pearl Jam Bassist Jeff Ament Shares New Solo Song, “Safe In Car”

Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament recently announced he’d been working on his third solo album, Heaven/Hell . But he kept it in the band for the album’s lead single, “Safe In Car,” which features PJ bandmates Mike McCready on guitar and Matt Cameron on drums. The new track also features vocals by Angel... Read More

Motörhead Röad Crew Beer Headed to US

Motörhead have announced their Road Crew beer is headed to the US—specifically, Arcadia Brewing Company in Kalamazoo. The beer, a 6.2% ABV American IPA, is described by the brewery as “a crushable hop-forward India Pale Ale with attitude that showcases a floral and citrusy hop character with just... Read More

Listen to State Champs New Song . . . Plus A New Album

Need some new tunes? How about some punk/pop/rock! State Champs are back after a quick break with a new song called "Dead & Gone". And here is the new video for it: Video of State Champs "Dead And Gone" Official Music Video Plus they announced a new album entitled "Living... Read More

Interview with Pamela Moore

GOOD DAY Rock-A-Holics! Yesterday was a super awesome day because Sara and I had the honor of hosting the very talented Pamela Moore on The Broad-Cast ! You might know her as Sister Mary from Queensrÿche, and yes, she was super awesome to chat with! (Listen below) It was very fun getting to know... Read More

The Officer Wanted to Know Y

Hola Bitcholas, How the hell are you? I'm fine...except for my bubbling guts. Not sure what it is, but I had Alfredo last night. Alfredo consists primarily of cream...and I'm lactose intolerant. Problem is, I forget about that. My gut has been reminding me all day. Anyway, we talked about '... Read More
Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson to Play Coachella Weekend 2

It’s not every day you get the chance to play a massive festival like Coachella—words that ring especially true if you’re Marilyn Manson . (If hearing "Coachella" and "Marilyn Manson" together in the same sentence sounds strange to you, let us clarify.) RELATED: Greta Van Fleet Keep Rock Alive at... Read More

WATCH: Slayer Share Episode 2 of “Early Days” Doc

In Slayer ’s 37 years, the band has seen its fair share of tours. But at the top of 2018, Slayer announced their final one. Today, in episode two of Slayer: The Early Days , Tom Araya and Kerry King walk us through the band’s inaugural tour, back when the guys hit the road in Araya’s Camero with a... Read More