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Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and Sailor Sage read a new text they got, talk about their new relationship status; discuss where single people meet in Seattle; talk about their 10 year reunions coming up, and then things get interesting when they talk about...lotion and mouth wash...

Joey Deez Blog "Game Day"

Today is a bitter sweet Friday for most. Whether it’s drama in polictics, the rainy weather or just the sad realization that Seahawks football is over, this weekend definitely has a gloomy feeling too it. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do, it’s all about getting a kick start to your...
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Q13 3 people shot, wounded at 'The Crocodile' club in Belltown; suspect at large SEATTLE — Three people were shot and wounded at The Crocodile in Belltown Thursday night when a gunman opened fire outside the building, striking... Seattle police prepare for marches, protests Friday SEATTLE — Police...
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Craig Gass joins us for a speical edition of Facebook Drama!

Joey Deez Blog "Sportsmanship"

I watched this yesterday and it cracked me up. Two basketball teams got into a bit of a brawl during a game which led to both coaches jumping onto the court. Sounds routine right, expect the coaches didn’t hold the players back; they actually escalated the situation to the point that the players...
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Video of 94-year-old woman earns college degree Video of Mike Tyson - If You Show Up | Soulja Boy Diss Song (Official Video)
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Q13 Winter weather forces I-90 to close until at least Thursday morning NORTH BEND, Wash. — The economic lifeline between eastern and western Washington is frozen, literally. Truckers were forced to grind to a halt... 'A Dog's Purpose' under fire after TMZ publishes leaked video of German shepherd...
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A man goes on social media to tell everyone that he never had sex with a cat. 


Caller Autumn has a small amount of credit debt and wants to know the best way to pay it off. A texter wants to know the best way to prepare for their child’s future. A man is entering a marriage and his wife has debt, wants to know how it will affect him. An emailer wants to know how to remove...

Joey Deez Blog "Most Annoying People"

On the show today we read a great story about a new study that says most people find the most annoying people in the world to be the ones who kick the back of your seat on a plane. I have to admit, this survey hits home for me. Nothing pisses me off more than a long plane flight with one person...
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