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Vicky B, Ooh Sara, Sailor Sage, and Kianna talk about how its almost impossible not to get into a fight in Ikea, a cool new thing Porn Hub is doing, and then weird drinks we won't drink or that suprisingly taste good!


Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Mick Jagger says he wrote a memoir that he didn’t remember writing.


A woman goes on social media to get attention because her husband doesn’t get a shout out from ESPN.


Canada has Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms oatmeal. McDonalds has a special straw for their Shamrock Shake. Facebook Drama.


Beat Migs. Someone found $100,000 hidden inside an old TV recently. Luke Warm Topic


Customs agents found 13.5 pounds of horse genitals in someone’s luggage. News and sports. A man and woman were high on drugs, stole a car, and got arrested all because of jay walking.

Danny V.'s ROCK Blog: Happy Birthday Billie Joe Armstrong!

Today should be a holiday. I know, I know, we have President’s Day on Monday, but really, that pales in comparison to today. BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG’S BIRTHDAY! Yes, Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day turns 45 today and still looks like he is a snotty, 16 year old punk. Honestly, how does he do it?...
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Migs Blog: McDonalds...You're Genius!

Ok McDonalds…you have gone next level with your brilliance. It’s awesome enough that you now have a chocolate Shamrock Shake… Sip me, I’m Irish! ☘️ -- #ShamrockSeason — McDonalds Twin Ports (@TwinPortsMcD) February 16, 2017 But you created a stray that is going to change...
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Video of "Weird Al" Yankovic - "Pac-Man" Video of Halloween 2015 LIVE with Kelly and Michael , "Regis and Kelly reunited" Video of Reporter asks Trump about Electoral College margin
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WTVR (VIDEO) Horse meat, genitals in juice boxes seized at Dulles CNN (VIDEO) More than $100,000 found in old TV set Q13 Landslide risk remains 'extreme' in some parts of Western Washington Simple jaywalking escalates quickly, ends with stolen truck crashing near South Hill Mall: Puyallup police...
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