BJ & Migs

This week's podcast features the singing debut of Rev, Glenn, and Migs...wearing the mouth piece for that game "Speak Out".  We get inspired by those new KISW "Sedated" T-Shirts.  We also chat with Billy from Mary Mart, a recreational pot shop in Tacoma (Billy joins us at about 27 minutes in).  ...


Joey Deez Blog "Crazy Robots"

It seems like everyone morning when I check the news there’s a fresh story about some crazy new invention that has turned fantasy into reality in the field of robotics. Sometimes it’s a new drone, other times it’s a car that can drive itself, but today it’s a crazy robot that is probably more...
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Migs Blog: The Migs Cast Gets Sedated!

The other day I blogged about that new game called “Speak Out”, where you are challenged to wear a strange mouth piece while trying to read lines on a card. I ended up bringing the game in for the Migs Cast for some “high-brow” entertainment. I figured if it’s a fun game to try and read with this...
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Q13 Get ready for higher car tab fees — many drivers will pay double or even triple more than last year Will winter never end? Rain on way … and snow possible this weekend KING 5 Lawmakers may close gap in taxi, Uber safety inspections Tour of Pike Place Market expansion KOMO 4 36,000 Boeing...
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Migs Blog: Jimmy Kimmel breaks It Down!

I’m sure you know all about what happened at the Oscars on Sunday…when the wrong movie was awarded the best picture Oscar. I’m not even a fan of watching the Academy Awards…I never see the movies that are nominated, hell…I don’t even know what 80% of the movies that are featured on the Oscars are...
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Video of Mean Tweets - Robert De Niro Edition Video of Samuel L jackson & Teen singer & songwriter on ellen NSFW Language: A Woman Keeps Swearing While Waiting to Get Off a Plane NSFW: Couple Gets's Caught "Getting It On" At Dominos
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