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Joey Deez Blog "Girl Scout Cookies"

Girl Scout Cookies are officially on sale now in Washington and that means it’s finally time to break out the stretchy pants and ditch the diet. After the holidays I feel like many of us try to eat better and hit the gym which is awesome but we all need a cheat day…or three. Mine starts with the...
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Migs Blog: SUPERFEKTA Rules!

Massive thanks to the fellas in SUPERFEKTA for hanging out on the Migs Cast! Not only did they help me pay off a bet by being my backing band as I did my “best” Madonna impression…they also performed a few of their own songs, and it was AWESOME! I’ve known Kyyle, their front man, for years…I met...
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Video of Gwen Stefani on Blake Shelton's Sushi Fame and First Trip to Disneyland Video of Meridian man's pet squirrel goes nuts on burglar Video of Arnold Schwarzenegger: Congress Is Less Popular Than Hemorrhoids, Herpes & Nickelback Video of Ashton Kutcher Speech on Human...
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BROBIBLE (PICS) A Florida Hooker Offers A Cop "Oral Negotiations" For 2 Taco Bell Soft Tacos Q13 This is already one of the wettest Februarys on record, and no end is in sight Another storm forces more wastewater into Puget Sound KING 5 Boeing workers reject efforts to unionize plant Thousands lose...
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What happens when you start recording a podcast at 2am in the backstage area of the Parlor Live (with a giant bottle of vodka) after Bert Kreischer does stand up?  This episode of the MegaCast is what happens.  HUGE thanks to Bert for hosting this (along with a special guest bud of ours), as Ted...