BJ & Migs

Migs Blog: More PoGo Insanity!

Pokemon Go is getting beyond insane. I promise, this will be my last blog about it…but I wanted to share a fun video that The Rev, Uncle Chris, and Danny V. from our show did. They hit the streets to play Pokemon Go… Video of How to Catch a Pikachu in Pokemon Go! Tips and an Easter Egg w/ BJ and...
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Video of Hostile Uber driver refuses to take me to ER! Video of Corey Taylor breaks fan cell phone during performance
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Q13 Police: Teens kill acquaintance, burn down home to conceal murder AUBURN, Wash. -- Two men are under arrest, an adult man and a teenage boy, both accused of shooting and killing 19-year... Signed into Pokémon Go via Google? Why you may want to stop playing immediately It’s the game that has...
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The Prodigy's Blog "1975"

Today's blog comes from one of my dad's mentors, Dan Sanders: Something happened in 1975 that continues to radically change the world. Do you know what it is? The answer is in the podcast. In 1975, the Vietnam War ended. Even though by the end of 1973 almost all U.S. military personnel had left...
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Migs Blog: Pokemon Go Crazy!

This Pokemon Go craze is pure insanity. If you were in a coma this weekend, or you have successfully found a way to avoid the internet…there is this new phone app game called Pokemon Go that has completely taken the world over. What is it? It’s a game that allows players to capture, battle, train,...
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