Vicky B and Ooh Sara talk about Vicky's trip to Lopez Island; Vicky proves that she might be the worst wedding guest ever, and they both talk about what Sara will be giving her boyfriend for V-Day but more importantly their one year anniversary! 


Vicky B and Ooh Sara are joined by Danny V and Joey Deez as they chat about things guys don't actually care about during sex, the top places people should visit in their twenties, and how some texters got under Vicky and Sara's skin about servers.


Vicky B and Ooh Sara are back from break and chat about what went down on their holidays, the places they both traveled it, as well as Vicky’s dream house goals and about an awesome Uber driver who made a girl’s nightmare trip into an experience she will never forget!


Porch Pirates Get Theirs

'Tis the season for porch pirates. These are the jerks that follow around the UPS truck and swipe Sally's new tea set from your porch before you get home. Savages. Anyone who orders anything on line with any sort of regularity has no doubt had something pilfered from their front porch. I lost a...
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Vicky B and Ooh Sara chat about a recent explosion Sara had that leads to a rant sesh, then they play audio of a girl who lost it worse than Sara, then finish up talking about Sara's upcoming trip to Portland and Vicky gives her the runthorugh on what she's seen there and what to do.