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Too many games? What have I gotten myself into?

Here's the thing: I may have bitten off more than I can chew. The BJ & Migs show has some time off for the holidays this year, and that means that I have some time on my hands, and that usually means gaming. As my primary hobby, gaming is almost always my number one go-to for any kind of free...
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Vicky's Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Hey guys! So this blog is going to be a little different, because it’s going to be a recipe! Yesterday on the show we talked about the most Googled Thanksgiving recipes per state and when Steve talked about how weird some states searched for “Buffalo Chicken Dip”. When I mentioned I don’t blame...
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Its a special edition of BJ Sheas Geek Nation hosted by Vicky B! The crew discusses Orville, Star Trek and Gotham then we hear for Gareth Von Kallenbach who's got a gift guide to the holidays. We rap things up with a geek sheet with Chris Walker!


Deadpool 2 First Movie Poster

Since Ryan Reynolds graced the silver screen as Deadpool last year (I'm not counting him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, that was a garbage movie), it's safe to say that he helped change the way superhero movies are made. Many people had doubts that the character Deadpool could make a successful movie...
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BJ talks comics with Star Wars, Saga, Star Trek: Boldly Go, & Spider-Man; Mike Robles and Rev talk Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite & Super Mario Odyssey; and we get the Geek Sheet with Vicky B!


My house might be haunted, but I know one that DEFINITELY is!

There's a new movie coming out next year with Helen Mirren as Sara Winchester and the Winchester Mystery House. this got me thinking about haunted places and spooky doings in general. Join me for a quick walk around my 100 year old house in Tacoma and I'll tell you about my experiences with the...
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