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Ted blog's: One for the ages

Wow, wow, wow what a Championship game last night. I love college football so it is not crazy that I was excited about the National Championship game to begin with but when a game with that much hype lives up to the hype it is awesome. Like many people I have no reason to dislike Alabama other than...
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Hawk on Hawk Action

Well 12s, we’re here again! A position that the NFL has seen us in for the last 5 years straight, The Playoffs. And we’re off to a dominant start. The Seahawks elimination of the Lions on Saturday was reminiscent of a Seahawk team that we’ve been trying to get back to since Super Bowl 49. The...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Wants to Know What You Saw

Hola bitches, There's a video going around that involves a monkey in Japan having sex with a deer. The deer seems cool with it, the monkey was DEFINITELY cool with it, and, apparently, this was a "shock" to scientists. See, certain biologists have long held the belief that humans are the only...
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