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Thrill's Big Brown Blog, bitches!

Hola, It's 2017, so I have (not resolved) to doing this blog every day. My inconsistency on writing the blog isn't because I'm's because I'm lazy AND forgetful. However, I was reminded today, so dammit, here it is! Today is our first Monday back of the New Year so we did our Random...
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The Lunsford family is in need of help. A short 2 years after losing one of their rock, Heather has now been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. They are in need of any and all support to help them with the impending medical costs that they will be burdened with helping get Heather the treatment...
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Ted's Blog: 2016 Sports photo of the Year

As we are in the beginning of the New Year that we call 2017 I started looking at sports pictures from the past year to see which one I liked the best. Now as a Seattle Sounders FC fan obviously my first choice was to post a picture of the Sounders winning the MLS Cup and say best photo of the year...
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