Ryan Castle

W/ Duff and Sean

In late 2010 Duff McKagan, Sean Kinney and I sat down in a studio here at KISW with the idea of doing a radio show. I don't think any of us had any real structure in mind aside from Duff is the host, Sean is the co-host and I'll be the producer. What came out of that day was something like 2 hours...
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Guns n Roses

I would never advocate taping a show. And certainly not sitting through an entire show with your phone in your face, watching through the view finder rather than being in the moment. Sure, grab a photo or a quick vid for your Facebook Page, fine. Give your friends a FOMO moment.. Now, having said...
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Alter Bridge

Each week "New Blood" turns you on to what's new in the world of rock. This week I'm stoked to bring you long-awaited new music from Alter Bridge! Pre-order your copy of "The Last Hero" right here . And of course don't miss Alter Bridge at Pain in the Grass on the 21st. Video of ALTER BRIDGE- SHOW...
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