Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Whidbey Island Brews

POWERED BY VISIT BEND: We're pretty lucky to live where we do, wouldn't you say? Mountains off in the distance, stunning water views, and plenty of adventure around every corner. We even have island retreats right in our backyard, and many of those islands are home to impressive craft, micro and...
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Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Where To Watch The HAWKS!

POWERED BY VISIT BEND Alright 12s, the countdown is ON! Kickoff is Saturday at 1:35pm in Atlanta, and you'll want to get a plan together for the game. You COULD watch from home, but as a sports bar fanatic, I recommend you check out one of these swell places, surrounded by other die-hard Seahawks...
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Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Cleverly-Named Pho' Restaurants

POWERED BY VISIT BEND Why do I love Pho'? Because this Vietnamese noodle soup is one of the best, most efficient hangover cures that exists in the world. Well, it's also insanely delicious when you're NOT hung over, but I stand by my hangover statement. I am meeting a girlfriend for Pho' tomorrow...
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Hawk on Hawk Action

Well 12s, we’re here again! A position that the NFL has seen us in for the last 5 years straight, The Playoffs. And we’re off to a dominant start. The Seahawks elimination of the Lions on Saturday was reminiscent of a Seahawk team that we’ve been trying to get back to since Super Bowl 49. The...
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Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: My Mount Rushmore of IPAs

POWERED BY VISIT BEND As a shameless IPA snob, I am asked CONSTANTLY which are my favorite. If you're an adventurous beer drinker like me, you know those top slots change frequently as you sample new suds. With the impressive, almost overwhelming growth we've seen in the world of craft and micro...
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Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and Sage talk about making onesies sexy, Sara's night out, and Vicky's recent trip to Portland that included strippers, snow and steak!

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Save Oyster Dome

POWERED BY VISIT BEND Many of you know that before I started working full time at KISW, I spent three incredible years living in Bellingham, a place I LOVED exploring week in and week out, rain or shine. With so many trails to hike and bike, you can get out any day of the week and find adventure,...
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Rock Blog: Green Day is Coming to the PNW!

What’s better than Christmas morning for a pop-punk kid? When Green Day announce that they are coming to town on tour for their newest release “Revolution Radio” of course! That’s right, Green Day have announced they’re coming to the great PNW on August 1st, kicking off the summer leg of their...
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Vicky B, Ooh Sara, and Sage ring in the New Year by reading the texts they received from listeners over the break; talk about Sara’s shiner and stitches she received; then discuss what baby names they all like…and let’s just say, there is a lot of disagreement over what is “cool” and what is “...

Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: 3 Day Trips Within 3 Hours Of Seattle

Taking a vacation doesn't necessarily mean getting on an airplane or spending a small fortune, especially when we have TONS of incredible local destinations within 3 hours of Seattle! I've narrowed my list of favorites down to THREE great day trips I think you'll dig this winter! 1. White Rock, BC...
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