Seattle Rock Rumble

What’s that sound? 

Put down your emergency preparedness kit: it’s not Mt St Helens, and it’s not The Big One (yet). 

That, Rockaholics, is the Seattle Rock Rumble.

We’ve pitted favorite (and some not-so-favorite) bands from the Seattle area against each other, and it’s up to you to decide who is the ultimate Seattle band. Is it grunge greats Nirvana? Supergroup Temple of the Dog? Or do you have a special place in your heart for Sir Mix A Lot? (Don’t worry, we don’t judge. Much)

Check back each weekday, and make your votes. Then, on Seattle Rock Day (April 4th), we’ll announce the winner of the Rumble. 

Sign up now, and hang tight to start making your picks on Thursday, March 15th.

And as a “thank you” for helping us choose the winner, by signing up you’ll be entered to win a pair of tickets to see Pearl Jam at Safeco Field on August 8th, Foo Fighters at Safeco Field on September 1st, and the to be announced Pain in the Grass 2018!

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