Station Directions:
99.9 KISW is on the 16th floor of the West Tower of Metropolitan Park, the two shiny silver-and-black "canned ham" structures at Olive Way and I-5. The address is 1100 Olive Way (between Boren and Minor), but the front of the building's really on Minor. (This helps confuse kids selling magazine subscriptions.) There are plenty of parking lots within a block or two, and metered parking in front of the building on Minor.


Coming from the North on I-5:

Take the Denny/Stewart exit, following the exit ramp through the traffic light (when it turns green, of course) and onto Stewart. Stay to the left, drive past Yale, and turn left onto Minor. Drive a block to the traffic light at Howell (the longest red light in North America) and you'll see our building in the next block, on the right side of Minor, looming toward the heavens like the monolith in "2001". Park in an open lot, in the expensive garage under the building, or at a meter on Minor.

Coming from the South on I-5:

Use the Seneca exit, which is on the left side of the freeway. (Not OUR left; YOUR left.) Take an immediate right onto 6th. Drive up 6th for about five blocks, then turn right on Olive Way. (Try using your turn signal for once in your life.) Take Olive up a few blocks until you pass Boren. Turn left on the next street (just before you cross the freeway) which is Minor. Our building is on your left. Park in a meter or go past the light at Howell and park in a surface lot. Lock your car and take your keys. The Rock is not responsible for valuables left in your vehicle. Wait 45 minutes after eating before going in the pool.