Win $50 to Qdoba From Vicky

April 28th in the U-District

Friday, April 28th at 4:00pm
Qdoba Mexican Eats
5025 25th Ave NE #101
Seattle, WA 98105
United States

Event Description:

Vicky Barcelona will be at Qdoba in the U District with your chance to win $50 worth of delicious Mexican Eats! She'll be there with the KISW Wrecking Crew giving away coupons and more during this Happy Hour event, from 4 to 6pm on Friday, April 28th.

While you're there, try some of Qdoba's New Primetime Nachos - they are made with crispy chips piled high with delicious toppings like 3-Cheese Queso, Diced Veggies, and made in-house pickled Jalapeños. Qdoba's got your choice of three Primetime Nachos with different protein and heat levels. The Chicken Fajita is loaded with grilled tender chicken that offers a mild heat. Or choose the habanero BBQ Brisket with smoked brisket layered in Ancho BBQ sauce and spicy habanero salsa. And if you can really handle the heat, try Qdoba's Spicy Chicken Nachos drizzled in a spicy sriracha sauce that's sure to leave your taste buds burning.

So share a plate and celebrate! Hang out Vicky for a chance to win $50, and try some Primetime Nachos from Qdoba!