03-08-18 Seg 1 Mens Room Tastes Freedom

Thursday, March 8th

It's time once again to play the game known as Big Dummy!


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He would sure love to hear is real. This radio program are simply. Trying to look. Invited to join the party. This is the. All gathered in secrecy. This is not. They say. Or radio more than. Times. And Jordan. And. Do they go in Minnesota for 2782. Along with Steve the thrill hill. We Ted spread. Love him at all. My car. There aren't many low. What do they play big dent name. Ted's meats and. Potatoes as the most famous fast food flops of all times. The way Sherlock is back get ready to play profile list plus headlines read your job today fumble as their emails and everyone's favorite. TV time would take a crack you're getting drunk kind of go woman on probation in New Mexico says her Mets is from a doctor. And she's got the prescription to prove it can. Pillow like car thief takes a stolen car to a court hearing about being McCarthy. Because he just can't quit. George Alvarez ex wife after she complained he won't the government for their six kids. A fourteen year old impersonate a police officer which the real law actually forbids and so I don't like to pretty baked. And it's all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question. All are good kids good day to you Ed yours today is the day that we play. Big dummy the game feel that rewards you for your stunning ignorance and here is how it works you call lost. We spend a test. The game show. We will continue asking questions until you get one right because as always we want you to leave here are smarter than you showed up. Today is our biggest army ever it's actually a two way tie between the lovely Kimberly and the equally lovely Eric. Both of whom handled there in rigged ramps and found a way to answer nineteen consecutive questions wrong. Can you do better of course you can forget the. All in all we go on big dummy bigots as a play they don't make on a four point 999 all you can like the men's room on FaceBook follow us on tournaments are live. And in those emails to the men's room at men's or live dot com. You are listening to the men's room ready on network. Soledad I know on December 2782. And a large. Have a I'll have decimated details headset is back and today. The most famous fast food flops of all times yes every once in awhile the fast food industry gets it right. Those items stay on the menu or come around once twice a year and then there are times where they give somebody a shot and it just doesn't seem to work out so today. They had just gonna lean more on that side the fast food flops in the most famous ones. Coming up with Ted's meat and potatoes also on tap no Sherlock is back and do another round profile listen we'll drink a toast. With a shot of the day and we do every time we play big dummy go globe interim poll going on now last week. We asked you in the it was a runaway would you rather have a popcorn kernel always in your teeth. A hair always in your eyes or a tiny rock always an issue. Ted and I cannot stand the time Iraq issue drives both crazy thing however most people said they would rather have a tiny rock always in the issue. I said popcorn kernel is trying to look well I can fight through I mean the pedal if you make sense the people spoke and protect. Yeah I it was a it was a landslide as far as the contestants have played a big dummy now as far as our men's room poll you're gonna eat one you get either one of these. Mentioned this yesterday. It's your choice. And by the way if you like the men's room on FaceBook its its thirty debate that's going on there. So would you rather have a burger made a bald eagle. Burger made a bald eagle now we know one thing. It's illegal. To do anything with a multi you can take a feather and don't believe alleged illegal deep bode do this is our road aren't. You know and or even touch the damn thing to get a fair amount all of our options are Burry illegal in almost the apple I want it to elmo's you think of one attack Jewell was trying to gouge out your eyes with a mighty telling you like I can't hit you by anybody militant ago you know like you could unify the damn thing up. You could he would take a further evidence clearly you know. Each Yunnan and rabble. Unless your native American music voting and to go Kart it's all deal that we don't know. I'm there's somebody out there who knows what a bald eagle things like help others as many people out there who know little bald eagle faceless. I is only an issue because we live in America there aren't part of your I'll go to the bald eagle. But what I can't bring this ought to do more good in my mind went it is looks like that that's about the right aura wouldn't be too powerful you don't understand like. One of the reasons we like chicken as they just count on or around an active excited they don't really get you know I mean they're not like muscular chickens they're just they're ID IR battle the bulls steroid fruit grows chase eagles' all time. Right and an eagle shows on the crows like none are good man and go after and like I gotta think that that's. If I'll ever be are it would there's a reason people don't need owls. Or the larger birds and I guess people do. Yost ridge the new PS Turkey. I don't know you know what I believe big birds sure OK well then you know what I think. I think a lean in toward the Barger the burger made a bald eagle the next burger. Is a burger made it from your pet moved your favorite pet yes and then the burger made from a person that you have government. So you have three options didn't even have the burger made a bald eagle the burger made from your pet or the burger made from person that you have never meant that I am I'm going after the person and this person. Yes I'm well multi colored while the bald eagle I just can't bring myself to do you think he dives and disease of the eight human flesh mother cooked I'm assuming all of these have been prepared whether Burress. Berg of the things in my view should should you leave us a spirited right so what do you think it's an art and soul I would figure the bald eagle our camera muscle to do why my favorite pet. It's just my favorite pin number one even went first and I don't know here in Canada offered. But still I know Americans who for me it's still tough to do collateral country and in its country and forums so well if you Portugal is any mushrooms illegally wants them. Oh sure this is not a simple critical medical practice so but what the person I don't know I did not know the and then home another matter to me. I mean unless they have also but like look bald eagle I can't bring myself to do. The pat I just don't wanna do I but the person I don't like I didn't know they go one step further and older all honesty which one do you think would taste the best the bald eagle. You do. I'm totally non pet. I'm we'll come payment you are you can do you think utilities the best you know what armistice day and I'm going with the human burger you're going to be humor yet a guard our track. Hardest thing about people that however we will have a food nickname right. They're always blown long built like the the people might people seem to like people. When people are deliciously colored lawn big long pork along Paula lol pork. This is a real term yes you're kidding me no McCain are governor I gotta think like we must be fairly delicious if we even have long poor nickname yeah I'm Dan just thoughts on the old you are important don't hang up. Yeah it is a big dummy far far 999 all it is not who is our first contestant write a play the big game. Hello Margie welcome to the men drew. Hope remark to look into the show. For the record you can lead a lot of other countries' national. Well sure let's look rough but I can't it may have put if you eat bald Eagles tomorrow I got nothing to say I just can't personally didn't bring myself even molded by the way film points out. The bald Eagles are hurt him bald Eagles and trash birds if you look into it they probably don't taste good equipment we just it's we just established yesterday that anything would eat crap and trash is to listen I'm that they would come in his arm right there with him and I think that they have kind of trash like over the last it was a function normally feeling in the dumpster dive yeah. The argument that. Margie your joints. Burger made a bald eagle burger made up premier better burger made from a person you've never met. Well. I still has the balls because the because brown meets my stats always really good with like I ate food. So I'm gonna look that you and I feel let. A darker. And I believe this story is gonna go you wanna take a look at our long pork section of the menu. Yet there are high. Got this idea that it. In the words of another great chef welcome flavors now. All you did in the new mommies. The 31 and I'm miles we've and I'll call you bald you murder the three number three plus our freedoms to those who know 300. We are. Your question margin. Energy question. The guru world Drake is a male watch. Ticket. The job giant man got away with it kept at Athens. If if if if what was the Forbes sports themed movie to win an Oscar. Oh. We get a is it Euro lifetime it is you know a lot of the employees in Miami nor. Ted's gotta give it would you would you. Is it to treat. Oh great bull no fly. Rod ROK yeah I think we have the right horse person and women's hospital in the pro Palestinian and natural shift to tell them. Robert Redford and Redford and idea regular guest. Almost got to move there wonderful it. What is the name of twitters bluebird of mass. All men are you had a Twitter account. Known should be Lucic. Polarized TV. Larry Larry the winner remember Larry. They're well there's there's Larry Bird seasons he's Larry the birth. To be dull well terrible news copied. The PLO deeply as they're dead because of a clean name. Whose statue of liberty was a gift from what country. I do believe that you. Our our girls are out. Did was they done it 44999. All of the we have a new contestant regular game renewed hello Christie now welcome to the men's. People. If you have children until. What would you do it. I know would you get into the political. What do you do it. My pharmaceutical. Jobs. Oh Illinois all right the Soviet fun ride Christina are miserable today he's got he's won a murder made a bald eagle. A burger made from your pets or a burger made it from a person that you have never met. Lieutenant faint probably EE. Stranger and stranger with a stranger on the map we have we have freedom murder guarding our cristina's for a stranger murder if it at that at. If the person that you don't know imposed a Celtics. Stranger Bernadette. All right good eagle. Apparently. You aired your question of well biblical figures. Are right out of that game okay. You can't say other radio. Children the. Jack you know ground weren't Christina. And keeping it in Lee surely aren't what biblical figure who was the founder of Judaism. It. Hardly think for the start. And here. But haven't been. And 99. Yoga Jesus was a carpenter doing. Those job he showed up on to. Those errors important. We'll be similar to Donovan is drywall that was my buddy Dario they were suppose could. That's bad that's what he did okay did he do exactly that I'm a meteorologist at. What is the male groups called. O'Neal is Luke. Even saying that involves. I. It's a very telling statement. It didn't understand them. Kids in there and I'm. My bad I don't know that I apologize mechanical noted that. Aren't do not over think office. We don't suspect his armor problem but what's English were heard what English word is a combination. Of the first two letters of the Greek alphabet. Concrete apple let me. Add the. Word that the company for the first few words to. Greek alphabet to welcome back. I'll tell us as powerful data I'll I'll pull back so the goal of the alphabet does that Christie in all honesty that was not a bad yes. And because we have worked very much and thank you yeah. Miles is very tan yeah kind of what is the capital city of Guatemala. On. Long. Territory here. Want territory yeah. Near Guatemala. Guatemala says it's definitely got artist doing. I don't know I. You're still gonna build it day. And yeah. Muscle relax you and you had neck surgery. I utility are okay. Evan is a no go look at. Members that I'm fine thank you tracking number number seven surgery. And I bet well okay that's edited it. And gambling you can think right now. Obviously Lou yeah. I don't think also opens I'm not a Packers did you hear is your question. Nordic in Alpine. The two majors on rows of what sport nordic and help. They were in the Olympics Daley recently. On. I think we go to that you're playing. Along. Feel about it. So that I don't remember that old dog just just that just ride on that cloud of movies and now the reason they call it should be and not answers he's if you. Ted Robbins are knotted at a who was the director of the FBI from 1924. To 1972. Car. 1920 born in nineteen that's a long road. I am a little danger. You've really boring they're having your phone. The government. Jennings is known years. Moon moon. Who. Crowd pretty hard to trust of Parker seen on those muscle relaxer is isn't it. It shouldn't take in which to me and you know OK just look if you think you go far marriages goes down first of next year. I'll answer all the dump cans off this you know if you have no. You find don't jump. Up and ended and there aren't aren't I sure don't look so. I think you'd be funny because I'm not wishing but I would find great laughter. So you know yeah a lot of early morning you have are your question how many bones are in the adult human body. We didn't do it. Didn't get out there router okay. Like there seven Baghdad I don't know probably knows you're absolutely no. Man woman will give his big dummy four point 9990 lose our next contestant ready play the game. Hello Alija welcome to the men's room. Easter. This sober. I don't think so qualified so they're just had left. So there's there's just so much she's right everybody's pumped up on the farms. My junior Ottoman triple murder made a bald eagle on one of your better one from person you never met with burglary gone with. Well I'm almost fit native Americans I think I'm allowed to have good eagle do you eat the eagle. It would do out there I'm out on the family you look more defensive about. You can freed burner like Arianna I'm injured you go where the though the wolf palace the moon teachers. Are my my hand I don't. As an eagle head on a stick like a big Sharma here as your beautiful are you. Dream catcher where they in your car of me 15 2000 tournaments that you get a dream catchers. You think well yeah you can't I don't go ahead of the state brother I think you need like 40% grandmas to shop for a dream catcher at now tomorrow I really did everyone says a 160 exclusively Cherokee for whatever reason go look if there are mostly that you get a drink are women and I don't say this I think you've got to I think you can get a wolf talent the merger. I think I'm down I got several my grandma it's all right. Is is it necessary isn't like something that made it sadly I must Wear this shirt with the wolf howling at the moon. Well it theoretically every person every picture of a person from my tribe on related zone so yeah I keep getting them Jesus. Yet as Jersey I never heard of anyone eating bald eagle. Aka. He'd OJ yeah coming out of drag Orleans you all you won't remember we are your freedom. Glory an audible. Who can I just lyrics. Very good to Vera. I talent burgers with these heavier into question I wanted to know more of a holy. What they underperformed the the theme to the TV show friends. Old. I don't know he'd sit. I'll be there for Iraq. Hole isn't what it's horrible it's a holocaust not that easy to see bands. I don't know that feeling you get people what what what the friends thing. Yeah Larry I don't know like thirteen when you play on wed no I don't know what can you play or not. I'll play it are you major guitar or the right there. La La thank god they look man I'm really gonna break in a minute you're gonna get that got him we targeted the question right we come back you're gonna play this team from friends and that's series a very serious. I learn iron and an iron iron and it's why I wanted to go play that a great why you want and don't didn't go and I always say it any good good. I don't think he's bragging. Yeah a little bit. Of good friends Luke who. I came on the last time we get that but. To your own more and I'm the guy I would also accent. Are okay. Good okay. Well into. Moon. Grab your dog ran a allies are gonna take a quick break we'll come back you play that they might. Yeah okay carafe rights and access the game is big down there you like to be at its estimate for 4999. Olaf more calls Ottawa analyze it figure in the fifth for friends. You are losing the men's or radio network. They joke. You know have gentleman's room. Yes John I'm dead may have details as the most famous fast food flops are all times today chef right after Leah reader emails they're mens group and injure my back I didn't mean damn game is big Demi. 8449990. Lead you'd like to be contestant we do analyze online. And the last we heard from Elijah. Two questions and so far but you did drop the nugget that the first or won the first song you learned on guitar was the theme from friends which candidate the question Iraq and the answer that question by the way is the roof rack to rent or Rembrandt to perform outside. So allies he's that you think you still play this thing. Well I tell you what I mean I did absolutely agree as. Ma. Got. It got I got my little daily piano here and see things. Yeah. It's. Yeah. No matter what the world is gonna be the least. Amount of it proud did not EO. And don't let yeah. And when I haven't we feel we can well you know yeah. I. Poll do you know. Amazed at. Lies that's amazing headed yeah that it got its karaoke night tonight and it's fantastic stuff. A lot of club did you imagine that he's done what are your a lot of bills yeah that's right shoulder is. Just like Florida today. I was incredible. Really thought I was worth the wait it out. They know how to I've never heard anything like pat Kennedy and digital image appears a little promo in the market. They're not hard it's been because of SARS and try to recover from that. Well we're intending to be an intercity calculus teacher. What was ever apartments catch phrase on South Park. And. I included eighteen years. You I don't know if you've got another number that I guess little did. Each circuit. It knows that he's elbow around my goodness gracious title games may generate a four point 99911. Is our next contest and try to play the game what is that the Tokyo. That was. Also as songs already bad the number two was so bad the dress on my brother full circle that was one of the greatest things of amazing to me that is the word. Hello Brian welcome to the Madrid. I still. With the man's. Brian you sober in October. Didn't. Solar knots of CNN's. We have Brian Mims Trimble today your joys even on a burger made a bald eagle. Or a little quality. How about the way few comments came in with regards to a wide his rendition of I'll be there from. Performed has only allowed because those ladies are wet. I do that is collectively stunned by women everywhere with you could that was the greatest everything I've ever heard you think the life. Then clearly the school ignoble course. Yeah. Are here. Yeah is your question. The rage virus the range virus that's the name of the virus that turn people into zombies in what movie. Moment. That. All of which. Only days. I hope you don't want it done. I would not at Garnett. The good things and again analyst at facts out there are around guys. That's our first one end and everybody that's played a big dummy today believe it or not has been playing for team not so you can we would like to begin contestant. Paid far far 999 all the brain a good test and a more big dummy in seconds. The show and many pins continue on the men's room radio network.