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Monday, January 9th

EMails, Mike Hawk brings you the Headlines he's NOT working on, Ask the Mens Room is back! Plus Your Guess is as Good as Mine is between Tattoos and States!


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Commence drilling would miles. Nine point nine so I guess you. And I Aaron got out Iraq a little smiles to elements are met and I'm point nine KI SW are ran amok question question here we Aston dating was what could you get past yeah yeah. Other reason we asset is buzz feed just ran a survey where they ask women athletes they but the guy after a good date. Only if he was wearing certain on fashionable items went there are so here's what they found. If a guy was wearing a bow tie what percentage of the women said that they would not have sex with them in a vote time that's the number one deal breaker I'm not heroics of the guy shows up in a votes islanders and number one that knows just what percent his son was number ten don't. But the senate still be hot. But does a fashion 50% 50% said no way that's exactly right a road and other guys know what I gonna sects of the guide rails about 85% and are still it says yeah yeah. What percentage of women say that they would not have sex with a guy who's wearing an NFL Jersey does not find them attractive. Want done to date yet won only 4% or OK how about cargo shorts. I don't know that's pretty high like fifty not 43%. Or not seal yeah with a guy in cart issue does summertime. I already gets worse was up Lucas Sheldon. All hide it I don't need that I I don't know but it's over it is good yeah what are we supposed to replace some Wear short no. Now booty shorts which is now almost half the women would have sex is gone Carter and George. Bogus shell necklace one. 55. 66%. Said no way you get approved a shell necklace on and not have XX with you and lose ground colleges tons a jewelry and general. Some 7573%. I was six for you none of them live in deters a Fedora. 81%. 72%. Socks and sandals a percentage of women would not have 182%. Said no way they're having sex with a guy wearing socks and sandals. How about those five total workout shoes. He's wearing them on the date he's wearing NBA's gotta yeah. 7586%. Said no way. And the number one well not the number one thing polo shirt collar popped what percentage would have sex like act. Nine. 88% eighty exact era the number one thing that is a no go for women to not have sex with a guy. 94%. Of women say that of a guy has those jeans with all the sorts of patterns and designs and pockets. Yes no sex for real so you have the genes of all the designs on the back of all that Yoga Journal Fedora get rid of those because 94 particular gene would not have sex with those. Guys are for George that's where would you buy those genes becomes Liggett tap out. Born and hardly Jack okay Aaron if Doris thing Allison o'clock I'd never hear form but that. Eighties came and went quickly but like some people won't athletica yet it did not come so quickly was great from the nineteen tends to the 1940s wow that's your. And then and then I came back in advance any modern times. Yeah is there no guy looks good in them now. I think it chickens. And a blank man Lloyd Austin where biking Lawrence and somehow you're like god damn you learn through internal she's not that. So it's not your guess as good as minor categories today tattoos and states we have your Cheap Trick and foreigner tickets for argun dozens today Elvis week on profile as the first we'll take a break and come back and read your emails in the men's room and men's or live dot com next. And now I'm back in the men's room with the miles and drill off 99.9. KI SW. Good question questionnaire we have a bunch your emails here for the men's room amends or live dot com. They don't trust violation Roy dropped brewers a men's room original red because we think it's inning error it was a bronzes silver medal winner the great American beer festival which means and only as an award winning bear but a portion net proceeds benefit the three local Fisher house so you don't have been every time entered an art from today's random question question guys. Win now I should have stopped drinking I didn't think I should have stopped drinking with the bartender did when I ordered another Long Island iced tea without the ice. Our guys are heard US cal would you like your funeral dale growth ballot. Just how warm it would be. I mean Long Island iced teas appointees could begin with but yet to make it warm. Went out with that part and when you you would just have put it kindly your waist there's no T in there right. Now not enough there's OT as a than the one thing housing and on Long Island honesty it's there's no it's risen out of what its like all the clears. Sour mix in the little so to give a collar. Our guys are yes tell you like your funeral to go I only have one request my body when I'm gone but I only want it to happen if I leave this world the way I would like. A wanna be the first got to die in a freak can opener accident imagine opening a can of your favorite soup on electric can opener then wham the metal woods shoots in your neck. That make all the headlines in on sending as a bitch it has been abused and deaths by a can opener since electric can overs tournament. Caspian a guy eating dinner with his feet and had no arms it has to be the same got my grandfather's best friend build a custom motorcycle. You can ride using only his feet and shift in everything. Lost his arms during a utility accident outside of this man it might be the same guy does this dude. It was odd that because he was eating with his feet but is emotion concede the way he fed himself and all that way it was his fluent is I am with my hands and including as I five idiot which took us a little back but what do. I don't have time a few extra emails here for the men's German men's or live dot com. Guys my son is ten years old he's still too young to enjoy heavy jokes Soviet get a faced sandwich quartet. That would be great kibo the great show and by the way saint George Utah is the bottom of the state about one hour and a half from Las Vegas. A sincerely that from Chris in saint George Utah can again if it's. And email so you know oh my god you run. Brother can dying and understand okay salute she's and it's harder on this. It is my son now Brenda. Turns 21 today about generating this on the Arab be headed to the keg steakhouse for a couple of juicy red stakes in his first legal drank. And out to the casinos play little black Jack. Really great caddie is much like me when I was his age it's scary his mom and I just try to keep them from making the same mistakes that we made which is way more difficult and it's ounce. Tough call phone. Half. Paul song. Could you please say in the birthday song did you also sent a now with a little girl face and we Jan do you like that thanks in rock gone. That from rader Dan. Guys can I get a birthday shout out and turtles thanks to my wife Britney she is 22 today love the show rock on bitches from Joseph. It's geysers might put a good birthday Al's wondering if I get the birthday song and edge. Es lo Wheaties rock on that from Teresa. We have geez Louise. Persona announced. He's the reporter now probably now so arteries have averting what some of these sound effects we have some we don't. I yesterday's change of tune exactly I'd like it was my brother Travis had a birthday for the Tony seven time. He swimming in snow up in Hatcher pass Alaska the lucky bastard plot. I'm sure he'd appreciate it time to take off the leash and some Allen picked. As well as a birthday song thanks guys that from Lauren does have a single. Look out. I would placing the birthday song from my awesome boyfriend. 29 we lose and you had beautiful Victoria British Columbia on the ice you also like an original face Salinger and what the F is that bro thanks guys that from bar. Fish sandwich all white and would. Throw all guys is my friend zero Brown's birthday did you get a barbershop fish sandwich thanks guys you Iraq that from Kim is it. Movie Laura this and wins. Z.'s daughter on this. Cody Stanley is he's in jail rarely is in them on hand and at noon and and not. RFID was visited yet Virginia men's or black it demo in Issaquah like to get some turtle wax with thrill sinks like my app from the parent. In the blahs. I and the birthday song this is from my lovely sister missy who is 38 today thanks guys rock on that from Tim. Sort of from the Brett missed the. Yesterday my girlfriend Shelby is 3090s Johnson the most amazing and caring person I've ever met and she deserves some awesome birthday wishes to you police have. A little girl they sandwich inside and up update on her special day she would be honored here the birthday song in her honor as well thanks fellas that from shop. All of analysts say here Lamar badges I turn the Big Five zero today can I get a barbershop faced sandwich the original kind to this old man thanks sent from draw can again if it's. Anyway so you oh my god you ride. Brother can dying enemies and OK it's jeez and it's harder on this. Hi guys there you know. Have you had been a good. It's. Have you had a. I think they are tailored to see you bitch says our guys I'm from New York. Yeah we're going on we're pretty bad but people from Ohio are the worst they are by far the most likely to brag about how humble they are. That for mark. Yeah but give Ohio. Ohio a little bit of fabric all right. Because the thing that I don't even when you brag about being humble you're not really be humble but we also recognize that there from Ohio and let's give them side. Mitchell loses is in reference to the Ted Smith saying that he would eat. If that is indeed the case I was wondering if you could be days it's decorated cupcakes that actually pops and if he would do it on there. That from Chad you can see it puts it does it and know exactly discuss the app I would shed more does one come up with as it decorating cupcakes and actually pops if he would do what in studio where do you find that I I doubt the Lenox square there wasn't like I was actively looking for we were talking about. Retirement. Here's more cottage cheese nonsense good god almighty this is a midwest cowboy here all this negativity about cottage cheese is sad because I bet a lot of people haven't tried this are you ready. Get some small curd cottage cheese I like the low fat cottage cheese the best. Makes it. With a ranch dressing seasoning mix you stirred up goad and dip your celery into its boy I tell you. That is what is some good stuff right there have been needed since I was knee high to a grasshopper. And UH right out Q on rocket essentially ranch dressing but with cottage cheese instead of this hour. I'm sure I agree were Manning is well aware of the problem is great stress again that separate its. It ain't gonna help because it's celery at least everyone else settling any chips sub so Moriarty camp sites to just eat in my opinion. But no man there there is no good recipe are not as she's we tried everything to people sent and it's just it's not terrible the only uniform thing I've seen with all these is it's got to be small Kurt right. Yes yes there's real briefly so is aired cottage cheese with big current there Hitler eating and now there's got to do to bunkers apparently people are not eating. Doesn't really does make it's a very large curd cottage cheese would I never seen elementary for a recipe yourself Elizabeth I guess can't stand cottage cheese one hurl listening to your show you guys are great but cottage cheese is the worst thing ever. And from Troy are very intelligent man and our guys when I was in high school in my friends three and took gas and at Disneyland. We've broken the pairs to block apart and we're gonna meet up with a haunted mansion a certain time. And the in my tripping companion showed up we're supposed to meet like twenty minutes. A later they still enjoy also reload to check out the electric light parade while standing on the street the steering and off the lights are friends founders say were both frantic apparently they were arrested by Disneyland TV roads and take into us double all the park. The cows forgot to lock the cell when no was looking is not down found us. After that we went to the gondolas smoking joints when we got off there those about six Disney comes waiting for us we couldn't stop laughing so they escorted us out of the park. NATO as a from Bryant. The new management. And Lacey liquor and beverage as men's room black 22 ounce bottles and stop that from Kyle well thank god they got new management. And Lacey liquor and better obviously they needed a little older and more heavily in overall those details here. A pain in the win here guys tried your sausage I was nervous at the smell first but I was impressed that sucks it's just saw something. We put our own special smell on the details at the only mass dismay and drew scented assaults and really exist and we have a tells just like ours in heavily. And now that the millions of miles on his hand this two holes. Time for you'll find yourself still fund that's doing DC and if you guys W dot com the government agency all of links to all these stories you might care to donate to a any of these fine thousands. And gentlemen also when you take a minute and read this on the air. I created on behalf of my friend Josh and his wonderful family. And Josh is pretty aggressive brain tumor and they need all the help they can get that from a Anton. Guys' names Jake trying to get the word out for my awesome and she was recently diagnosed with stage for an operable breast cancer our family was it was a lost her grandmother here and a half ago and cancer now this is our hands. Heather and a little bit people can donate to victory. Thanks as magic. Presenting as the years go Els organizing the rich and run for the cavs five Kate raise money and awareness the Special Olympics anyway I need your help again guys Mecca. And hoping you get the word out that from Ali again. Jesus tell me raise money awareness for the Special Olympics Washington by donating to my super plunge. I'll be jumping into the sound what other super plunger which once every half an hour from dawn till dusk you know when everyone everywhere I want an hour. Allow 1 time in the morning you're out there you drink beer yeah one time on Dallas and doing it over and over that's. Time and we listened to purely. People so urgent beer. As a us histories 15100 the minimum by February 3 participate as today she's just under 400 to Italy there you'd like to help. Leann issues helping Special Olympics Washington. Guys are dean was in my car as she or maybe a truck she walked along highway 305 the driver did not stop instead left her extremely injured in a ditch on the dark tonight. She's had two surgeries compound fractures in her leg and hand another surge coming. Any help you can give thanks guys helps their. And a lot more guys I had on my very close friends stand requested by you get ahold of you guys see if you could down. Put his sisters have Brothers go on the page and shows us under fire seventeen that this almost rampant too small kids are living in a small hotel room presents a miles let Dan know that I. Called on the do wish really appreciate everything. Best regards that from Kevin got to KI SW dot com and open yourself viewed by accident it's gonna help is on there and it it's really a tough thing to DiNardo please don't do you still do still to be dealt like a huge. Had I given a one hour from now the first quick check my talk for some of the stories and headlines and he is not working I had an eighteen year old girl went to Wal-Mart Wal-Mart in Florida last week took five Beers out of a cooler and drink at all. The two gigs Koppel she would be a resident grabbed a paramedic by the crotch. Wild. That it may have I can't believe she's not going to be the new bachelorette go bigger how is she 1818. In a Wal-Mart in Florida. I don't remember bear grabbing battle crowds cheek you think if I know my rats yeah an eighteen. Five Beers get you loaded it does but it's a bit we will we drape them it was a the golf course or it. The buddy's house not so much of Wal-Mart. Like Kerrigan in either bush or he got a new cured machine that Maria is clear. And there aren't. Any business this year are good at bats on me in the. I'm just trying to figure it out and security now it's is it your calls the concentrate another like Folgers white silk like. But it your. That you got president just runs hot water through. But I well it's early so you look like you know DirecTV can act the NFL network in my mind made the statement DirecTV by signing an ambulance guys are very beautiful thing right. There was a one point in time a little mini case that you could yet it was like a beer tapper that you put on your count are kind of like coffee pot. The problem was was the owners of that company sold exclusive rights behind. Right only veered that you could get for that little catering or the set on your and did draft here. Was amstel light or Heineken there's other Ronald either one of those two Beers but like anything LCD curing throughout the whatever kind of coffee you want and that machine and I really don't know any literature on Sunday. You know Craig was the same way. They just it was so popular is that Starbucks and other companies. But it's another coffee company that owns cure yet but they were the only ones with it. So how. I want I jumped on board ready Heineken tried the same thing but nobody ought to jump on board like I'm jealous coffee companies like all right screw it we gotta go play in your yard but they look the idea of having draft you're looking up water dispenser on your fridge there's no way that that thing can pour beer yeah. If defense expects that I mean there's there's two Golan somewhere I have a look at that to happen if and finally to local news fingers in San Diego did a story last week about a girl who accidentally ordered a doll house using your parents Amazon echo. And one of them said quote Alexa ordered me at doll house other Amazon echoes all of the cities started ordering an adult. Half a good idea though it does them about excellent run but they're just there there's there's there's also noted that gets a bath table. And connect to the Internet and it's connected to Amazon if you could ask you to order you some stuff. And it's triggered by saying Alexa and then she plants up. Might just religion and I'm like all right now and all these people that heard it there Alexi here man I tell us last week. Was like oh. Story about I was in during TV time so much story about. The elect's they kept it on and off. Porn Lawrence though right so then we were joking around I was like stop stop Alexis stop them and than I was that Jack you shut off the stream is I was remit their order that. I go hey I got for Amazon let's say this man got by name Miller listed are not required a Google. Hey Google but Paris is now one of those same things so if you Google yeah Google logo born now if if the Connecticut and it truly born video. Amazon's say in my life by the way I got an brand new slide whistle and a squad upon one box. Now you don't wanna check that out together and in any retail place that they got friends on just delivering that to my door. Headlines going up one hour from now thank you Mike we appreciate it isn't that the real service that Amazon provides so. Like when it's delivered to you the person delivering it to you has no idea what's in the box. Some got the warehouse knows that you ordered the PX 8000 robotic sex at all. But no one else knows right if you need twelve tonnes of KY jelly and a couple of comments without they roll you can do it but you're right you don't wanna go to the store. And say yeah I'm by an XP 4000 of robotics and spent a squad bodies game trader. Designed to use. All weekend okay it's fantastic it's just simple stuff with the Amazon. But I prefer telling people like all of this cool laid up jacket I got a from Iran that it Munich got until raid killed not a job I backlash and the everything is I don't know Saturday no questions. We disagree. Because you'll keep us you know. These sky blue. Passion ST do you look. It's. Is my mom hole you're questions that need answers and yes we can help. This is as for the men's room good. Was impressed men's rendition is an email to the men's room at men's or live dot com make your subject as a vendor and ask away like there's only got from my dog subject gay pull. Hi guys are you going to dive into the gave full this year. And Doug actually found the first time and I don't know fourteen years. I think we're not gonna dive in the case endeavors whatever purpose and that really doesn't. Police first started doing a radio show back in Baltimore along time ago losing before he wore my answer to that stuff down and discuss energy and his trial in the month. But anymore just got the point where. We didn't care. Granted that that's really all it's your game we we've. If you just doesn't matter good for you it just seemed to kind of miracle round and so part of the reason we did it for every moment tonight admiral would not mounds of a gate and Delonte Daniel. Odds are trying to figure out some of those favorites among goes to jail since. Yeah you know we thought about a death pool with just feel bad doormat into awfully feeble threat all right he had to go to jail war I think the strong. Yeah I mean you got gasoline and you know as that vote him our copy Elizabeth Arnold graphics abilities a little bit different delegates instead of just doesn't seem to be relevant when we did and initially was historic. But after while last year with the organ donor like you know I've. This is justice for the heck do I know I granted I do three field goals which I never 119. Everton in all the years ago. Our guys love the show miles those penis all of us so much I would pump it if that was possible anyway is there anyway to easily access your old shows miles those penis. Without clicking through a million links that then reset and have to click again once go back. I used to have a bookmark to the old side blah blah blah we're listen to clips miles those penis anyway thanks very hitting and Mike please our read this on the air miles looks penis. Thanks set from route James just gonna guess W dot com I think that's that's the best place fun and a were on apple iTunes. And there as well but. Yeah I mean how it's archive we don't know honestly don't know man I never I never actively sought to listen torso and you know later on what we do it invaders you're done for the day in a word about tomorrow shall so I would even though. How to access it but I guess it's one of those things really taken considering he told people behind that counter grant a here's an idea that people have. I don't know if it's that big but so what does he say and you gotta go there at the Newport click through each daily show individually to go archer I I'm never listen to a studios with does that map of. Alomar here today you over the last almost fourteen years is so you guys have been more than a little bit of help to me keeping my head together and surviving the darker times very recently some and so weird that I cannot even explain. Describing a actually a seven me fortunately. It is not only me in May have haven't won a view four. If you would be so kind to answer my three questions. Before you answer them amongst yourselves and then YouTube the results place well to right when I get that list. What is the line in Star Wars the Darth Vader says to skywalker regarding his father of being his father. I believe he's as Luke I am your file and I think so not I'm your father Luke which is our but I think Jesus Luke I am your files right eludes a bad yea. What color orange color and an RC three PO. Was like copper gold on those a little old I guess. I'll send their test I guess so in the movie ET would ET points to the sky what are the three words he says the most famous and quoted line from the movie please do that deet. Odds director's cut and the yet so that match. I use that you don't own a home ET phone now 63 words if you do don't think so far around now. That's from mom boots an area I've no idea I'm CBC news and noise. Meadow ET's one of those when you go back and watch well I try to with the kids Bryant's yet simple assault and I thought the kids love. They didn't give a rat's paint doesn't doesn't aerial it's not that it's movies were much slower pace than. So by the time it finally gets to deploy the to have the terror do you like. Which is ET mobile to ripped out of itself the kids are wasn't. You're 45 minutes into the move gears up until the legend Jack says give up by using trouble as a mom so. Go the other question press men's or just email to the men's room amends in my duck comic the subject asked the manager mare coming up. Your guess is as good as mine was gonna contestant on the line color nine right now into Los export to a rock categories tattoos. And states we will take a quick break and return with your guess is as good as mine next. This he's the men's room. Nine point nine JIESW. You're just went against you cheap stricken foreigner is on the way profile as we'll do the final laid right after the shot of the day meantime the game is your guess is as good as mine it's an easy game to play. You've made from wanna do categories and it's a deal. Get as many rides in the category as possible before three strikes and ground. Just days egos are out there doesn't read like your guess is as good as. We have the very lovely Jessica waited twelve de Mello just go welcome to the men's room. All Victoria oh wow I just go out of the program welcome to your guess is as good as mine. Other categories that your gonna pick from today on her tattoos. And states. Tattoos in the states out of the two what do you think you're the stronger. Fans. Yeah. It's a tattoos Yemeni senator you yourself. Annika where are they located what are. Our common. I went on my arm. Or my daughter Merritt. Jackson did a free she drew it on their pitches like fire crew who moved Oregon you know I do expect that it can do little bit. Wanted to. Don't get Jack here until I'm. Mara when I would get my first at due to two great stars so it was his gritty horrible place in Baltimore. In an area called the block the block to this report so most detectives they did for people's names women's names on the next. If that was. How they did that there's I go in and I don't go to getting into I got some questions but I finally get bored of sitting in the chipped it and there's your chair isms Beck whose. And the old guy that works there too which displaces named after ten to Charlie's as the work Charlie's that are working and I hear him apologize to the bronze sit in the chair next to me. All man I'm sorry I left the I out of your name I'd put his name on the got now that's bad enough. The dunes today and power of his neighbor be the way the navy was getting under the was him. Oh. Lord again. Yeah. And after I hear those the other guy that does ring of fire does need a little boy and I got my maximum life. I have no idea what's going on back there but they did an all right job Aaron. Well here we go we've got a guy who's just from one guy visible one guy. Says the he's an experienced guy. There's a tattoo artist in Cincinnati Ohio named Andy action by Kenny works at a place called the flying to act yet. And it just listed the body parts were clients complain about the most pain itself. What we're looking for today and your guess is as good as mine is the ten spots on the body worry it's the most painful to get a tattoo. That's our category and those are your options on my guess is as good as much. Out of there out what I think of them that you'd almost everywhere and and have a buddy that we know him as the new hot. He is a bunch that is both were re complained of pain there's. We seem to feel good hired as a word she says is like dude don't do what they're good skill doesn't and then once I similar so how closely ribs. Just to trust me on this. Kyra and furious and rigs. Grip agents Democrats then at number six. Yeah I guess summit is the number six yes I got a big 21 I don't my uncle inside my body right reds and I remember thinking during man. I would never do this again the next day or two I got I got on the other brigades and remember thinking thank god I don't agree because I would do it again. One of them was Longo with the digital touch my hit ball. And I'm not a film like that in my life well I would I would also has there. Hit maybe. I mean I don't I never I don't handle taxes they have exactly as it once in the lower. The fact the lower back but really I sent gaffe about it hurts a lot of Quebec is a guarantee they have may be and I don't have one here and I've heard from anyone who has won in this location. In her thigh man. I go out crack typically get a tattoo. Okay you're one draw and rib cage and does stomach comes in at number six these are the ten spots were the most painful place in the body to get it dead which are next guest. GAAP for the putt on top of the foot all. How is number CNN number ten on the list of ten so out of ten possible painful places that is the tent and I nobody covered. All the money on top of all it was all school Natalie looked awful thing. Thought you know more dug out one on South Beach you. And it's not that the process or are you usually handled time ended its doors to would yell and yeah the next day you can really move the fingers of justice full of your. Body but. Ed's right back has got to be Americans on the inside and this is from anyone I know the manner of identity of some guy with our next gestured. Unify. It and I need that number jeetz. On the list of the most painful places on the human body meaning there's seven more painful places then your inner thigh some people. Lived with. I've some lower leg stuff but none of go light on that ankle but people that have stuff on the ankle over stream. And people that did stuff on the elbow where I have stuff on it did not bother me too much but most people went out one of the chess piece becomes zeile Clayton covers your neck levels. Electric under the next to front of the net occasionally I go and just stuff and I thought it would kill. It was one of the easier ones to take prayed not the chest so much I don't like the front of your neck. OK so far three for three young. S.'s ridden teenage inner thigh and put all correct you have no strikes and seven possible answers remaining in the ten most painful places to get a tattoo which next guest. And and is number four UR four for four not only that though they say get the hands painful but if you get a tattoo on your pom look. Yeah that's they say that I can't talk on your calm hand is one thing the pomp is double the pain I really enjoy the celebrities and. Anybody imam upon cubs I've got some books and home granted these books are going for everything associate allowed but. The one thing they'll have a parliament is. Don't think about anything you give them if you get permanent ink a mobile you don't swept it will be gone by the end of the day so these statues if they needed some equipment. Let's see some help from the tags. Armpit slash clavicle and your elbow old collarbone Beck album consulate. And quarter or so far. I had the head is number one and ahead as the number one most painful place that you can get a tattoo on the body that is correct. Yeah. I'll let us quote it's to me I mean in the right there right at your right at the line I think in do you know why. If packet there's added well yes and it's not it's mortal Lucy you make an assumption about as though I'm heavily on my head but even when I was sizing this thing like. Let it stop there because that my school starts back. OK so you've gotten had to hand the rib cage inner thigh and foot correct you are five for five on guesses. On the ten most painful places to get a tattoo obviously there are five remaining answers you still have a full three strikes which next guest. Arm and. Oh sure. In her arm is not on there we are going to lose or anybody or you may arguably did so it's. I tell you back ma'am did you say the front of the throat yet. Maya or Mac you would act neck and back they've got to be him. I don't them at neck and neck. Back down on that also Arnold started. This event doesn't hurt I'll get one tomorrow. When a unit with yeah flat out of the gate strong. Okay two strikes. That a few more govern from the text they say the nipple. I will say that I've looked at Judy goes Ryan owned it won the doubles and it hurt like demo four in fact the guy didn't tell me I'm not actually tattooing your nipple and it would let. Also she in the is on the list like a believer and penis. Oh. OK you got two strikes there's five possible remaining answers on the ten most painful places get a debt to so far you've gotten correct head. Hand it rib cage inner thigh and books. What is your next guest. Error in. And any. We already got inner thigh and the right now look at it now runs in and in itself so giving other yet more. In bed. The jazz the sternum the breast bone that is Brad is number three on the list. Prudent amount you've gotten six out of 102 strikes remains sternum yet abreast with the rest boat it's got to be your DC thanks whose face sort of this. Always get it wouldn't. Meet at. You got hit ahead but head is separate from the face to face is a live fraught militia reared. Okay that wouldn't. I hammered to right after head by the way Daisuke men. Says I personally have appeared to step in minimal cab's Ben who's the worst place to get added. We don't know I'll tell you right now that is not on the list just they don't waste it could Girardi got two strikes until bar you do and held a good job. The ten spots whereas most painful get it to get a tattoo according to Andy. Passion box. Number one ahead at number two the face number three the sternum number for the hand you've also got Greg number six a rib cage number eight the inner thigh meat and number two in the foot. So you have three possible remaining answers on your guess is as good as mine which next guest. Well what ink all the area. The angle does not include the foot area there use of the top of the close of reels of I'm. Millions of more help from the Zacks spine which I have endured with more early the wrists are fine. Coach. Aren't so I I'm Deborah and I had yet now I was pushing them back full time to put your habits right and a couple things we will bury. And in different ways as part of that is the reason the back doesn't make this particular list. Is because what they say is is that people who get back tattoos. Most of the time have already been tattooed that well therefore the level of pain does not compare with other areas because that's not painful place detective Buchanan and other places. So number one a set number to face number three sternum. Number for the hand especially your phone and your pom number five is the oh. Although surprising number of people who are also don't feel much pain there at the same as the ankle you either have a lot of pain or no pay an ankle I don't know nine miles. We're sternum again. Up here that are kind of storage everybody rarity to tell about design your dad do wisely avoid the bone advancement so the only junior or elbow. Ankle and the but cheeks ruined because the padding doesn't really help when you get the dead do on your buck does according to Cincinnati to add to list and the pension mock who apparently is pretty famous at a place called the flying tigers so. Ten most painful places to get a tattoo from Tim to number one the foot the ankle. The inner thigh and knee and number seven the butt cheeks followed by the rib cage elbow and especially your prom sternum a three. Basic to head is number one. So to say you know the places where the people feel the least not paying the arms. Lower legs and shoulders. As far as attitude goes on by the are concerned there you go on your guess is as good as Larry we've managed during it's Jack.