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Monday, January 9th

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So bloody day. They're considered to be ready. Men's room knows just. My news. You always had considering guest can't seem to throw vilified out nortel's today yes indeed and I'll buy I I debated going with the shot you have to me I'll probably go about tomorrow to the stories so ridiculous. I just had this one already ago so today we're gonna toast the Washington Post there's an event called women's march on Washington and scuttled for the day after. From the moderation they're expecting about a 150000. Women are gonna gather in Washington to protest track product and we're Elmo so. The Washington Post would publish an article about it and there were kind of showing their support sold in one of the people late. Photoshop hundreds of women together in the form of the female symbol. Which kind of looks like a stick figure about alleged and it seems like a civil and a way to show support except that they screwed up and a pretty massive way. And may accidentally Photoshop all these women for the women's march on Washington forming the medal. So hi hi hi. Garrity governor abolishment actually did you. Did you it was a dream Yahoo! finance and Washington closely guys. Guys are so close so at least Yahoo! gave some good jokes and man oh man. And it took them twenty minutes to figure all they did about an hour of the between about a but I enjoy and hashed out dude it was. That's that's a piece of good looks at the batteries and a more. I'll read it just lets it. Reporters who's ever drink this booze because we think it's yummy I had so over the tong and downloads broke two party and our Tommy's. Down oh yeah there's no time. Did Hillary not align right now duels export to Iraq to be playing profile doesn't like to take is to see Cheap Trick in corner did act quite rare brand of Peter Saturday September that night as apprised profile this. Is the game got another minute it's miles until demands are many nine point nine KI SW Seattle's. Nine point nine. KI DS stolen all I got an are reading this right our contestants they all this week though I'm playing for jazz would dig us achieve trig and for a wire rim theater firming up ahead double vision and I'll bet is that I want you to want these that it separates September 9 and it's courtesy of live nation visit KI as W dot comfortably details game is. The room recess. See Bruno please someone help profile displaying yes indeed you need to calm down about these things and ended in a little problem. But he got attempt or a hundred degrees and throughout my temperature was just and they might have done clueless on and it's got a I just don't give the player miles. Morgan shirt you real life news story something that happened right here I'm Linda. Com and confirmed in terms. And it due to the story made some stereotypes you believed to be true people. And the decisions that people make we'll ask you what to do you think makes the story a story. Hello Chris welcome to the men's room. Well I mean Joseph on dude dressed in warm doing well he had very loyal all right is cold as ice out there isn't it yourself warm. On active Mormon fat and happy and that threat. Congress should stay under the David Blaine. Yes I do all right good to me just explain how most of us we're never gonna win the lottery. And we accept that we know that this woman apparently she can move a 47 year old woman she's from Philadelphia and she is obsessed with the lottery. But shockingly she's never won and all those losses they filed a matter cracked last April she started calling the Pennsylvania State lottery headquarters. A little bolder messages on abortion. But then last month. She escalated to polling individual members of the lottery commission telling them she was going to kill them. Even recited the address and giving them the specific dates when she was going to do. Went on the side note is a good thing to do that women called cops comforter went for at and in this case constant bother registration for calls and out of the Warren. Out for her on three counts of making terroristic threats and 25. Counts of harassment and stalking. Because of after you do you believe the straight DS woman is black white makes you or June. All that he had no. And I know that's why we love to play the lottery. And hit to believe. We have a serial killer content entry were we go do those kind of things. Huh. No ma'am back in my early days of radio I'd walk around the guy in charge of the Maryland lottery commission there's a good guy tonight. And we have a good ravens games or don't it's and he would just hand out scratch off. I could not get engaged and because it's legal goods were working but he wouldn't scratch off somewhat and the new duke. Almighty god knows what 5000 dollars funny and in that moment body and and that moment I don't act like I'm happy for them. You don't they're public but we would run them all until gates of the week ended up probably 500 tickets today in him. The disease fuel and pay for this woman she's been buying a lottery tickets and obviously she doesn't want to he's not a lot. The judges usually she buys. Lottery ticket to scratch offs or few or two plays louder but she's number one and nothing significant aren't they got that she called him the death threats. Yeah until the lottery for who don't know what to do that even. I think you're right on one I don't know I think its lot. With my budget I think it's what I think it's like just because the that aspect of calling and threatening people are just seemed like something. Where was this again war Philadelphia she's eagle and I look here's the thing you need to understand about Pennsylvania unless you were in Western Pennsylvania or Eastern Pennsylvania. The only the only options are black or white. So once you get in the middle of the state the only option is wise. So there is a there's a black element to it when you go Philly and Pittsburgh other than that if if the city was in the middle Pennsylvania it's a wide all the way. The based on the fact that it is in a major metropolitan area. I'm guessing it could be white or black so it's a tense right there there's chance could be either or. I am I'm gonna have to go. I'm gonna go wait finalize our way and got a final where they're gonna find out she was a black white makes your jewishness. That was a T. Active women's. Still you. I did have profile visit Gaza the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a woman who plays the lottery the lottery red raider only I guess but not much of a winner or not. So much so that you got to just off the tee and basically called and a death threat or a bomb scares them like that there's resort moderate. Last April. She's sort of calling in to leave a horrible messages onion or whatever and turn equipment they have in the last month and should update and it'll told hey. I'm going to kill you in the started giving the address of the lottery and the officials put them a lot of rebuilding of the started to be dates which who's gonna come down there you on it until. There's a funny situation but when I was a kid growing up we can all the Pittsburgh chance right in the Pittsburgh channel that I watched used to do the live drawing a lot. Anybody alive drawing of the lottery right after the local news and then they would go into a show called bowling for dollars. Remember that now a guy who hosted the show's name was nick Perry but nick Perry also did the drawing lottery off to the side right Harry he went out into bowling for dollars. When nick Perry determine with a bunch of his friends. Was there gonna put water droplets are a syringe into the ping pong balls that were not the numbers needed to be picked. His numbers mobbed up 666. That would equate he and his buddies when a lottery then get popped. Don't lie because normally six agenda something they love and it's exactly whenever I am but prison we ask you did you believe this craziest woman is black white makes you do it again. No one of the probable lottery but no one expects to win but nevertheless she lost mine and you went with the white. And did audited crazy white people afraid you might be finalized. And home. The last match. What did John. Wow what he wrote the story and so there really was to wonder shields until law and I know I used. There's you know man I see a lot of black and playing the lottery are right and my neighbor girl like rice market in the restore whatever reason. Pages I used to like there's more black people that consistently every Gately the lottery. I agree with that you'll always and I would guess white is because what you call in the threat a pillage. To me into right and you would data could be in store Monday it's blackened by scratching of all this kind of thing but I feel like source of the woman a black woman. It would have been more that she went back to the 7-Eleven where she's going through your mind as rentals and beat the living this out of the guy who sold unfortunately Sony mobile effort. This will Malia likes to media have been my outlets black but it once she called and you know I'm going to kill you and here's the date. I'm like Baylor guy I a couple of black drama playing the union advances and. Also all day isn't I'm going to kill UBS I'm more wears a white person would call it can be mighty angrily would drop a lot of negative nasty stuff bomb threats right but like they wouldn't put the words and helping you just between buyer and it everyday and then I will kill you on the that's what. Color nine right now on your way to see foreigner and she dragged tool 642 Rockwell more tickets for tomorrow's in games in time same bat channel are we at the national. Attended Javon NCAA football wise tonight for everything else temporal TB tablets and now. Find it countless hours in front of a talking again from the mid. Presents. I did just mentioned if McKnight yes the last sixty minutes of college football kicks off tonight. You know I'm aware husky fans sit on this one. You know that's that I would think you would hope Clemson went. Well Laura you would one Alabama Roland do you look better. Right because that's one train of thought he joined the team that beat you to win the championship so that you know you lost to the bats right but on the same token it. You might feel like got a hell of Alabama I hope Clemson beats right because they've they've won enough yet. Let's I think it's different they players might have a different view of those things than those fans Digital's fans we that we are well. As far as injured player often in sport mat team beat us a lesson to ultimate rival in coming well over most of the best and hope they went out. But that I would also think that if fiery player. You know like hey man it's in the given on this case any given Saturday thirtieth a Monday we. They beat but I don't like them. I don't like the business they that you don't know that happened on that field that I do and I hope also the bits is depressed and so yeah. There's also right and it helps its Alabama also have a developmental lose weight do you do you junior has no hair look. If you lose to the patriots and and the patriots don't win suitable opportunity to go currently. It's not embarrassing. Guess you can you're also pretty well predict an Alabama is going to be involved the football championship for the year even starts Clemson has all those teams or maybe they are good neighbors was BO that with a better. And got to play this team as a matter of Oakland. Just based on the fact doesn't mean this around and Nash jet engine gave last year and found it shocking that Clemson not a boy that's quite a few hundred there yeah Clinton is that a great program the last 56 years. Alabama's last ten years and exceeded just ridiculous. Salvage sales have a different offensive coordinator and tonight sort key unions call on the plays regular semi semi do you than my big open other office announced. And I would say this for weeks I just don't think they're offenses that good. And I think Clinton can put up points remember last year in the scheme they put up forty on Alabama and I just don't seem to get to do was shoot out out the albums when a kind of points. Yeah but that's my take on it either way I'm chair for clients that. But the decision Alabama right there and every year right by a break but let him play some Wayne scenes from last year's your right foot it's much better. But but it's still better for us not to repeat and then next season we can recent forums. Yeah but this year it's Alabama actually most years it's a good and Alabama play in the SEC championship Florida so they didn't like Clemson. And I'd say crazy that's her right because if that's the weird thing about being an Alabama fan and not you just gotta have deep pockets. Because ideally you're gonna go to the SEC championship weekend. You like to go to a bowl game that they play and if you can't and then there's a third a bowl game on top of that essentially a play in three bowl games when you consider the championship being one of those important games. Which it is yes he's championships kennel like. Ultimately super threat you know if that's the best conference. And so you do that the needle gold ball game than you do an elegant yet it's almost like the a three inch -- yeah. I don't only those people can't know all they did know and I'm just saying like you to most what else both teams go to one bowl game when they're done well I legitimately Alabama plays three extra games. Yeah yeah exactly. But either way it should be fun I would also mentioned to. That ESPN tonight has like coverage to games on ESPN right there on ESPN two they have like sideline stuff going on. And wanna say on ESP NU. They have like Bill Walton and a whole random group of people and they're talking about. So together they're calling this the mega castrate. Now we all know full well the real maybe cast stars me. It Steve mix. The episodes and faith is and I think I'm sure they'll be allowed we will treat about the make ask don't be afraid that a sudden in there about. The actual mega cast me in bigs in there at but I do think that's funny they're like mega cast. You're Catholic ABC owns TV tonight again yesterday at the right thing gets a ball game to get the bachelorette the battle that is wanna name Mickey Mouse jobs that I Benjamin yeah manner that yeah I guess whoever under the battle that's relevant partner they get them. Abortion because the guys and all the morning every move restore your role what about all those little border for those. Like I pray and ESPN had to make him go to our dogs try to do Mickey. Noticed far corner in the tent and if you knew how much money ESP and lost an Oakland than they are name yesterday did he needed the money back but they also loaded. Had him Star Wars naturally just yeah. We'll put this insulate they dominate the movies like little much money did the image. And go OK that's fine that's the movies we know that and they did well before they bought marvel and Star Wars and all that but. You'd never think about the TV which ABC ESPN and right now there like tonight. My decision making weapons as a hundred dollar bills. And cover model for tried Disney could never do future they could never pull that off until December by. Lebanon never know it never had a space Molina red space trash that space mount those rollercoaster and a need to try nothing but what they figured out though was. And this is true when they started doing a resource estimate we are god they've jargon we African Disney and we are recognized everywhere around the world but. Any time we try to take quite serious for him. If you say didn't like no one does not compute our brains illicitly if you buy the brand. If they say Disney's Star Wars our expectation of being different like Arnold's gonna be nobody walks rated G it for kits on the celeb we just couldn't use our name. On some stuff so by storm or audits by the comics. Excuse me if I don't give Disney that much credit I mean this is why we came off of antitrust laws it's pretty simple. If somebody comes along with smaller tenement challenges them like Pixar on the Bible by who thought they like a little bit. Antitrust leg of the in this case to go look I say I don't think that makes you did the best business mind in the world when they sit ups our company you lose by item following years. That's pretty basic stock bubble when you by the Star Wars franchise and you re launch it and and what they've done any idea where the club I don't know I don't make nearly that this AM like. The forces with the Mathisen wasn't candidate if that our wasn't gonna do anything until they got a hold it Brothers through the and continue to be crap. Yeah Kiki I well it's better now it's solid people recycle of those movie nobody simply better than it was picked that is sure. Speaking of movies that you watch movies this weekend how much Keanu. About the look at how is that I I there's some funny part of that when I get really high and I'm looking into this guy animal it. Is that you may monitors throughout most of the imperial welcome that's their movie basically just about a cat they try to find capita carpenter in my again. War in this and that pretty. That was positive in her I think it's our most Greenville and yet there is harder to dinner it's a funny movie it's definitely not like. Is that on your caps is that Jack and you can't cut I would see I gotta talk a little bit about Golden Globes last night actually watch some the Golden Globes. I would. Probably one of the funniest things. Was Steve Corel Enqvist in question Chris is he didn't win Kristen Wiig. Came out to present the best animated feature right so when they come out it starts how you expected then they're both funny people it gets little awkward. Do you remember the first time you saw an animated movie and I do actually very well it's kind of a big deal I was six years old and my dad took me to see fantasia. Kind of a life changing experience plus. And as we were leaving the theater there. Standing in the lobby was my mum. And that was the moment she told my dad's. Then she wanted to divorce. What about you what was presented. Sandy. It was this same game we had to put her dogs down. My grandfather ought to be fun. And then you know take our minds off the and also I was the last days sonogram done. Didn't speak. For two years. And the nominees are. They cause she's the mounties when we come back to two of them are just a B. Thank you cry at the back into. I'm announcing my accountable counselors and there were funded solely first walked out so Kristen Wiig and her haircut real short and yeah so the walk up there and currency crosses are dead and salute all of you forsaken like me we are such good friends now. When I go to the bar runs don't ultimately he has yet to do this and ultimately the ladies that it. We looked out late with credits of as they get what he's. They're. Did they were pretty funky to get there. You know obviously heard about Meryl Streep probably get outs yet. Resulting I have Merrill street whether or not she talks about politics up there's would have. I just don't get how do I don't think I see a lot of her book 88 dollar and under I don't really like a missile hole. Whenever there's drama that she said something because as soon as they launched into this whole thing don't street does flip the channel not the that's idyllic later than I need to out of blue look at output and other guy got blizzard watch that part. Now I mean is she said what a lot of people think it's Merrill Streep she's on the go and the golden gloves have come political every year anyway immensely you million in the spoke. Pearl street being Merrill Streep 7 shifts I am. But to listen apology several poignant regardless side of the fence you're on but a lot of which is set as poignant for all of us but beyond that. I just didn't understand in which is ruled the earth thing usually oh boy editor about this tomorrow I'd. A gym darling of critical. I was I did not think we'd wake up all the crap I heard today and I'm like why do why ever assume that anyone can say anything and it's not a big issue by the time anyway. Gets it yet it just you know. The thing. I know a lot of us always watch black issue every week catcher is Ellis Ross she won actually won best actress musical comedy series. I want to use the first black woman to win that category only twenty some years so in grants to her it's finally official now. I talked about a lot as an I don't know if I like the story if it's a good show. Bad about the miniseries or TV movie. The people vs oh Jason it. What's funny is may now you watch this thing relentlessly in you'd have to examine it isn't it and kept saying. I am riveted I'm fascinated I like it but like a lot of things I don't know it's good. So I assume there was probably horrible and camped just based on how you explain right. Eminem like nominated for Golden Globe like you won a gold gloves at apparently very good at Travolta just made it kinda can't. It's I don't think he can help of now I now an actress has staying when you see like when you've seen John Travolta and Campion this is just crept insult them because he's even if he does the greatest acting job of his life he would. Trouble. And I'm not sold to Cuba Gooding junior isn't struck out. Like I there was a show and pat has there been a debate about this well there was a show on Comedy Central I can't think of the name right now eight. How was it like down a mountain in Hollywood Florida or something. It was this crazy show right if he played himself but like a super Coke dot version of himself out of and then there's that that video of him in Miami like in a nightclub and he's dancing on top of something or somebody hands of a cell phone for itself here whatever I accept might not. And then last night I get it look as they come up for commercial break everybody does award shows you drink in her eating. But they're talking about drilling if you Bernie Mac clip with Chris and windy and I mean like the whole rotten Mohammed Ali. Pillow talk with the EU stoppages like. I should. Police around my buddy get your opponent finally he's bottoms like here's a category of Oz like. I'm not positive this guy is an out their own was just it seems funny here because it's Cuba Gooding junior you know from such it is like snowed on news. Your gonna I think she's already had to do dudes are always so now that's not exactly Robinson acknowledged that but I think he's just like that man. Maybe he hit it that I observe acquired won an Academy Awards Salt Lake. He was off the rails that I'm a bad way but I got my command just seems like he's permanently hyper. Permanently hyper kind of a good mood to the cinnamon and abuses and that. And let me add. Pat but I never thought Z and frozen solid talent ankle he needs to be on drugs. That's his bro I David provinces and you don't grows not a new ones. Yemen soon and elsewhere. And they tonight I'm gonna go watch he had national championship game talk again about that earlier it's Alabama constant. That's over on the history into a check that out any big late night tonight man. Number one check out Jimmy Kimmel is generally the show he does right after big award show like that it's pretty good. But we also have on Ben Affleck so expect maybe something from their connecting him. It's Sunday it's. Yes there's my car. I'm not injured New Jersey Turnpike closed temporarily after dump snow hits car. An actual dog food and a good number on the back of my truck I didn't know the little street center extends through Jersey goes on and I gonna ask the state doesn't have Canadian stories involving like Tim Hortons hockey's Gretchen and I whoever else may it was at a Jersey now heavy with the Dow about. I was a fifty pound has therefore become sent. Miles of the clothes without going over fifty found out about OK she's that is easy oh you're pretty good boom ended up injuring a 75 year old man gallons of windshield out and bounced off the road but that's that would hurt. It's un certified resort its do you always feel that. I around the world pioneer cabin screen California fell by storm this was Mexicana said there when I drive through that thing this is the tree down a California that's actually got to hold the middle that they could driving cars thrill. And it has now fallen down because of the storm fairly it was estimated to be more than 1000 years old was felled by the strongest storm to hit the area more than a decade itself. Do you think the thing when it died when you cut a hole in the middle of the drive a car throughout the payment amaze me morning out of it does about the storm though late yet got a hold Obama to be able broke 33 look cool. We've been doing this storm comes up like I can't thank you today what Elizabeth people kill plants in our house but not watering them for a week and a half they cut a hole in the street drug MacArthur and of their. The world business VW jeeves hushed up you voted emissions cheating. Guess it'd. Does that mean have executives knew about the emissions cheating Cuba before the scandal broke but I know why you couldn TNT but shows that tell US regulator you're not cheating if you don't know you're doing something wrong even to go all the rules are different yet I found out they asked him they wouldn't know and it went okay we're gonna come Matthew they would okay you'll OK don't worry about it it's all good. Though that is. And a world of entertainment seventeen arrested in connection to Kim Kardashian jewelry heist it's a lot of people this is back in October when when. About ten million dollar with the jeweler was stolen they've arrested. Seventeen people barely multiple firearms including an automatic pistol. In a 140000 euros cash profound during the race you know and and it's kind of interesting that there's like I don't know it just seems very European. And nothing about the metal jewelry nice yes it it like don't give our guys do Chris Brown is set up partied as house and someone stolen necklace out of high stead that's different than dropping from the ceiling like in a harness and working out like this intricate plan of but only seems like it happens in Europe. The numbers like this some jewel heist like Americans don't care like we go and take the entire EPA Tia. With a forklift for a we just want to cash. We have no interest in your blood yeah we're not really drunk and everyone offensive exactly like we don't wanna get the punch out with your grills or whatever the hell this you know incidents like all these girls are yours you're putting you're up there is a market for you don't mean a million dollars set fires cracked we're on the right is that Atlantic and they just play and more. As I heard that thing was done Newsom cynics are Dick professional and as they level. Who's going where she's got it right you might know which is common attack and you might even know what hotel at the presidents don't. To Seattle a million times you know where is that you do the Chinese premier slave. You don't know what time they're going to be there in you don't know what room there and you don't know older security detail it. These guys Amanda had to be in the somewhat of Gonzales right. She's here all the time it can happen any day here and no worse he has you know orgies that they specifically targeted very near. And it's just simply because that's where that as with the jobs off right as far as a jury has to stuffed. Other writers that I headlines today it was doesn't surgeon performed surgery on pediatric patients stuffed animal. Job. I don't know I memory loss and they fought me that your definition of Mormon plus they stuff that it was a little Mike was asking dollars of that again. I did apply to studies that is why did labor husband jumps in front of snowplows as an interesting story this man and probably shouldn't be snell was trying to drive his wife who is going in the labor to the hospital the snows two DP can't make it he's he's snowplow coming down the street. He jumps in front of it stops the guy explained the situation. And a snowplow driver pulls a man and the lead they go to the hospital. Spam. I do the same thing now think that's a big restore I don't give a crap whose company that Satan could be drive enough fire ball down the street to be like saying please we go back and other on a hospice sort of is at the snowplow driver was nice enough. Knew if if Arizona and Edinburgh. A guy goes to jail over kitty litter mistaken for math. How what police officer rapidly they dip their finger whatever live journal idea would you doubt vote. How did they do not know kitty litter for two false steps so no relief yet yet apparently they're okay never bag of kitty litter on his dash that helps to parent. Defrost your windows or keep them from fought again but you are you never in a sock. Basically in the idealism pulls the moisture into that idea blue it was blue kitty litter wanted privatization drive his foot I sort of out of pulls moisture that at bat out of there admitting you don't like method originally got defiant it's important test this a we've revolved and they come back ago. Surf the test positive for meth and he spent three days in jail that he would probably released after they figured out that'd it in fact was let's get a letter head all the while he's on the method is gone. If if your game to lessen that of course you're you're national championship Alabama vs Clinton is gonna be on every channel ESPN tonight that's a good headlines tonight what that. My. Birthday we'll take a regularly turn Daley joins us right after the now back in the men's room fund 99.9. JE IU SW college our daily now. We get you had plastic is the hawks hung long yeah and that game was not hung. Oh my god I'm wa there would rather beat the despite that the first quarter started off a little slow and I was like OK it's going to be good by the Reynolds and they just took off and I was like well enough. Bonds is all our experience and you play out for thought yeah I got to look at their opponents went. We're gonna win this game was and how do we get up and as a football fan you sit back and you want any of the games to be competitive in your side of the CIR game on his habit. All of those games. Were about a baby those two games Seahawks games in this in the Green Bay game there were so good for about a half and then after that yeah you sit around and legitimacy and yours ago we can you did not miss and you did not miss one that doesn't look as anything I'm missing NFL playoff football I'm aware of the fight to the flu yesterday and so. I know missing and I'm so whatever and and it was bugging me and finally I turn on the TV. And I cannot believe what once beaten good teams I thought would win and one's a wasn't that they were blowouts and read today that as far as day India opening weekend. Two playoffs since the want to say since they moved the playoff format to this format. This is the most lopsided wild card read crazy. Watts because you and are usually unifier and in you born fives are gonna have a good game this was garbage within miles an hour talk analysts at. Casey in Pittsburg will be a good game. What we both agreed Pittsburg will probably win because that's have been offered a threat. The Houston New England game listen. What are these guys on the phone networks at last night said look I don't wanna discount Houston's chances that they don't have chances but they don't you can't does counseling they don't have New England is going to kill them. We'll ever know England scores three points that when the game but I think New England is were to beat the Muncie. 389. One thing we set elitism on the I'll and I'll try to it was like. With the Seahawks you don't know who's gonna step up who's gonna play in his show some place else could you watch the team all year you played it and you got Richardson. Thank you sir yeah one's hands like keywords even earlier answer unbelievable not at all. Was a blue rolls through right from every hour drowned when he called yeah. Jeff it's gonna screw Obama had the but catch in the budget it was a great catch Rawls was like an animal I mean he would I would hundreds examiners are very. NC then there's the difference right there and visited stumbled employer also Baghdad's making these catchers or bell back amid the superstar. Is it in the audience in all hundred different passes tonight captain and if any of the raiders game you know the raiders laws. Who is our Michael Crabtree goes out and while third quarters on the gets injured they averted bleak. The first offensive drive they had the move the ball we got to step in for Crabtree whoever he was like he's stepped up and also as does dogma and like write those are the guys ran into. He Nelson wrote to ruby just. I broke two ribs four weeks god in this day work of art every day he's gonna step up blocker yank it out there again you don't get in and do your job again and from what we turn dailies in Fitch's current cost. Tomorrow all right Kathleen drug charge reads it he's the very best in 2016 according to billboard. And oh wow that's we've got more tickets to Cheap Trick and four yes don't sit. Man we want you to want those tickets all right busy doctor and. John Boehner very we now we're back tomorrow until then there would do best and poorly that they stand. Rumor is they take before I studio audience wardrobe makeup provided by Manchester limiting their presentation tells them is truly feel.