01-10-17 2pm Mens Room finds the right gal

Tuesday, January 10th

Mens Room Blank Question:  I once knew someone who had sex with ______


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He would sure love to hear is real and the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Doctors are. Lord and I'm originally invited to join the party. This is. All gathered in secrecy. This is now. They say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. Yeah. Both did it go straight Tuesday January the tenth 2017. And Jo number 2523. Along with Steve that drove him. These kids Smith and Mike knock. Here are in the men's a. It's our dry cast those into Sudan cannot. Today Ryan brings us the top selling albums of 2060. Yeah it has the most unfortunately unusual names in history profile this as your tickets are Cheap Trick and foreigner. Plus headlines about your job the day fumble listener emails and everyone's favorite TV time with him for flat during an eight hour all right here we go trump having positive effect already. As YouTube says because of him but it will delay new album release. OKC. Gives them done. You while the president of the MMA invites Meryl Streep to an intimate fights as a show piece. Japanese monkey god trying to have sex of the baby Deere. Well now. James signed a holly we'd turns himself fit and for all the beer coasters Victor. And other new president updates his son in law for a White House post. And that is not big news and that is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's a question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. All good kids good day to you a New York though miles adjustments in this but I was the guy. In Japan where it looked. When it comes to sex and having defenses you may have are ahead of her what are your fan fail fine. We don't care we don't ask questions when they're read into who's a vending machines of that well apparently it extends past human being. There's video footage of beer and have like fifteen monkeys trying to have sex with this here. And then the dominant monkeys scanners off all the rest of the Monkees. And that it has sex with a deer but the thing they got a call balls was when he loves some video you know boy it was whose deer nervous. This dude literally was like Armey proposal monkey do. And out there were two million denied there was not leave him to that they're got laid and among the of the deer. Had side and we thought oh my god that's all restraint when we started talking about you know. Our worst case scenario we've all been there man. Does there have authority over the drought Obama wanted to go get drunk and whoever is left that the bar is still taken home doesn't matter that they was Jim. Because men illusion which fortunate to pound the boy it was we've all limits whether you are so when you know your friends tell you. They tell you stories of goblins and some of them are funny stories you've ever heard so this is what we wanted to know today the two men drew a blank question. I'm wolf who's someone. Who had sex with a boy kid brother Joseph called jewels exports. One rock -- what are 999 KI SW and events are live they're 7799 financing your emails to the men's room mad men's or live dot com and through richer. Last year and. This guy bad guy calling nine KI DSW. No player I just try to charge coming into since then it's up. Albums of 2016. For view old people out there who don't know if it's your kids listened to you'll give you like myself to answer one in 2016. And Helen in years go by so fast you all man. Closely reelect okay lungs I'm glad that did well and you know some of the arms on there but a few humans to only some of them. They are no four out and market doesn't tell us we don't profile us play for to get too Cheap Trick and Ford are the game formally known as black what makes yours you coming up right after the shot of the day. And I miserable I question today I once known I knew someone who had sex with a blank. It's milestone event dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle. And 91 K I guess. My god told Michelle as miles until amends or may not point nine KI SW I don't know the Joseph wanted to show we have for you as leader on good charge rank castle and once again to sit and spin it. And we are back to the year the most 2016. For the top selling albums of the year so long ago had a big deal because most of the time Islam people who the youngsters in America they'd. They'd they download digital singles they get their music in many different ways so when you sell. An entire album of material and then makes a a top selling album that's a big deal so these are the top ten. From 2016. In the lord has the most unfortunately and usual names in history these are actual names that parents gave to their children. Who's gonna hate them got in the news enough profile this a more serious a Cheap Trick and foreigner coming up right after the shot of the day men's or blank question today. Dealing with someone you know maybe having some sex. Japanese McCall's. Have in the past been known to ride along on a beard scientists people who of seen it before they get on the back of the deer McCall's or ride anything go ride donkeys around horses you've seen him before. Does so well why do scientists in Iraq elephants of the zoo on media circus and continuing. To say that you won me. Are the only animals. There's no people's lives in her Indians but the only. The only animals undeserved than have sex. For pleasure. Well they built a source told reproduction and thank him. Look renters dolphins have a section people don't quite aware that the American I have baby I mean depth not a also understood right. Among key is trying to session they're the most used on a social their former is it just wants that site. It's veteran recreated that the monkey wanting allayed the urged the review of the monkey in the zoo the grabs towed and basically forces you to 024 laid it. Chart depth and does not doing it because of things going to have babies is doing it because it feels awesome. Well researchers say that the monkey in a new video showed clear sexual behavior towards several female deer. Some of those dear tried to escape and others apparently consented to the behavior and accepted the quote mountain. The researchers write in the journal prime mates. So. That's the researchers wrote that one deer seemed to accept to be written by the male macaw and then it was apparently. How old man. Cleaning up. What was on the back and left by the monkey and I. I'm zero used. I. Call off its back how does a monkey big enough though to like. Have sex within an animal that big. It just gets up on the back in the land grant act I don't know. But when you see the video goes like about ten monkeys trying to out of session this one beer. This is the monkey listeners arrest of the monkey's off me. He just jumped offering their program how scientists believe across BC sex is due to the phenomenon called the may two deprivation. Which occurs when animals don't have access to females of their. Don't normally. That could stop making such a big god damn thing the monkeys horny there's a deer the deer or some monkey. That's when I was there I mean led deer is not leaving. And is looking oversold relate IA im horny you were only look for rent Bennett error years ago I was at that little little family vacation and we are one of those places where you could. That's just a monkey god don't get that six with a dolphin which is more exciting for go so you get to walk in there they pigeon a wetsuit in you're in neighboring of one of the trainers brings a dolphin over one of those deals you pay ridiculous amount of money huge picture of minority and a base to negotiate a picture of the dolphin and welcome racially. But it's like William shed but the dolphin love to be the death the dolphins love to roll over and have it's belly rubbed there's that was edited and the one thing if they were pretty adamant about was be careful how low you go because you don't wanna excite dolphins and or certain dolphins in an area code you don't bring you that we're not allowed to take. Parts in. Google go to these FedEx and the dolphins in her bed and you grow old because this dolphin had been known to grab someone by the leg once they found an attractive and take him out to the defense. Tried to candid chat have a little fun and it doesn't delivered me and I would know willingly give him water you don't come less than a mile hour was badly everything I did it was funny I don't know old hat. I guess sodomized my dolphin like Italy that onshore but a lot of good mental notes and curbs I don't know there's there's a lot of pause I know I know one is automatic dialer Lipper they would had sex with everyone in the walked in the door. And that's just what this dog dead I mean it was too it would get so excited and then excitement would lead to. Just massive pumping it doesn't like a pillow like miles the dog used to do it was a bit less all pumping isn't sexual right is it about it's about Dominique. They. I mean days safe but in almost every species of mammal. The play for dominance is by the mail. And based on sexual behavior may easily one time whom you remember the theme of oil and gold bug dominance might look man. I hear overtures I am glad. If you walk in I'm having such as your wife. You go into Biden need telling you know this is mustn't do them. Pretty dominant like well to both sex makes it whatever they want endlessly do we knew what they part of the one of the sect. It's one of the same right this is the mammal for mayfield of the warned that exception is a little stocks opened the goes over to lag the goddamn field. That's it that's as a power but I am. Business monkeys trying to have sex with a deer I mean it doesn't matter if it's the same spaces or not if it kind of says user would don't wanna establish dominance. Let it grow only. So threatened by me or not competing for any kind of haven't seen me and it's humbling that way and you're trying to sell me. That is down so I put everything. Else that this animal those themselves. Growling fighting okay. And ever hope another dog it was a wreck when trying to decide what come the female dogs on each other him almost hope my leg as well. Throw Lehman typically eat. In the animal can feel vulnerable to fight for dominance of the guy has no different and people right same crap want to note my penis is bigger company and but in this instance you're trying to sell me an idea. That this that's why this dogs don't know where it looked no that's not why don't yeah I display that in every way. That is commensurate with every other mammal on earth in this instance for the doing. But having sex with my light bill is a those those trainer when I was in college and she was. She was she was the type of person that that I think would have been a great fullback on the team. If she wasn't a trainer because she was built was she a receptionist. That's you know history in which she was a big. Big girls as far as her structure I mean she was a fishy and Warren set date much more does that mean a woman you lower warned set pretty. OK so she was. She lacks the more she was really really nice she was very very little. She just was her physical features were just not the most attractive levels beyond sort of that she was a stronger. Bigger girl man she was a scary to withdraw she was dirty sturdy shoes the sturdy you're the end up but she was very muscular shoot I mean it was like he was fat she is just. She was just a bigger girls those sorts OK but she wasn't the most to you then then then the face thing happened. So anyway. It. And she Cali put her hair in pig tails off for disease and I don't that she just wasn't. She was an outwardly as attractive as she was inwardly. Open at that. OK so it was a to become an issue that she was out of the had to choose one of the had trainers and so like any I was I broke my. Footer leg whenever saws and trading and credit you know for like eight weeks at a time whatever site. I had some experience and then after being in there and have better treatment than than there was this one do you mean he was I bet he weighed a 105. I mean that he would 105 pounds he was a skinny his glasses couldn't stay up on his face he does that mean. But he would pair part and on the side very conservative looking haircut he went about 05 he was that guy he was also that your self. I was gonna say what's working people long story short. We would have after after you don't practice if you needed some extra help. A they would have study sessions okay. To study sessions go down some. Those glass study session are gone I don't remember this point I'm probably some type mapped them on this day. Algebra basic algebra but it it rates I go in that I remember like you know what man I I left something in the training. Side and down in the training or no does is after everything's basically shut down you know I mean there's -- in a lift weights anymore that whole area is closed down everyone's gone home for the most part I gonna in the training room to look from I think with the left and announced. I was rehab. And what do I see. But skinny ass I think his name with the analyst he's in the hall. And the Bogeyman. The loan. All right there you go. They are they are. In the hot tub pot jacuzzi tub. And jacuzzi Jetta Tarver hot up it was just a hot pool. I don't think it had the jet skis you had to eat in the medal in the with the jets yes I'm pretty sure it was a walk in October under go to the with a walk in hot cool will cool to sign it. Nice and all IC. Is his little wide at this it and it. Just going to tell and I really could not see year one way or another like a money mature she was faced with stretch into Gaza because it's in as a pinch yourself every night sushi well as I got to turn it like. Are here are god like that and I realize what was going down the bones are bragging or even if it weren't for these are little tiny guy and he is a small. Human being like I could see his ribs from the backside you don't get credit. The so skinny as scandalous and then he's yes I mean he's just dinner. And he insisted there and I mean he was gone and I just. First on never can envision this guy that's that consistency like that and a guy and I can't imagine her having sex with a McKenzie on having sex with her. But the idea of seeing them both together though it was a paradise with a guy like that they didn't see me that he was tiny. But only dated in only one out with very large wooden and he loved. They're listening to do that he lived in the right part of the country yet but it was like that shows like it the same thing you'd be like. How do you not get injured. I wait to regulate as yours are so small and she's not he'd just whether or not if you think he's just he's not if there were two people that you put in that building a 500 people so what do people would never be together those with the two of us all Augusta. And as you heard of the cold like god. You know. And try to keep a mouse for want you know it's really hard to do a miserable like lets you know how long. Unless you some money yeah yeah. Who had sex and black and even time and at the top of his era and I grey suit predict that they got it out pleases god I swear to god. We'll take a quick break a mega details next. Now back to the men's room here's the question. Rob do you like to let live resorts casino 99.9. KI ESW we have right after the drug charge stemming industry. In today with a top selling albums of 2016. I believe that is according to a billboard there that no one's that and only count that stuff up so don't trust anyone else the billboard damaged here as a counterattack they do they count music you know one song at a time. And then someone else charges and the people for that. So let's not talk now is 2016 coming over the rugged charger men's or blank question today I once knew someone who had sex with a blank. Hello Derek welcome to the men's room. Her what our guys I had go to their own and doing well man or you. I'm I'm good I'm good this is so low it's really funny story to me out because people thought he ran we set it up. I had after a couple my boys you know we're gonna got a three the third pick out it's. Gorgeous office. No reference to him and now one of my guy friends that wanted for an meet up. Although one of my friend apparel that I've brought up the party you know you have her friend she's sick you real quick and how big gives an idea how they were thing. Like the story got the part about earlier with the whole. In the training room saying you know really. It's big girl you know it's like effect NATO almost no bigger look like let's get a bag a great thing about locker room Momo picked a but that's saying it up like yeah I think this double. And those two kids they all look like as you intimate again and badly craves it aback by it yet you know. Replacements shovel in the front don't come back to compete to keep it if you're on the you've got off great the minute I'm giving them and yet. And my buddies at. My buddies always been the guys that you have to air the fact is put it that's what. And belliard yeah no problem a problem they're gonna enough and well you're you know but I got down we have go back McQuay sat outside a cute story all book on how. And and I come upstairs at the whip oh you'll see pop I mean she's not like. Follow our very things you Gordon and I wasn't very good you know affect very fitting in and what went out done. I went downstairs the art subtle level before pivotal announcers for entered the water robotic arm left. And now federal of the Wii on the couch. And I I didn't know I'd like loud noise that it was like I don't know. Let's say was solid all you love. You know you about him you know you're battling it out not what I. I was I mean our children dogs. And she's like Otto he's here to vote but it look that we want out I'm like whoa. Sure it's so we got to Europe another great thing. And do it off I mean I've allowed. I've made that woman like you cannot do and what it's like yeah I don't want asked and all the guys. I'm well known a lot of people know me and so what they're probably here and that's right now we let you guys who are. And they're probably who laughed because. You guys and the woman who use then look later phase got hit with a shovel yeah yeah read her as the say she is grapes and backed body. Yeah you know what I went on good morning I'm drug let's get an eye when have a literal upstairs to falsely for what yes he's here in the. We she felt we played out like ten minutes after we're done and out of my job away forward. Like prototypical or real quick you know. I think nothing is gonna happen and sure enough he go we've got married and had a few ordinary. It's. The club back to reform act out that it went back out there isn't aren't we oh my stroke. Not a taken aren't they isn't a crap while they go to my next move. And like you know what I'm gonna go take a shower. I know these rents right exactly like maybe even if you're waters churned our Reza wind as human goodness they look like I'm some Linehan. It earlier net. What it would more weird in the morning because they came in one car. And I've specified above the hole and now he's a note I Arafat either of me wants so I did not based you know as it did. Severe than like you know. And tendencies in your earlier that you're well known guy would he well known war. There are essentially they say they look a little while back I what else are you well known sure I understand it's well know men are got to outgoing personality. Clearly concrete clearly do just the fact glad okay yeah decisive I don't. Why the hell let. You have now the third party and I the idea that girl that bring in you know it's just always fun of me all the time of people film though. Not everybody everybody you know me know. No Medicare population that that's food economy ran. I'm really everything I mean look I after the start I do believe you providing great time I'm like all right yeah. Maybe he doesn't Exxon essentially is an ugly country man you know I bet nobody has those labels over Daryn as easy as the president did did you say which one was better. Are we have bigger girl yeah horseshoe. Our idea and I played LM all are now well outside never up never go back and do great. And that moment to realize. When you thought dissolve made him the way she's returning business. This is Randy being this is yeah. You can I sit in their lives indiscernible me he would grant the degree. You can it's. Ever heard or read it when they don't know Bernard out loud though you won't but god I know that there's. And another. We won't everybody has the Fed did you think his wife was plus side resume a girl's huge. Right when you hear him as you go over the due ones he's Valerie forage who's going the way of life she's that I acute. I used to go for the Q was not able countrymen uglier the better. Miserable I cause that I once knew someone who I had sex and blank secular budding attack and I you know me I'm Margot. Hello Jim welcome to the bedroom. Oh carpet. Our job. Are your record at Bergen Jim are you mad I'm good. That market and on the during that he got a day about what that girl. If you want to grow going to be body it got to be one girl you're looking at try to which are your girls. Plus let go it anymore plus. Does not get your. Deceit but I think garde is that it drew applause goes we happier there in the hole ourselves gonna go down. That's probably true I mean she doesn't go to market tending or you're gonna try harder and he's probably going to be willing to do more couldn't get a girl is. I'm I don't. Want to probably write a bit I also miss. I have made the statement before we got behind me with a girl it was like super fit and stuff why she even when anybody with is beyond me. But after words right my buddy knew her and he was like dude no she's actually interest in Ireland Mac she seems like the kind of girls to wake me up every Saturday for game five K for the cookie. And I didn't get to that a particular exercised at a couple who are these people. Yeah. I hope my glory boomer what are the right like every Saturday night we got to don't like. I can we do what they want a month and it tops the Internet I like yeah you know. That would help recruitment eighth repetition. Birdie there are very there's those of us aren't on their high school that guy and he apparently. You might get mode that I'm getting ready from the point of the story on US forever in late. I don't think he's seventeen years old in an article here strident. Here to get drunk and party or awed at how party one night. And Yemen that girl. Where you know often another room trying to get down. And I gave her time I was Herbert I am. Blah blah blah blah blah nobody quite knows where you know how to get what where to go there and get the job done. And all in late. And when little well. He he he knew the target little low got a salt between her and the carpet. Is that wood and had sex with. Yeah. So it's all not not hurt but between our carpet road losing like what between her butt cheeks and the carpet. Yeah but he was unaware of this I'm hoping at the time. That's correct he eat finished before you say any interest and goal early Ann Liguori and it. The yeah okay you're all way. Miss its target any kids who completion. Before she had the chances they hey. You're now where you need to be first girl home a Mohawk shag. It like hundred ornaments that guess what kind of party is to stay free as well as hot. Usually I. Sustainment and you know. Forever from that point forward you as he answered only eight units known as Italy quick Shaq. Yeah steamer it's really nice yeah Zeta call him. Read that note I mean I wouldn't even in his total purple I would I don't walk out basically every totals are all. I knew historical or got to school the next day could easily and I leave the portal. We'll tell reasons Loring now. All right I don't know I actually I think he might be dead now I'm cars are as me stand lady what I had to do now John and thanks a moving train. The you know all of the adjacent rug burn exactly yeah. And so did how did he realize how did this all comes his knowledge to the girl say sending to someone else later on after the fact like out of this. You wordy you don't know he's not saying anything does he doesn't knows how to ruin find out about this. A bit this ground before they even let the the parties she told brand and a friend told two more rather than a battle and I sure you are not analyzed it and that's a story you tell me. Out I don't know I at the top of my lungs and announcing what I deserve. A right now. There's a guy we used to work growth. I'm also is named chip but he was talking about. He and his wife wants it before they got married but is that in his wife. It is stupid I had no idea of the guy landed her but he did actually Intertrust mentoring him so. She is hot ghetto. But I think that was the other fun thing was that she was dead at two I'd loved. Are your friends she was doing awesome dude but right because it just there their relationship with aegis was always like. Oh OK whatever well at all I got it into credit you know he was open to talking about when government. Unsolicited. He walked into the Studio One day I'm talking was a guy. It's like me and a sensation lagoon for Liz tonight it is few ounces was what sanction but that'd take from a girl less than he did you know things you'll Annan. She could talk and if you look back in Tora okay three solar system like. But this is where the story goes to I can't believe it's obviously totals elect or is like 330 man I cried roulette and. War rat. Loud. Are you telling me. He broke down it's usually. Since stomach thing lives a lot of things that you think you don't cry during god inflicted Punto on the no go plays aren't so. Let the hill this was a normal sorted don't keep looking to give ago way of hearing this Riley he's openly serving. Dead series about it. Man I told every dad their personal digital pretty you'll stay or you don't chipped chipped. After about a girl her toe with the boys cry. He cracked it since the little of that we're told are one and we symbolism chip and I don't know how also brightens our board. If you walk and work insurer to Gordon's story thank god in the public. Government it's too expensive that's so goat. And don't be mad at me you can employ you sat you could've told god gives deja I would still lower than thirty seconds because this is the sort of trials. This is my fiance had today. One thing for somebody mattered and it said the first better all that they do as. Use they were Glenn McGrath did you won't give freaky. And hit it regretted the coral Rubens or Michael page Iraq once I was hot and I can't excellent it's enough. She was gentle man like the first time I met athletic guy walked into the wooded do you believe it and then let them come akin. I was usually I'm good at assessing a blank let me cry for the smile solomons are about a nine point nine KI SW Seattle.