01-10-17 3pm Mens Room gets a little freaky

Tuesday, January 10th

Mens Room Blank Question:  I once knew someone who had sex with ______


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The men's room where miles and drill off. 099 point nine. This is vermin as a father and a male candidate and they cupcakes direct and she was there anything else part of mega fest going on. On Saturday march 11 CL designs that are George jug of those days now Alison Leicester Birmingham native has sold out. So Manson Lieberman's is upon from a some of the bigger distillers and these smaller craft distillers and of course you've got. All kinds restaurants or bring in their own bacon inspired treats me sold out yeah gold its suburban and based in Canada not only that Miller as you would say you don't have to do much to do some good district suburban and it's a vacant and it benefits our friends at the treehouse at the burden of bacon fest dot got. Get your tickets now for either the daytime or the evening session verb and a bacon fest Saturday march 11 at the Seattle design sinner. In Georgetown Ontario lovely facility as well harder question today mr. blank style I once knew someone who had sex with blank. We'll take a quick break a mega Morey calls nexus. Now back into the men's room here's the question Jenin brought to you by June lay limp resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW. These independent. Cordial one times. They're scientists had previously observed and Arctic first seals believer not trying to have sex with king penguins which are a little bit bigger. They're harassing them in a sexual behavior Monroe because again. They keep saying. Humans are the only animals and have sex for pleasure with. I've never bothered since of the Q and what they're saying is the seals exhibited the same behavior that they will when they're meeting with other seals however those nothing was done about a division can have sex of your seal with the penguins aren't -- does not gonna happen however. Japanese because that have in the past been known to ride along on top of deer don't move already got so researchers in for quite a shock when they so. All a monkey riding a dear clearly showed sexual behavior toward the animal. Many female leader as a matter of fact some of those dear trying to escape and others apparently consented to the behavior and accepted the amount so to speak. According to the journal of primate. Researchers colts won deer seemed to accept to be written by the mail macabre and that it was licking. Was licking the the game would have been deposited on us backed by the monkey bright team. Another near fuse the mountain through the look on its back so I'm back backed science believes the cross species sexes do do a phenomenon called the meets deprivation. Which occurs when most men are thirteen or animals don't have access to demons apparently it's the ultimate act. You resolutely in my heart attack or not little horrible sound mechanic mechanic intimated that. If you're a buck called with a golf. It was because of the called burden yes that our parents this is an attack that is a a Gemini it's go to balls and sorry Netzarim do you Florida full time or nothing about there was trying to have sex act here that's my bad errors that make Jack from the tax. Can't say in the caught out there. I don't know how to Albert doesn't make sense. Because isn't that pretty effectively zero and I did yeah there's backed McCain act. I tells benefits mechanic mic Jack isn't in danger yeah of me and attack left the actor frank. Fist in the room like question. If I once knew someone who has set eggs when I hit it and I say that word actually made to act. Mechanic. To catch up on the back. The deepening. Is it in ahead at. A may I zapped. Booth sides drugs over bosses don't lose their mechanic and Emmanuel of that McCain acts CMX Yankee game day united in Baghdad. Today at the elephant idea intelligent eyes adjust them attack. Bellows and Luke welcome to the bathroom. All on top I'll. So I got a good mama how are you. Not most secretive it's an attack attack make I had no idea if it if I just I can't think Obama deserves to get to that in Boston penis. Maccast. Recruitment gentlemen it is the CA. The. All right so I gotta a funny story here and I wanna do I want it would guy. Who had sex with they need. What did drummer about it change. If it's okay clearly both people have sex they picked that. But let that thought the funny part the funny part is he shook my closest friends and its school. Where you're ready you very senior year the year after high school go out and party in the boon docks uterine. Like black diamond or even choirs and then. And it figures out party in their drink and alarmingly these cute chicks and one of them says you know underneath the balcony in chains drummer. On how data analysis Alison if it's like Alison Krauss if she Alice in its easy access that's a so hey you guys you know the comeback connect to my local talent and how fitting you know all ordering more imparting more stuff. Anyway long story short they they're drinking too much and I think they've bowl walk around the altar girls their super hot there are you Green Zone. And my Buddy Ryan without a living room with one of the girl not been not been eased but. He woke up. Lee Anne and I hate you know they need screening and look like hitting Matt my buddy Matt. And you have what what was going on what's going on it and she came out and she's like she peeing all over my bunny. So apparently not used for best that I download. It. Now occurred near Seattle bunny in her room. They got really drunk messed around cute but make it appear in a blacked out you here. He gets up and is seen on basically kind of funny in that age and I had courage. And that helps you wake up. There's seat freaking out and he'd like coming out of it black out kind of someone around my wondering why. She's freaking out and hitting and then trying to get her friend awake and stuff like that. And it is in in the panic of all that they eat my body nag grabbed her like cardigan sweater. And rode over to the naked body on through his leg and strict is that the sweater out through Blake in round out of Al. That's your body left the house. Yet there are ours are ordered and he left this phone and wallet area and you don't bear to see them. Yeah I mean I think what really all I've done more straight. Exactly may have an amidst great bargain at a mad double in the Barley but you gotta get out you black cat is that way. Sorry man my bad but but there isn't a little you do but I would not. Leave all my belongings put on a shirt over my legs and run them down now the good yeah. And on and got a problem Vietnam but. There's nothing that's a gold mine and never considered such thing but normally. That's not the worst thing you can do miserable I question I once knew someone. Who had sex with a blank I told our PL over guys like. Glass is an alarm clock and everything I appeal over the quarter mile met yet this is the windows quote will watch I don't know why I thought it was a hippie outside a window when it. Now the windows closed and it clearly was just ricocheting back on this gas. Why do you do laundry basket three nights in a row and thought or delete him as closet. Terrorism literally live there's a guy named Lincoln a look at my closet and original signs of water named for above with my close to come what. In open mesa while Michael's. We're good the next war in dimly Jesus Christ man. Don't think I deleted my clothes are wet again when that third and I are gonna wake up out of my black and stupid in my. I'm being my home address that's why does that these third night in a pro am being my own clothing. Men's or my question LSU someone who had sex with a blank hello garner welcome to the men's room. My crack it is meant yeah. Apparently no one month they were loans and and then me and my chest XP with it but they can't tell I'm not my dad is. America would go to college and bought and it is very Arianna. Are either now or. I'm not there right now I'm going to be you really look at my dad and they go on a school bus emails are pretty Smart but to what's going on to. I of the Berkeley Carter years were so called anchor OK what do you play. I'm a drummer and I gonna bring new slide was a this week impressed. So area and rallies that I slide whistle it's a song well it's a song was mildly got to get together and hammer. We'll do that man you play drums I'll just bring random percussion. I air jet. I don't Tibet's flag with a cast percussion low. We Glenn and we're we're slide whistles the opera colleges and it is all part of the percussion ensemble announce a loud noise and it is not read instruments. It is the B rebirth brass horn eligible. Norway and I thought she plastic and an elaborate loves it. I guarantee Mara percussion Mara that would be your wind and from there are now seeing there. The Berkeley mayor knows he asked me and you know. McCarron it but it's the new advice to other asthma cat that the yeah I guess the next week if it. Well maybe one day you get to play with a shirtless Sully your dreams of Gunter who got smacked are bad record amount of one Greenberger pretty you're pretty movie got a right now. The dream of you play with a mustard off because no one's on that. You see that would be the crazy part was a weird thing now he does karaoke minorities injured interviews on that suddenly the dress so he shows up like a if I weren't sure after a matter of just on top. If you currently it is her. Are very Hewitt who. I am I had a friend any use to be there forever hang around them much to drink too much for MySpace. I've anywhere. Yeah here we are party he yeah mapped out. Like I think he drank. Are paid five shots of vodka right away. Just gonna it's gonna I gonna end well. Yet it yeah it could move around you knew it out of there and he later that day and I really hope isn't listening I'm pretty sure that they're rival happened. Anyway he wound up hooking up with a cousin my cat. Car. I don't know of attack. Yeah. Ratner didn't I was not only blood cousins and their cousin through family dinner period hurt Carter and Mike is day you know. Daughter. Gas stadium yeah sibling that's been birthed by someone miles of reasoning was that his first does. My Arab oil OK so he's just a lot of Brothers sisters and still. Wish she got messed up to me it takes both of them to agree Obama's. They were both equally messed up and who have worked for Turkish either lightly. And so I'm if it doesn't take much for her to get to get a buzz. I'm used a pro after four shots and he was even able to do anything anyway but what you're drunk or not I've never found a family member of right now. Now that's a fact just doesn't have a mess which doesn't let. It run eager to give my biological thing. There are more I never partied with my family members you know. Thirtieth and why are you worried would you hit on that he got stronger and which one are bred them like look man I just can't do it devalued drug Itamar mom emulate. Who exit they can I don't moves out. I I'm used I'm usually. Moderate. You know like on the drinking. But I always I always make sure you know I've got to be careful about it so I don't wind up beat these but it. And winding up accidentally hitting on somebody when I have no idea what I'm beer. In our fans are not. I hear we're just saying we generally. That fear is someone who you would be embarrassed to say you spent time will. Not exactly not a family member like no I don't never yeah you don't believe it or not I you can be is messed up as you possibly can be you're not even going to cross that line even in a state where you don't remember what we're saying that but I'm so you but I yeah exactly and like you don't worry about it personally. That's on him he obviously had something for that cousin for a while and just acted on it like anything else I mean. Might be a case of truth serum you who are not gonna randomly go hook up with a family member ever our attitude program I had to I'd I don't believe that the future. I don't believe that army out and above is done. Pretty big hit on governor whose most likely did this have to suffer through your sweet sweet pick up lines if you get drawn to blame. Arab emirates yeah. Probably one of my career. From Jennifer upon them as best. Your play and you play and you play and drums that Berkeley I'm assuming what when he played like jazz drums are just more classical or is it. Derrick or Iraq. So all that's part of your degree. Now how does that work out with a ladies they don't pretty well various land a Michael and ask which bill most people there at MIT year there's a list of those a year year professionally trying to play the drums is at work your advantage or not. Well I'm not that very clear right now remote code red arc reflects your worry or are. In our Samantha Kirk on the college okay into the meat balls to look over remote you'll OK it was her. And maybe in feature makes money I'm still saying chicks are gonna dig the guy's going to school. For drumming. And what MI music trumps every other African profession that is except perhaps athlete. Or actor now what to carry out what went so what happens at the end of this degree what do you see yourself don't. Are there are becoming a Christian artists and recording studio. Or maybe finding a project reminding you know according insurance. Now I think Hillary be will let you you know you know the guys in dream theater death. I don't personally know the rendering him so that they all went there. Yeah they sound like yeah I am roiled the month of drug addicts out there and you can just a lot of crazy changes. Doubt this is Brenda and to have already made a play like guys went to Berkeley I want to in this got a buddy who plays bass. And Baltimore or aren't aren't your grip where I am a bass player but he did what I have done and so he's an exceptional play of what schoolboy and truly one of the most amazing wears on though and he now regularly on when he decides in go to Nashville and neither easy session guys and institutions of regards you were twelve or goes on tour. I don't like that's and he gets paid very good money and all it's granite it's. Nothing against country music's not the most sophisticated stuff is gonna fund the you don't need to go to school forgotten why don't I don't know now I don't know I don't know that don't like come on brother Clint colorful bright light right but anyway you what school what it is. I think he loves his life that it. Glamour and they're good you know like what what I wanna do it are buying and make a living. Well you know that's what everyone wants to do what you think in the person nominal but. The differences you're so worn sort of who drumming like. Everybody wants off wanna make a living it's all an accountant. Like oh okay well you didn't do it right so at least you're pursuing your starting in my right place. Well look we hope to see you are crucial one day. You know I mean or are tired and I out of dad's got. It played a French princes princes Carolina which should be great. Study get a gamma and Florida the seven seas out there playing for blue hairs like myself last scratch last man did you get. Pavement if you can make a living playing music. I don't think it matters if you're session musician claims and crappy come from implant of some garbage groups like. Boy you get that lead to play music. No worries that all people another pair of frank airplay game are MobileMe like. Blair wrapped round and round. Good Zealanders Reagan bill. Oh yeah cash back didn't go to Rhode Davies and. Our generation real different channels men's room blank question I was to someone who had sex with a blank. Hello Carol right now welcome to the bedroom. 00. God delicious mustard based barbecue sauce Umar. But nothing. What's happening Carolina. I would. A lot of up. Oh yeah you're a Carolina mark taught art at rit got a shout out to be in the area mother from Chicago. Well. The Bluetooth that Muster he's asked can you tell us that Carolina aren't you good luck to. Coca. Well rather depends on what Carolina North Carolina is all about that vinegar and most of South Carolina it's just one small section mess with them Austin Lugar and it'll take everything. We need. And if you say Carolina barbecue. I automatically think of the most debates. But you're saying this is what I don't I wrote a Carolina barbecue I'll make me think that seeing. Then agree kind of safety and solace. I don't if to meet at Paris yeah I mean you know what I think of Carolina barbecue I think of being accountable rice eating you Carolyn right. Luke Luke and took I don't know about that mocha and we. So continue on the bella Stewart. Got a little but I the and I what happened. That lack. Beer earlier in the year and where they are and Carla. And Erica day and a corner with this girlfriend Chad let this little part then and they're like all right it and well let them do it they they look like very. It up. What sort of Q&A half hours later and a little Britain had already the railroad there went our commitment and his girlfriend. Didn't see that she got me out. We're like our page you like. It saying experience. The next eight year old around and they're talking about brother Terrell Everett at that they had there we experience video spying. And a picture its product and let me go back. No girl and we are like out Bartlett. They know and I know that that's that's no girl like our other friend and that's that's what this person. Can't make that error crops each other and looked at each other and it may realize that they are now. Rather it's what they didn't little person. Bad social trends such a transsexual dwarf. Well at cherry pick out at Britain and identifiable way what it is what I'm saying as a dooms her but that's how they became a school Rhode. They have home that's a great connector if you had sex is somebody wouldn't youths see those guys Nadeau large supply. Now that would look back at it that parents who are up and down that spirit female take me that they're like yeah we don't know career. About shadow of doubt that she had. Good now now now now. Got a Jack and I like got spotted my girl recently so we have hundreds and. I'm sorry didn't warm Regina resolution broke even if he needs study of the giant buzz saws. And humble guy and I agree I had. Back into it got a guy. And we have figured out people in India it's like what. I like that you know your. No aussies and he was enjoying a well good I'm glad it was a shock to. And it is the guy he fought the room I make it look for me. The data to be the deal breaker my. Yeah bring the world I didn't know were out. Our I don't know I don't receive this lovely little flop right I'm sure you're a great person out of out of the bit in due Thursday and was like bring it home. And to edit an iron up ballots sounds like at new year man. This check an awful lot of things at once brilliant little person. Transistors I don't know I don't friends are you Heidi ring and eat a lot of things of that means regular person resident war Unitrin sexual. There are telling both of those should count for like two. You know really it's only two things we should check like four things look like OK I asked okay would you get for Christmas last George Vegas. My begin if there are also salute trends are usually have certainly you don't remember that gunman but that when you select but you always on New Year's Eve as the years go by as news. Living the last days. It always comes up like others I hear much more Somalia last nears the guy did this this the ad agency it's one of those natural things you always seem to go back nine. Hell is that doing master and all that's right we went here here right to Altria that's never gonna go. That's going to be Illinois to go all one year. I allow into this club and and down like that Owens never gonna leave the frame on no New Year's you'll ever be anything like that new years I had sex with the dwarf woman. Who wasn't a woman. Great years on the Arab emirate on our forget the Halloween a man dressed just some feathers try to grind out what he did ground on me in Cologne and a grandson. I think about twenties and thirty seconds did you not know that it was a man dressed and others know I know this is. Why did you on the full thirty. Because it was an after hours club Vanilla. To be honest with you I panicked I didn't know with the correct thing what I couldn't just like push him away with grass up his duties to grass now he was putting his volatile and I just uttered by woods is as government filers or was he naked actually rub that's it. He's completely naked but he has like. What do you call late you know I got to crown made of plague leaves aren't they don't pull up right here the right and again. It's Halloween I've told the story in his defense I'm in the six button powder blue pantsuit I walked him the boys get. So Judd ABC news that you're right also we were we were we were given all of the like short shorts to the just in a yet. That guy starts dancing with it and it's got like I don't do anything I'm just frozen. And I look over my body he looks back at and I think after a 22 thing out as it's like are right. I don't think this guy's not I could further and I get off me bro and I decided that though you're joining. But I like you gave him the boy scout and you're not into the men's or Mike was and I once knew someone who had sex with blank will take a quick break about the Morey calls next. Remains were returned Spears' new questions now drive TU by June lay limp resort casino 99.9. KI DSW. Actually got the nuggets are dry gas all the latest instance they were adding about 2016 for the top selling out all the way back of 2016 according to billboard yet they just how elated double we have results coming up Korea. With us in spin are miserable I question today I once knew someone who had sex with black. Hello Tyler welcome to the men's room. AO oh my job. A so couple things before the story got no one knew it's happening college I want to like religious college right so. You just outside London now is there abundant and freaky no drinking no drugs the only thing left sex life get it what can you do. The you don't yeah within the girl in the dorm -- okay where there but he had to deepen midnight I. Arm and the other one was there about my body lived right next door to a guy won't save name but he now plays for the rape and mean people. Will say is he now plays for the ravens. Yeah is on offense. Or defense of side of the ball beat cancer so basically ER I feel no high school experience. You down. I don't know Bob badly beaten these. Had a reputation. The defense of big got a bunch of the smaller religious schools don't do that city and they've got to covenant on the money. He'd go out and like you know I'm stardom they may want more but I'm the eureka saying. Can't slam anti go rock. She's not done. What happens very polite and I appreciate it Lebanon. And this guy had a reputation. Bomb like she did get right leg. Babies are old and apple germ turns and talk about it yeah I. If so how does is now the muscles on the bigger than your. All another the guys you know what we're NFL athlete everything is proportionally. The way to an arm around it but that's what comically proportional arm that. So on my buddies room was like no like Sunday night if I'm like that war I haven't you displaying little backfire. And not just here as students who re like boy I just remember her like what. And endorsed plan we are trying to rush hour in the hallway it happened this poor girl comes belting through the hallway. Complex crying like like what you know come what the hell just happened. And then. The guy the raven then come out of his room. Holding a bunch of sheep that'd been Spain. Who wrote the minute garbage can and walked back into his room. We later found out he had been banging so hard. Shouldn't she messed it up all. Call. You literally have the as out of work that he would like plunder with it. Oh yeah well he's he's good as somebody probably a very good at being an events of that. If you look at the schedule and all thought to amount a funny story we heard her Ricardo Wednesday threatened plunger. All right so like you until. And with schools this summit I know they go to Raza today about real network that of the have a football team I guess they must of is a light TCU. May as in you would big religious now focused he should they couldn't have girls and they're the ones. I think TC US and you saw him in the in your door well maybe not I don't I don't I don't football team had a pretty good Steward to that a lot of thoughts on college and never went. 5058. Mr. black was and I want to someone who had sex a blank a little rude girl moves soon. Hello Jay welcome to the bedroom. Mic Jack oh wow that happens what's up guys allies there. We're pretty good. So I had to start out yet no doubt sounding news. I don't think so I don't think founding well you heard about the find out. I. I'm my body well me my friends are about 1415. The sitting earnestly talking claimed millions whatever. And around the age restart argument that kind of stuck you know learning about what you learned at school who wherever so. When my body heat during outside. How he'd had a headphone Jack and inserted it into. Tip of his penis oh Arianna. Why why what about that seems like an awesome idea does. I'm proud I'm not quite sure I know are quite a few people are actually in the live such a little hole like subculture behind it you know sounding so this is what's sounding. Yes I didn't touch really with I had phone jacks but I mean militarily and also I. And yeah they they told sort of tools and I think they've not only difference I didn't it's it's a whole thing but I. I've never yeah if Oregon and attach myself I as I've never heard of that before now. Yeah yeah I was able to judge you boy not interested you know the de LA liver and onions amount. I'm not a million yet know. We don't we give him some crap after that colon and they had pong guy and when every out I grabbed a bond or wherever we all kind of looked each other like. So. And this entire amount and he'd done it. Oh boy wow man that's and this is a thing. This is just saying yeah apparently. Yeah I'd boulder outdoor heard about it but I am I'm not interested you know that that's something I'm not looking to do I don't know I'd wanna do that now I'm right there was terribly let me not shocked. By you don't don't don't don't Leo right and that's a shot and that's what's sounding isn't enough ha yeah. As is an area I try to protect not America doesn't general I've heard the wonderful thing. Just not gonna give him for a rent rent. Sounding and I look at mobile the most worst thing for me. McCain actually I I don't wondering if I understood what was going on had to Google and like she's. It's so you you plug in and you can do you think you can listen listen to your. Tell the idea of putting their head phones on that you could be able to hear what's going on kennel like putting a sea shell out here we're hearing the ocean is at the idea. Now red gold sounding yielded these headphone Jack okay. And instead of talking more about where I put a headphone Jack to near refilled my penis that brought home Canada's of the those sounding. You know. Well art they will do whatever they do out of him we musical whole sub culture via cracked. And yeah dudes like Arnold glad to be able to do it. At best I would think I know one person in Armenian away in the and I talk about that but not like cobalt. Will be able to death they turn as some people that they learned military and to those I well OK my one but he dated to exit the girl. The woman he used to cut my hair when I grew up by the same person coming here for about five or six years and does she is only a couple years older than me but says she. He'd dated somebody that I can news though when it right it's you're socially and everything else. So I Canada were on that level but the hairdressers have you onto a barge in there love exactly and that's exactly right in and that she said that Aaron those of bust. It was at her salon and Oz like came. What in the hell are down. And she was like okay we'll lose this guy in the Indy comes you know like he's one of those every it's every two week guys and he's like in chizik in like a month ago I noticed. They look like he was masturbating. Underneath. The the White House she's doing is there the sheet they put. On somebody somebody else rhetoric but while a person to run our person is doing her hair she kind of thought that would that was happened. And then how do you think you know what do we just don't you waxing the carriage when you're sitting in the chair in his two days later is very two he says seconds and again. And I guess it wasn't hurt in disclosed as you walk and you run so it wasn't her again now she's 100% possible. And a pervert had their chair loyalty that this is going up. OK but she doesn't know what to do it she still does not she still does not pull the trigger on making any calls or anything like that it's still like okay. I thought I saw this next on eakins and I have confirmation I have actually seen this and then from that it was. Okay now. So then she goes into the growth from you mean like after that like OK we do and that in the thing was like. We know the guy does this it you based on which you save becomes back again. We'll call the cops and they're like well you know for called cops and he's there. Minutes when he did this two weeks ago whatever we you know we need to catch him some merits that she going Lolita catcher and that kind of thing so now and they're picking these iconic American but the guy comes back in again. So on the third tip. They don't Arlington they call the cops wouldn't when he is in the action and basically I jacks and I didn't care. To this bar Buffalo Wild Wings. Right after right after the whole incident so. He's been taken away. All the reports have been filed vote different people. There forever they had I guess it closed down at that point times surely after getting out and I say anyone over they still have an hour half for two hours of just paperwork to do with this guy in the talk the cows and they also they were. They're they're kind of taking it all and that is because jurors. But getting busted this guy man and it turned out I guess later on after the fact I don't know he got us to do the same thing again but his thing was to go then. He is thing while yet is thing most ago. And in the shops to get their hair cut in Seattle because there and he was our master it heat in houses deal. She is yeah now I will admit I will admit though and I will say this could actually it's maybe a and I know the U do you guys don't have any idea what I'm talking about and I would surely something is spectacular doesn't Aaron it gets the death. Because when I go to my hair cut and you restaurant the woman who gives me. A shampoo yes it the end. Who scrubs the top of my head in gives me like eight deep. Massage on my scalp with this Minty. Kind of like I don't know temperament I shampoo and rubs that in so against the tingle. That's the closest I get I think to someone touching me that I don't know me having an orgasm. Yeah one step away from that guy ought to tell him and ahead jam Cuomo all land. You don't know you listen you never I. I had done before I mean I had hair what what not like it's an on time but there's talk of apple woman touches your heads again when you're right thoughts fantastic. Like grace things excuse me. If you badger and I can't do lord yes I somebody and a hair salon you know exactly what the hell I'm talking about but generally your dad is well known that I don't know how good I I'm what is it bill I have obviously is it's just the close it's only an estimate that it wasn't done in adding to get a massage and other besides back now know that is an irony in it. Let's see this is what does not know. If you don't you get ahead robe. All the time. I do from everyone if you don't like all of that revenue in their like funeral bureau bureau reckoning that you don't know. Yeah Tony you're a staple think from you the guy that started in the story no ma and yeah I'm just saying it feels good. Write in candidates of a shift through your head but I really don't like you know idea that if you want to talk yeah I would just go negative shampoo and if you're good at this atlas and now it's the perfect okay now as for me now while we simply could now understood it to the umbilical. Look at the show at the president a president so I started by masturbating in May know he just told his friends how great closes those are all here and I then it's unbelievable and I don't know Gomorrah like today hair shampoo no that's unbelievable and it. You know he very leadership remember some offense that's exactly joke it's the only sampling Euronet. And you never know it's like with the house campus it's kind. General for both people writing about a lot sure. What don't they always give you that he Champloo. They don't now not all depends on where ago. It is apparent our gross like the place I would like to place and a little neck I was doing his business in gently here. And I know I measurement because onetime lawyer for your high income. I guess the vote tonight I'd laugh and I you're I was editing of the pervert them to continue to Champloo got inside we did I did it. Manger my question I want to someone who had essentially blank would get your emails on the way from the men's or. Edmonds or buyback out all the drug charge though Iraq just since fifth in a cell announced 2016 that's on them. It's my improve a dramatic nine point ninety guys W Seattle.