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Tuesday, January 10th

Emails, Mike Hawk brings you the Headlines he's NOT working on, The Word has all the inapporpriate names of the world! And Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top Selling Albums of 2016


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Whom are in your journal having sex on the front get an ally ads outside their last blast lasting that was how the right word for them to be met Israeli internal sixty shared available now in Iraq job and KI SW doc says now is our question today Ellis Newsom was that stacks of blank. Someone's having sex with turtles and you can learn that I don't that usher right now KI SW back up. Are miserable I question I once knew someone who had sex with blank as believe it or not they had filmed. A male my car which is a monkey. Double on the backs of the deer in this particular video down with some of those here's a month and a deck on this back. They threw it off others were a little bit more willing to take look at them to act that the evidence of tears after the tenth. So our men's and likewise in Ellis who someone who had sex with a blank. We'll take a bra cup break and come back and read your emails in the men's room Edmonds or live dot com neck that's. The men's room he's back in 99.9. KI SW off. Farmers have my questions I once knew someone who had sex with a blanket here can your emails in the men's or amendments or my doctor job. He does much in my leisure Bruins rob brewers a men's room original red because with the goods giant bear gold and bronze medal winner the great American beer festival Soledad there's a few men's room blacks still out there and emirates and. Heard some black abortion and the proceeds benefit three local Fisher houses and that is a tasty brew. Our guys a friend does said that he wanted to have sex with they little person so one night he found day. Proportional person went back to her hotel room he said that he couldn't because she came others of the bathroom dressed as a school girl to freak him out. Later that year there was a little person convention he went. Claims admitted sex is the best sex and will never go back to normal sex two years later he merry little purse and they're both social good riddance but just during the first time I ever lived with roommates I walked in on one of them pleasure in himself with a cantaloupe and they glass marital aid I think we he I guess and drilled a hole in the cantaloupe and was having sex with that while he used Merrill laid. You know where I that would meadows specially disturbing was that he was in the living room for a fifth at that we talked to about boundaries that day. Add am and clear at least do it in private craft. My late friend told me the stories used to be much much bigger gallon has lost its on a way due to some surgery before that happened she had this experience she was having about the guy and he thought he was in there but he was in between her leg folds. She didn't have the nerve to tell him. Years ago I was living and I named Nadine. How sweaty or legs bull it'll mailers. There is a few things to get this little later Roman narrator revealing that they would have merely rode her awfully wet latent energy sweating. Yeah I mean. The as the moisture a seal especially as some wet labels that's maybe it was out there are it's. Years ago I was living in Louisiana with roommates and threw an academic Halloween party mood that I about OK. If it. During this Halloween party one of the guys passed out on the job some thought it would be fun to put a jackal Leonard in his hands. Within about twenty minutes ago I was enthusiastically. And somewhat unconsciously having sex with a on the council a crowd of 25 people or so assured a month. Later he told us he remembered getting an on with a fabulously hot chick on the fifty yard line while an entire stadium of fans here to mind. This is about the fact that when American by camera. So we had months of a material. A closer and a sex at ankle and Jacquelyn but his drinking present his evidence that some fifty yard line. People during a month he's discern people departed during the month cease to do lose any sleep all can now he's on accounts having sex with a pump in his sleep. A depth sleep on it. Guys on my happens with my mom was I hairdresser for a long time so she's been the only person never cut my hair cancer have never had anything like that feeling. That from a gory well yes excoriated her mom so I I would expect that hasn't accidentally. Reduce. I want to those I once knew so much to web sites and regular basis wells. The grandmother grandfather in didn't think anything was weird oral no way that disturbs me in every possible way. I'm pretty sure that's just. Molestation. Yes yes that's what that it is she's aged and about five years ago I was dating my ex it recorder ten year old son of the having sex with a impressive now she beat her son's class. Peanut butter only heard from one person in twenty years now regardless though banks that from Tucson to. My brother Lloyd says such a gorgeous. He got a hold them Michael leave them for fifteen seconds to gauge what drive home aren't microwave them for fifteen seconds and then go to south of Jesus is strictly. The film that would go home for viable is on the table. Use. He is right about that there's a technique women can do for you caught great for Frankfurt and yes. Which involves leader Harry put sugar on them now like. She would put the grapefruit. Kanye and she's also hello Cody grapefruit in between you did vitamin CND yes I would use in Orange. I open and the baby was brought out the C a diagram of this twelve violates its unbelievable do it. You've got to recruit great veteran out I had had a debt but I I follow lady on Twitter who does she's famous about a year knows aunt and you're front and not the pretzel place. Rough looking crew but I think she gives a video tutorial everything's okay. About healthy up to ally how many. Also the IO ICC that I mean. So it's just adding a little layer of pleasure she's still doing most of the work but the citrus fruit helps I see. And Dana smells great gap like grapefruit and it's healthy. I don't know that I schooled I was before I could shoot a four American by this guy would have sessions melons watermelon honey do didn't matter where it was. But I only to be a huge mellow bowler. But what does he warned to expect him and more equipped to loan edible fruit burned in scored as I was gone. Since world in September of Jewish emails here for the measurements are buyback option. Yeah undertake a great critic well she doesn't have a great for yes and in her hand it. This season and it. So. Yeah a great hurting did you hear the sound. How it's also. That's not attractive but I guess you could. Mayor we have a lot of fun but that's definitely a lot of fun of her on the mega caps typically male is blindfolded horror restraint. Did you know that's what Newt Gingrich for yeah. To the with a male blindfolded and or restraint to my girl done some crazy as last night like what she was great pretty me. That's I use in that sense of it you'll note. I agree that it's not about you reader reduced it to try to go on some crazy hustlers and yeah. She was papered mailed to like look exile like she was great redeeming element. I also foam thing I'm apple would remain vigilant and overs and I know dude. Let's see here I have. It. Every article the extreme nothing Delaware arrogant. Our guys I once knew someone as being in today's question who has sex or another friend's girlfriend while we were camping the terrible part was the couple were fighting that weekend in my body. I don't want the names that he explain how our Lola teases me and that the money went on a lock after they got into it that she goes back dot com. And kisses her then boyfriend again where my body comes into gloomy and that she just got done hooking him up in the woods do. My any chance I get a shot to my friend Jane it's her birthday she did use an Alan thing cancer internal sex out thanks guys in cheers that from real evil look at. So that is all I do is my best friend adjust and who were happy twentieth birthday he gave me one in November well and good for you guys are inference. Summer turning favor. Getting internal actually Roy Jagan somewhere in the middle all that blacks I love the show appreciate Brothers. Sen from the best friend Jackson Woods Hole. He knew. All I could you also just leasing the birthday song for my oldest son of Brendan he is Tony five years old today wonderful person could you throw it out. Oh sweet Jesus and a sucking up cupcake your papal KI SW listener for over four decades Brent barker sitting out when man. Do you need oh. It. Policy guys it is my birthday can I get the seven words that you cannot say on the radio the so we're you gonna say on the radio love your show on beer also. I would although BA men's room gold and black grow Mahler. You know we don't like the idea that is a good idea and wounded Aaron egotism word. That's seven tour and you can say all the radio. So there. Now back to the. Guys if you do Robert de Shasta the in my heavy birthday wish to my husband Brian was internal sex thank you that from Cheryl. What else guys my name is April and today is my 49 trip around the sun. And to mark this occasion I would love to have the creepy German voices wished me happy birthday please love you guys love the show thanks hash tag vote lead bitches. That from the lovely April it was 49 today to discern and it was in German. Dot April I would look to get my fingers that he. If Roland to bring overall for you took the friends and to have some fun America garrido. It's. Yeah they've got to I had time yeah yeah. I hated it could get that says my leg about a great for insurers to you know that or the month elements in the united I think get either one offers urban dictionary well I mean you just brazen yet the definition and is put on the a sure or a month when you want. You wanted to give the grapefruit. And I did you see with a woman looks like it's teaching the technique yeah I just don't hear you gotta watch jeopardy with the sound not a you know if you fall law. We're talking about how all. Disney bonds Star Wars and forget the mailman now and then we're kind of saying that before that Disney relating get into the the future stuffed in my sitting in the all it is doing good job in new lease space stuff like that. Our bridges a Disney has plenty. Of space movies. None really write home about but they have a message itself I in 1978 became reality cat from outer space the cats throughout for a lunch. New moon pilots. In 1979 black hole camera. Light of the navigator show. John Carter 2000. Rocket man my Jewish. Yeah that's that's why they've all Star Wars subject first time tripping on acid. Lick your doors but his first semi chip on acid was in southern Illinois at a festival called Craig's list. It was on a camp ground. Bob by old hippies which had a cave on the premises and which is where most of the raid happened. Me and seven my friends also three hits of acid and continued to have one of the best nights we never have raving indicate watching fire dancers and walking the trails were glow sticks. A toward the end of the night. We all late in our tent. And I decided it was time for meeting go to sleep because it seemed like everyone else was I laid there on my eyes closed for about an hour listening to music from the cave and was totally convinced by the light show happening in my brain I could literally draw on paying the music myself. I realize I couldn't sleep in the turtles swimming in the leaves of the trees convince me I had taken some bad acid. And I had Bert my brain out resulting in a bad trip long story short went for a walk calm itself down. When I returned all my friends were up and packing that sense they actually had not been sleeping either. As Ellison my friend place a do bag of attends a solid notebook underneath the pile of crayons all over the notebook was a mess of colors in in the middle rhythm playing taxi drugs. Why can't I draw the music. I guess you really capture all the news. That from. Bridges you've got a guy question about who was the last person to see you make it reminded me of the time in high school and I sometimes would have those awkward young teenage excited moments. Lodges usually flip it up behind my shirt. But in this instance sells walking around target put that bad boy up and thought nothing out but after several horrified looks from a whale of data realize that my body was in front of my shirt now behind it. I was fifteen I thought it was an even president yet embarrassing though. Damn man Garrett AKA all the. I think that that I have two girls now integrates with coming up later because of high grade school complete. They were the right color you can get away with Wear my navy blue sweatpants yet. And December I don't know what was going on but they do it yet mamet could tell when you're getting excited during class like. It seems creepy Nevada I don't know Wilde was looked over to. Because your teenagers yet you does that have a correction to your way to yeah. I was a few Steve bridges and listening to you guys talk about the desire to be stuffed and had never been done well yeah and even to your desk and I'll say make it is it legal to be stowaway taxidermy and so the unity you kind of remembered forever right. Our ladies and gentlemen and it says here that that's all I I I I presents to you I've presenting yeah. Jeremy got them. He was an English philosopher. And is known to be moved by students all the time in his current resting place. They basically in a box of these stuff are economists now and take this stuff body. There's always have foremost. I'll let alone a barrel options out there is a company who will take your ashes and put them in a fireworks you can literally go Al the bang all the best rock on that from Ron Brad job. In northern iron. I know there wrong Reggio. Myself think today where they'll take your ashes and spitting into a cool look and glass ball girl again. Content got a different colors and neighborly. Not yet memories that make lake and then bottles and put different colored sand and death panel looks like that but it gives you. Well heroic. And self renewal paperwork for all of the good Google news. Headlines echoed a one hour for now of her. Switch into my cock for some of the stories and headlines that he is not working out had a 61 year old woman in Florida was arrested for domestic battery on Sunday after she punched her husband in the face. For refusing to have sex whether. Then need him twice in the groin and I don't I can't believe it turned ribeiro. That. According to GQ bangs for men might be back in style this year bangs lists are the moments that don't look. Don't do it anger as I understand how banks work. But is it just just like you turn around serenade cuts are doing just got to look at old picture so you don't have bangs and where that they're just not fair but I don't get. Think he morals doesn't have by and we goers here and based on this or cut Smart guys Davis. He's probably the prime example somebody's got banks that in The Beatles and banks that. Number stupid Beatles looked. I'm most of the things I I honestly don't what did you like that you believe I got offensively did you just komen a different way now that's another thing Katy Perry looked back in the day oh yeah the cowboys if I could literally had death so here's the banks aren't yours because just this is all cut in oil. Yeah yeah I think that's that's banks that don't it will book doesn't chicks of black hair look good things. Just our Davis is maybe got a mostly man ever put on the team like it. All that much and enjoy your hour and his dad owns the raiders and he comes out looking like that. I mean Clint Howard is good looking beside this that I think when power is actually the better looking of that's him and that's that's the lockdown mode and on debit if you start worst scene where people shoot lightning out of their hands but believe it or not that's not very realistic. You don't say this is minidisc. According to a study yet have to consume about a trillion calories to have enough energy your body to do it. As well one point six billion big Macs so people actually did the research to figure out how much calories that would guard who can do lightning out of your hands. Woods just over his move and I didn't think. That's impossible thought holy big man who bought a CD television and lightning bolt from her fingers. And vitally people of them posting photos on to what are of animals that look crazy without hair or feathers like Bear's hedge hogs and owls I've seen thousands of workers have and we talked about a month to do more of that carelessness you know and and eyebrows look at a picture of a chip crazy without air and you see what you don't F with them. Especially compared scary but the weirdest the bear looks scary isn't just looks wrong with chip is just caught on real mother ever may elect might. I muscle machine I thank you Mike headlines given a one hour from now. Also still to come the drug charge right counsel on this and spend and they Ryan brings in the top selling albums of 2016. But burns. I got them. Plus download it. Say one thing that is universally common for most people in their names and that is of Baghdad their parents gave them their name now obviously your last name was kind of up to the father of most time of other than I've managed this using an over grown adults but the last day game you can load whatever. First thing you want to pick your kid if it does not work with a last name just don't do not know if it's sing song me. You know I mean there are you know they go ahead and make the name but then there's just some absolute unfortunate names and whether. People realize that they were doing the time they were oblivious to it or not. These are real name. The advancement of people. The unfortunate so basically. These are the 100 the most unfortunate names in human history now he's not necessarily famous people okay. It is people whose names are unfortunate and for some reason or another they've been called out. For example. Minor League Baseball lives for these Scranton Wilkes-Barre red parents. And a pitcher named Steve sharks. She puts. There's more there was a lovely lady who graduated high school in her name was Vijay cobbled. Did you have Chardonnay hawker. Dale shot right hook Chardonnay and other blonde when very very loving on. To to why would you name your daughter shark man. Chardonnay especially the lessons focus. You guys remember the mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana are old Perry ball through the mayor from 1930 Ford in 1947 and again from 1951 in 1950 Corey was one of the most famous people ever from Fort Wayne, Indiana they look very goal and you remember the when they were gonna donated building they asked the survey of who we should name this feeling after. And pulls overwhelmingly carried ball to be hairy balls museums and if if if if if there's a real learning jolly man giant fans out there and doing the head someone name their kid Jesus conflict. China of course that's from staff. The fact one of the most famous models in all of Hong Kong she's a nickel supermodel and her name as soon hope. Kernen then you've got the job all of the middle schooler the name of rowdy negro or. The way to do that is why daddy he looks and I felt like frat brother though he loves that name. A route do. Eat right around safe and whatever gets closest guy that I like so I'm glad he crowded me down enough Brazil lead Director General of the police his name is Hitler Mussolini. Tale Adler Mussolini. That breeds confidence that's exactly Iraq is a day and night pumping Canada if you wanna get to some Petro you may wanna stock by Dick ass man. Who has a change of full service later on its plot terrorist bombing. And Rochester New York they bought me. 1973 Pontiac Grand Am from a Dick I need it. Money and those that got money and time yeah on the back ago. Contested on oh god the what the hell is that I was the dating game. His name was Robert facts when you're six or six years old never enough America. Then you have Obama above a senior name brownies titles. So I told us that you have doctor and spun choose it was a scientist the s's the S word doctor as sunny. Charlie Willard horse the time he goes into. At Spokane Washington. Then you have American's new sweetheart misty Hyman. There was an American icon and an Olympic legend. Maybe you're looking for a good dermatologist C good to go out genes be gross Weiner MD. Team or be grossly it looks like a guy having meaning we have a Dick Wiener. And NASA's. Miramar. And ass remark. MR grammar you guys like donate Macs and as for the doctor named Jack can off. Jack and off indie hit it that. Some legal real real bad then you have rich will blanket it's. His real name and his daddy says beaded legged children rob and it's all real estate. If you're agent is doing the work necessary to help you buyers tell your home so blanket too rich will blanket it's my real name. Birth certificate available upon request that added very aggressive it's. Similar rescue is still deliver that name. Let me beats you to the jokes please is that we have volume on the squad pumps she is a famous actress there's a great name. I you have the director of the mission park funeral chapels and cemeteries his name is Dick tips. To get. There's senator tiny Cox. I don't know yes there is a gynecologist named Terry Terry. Mail and on the Dick Trickle down to who was the NASCAR driver there's gangly dark earth Bagley dark. Frank who bag lady Hillary that's exactly right there is a must just be used to play college football believe he changed his name. It's a different Isiah shades of propriety because there was pronounces you know and Mansfield Ohio you know the doctor Al college herald well yes and then. We all live here he's the second. Thing is dead and a red paint on his dad was angry. I deliver live very bullets you will do you jump and attacks in New York it might be fans hope given your libraries thanks again. OK suck Lang I was born and I do know one guy 1990 bounces and there's a real estate agent named Evelyn sent writer of that. Oh I may play a player play over the Pittsburgh Pirates outfitter in 1937 get up for Johnny Dick shots if it. Long mine lives in China. And we have to lay out Yonder as the marketing executive and lay beyond flaming up to an opinion actually. Now boy I don't know brandy morehead. Her slogan once you ran. Everyone loves friend mark. Without the bread without liberate you got the brain to keep if you under the credit now there's a guy who graduated high school named Pete penis. So this is. In the dark. Biden haggard finding negative if he's got a higher purpose doctor I'm trying to think what I say out. Doctor Harry beaver indeed Melissa that's got to narrow the savior yes you're very well unfortunately good kindergarten you're teacher might have been mrs. rate. And he Ottawa Ontario change your name yes. There's I've got a mandate who who lives on Yugoslavia and she is a basketball player six foot four went to Daytona Beach communicate. Which is there's fifty Markham could go deep north here. Now we have Harry Boehner who celebrates two years when the Daktronics but they thank Jerry Boehner for twenty years of dedicated service. We move half. Whose young lady named flavor bowels. From nuevo moments. Jack off lives in the Middletown Houston Texas. Fair hooker was a wide receiver for the Cleveland brown. You have major Dick head of the third. Did you hit it at that data could just bend over who has David. Destiny hooker hometown San Antonio Texas was like he's a basketball players well he we have Dick felt from the then Boston patriots. It was a defensive halfback what cancer them. Can't say that would either one Natalie TC and man yeah that's actual name there right. Avoid cancer that only their there's very good drive Tuesday are real owner Dick pound who always nosy IOC. President for awhile. I'm Mike winners atrocity the other justice be a beaver. You have your portrait of miss I'm hog. Courtesy of the hog foundation a mental health and Jim Bob cooter. Jim Bob cooter of Lynchburg Tennessee exactly and of course we can't forget genuine hope. She's an elevated colleges juice you can you haven't hoses that are out there is any often tornado somebody. I believe so yes and his Fannie liquor and then if you know some of the names of daily living here keeps his I think they sailor dads are gay males that. But if it picks week for congress. When I guess you Coke. Dick paradise play from Minnesota for a while there. And barb square for county commissioner. What did read my gasoline drug charges then we're gonna since then the top selling albums of 2060 next. Calling nine KI SW. I showed up bargains just as an analyst William profile does have a chance Wednesday is too Cheap Trick and foreigner will do the game from a nose like Lloyd mixing your Jude finally run out to show an enemy down the drug charges then Ryan Gaza once again. Time to sit and not. Yes friends it's time once again all games six and spend. Gather around the old radio and listened to Arizona sweat. I try to keep these lewis' entertaining as possible. We have to close ties with the -- by the enthusiasm and Kennard with all guns blazing and economic action there's nothing funny about the fourth that. There's nothing funny about the lives are the top selling albums doesn't depressing is that what you sound like this. You know I if it depressed me it it because apparently getting old. But also that matters most of my most of it is cartridge of well but it came time dessert any year we look back yeah wow that's only because there was a really good decisions as the number one song was everything I do I do for you from -- Ryan I am there probably die to win here there was probably time and everyone's life win the music that you liked was the most popular music world absolutely I think for fraud at at some point at some point strike probably weigh in your late teens or in your early twenties and you know that's certainly not the case for the most of most artists make him money more on tour and that's where they can write -- react and where does the sale of music isn't isn't the profit there's I used a handful of artists that actually make money selling out and these -- the handler for as these these radio all of that group Outkast aren't. So this according to billboard is means units sold this means what people went on a rock and these are necessarily albums that came out in 2016 although a lot of and its own count 2015 these are just the ounces sold the most congress the year 2000 all right I'll. Under ten. And then yeah. No I didn't. And that's good balls. Songs about Baghdad after that it is sitting here today to death staff to see that a mechanic. That's you don't Matt Millen this particular monkey. Even the toddler known to back that I get between her and visit that he is Ilya. Ina. They're certainly got a look at another gazillion nannies or who has universe yes is that there's like nine. TV news nine to the scene person right now on the female on music category December music by. Thanks is an angry woman on this day is terrible rap her she could stay focused and other than. Zell fans were going to sell an image to have that law says pony tail right. It would Joseph Gordon hits is a normal kid but we don't know the drawn in eyebrows and over look at it and creating a. Pop stars is not spark a new phenomenon and this goes back. This goes back to the 1940s. And unbelievable as people out of the oldest one the bugle boy 07 million copies this but you know even. All the way back to 1940s they had. Songwriters and producers and the Rangers that would create songs for fans that good looking people that could saying death to sing because to sell it to sell them that this is. This is not a new thing and at Nashville's been doing it for years. God knows them. Okay these are the top selling albums of 2000. There are no. Song and strengthen his oil and I'm sorry it was on ES suicide squads soundtrack. What's interesting about this one as is normally count August 8 and made them an analyst one point one million dollars. People love these guys if I saw that movie and I don't think it's awful lot of people have watched it on the plane go on vacation and holidays I was kind of down. What everybody when it was like to articulate guy I don't think if you if you look at its Graham on Halloween everybody loved that movie yet if you know me. Visit the top selling albums of 2000. There were items. Six keys in Spain and and you can. I've no idea who did OK okay. Around the NL there's no probably no. Now I know I would. I know I had an analyst now I get it I thought this was the Eric Burke story. But the history that's a good dad could duel jobs that's right away they're trying to tell me that dual dual joke. He genital and then as good a musicals sold how many companies where this is amazing I would have to go back I don't know if there's ever been a time that the soundtrack for a musical sold this really got to increase in the top ten honestly probably rent. You know Rehman rental amassed no matter Hamilton probably cast the recording palpable with three million copies. Okay. Then what are funny what went through earlier Australian. You know memento gets one years ago walked with two million copies not impressive number I don't know 2016 that's a pretty big mound yet. These are the top selling albums of 2069. There's a duet albums alone. Chris Davis host Chris stable stable enough in its Jewish I don't know Mike I was did you eat my sister lives all over okay. Time. I got so lucrative business travelers from one point four this could go the traditional more traditional dispute country albums of the back to would you say but the manufacturer grabbed his beautiful out there guys actually writes. Yeah actually it was a successful. Hopefully that label continues. Imagine that you don't write your if you play your own stuff that's hey remember there are plenty of terrible it's out there they write their own stuff definitely ends I give them credit for what you suck on Euro. Basel there was those results turtles alliances footwear group why are you doing and outside of your mama don't dance and a couple of the cover some preacher with a group all their own songs through these are the jobs every hour that you won't think we weren't. The terrible slump right until he Bob blows me away but this is tough to announce the 2006. She saw my daughter and I used. No eggs everywhere. And sank in the. It's seen its long beach state itself. And I sex doesn't feel very sorry you're not going to be an. I guess of the liners and my mom like everyone's usually doesn't like America's. Elaine. You lose them it's just as it moved me. It beats on. Of that album came out now and November of fifty thought one point 691. How do you know what I would give him credit on the fact that he seems to been riding this wave a lot longer than most pop stars. What is as a third album. A Third World tour I don't know he's I just I just assumed yeah regular justice in the B movie tired of and he would guesstimate I mean he's been doing this for a lot of your broker or any Smart duty links up with popular music kind changes that. And it. If you are so fresh that he's like helium something. Right still to this top 109 albums of 2064. Hour match. Okay. And that's a mom. What class royal palace. Am torn on piles of bats real blurry face this came out actually in May of 2015. To lose money today and unless they're good betting a couple years. Preventing design engineers and not so well and I cannot make 1815. It was still the number five top selling album 26. Jesus that along with the success with the suicide squads out. These are the top albums of 2016 according to bill. Workflow and wetlands land grab what Cindy you and wetlands land grant where is he yeah. Then there is some of them. Clean. Not yet. I don't miles do it's because I don't reliance on his bad news case and I think. And that is dynamite and I could alienate independent that I learned he says he does not because they don't have about it and you can garner yeah. It was a short hand through your Tony. Every word like half of the killer should be like why do I think miles actually I have to hurry there are opportunities come up with a home for the song. Another the leather bikini in front of the TV so hot it's like to be heating and gas well I can say she's good looking woman elected to. Probably though the odd Todd did not selling albums of 2060. In yeah. Slow down they don't know the effect yeah. If I mean yeah you. Don't know how they don't know me. Just feel okay. We don't. Even I know I didn't yeah. Honestly nothing. That's beyoncé music OK this elegant drug Spaniards and did we these are Mike Cox favorites tends zones of the Euro easily do I don't ask don't yet know. That that out of that American I'm a fan of the house. You have to be on the advanced along are you sure it's a logical and alignment what is that and now she's on fire crashes carries. Music Sox. These are the other top selling albums of 2016 according to build. 100 G. Carr horse and it's mean you're not involved. It was a dog when it all you'll glance at him yeah. Pat anger as he blows the numbers on a young girl so that some only sold 2.4 million copies in that 2016. But it came out November of 2015. At sold six million copies before all know what I'm saying oh god Leo she's done she's somewhere over eight minutes like sloppy seconds on 2000. Israel that I know and ends up being number two there was overflow from 2000 results delivered to so she moves you any any guesses on an hourly on a little Joe Black Ted she moves or is this as is completely obvious who are missing here for number one I got a Dell was number one I thought she would be number one as well now. It it dead person. Notes on that person was still up kind of the decision later today intense defense that people so a lot of a cash. I Arial here's a number one selling artist 2000. Yeah well. That's when I. And sanity. Sure multi hour hello hi I can't tell us something good domino. Staying on top ten wealthiest. I don't know they're they're a good idea of selling out 101060. And I you know thank you so much Ron Kessler Andre Young Yoo now I know image during exactly. Bloody end this series to be ready. Men's room. It's just the way news. They do enjoy Redskins. The Greg gaskins do you throw another flat out you're just about sentiment yes indeed today we chose an unidentified man from Deerfield beach Florida now. This particular gentleman. He drug a break into a store last week so first used rock in front smashed the glass door. Didn't shatter and up from the demand so we searched the ticket stuff doesn't work if it is gives opened and he walks away but the thing is cubs have multiple videos of the suspect. And they should because seat. Surveillance cameras caught him trying to rob a store. That sells surveillance cam. Just assume that the places probably under surveillance. Just say but don't break on an eighty G headquarters they're probably have a blog I'd just yet. But I Britain's Leicester. Report those boos every drink this booze because we've taken to yahweh now act so over the tong and down love this world to party and arts Emmys. I don't know okay Daytona. Hillary not a lot right now 20642 out rocket you're playing for decency Cheap Trick and foreigner like river amphitheater that is the prize and profile this is a game will play in minutes. It's miles tournaments are married apple and IKI as WC out.