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Tuesday, January 10th

Shot of the Day, Profile This, TV Time with TEd has clips from the Ntionsl Championship! Plus Headlines and Taryn Daly takes over!


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So bloody okay. They're deserves to be ready. Men's room. It's just the way news. You're still ahead here. The Greg does continue to throw another flat out you're just about sentiment yes indeed today we chose an unidentified man from Deerfield beach Florida now. This particular gentleman. You try to break into a store last week so first used rock in front smashed the glass door. Didn't Saturn up from the demand. So we searched the ticket stuff doesn't work if it is gives a company and he walks away but the thing is cubs have multiple videos of the suspect. And they should because seat. Surveillance cameras caught him trying to rob a store. That sells surveillance cam. If they sell surveillance can't just assume that the places probably under surveillance. Just say but don't break on an eighty G headquarters they're probably have a blog I'd just yet. But I Britain's Leicester. Report those boos every drink this booze because we've taken GMA now act so over the tong and down love this world to party and arts Emmys. I don't know okay Daytona. Hillary not align right now 20642 on rock could be playing for decency Cheap Trick and foreigner like river amphitheater that is the prize and profile this is a game will play in minutes. It's milestone amid dramatic nine point nine TI is WCA and hands and we miles. Nine point nine. Yes you know. How are out contestants there today and all this we don't profile is like for tickets Cheap Trick and foreigner that show is at the white river and the theater that's one ounce of some of the ninth Dennis courtesy of live nation visit KI SW dark Alberta. We detailed the kudos net. The men's room recess. Since I don't please don't wanna help profile my. Played down a short dead child that does the blame game where we serve your real life new story something that happened right here on planet earth. Or are Europe and as you lose to the story based on stereotypes you believed to be true people. And the decisions that people make less you would you do is you think made the story a story hello TJ welcome to the bedroom. Barton and our jobs are TJ understandably games played. Yes sir fantastic but at these six year old guy you rob the bank in downtown San Diego back in May. Run for a better he told teller to give them cash. And the reason why they GM car now. You won't have to dwindle swiped his guards quote. Your being robbed don't make a mistake not obviously he'd made pretty big one around a little bar. To the dollar dual giving you 565 dollars and adore the zona zoo ethical cops. And he uses account information to look at whose name driver's license and dress again because he swiped his card. When he went to the bank now it turns out he's a registered sex offenders tragic examples of Florida and he admitted to robbing the bank government found debit card in bedroom. And to a judge sentenced him to three years in ten months in prison you took a pay back the 565 dollars in additional. My question is do you believe this genius is black white meg C or Asian. Or then again this was. Lola Lola Diego. I Zune Florida I've always used I don't know how I absolutely think Diego California. So I'm just cars and the reason why they're calling first in big demand makes observes you like short loop three years ago. With the act that Howard did yeah in Dubai he swiped his card. How did you get into the bank then tells the woman write me and rob would you do mistake to let go. It is hard to guard Iman. The word. Black white arguments you or he's just seems weird that he had to swipe this card to get in during the day and the doors open. Usually either that or recent under the keypad Regis went for identification when you go there's thing in your accounts will not backwards. Go to the teller an original trust when rather rest and ample everything up yeah rollovers of Montgomery during money until I got to get the same process Munich I don't know my account number here's my card right. The pathetic and a now it sounds. I just say this and I am white but. It's a dumb crime and he's unfortunately. Sex offenders than anyone ever been proud that any of these people have represented them. I mean if everything is always hope it's not meet give Alex unfortunately with. You're right you're right but you know a game of inspired I was I won't do what beta miles this is true story. Before we came over the Jim walked in the most amount of dude this is we also believes in the land. And a woman. Armed with a gun goes into a hair salon Joan still monies that they can she steals reach. And I was upset those that are black this woman's our public do you need to be among what is wrong when people miles who has or has to be game on with the job they were to. I'm not happy she did that that's so I'm so glad this really does win this when you as a whole we'd lose I think sexist and there have this tale this Tel two. Sex offenders. I think like. It does and so that's insanity dot com I'm saying is we're very unaware of it yet few here section opens. I'm what do you think it. Black who I am used to go black finalize a black. Lacked we'll find out just like like. Makes the or Jewish next that was the tease them. Now back to the men's room when miles and drill 99 point now. Just hope mother faces juice on a Sunday on and a quarter. I don't know it is for more ready yeah. I think until news of bank robber of the smartest bank robber in the world that we don't know if he swipe this card to get into the door are when he got up to them and various weapons aren't there have been either way. As he demanded. Money you also swipe this cardinals personal information so was too hard the police show an assassin red devil toad for a company like short thing when every day. So we as you suggest that you believe that this guy is black white makes the or Asian you're black. Yeah and. Okay. Okay. I wanted to ask. I mean I grew over the words let's broaden it's almost the more tickets up Morita chief tricky enough foreigner a white river everywhere tomorrow games. Singh game same bat channel same time and all that stuff borrow against boots on tonight both college in NBA's in my hockey is Robert Leo several TV demo tape. And now. Makes life. Countless hours in front of a talking. Presents. Last night obviously there's sports on at the college. Football. Rick tied the championship damage national Jim Richard Cyrus looks at a college football playoff championship game. I think god dammit they're branding worked on it. It brought you the nets are brought to you by Allstate and other stuff yelling bold statement stuff and doctor pepper I do like the crazy doctor pepper act. That and I invented it and it also have you seen the new commercials right so now I. Let me start by saying Jesse Palmer who played the University of Florida is now a commentator. I just don't like it. I think he just kind of comes off will swarm. That's than any very pretty. Obviously it's tough he's good looking dude and put the new crew are old man's ego of the new commercials. They always paint him as the giant. Don't suppose it's like Alec Baldwin right they eat very easy for him to plan. And ate a whole. Thing that a candidate in the trash just flat so I think Jesse Palmer is the you know you probably wrote this alone produced commercial and. You guys are actors do to make it easy. Jesse. You're good news indeed we told everyone everyone agreed you should play the but it's a natural role for the nets would elected doesn't. Yeah so does Roy you won't lose any fans the commercial still just blows my and I can't believe I'm watching on television as the do you take opiates. You know arts and whooping we've got a pill for you are you hooked on OxyContin and canned crap we've got a pill for that regular team divot yeah OUT taken those perk cassette and oxy code on to you can't crap we've got a pill that'll make you focus its call laxative who couldn't get an edited any drugstore or facility in prescription pharmacy after co pay on that bastard do. And as a smooth Barbara what where you could take ex lax Metamucil or any number of over the counter laxatives to get pooped to flow through your system b'nai. Want to let the pharmaceutical industry serving up a double those of mobile Lloyds and then pulled Sarah crack. But the ball. Do you remember I got out of the care Lucas she's all walked up on the octagon maybe she made just from bill you know old guard. Yeah. I mean I've talked about this team is just the way it works with. Just way they set it up right. But told tonight and my mom hasn't. You know a family relative friend of hers a distant cousins. But she's been taking pain pills for years and she's she's basement and I NG like she's late for everything she not just the not often that the Madden. So then my mom who's been out here and had some success was a CBD oils like hey. Once you trust the medical marijuana and but the woman because all she knows that track illegal drugs or batten disease that does it there's no way I couldn't I couldn't cross that Monica and. You can Mets in the amazing. Carol the government has messed up people's minds on that and I look multiple times garb and I think we know that but just yet to merit more could you give legalized. You can take heroin would call it what oxy that's it. But what we did as though that heroines legal voters as one ingredient in parliament's illegals will be pharmaceuticals that is. Not include that one Mcguirk and ingredient. Firmly legal. They do not care if you're addicted to drugs are widely pretend they do there are places that do care they're called rehab soon but. On the federal level and do. But the biggest gun deal drug dealers on this planet. And got a call they give him to your kids they give him that everybody is much of the camping no adore him and make its own racquet. And it's finally complete I don't care I don't munger outward from Obama drugs more reputable broad view that stand on street corners. Both all. Right well and you know it's funny I just watch this whole documentary I'm blanking on the name of right now I just watching last flight path compared. Here's your armored units. So basically it was a good luck into lake drug laws in the cement our country how they mermaid and in blah blah blah right now it's so great you find out that. Most well as today not most of those speculate the opium and cocaine Israel very common things right and and all of them. Even to this day like white people we use drugs in a much higher rate than the most of the class but with they talked about and they did an interest in seeing. Was they talk to like. Like a prison guard in Kentucky right and they talk to these old cops that have been around for awhile in you know and when it's a united Jersey sentiment in Boston. And they they attack they've only got these cops years ago right there bustle all these drug dealers and sent everybody to jam with so now I talk these cops the cops like. And I chose the right policy and then the prison guard in Kentucky he's like look. Here's the breakdown lately that I were to prisons forever you know I mean he's like we have a drug problem you know and then. The bill is proud presents you put beds there the got to have bodies right like he said he's like look I'm in favor of actually downsizing our present. He does but now you have the small towns. That are already privatized frustrated so the so once you track closed down a prison obviously that's how people from that town are gonna come out and go ahead. We need boost jobs in this Maggie lake. So basically they're saying is the drug war even though we all think it's a loss because if you think about it this way that it's been drug war's been successful for certain. From I company and our company is sort of like maybe it worked that the. Drug laws were never intended to safeguard you from drug use him like come on man. For a good jump when they did the whole all of that just say a Democrat Reagan and from good to armor reliving the Baltimore Sun every brother and a school that you know while the donors and there's no concern would be a very concerned people. They would deal before order issued they would not allow you to be described Oprah like that's not it this is god damn business into incarceration of people you know on. Cook's idea I won't say they also did a good job of showing the math that epidemic in just today. Nor are white people it's class that you thought it was a race thing that the country I did see with other state of Nevada that is legalizing marijuana bits the Nevada athletic gaming commission might act very quickly change a lot of their antiquated balls that way. Yes so that's an MM AY welcomes he taught us that the Latino boxing wise that you can smoke a joint have to get the living crap beat out of it. For fifteen rounds I think that's a central circle of that is not gonna total loans performance tonight county Perkins out of three days I do agree with Rogan though. I do think anime. I don't think. That's the once more just because of jujitsu. I don't think you want guys who could wheat to division that would be the only thing we could say we'd would be an advantage just as you can be sit there on your back and just be much calmer. And that's the whole thing you got to breathing as the economy got a look for a way to reverse so he's made our rent for years that look I'm pro weed but. Jujitsu might do once more word might actually. People look don't look look at Motorola needed they have series we it's good it's gonna look there's two seconds on the clock you know you're getting the game winning shot. There's a million on the clock you gonna drive ninety yards for a touchdown if your calm under pressure and cool and collective the chances of you succeeding gonna be much better. And the guy who comes in there and is all white or you just don't get as upset when you lose. Gestured as Mike and I don't know wrote I don't I don't know the game I think it's great opposed Elliot yeah. Smoke a joint press conference but they did say would have another. Boom. We did release and an unwinding could you believe that rod strict penalties guys used to go into the wizards locker room and just smoked the living hell up out of it so bad to good marketers physically I was like yeah I candidacy was in play me play this is not a shock to anybody that there higher thicker. They are good luck they. If you look at the bullet theory that explains everything right. So you guys although Kenny Chesney right now. Kenny Chesney comes to town number one the town never looked back. Kenny Chesney is John Maine to Texas and everywhere and he's got a good run out of Viet outdoor show Ryan but he does have a full policy when it upright. It's all due to couples or single checks where might. Bootsy tablet a lot. Here I here's that you under the differentiator. Within. Black cat or white hat. White cowboy hat outdoor gym in America. Black dork. To drink here Jack Daniels white hat. Fun rom son bitches black cat duress or leave for good athlete Eagles. Trucks dog. Follow Eagles are brush off these three gentlemen continue. So any Jesse Reynolds wolf how to move. I would say when he was here this year I didn't get to go as I think I was working women cage were intimate things down there mcwilliams one detail right right. That's all I wanna go for you want to I don't care for Franken how are chicks I only care about is music. I like country so I get home right Asia get over that a little bit later air I have you know laughter and Donna had a few Beers order pizza right. And you know you could track. Well it's taken forever writes I. Just called me today. You know if it's taken this long to have put in the oven don't sweat the guys that just put it and he has been it's gonna be like another 45 passes for five companies like. We're getting crushed by the candy Jessica with the that I. All life. He's like every hotel has back to town they all came ultimately ordered pizzas right that was pretty funny. When the guy finally shows up right he's like I am so sorry but I know. And when a brother he has other gadgets don't. That I. I mean man goes god because the last lady. Who's drawn from Kenny Chesney she yelled at me and didn't hit it thank god you're yeah I got just don't have the buffer. Brent stoned out the da Matta has heated up the materials relevant to bring you know I prologue and the right after I started the last night let's yet national championship game. Here's his the last it was that. Held a game I'd say since eleven years ago Vince Young in Texas taking down SE probably the best championship game. Awesome stuff there but here's last play of the game and Clemson win the title. Is this this this could you. The final play of the college season wraps. Chris Fowler on the caller I was pretty Albert who is knicks havens twin brother I misspoke that was not the last play they had to take it off and taken gilt down that. Yeah man and it isn't. I don't you know now here's the deal last night all I wanted to see was families move. Now today starts the time we're gonna be annoyed by Davos fleeting glimpse at never saw that but I. I do is look comfortable and they did and then if they win and hope we can gets a glimpse of a Marty's ago. I'll let you beat barrack don't wanna hear about a ten. It basically is terrorist please don't bring it up. Act miles did you watch the game last night. And data did you see the last flight headed you're an offensive guy. Is that a pick play or is that Iraq I love how so busy here's would have a big play of the touch symbol for those epic but I like the day when they're otherwise the today Cuomo rub play. Not around the page right and I heard today hey somebody said basically is it it fooled me exiles at the I turned around that the ball's coming at him and their like men and now he's just acting like that exact try to get that Ramsey's decision itself right hook pattern so that he can clog up that in the as do basically just. The same thing is running a basketball that is no difference pick and roll them. And can we talk about how joked that rest was this if she's that Christ man suddenly I just think Dick batting look. Ed properly must've been I don't know if he's on social media but everybody uses to make an awfully you've got she got a trouble are they look at social media. Normally nobody at broccoli when he goes to the screws. At the end of every game only fish you degrade about the NFL neo Feld is not he's allowed time. Singular message but anyway Hercules gets on the bustle let's say six or seven other officials level. He has Twitter handle OK so. Did mine every hockey league for the most any official the refereed for the most part. They don't know tapping on the field as you would have to record anything else umpire lined up outside judge you name it. But he's the guy at the gets the heat because essentially he's the messenger peso but that hasn't offered forty dot named yards number for. He doesn't see it someone else of what they tell them whatever 'cause so. He bulldozed quarter panel and as he reads it is to those hotly you blind dome as mother ever go efforts of Diane fire. Though wasn't present different note the guy responsible. I don't regret that we continue at arguably some good. Innocent he's hundreds of these at the end of every day every game title is a Twitter handle man and they just David Letterman had a us. Jimmy Kimmel of course his general Larry is network as the bachelor here pretty good joke here about playoff game are in the gym Richard came in the bachelor. The bachelor tonight when you watch the bachelor or the college football national championship game I think he's a good indicator of who's in charge in your house. Yeah I say they thought I'm not only watch once he's in the bachelor and I had a serious offer that yeah. If I'm always shocked to find out who watches. Dude if people tweet about the bachelor I'd like that tell us that's how I know there are laws including the national might disperse in the seriously at all watching the bachelor and the care yet they loved it right. As crazy and I story. In its and is there somebody came out last week somebody respectable moves like I think. Curtis. Cream Abdul Jabbar right now lieu us and fourteen moves back and his American. And losing to the map the threat. Is that you know like Kareem Abdul Jabbar says the bachelor's killing romance. Aren't. They don't I think most of us and the that they odd source for that that's all he isn't a source but I don't don't say it but the doctor Phil's son Entrust me I would have to trust Kareem Abdul Jabbar mourn Dr. Phil but. Look I was off. Dark Angel and is certainly more. He has a good quote here that I I would throws renewable green says the show was killing romance because it establishes quote. A larger list for love so poultry in a sustainable than nearly anyone with a hipster beard or pert breast can make the cotton. LA. Looking good on paper houses desolate and I think it's looking good person. They have a two pressure on that shield you're not looking like an island for fame. We on the but I think that's Corey Wright I agree I don't agree need to come -- say that I. I think for the most of us we get that I I I worry there's some people that don't have that yet but our view but the dart in and do. I don't know Simmons dumb people don't sweat I'm just the overly don't -- white guy that's the dumbest person in the room anywhere I ago and don't. Lugar wife v.s down how many kids they might. Friends got me down on the regulars. Guy on TV. A couple. Well in the absolute fact and everybody has a stereotype until it just has this. Yeah fine during your father your moron is Obama's guy in the room who don't know even then it's ever been a little kids that parents should think you're kids think and your family think you're done you're an idiot how do you. Oh you'll bumble through life and the ticker every voter. That's act on the uncle with a heart of gold is completely smooth. They realize that's realize oh yeah and what a documentary at a Suffolk. Let's see what's our team before you today you know there's a new show coming out on FX it looks pretty cool the series' premier of taboo. 10 PM on FX I didn't knows Joseph partisan power now Marty Tom hardy loans. Gloomy dilemma you bring him in the Batman movie he was look DiCaprio and I was all America Coca those that revenue revenue and yet since those in the show. No it is the main stuff is a stock post I was not really taboo like as a we're gonna you know interview people who you know are polygamous from them. Now to I think taboo I think actual taboo topics is that a taboo. Evidence on what's your feelings are from and it's meant to act and it. Think I played I can imagine our current level on local girl and very funny person an affair a it's Sunday it's. Yes here's my car and tonight you doodle is album released a letter of for a victory. Why what is there and it's a beautiful day. That's got. They totally look here's here's here's what they said they were manager okay they had an album ready to go they've been working on April. They're going to release at this point. They believe that politically with the way that things have changed since the current president elect is not going to be an office. That the timing on whatever they had written was sold not relevant that they basically wanna go back and address this from a standpoint musically instead of just. You don't Russian puppet sitting at the often are you noticing that instead of singing about Mike and I did what could only go like that arises out to me like this was a fluffy album that didn't have a lot of substance to it and they just didn't think he would beat you to assumes you two up right right. It all the politics trump making seven lot commissioner raises potential ethical issues oh yeah that's the least of his problems right now because we the next few days. This that only the least of his political ethical problems. Given all the all the politics Jerry Seinfeld had trouble getting into the White House wife because his name mister rove exactly. Yet Jewish Jerome gap and it come on man Jewish Jerome. Securities Jerome I asked him. There's no such thing. The real. Local there's 71 year old man arrested after triple stabbing in woodland and Adam okay. Net can't believe you get even get up. But returned to Seattle library more than forty years overdue with a bulging noted size and I think nearly even even noted that point. It's forty years later. They say the book what do I had taken a two. The library. How long have you had a bunny come over enough not album was on the Fritz who takes in the drawer on the bottom and the people who lived there before obviously had little children at. So when he takes on the draw our. There's like a children's book inside and like all kinds of stuff like there's of the plastic plate to fly apparently this kid like nothing more than the high representative and push it underneath the oven as far as he or she cut. So there's this book menaces Seattle Public Library without them life. I'm literature in this book that's an umpire account for a month but that my intent is to return to look apparently the book was rattlesnakes by. Bustling good and low read nobody missed and the announcers are tragically in my bedroom closet it was in a box. Net forty years in a closet in his bedroom doesn't surprise. Not gonna grab more odd million years do they do here's a little have a might one day you did your parents and downsize in the do something where that is so I'd like you know what man my we will move on wheels in the day. Come back. And look through your crap in your room and trying to would you wanna keep which wanted with the widget that's my lets them work. And you go back and you go through your boxes and you're like why did you keep this year what are you thinking. And you take it craft you in the world of entertainment males driven by an enemy event after Golden Globe deaths. That was a few of those the only strange comment that you made I didn't let that I disagreed with I just thought that was a strange analogy let's you when you're talking about a sport that is universal. I football strictly American Canadian content to run a very MI MM AIQ you that's that was the bride's Israeli right did register as a dozen or so he's talking about you know there's more people who don't speak English in that algebra English later the other professional sports I don't think Merrill's street well limber for his. I don't think India busted up an expectation. Of Merrill's street knowledge of amendment she usually might be a huge fan about it. I just don't believe Jews whatever so my guy a Cuban missile. Overall I'm fine with her things but I think terminal kind of put it well last night he just seemed weird. To have that speech about what polian and this and that and then take a shot export them and team this place that's debt. Around the world and a holy week prankster gives himself up. He just wants to be known all goodness we got a bit safer now if you're in Hollywood and you are wondering if anyone would changes sign on your property go to sleep resting well tonight. Do you think they're actually looking for a when he turned himself and now we turn to our Internet I guess that's turned himself in a huge problem certainly couldn't he wants is that the only nation was under way. Enough to drive you crazy motorist gets a 128 dollar ticket for leaving his car running to warm up on his own driveway or freezing winter morning has pretty dumped. Aspect where residents have the best was in that. Where was this Roosevelt. Stone family dude you can whatever but you won't even further away you go our way of interest in the removal chance as my. And finally other writers at a headlines we talked about it all that they Japanese monkey try estimate would dare. They are here to look at. Staying out of gonna do it again. Federal support to get to know what that evidence and NBA on Gloria parlor is going to be an LA taken on the lakers ought to be on CSN at they've realized tonight with that my gosh. Don't hurt her series take a regular public Derek Daley joins us right after the now back to them in Israel fund 99.9. JE IUS don't you would Saturday LA now yeah and military analyst and exciting you're. Well I've been I've been blogging fool this after blogging Foley I'm thankful today I decided. I haven't I'd like to pick on my ever my mount Rushmore of musicians who got tar them leave Neil paired up against of course but instead decided who who would be my. Nine mount Rushmore of IPA's okay who and it was almost in tears currently narrative and it'll. I'll do OK yeah all the categories just general would you like the best they generally allowed you know a couple of mattered public views on his I mean maybe maybe that's not right to mediation had double BA's effort from regular idea yeah yes but I think I think I've put together a solid four so I leave from the area are they that you've now scored it one more and one from Washington. One from Morgan and one from Washington I'm gonna go. The shoots fresh squeezed idea. That's some analysts and for more. Fit the same town now. So let's and can barely yeah. Tin barrels either not the apocalypse IV ever heard it is a daily drinker is eating is not not like in it upon it by an independent. Not everyone out of. There's two there's like as the seaside integrate out BAC Cedras hourly and also much I think my all time favorite right now a lot of vote Oregon is for George and historians. And for George doesn't collaborations with some of the brewers that I mean a animation really gonna be is and I wanted to check that wanna stories cooled down. Gently rock them yet aren't even an ugly days a story is like Sylvia California nontraditional like torpedo from Sierra Nevada or is it more of. I did I did the hop stupid from log any disk which is a great beer elect a little some some do OK you're on grass she's adorable. And then it depends on I want to pronounce it play any or planning the elder bush that's that's our that's the that's my number one and it's never been dethrone. The used to have a for a number of years they would have done though Washington State and that was go places where you can get and they put low on the blackboard in an Orlando Bloom plays a win like. Until they the elders coming on Thursday. And they open at 10 o'clock. And those aligned newfound. And I exiles can coffee across the street right with the hell's going on over there and like out some beer nobody wants I'd never heard. Do they similar in their ass about it and not shortly after that they stop distribution to Washington State because they were concentrating on the California water areas coming in and out -- like an hour. Totally I had issued humor I would go with my prowler and stand in line in this indicate would be tapped at the time and they have they learn and I. Including the elder of the younger they got al-Qaeda of Beers tonight pretty good tore apart my Seattle beer. Is and drum roll believe in and you know through rounds they actually. And gonna love it guy. It volume IP Alberta even by the government brings it back and kept an eye on them left over Christmas here. Well returned LA advantage he knows drive gave this is as of thinking every tonight tomorrow we'll see you produce such lesson we have more tickets cheap stricken foreigner from profiled as a threat to call urgently. Our ridge's terror is ended we are outlook we are back tomorrow is like why was that until then please would you do best and for the sake. Okay you. Rumor has been taken before a live studio audience. So wardrobe makeup provided by the Manchester limited. Their presentation knows the mantra. RealNetworks.