01-10-17 Sit & Spin tops the charts

Tuesday, January 10th

Ryan Castle is in to Sit & Spin with the Top Selling Albums of 2016!


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The drug charges and Ryan Gaza once again time to sit. And in that. Yes friends it's time once again Paul. Six and spend men's gather around the old radio and listened to some sweat a. Try to keep these blitzes. Off. That. Could tell by the yesterday governor brutal honestly is academic act there's nothing for the fourth. There's nothing funny about lives are the top selling now does it depressing is that place. You know if it depressed me it is because apparently oh. But also that matters most most of it is garbage the well but when it came time is there any year we'd look back while that's only because there was that we did your decisions as the number one song was everything I do I do for you yeah right I am probably in overtime win here there was probably time everyone's life when the music you like the most. Absolutely I think for Furl it at some point at some porch right probably weigh in your late teens or year. And you know that's certainly the case with most of most artists make him money anymore on tour. And that's where they can cry catcher has the sale of music is and is in the profit there's I used a handful of artists that actually make these of the handlers for as these these maybe all of that okay. So this according to billboard is means units sold as a means what people would Obama and these aren't necessarily out that came out in 2006 although it's on to these are the ounces sold the boast companies here that I don't. Under ten. Many yeah. No I didn't. I've known. Found out that gap that if he had an in depth at issue back in my act. He's on magna can. Be a problem don't know that I get between her and visit he is Dalia. It certainly got another thing you know who has the numbers yet is that I there's like nine. To me there's nine to the scene person right now on the female music category this amused by. Thanks to an angry woman I'm zillions terrible wrapper she could stay focused and other than. This out man we're going to sell that image that won't pony tail right. And would you ever want to hear his album OK but we don't know the drawn in eyebrows and look at it and creating a. Pop stars is non a new phenomenon and this goes back. This goes back to the 1940s. And unbelievable and it's people that they Elvis won the bugle boy 07 million copies but you know even. All the way back to 1940 they had. Song writers and producers and the Rangers and create songs for fans good looking people that they're saying death to sink to sell it to sell them that this is. This is not a new thing and at Nashville's been doing it for years. God knows them. Connect these are the top selling albums of 2006 day. Like this song and insurance Venezuelan pilots are just put on the suicide squad soundtrack. What's interesting about this what does this anomaly can count on it and it made an analyst at Portland. People love it I saw that movie and I don't and that's not a lot of people watch it on the plane go on vacation holiday those kind of them. Everybody when it was like OK I don't play if it if you look dated Seagram on Halloween everybody loved that movie yet if you know. This city times or albums of 2000. You're since Bloomberg got him back. And has six kids. And you can. I had no idea if they don't tonight and the man who is good and that is that you probably know Hamilton. Now I know I would well. I have no idea and it this was the ripper story. Look at that pitted a dual chip that's right away they're trying to tell me. All he Shanahan and there is too good a musicals sold how many companies with this is amazing I would have to go back. I don't know there's a minute time that soundtrack for a musical sold this many counties agrees in the top ten I would probably rent. Yeah program rent that's no matter Allison probably cast recording palpable with predict him. Okay. That would on what went for early enough alien. You know me around it twenty years ago walked with them none of them I don't know 2016. For them yet. These are the top selling albums of 2016 on. There's Wu. He is. There's a duet album alone. Her big cause of Chris stable stable enough that it tuition falcon and Mike it was JT my sister Pall over cut. I'm. Yeah Christiane travelers. Were listed as it was a traditional more traditional speed of country albums of the backed what you're saying about the manufacture grabbed his beautiful guys actually right. That actually as a success hopefully that label continues. Imagine that you write your if you play your own stuff hey remember their money terrible it's out there right there definitely ends I give incredibly you suck on Euro. It'll that was that was given you know turtles is usually where are you doing. Outside of your mama don't dance and a couple of the cumbersome preacher with a brutal rooms through these of the job I government that you won't think we. The terrible flow until he Buffalo's meal. It's the top selling albums of 2006. Ers. Silent. You. Example anyway. And I and then this. And I was Beatty to. It happens so. He's act doesn't feel better stuff to me and and it's of the liners and my mom like everyone that he doesn't like Americans. I. Mean you lose them. This is no baby. Aviv's. Came out now and November 15 or so what's it what color you know what I will give him credit on the fact that he seems to have been running this way below longer than those pop stars. What is his third album. A Third World tour I don't know I just I just isn't yet ready to justice in the B movie to Ireland he can't human means to throw on your program and that's our duty links up with popular music and changes. To. If you are so fresh that he's likely he and something right still to. It's not deny albums of 2016. According to court match. I'm taking my. And that's a moment. It's time. Event filled up. But I don't know. When it on pilots are back at them for particular phase this cannot actually in May of 2015. Too much money that they don't Atlanta and Connecticut couple years. Connecticut certainly I'm not stolen account mates when he fifteen it was still the number five top selling out 26. She uses that along with their success with the Susan well. These are the top albums of 2016 according to build. And I'm glad we're. Quit listening to you Wear and Wear my black and where is you can lead then. Some yeah. Well we'll. I think the Arianna doesn't. Go a mile Hewitt beat her umbrella that. Case in. And I think he's violent and an independent that I learned he says he does not accompanied have you know you can Harvard. That was the shorthand for your home. Every word like half of the work that like while I think miles actually I don't know I. They come up with a home for the song. Other the letter to keep it in front of the TV so hot as like a bikini and well I can say she's good looking human elegant. These are the odd Todd did not selling albums of 2060. Then it's yeah. Slowdown. Yeah. It's. Double now you don't know. I got a lot of yeah. We've got no idea who. Honest behind. That's beyond simplistic okay. It's elegant drug Spaniard and get rid these are my dog's favorite tends don't easily unionize them okay no good at that. Out of that American I'm an affinity. You have to be on the event as a loan and it sure. The logical. What is that she's hired correct place. Music Sox. These are the other job selling albums of 2016 according to bill. I'm very jam. Course it's mean you're not involved. It was a harmless though you'll glance at him the end. Pat anger. Both the numbers on bill so that some only sold 2.4 million copies in that 2016. But it came out in November of 2015. At sold six million copies before all know and when dale got Leo she's done she's somewhere -- that was like sloppy seconds onto yeah its been out that I know and ends up being number two with overflow from 2000 itself as the number two so she moves you idiot and he guesses on an hourly wanna Chiluba had shouldn't or is this as is completely obvious who are missing here for number one I did Dell was number one I thought she would be number one as well now. He hit it dead person. Now it's not that birth of the still I'll kind of an affiliate detonator today intense defense that people so a lot of care. I'm here we go here's a number one selling artist 2000. It's a. Well. Testament. And it's not anything. It's straight month. Oh yeah I think there. When I don't. And wealthy. I don't know Meredith as the idea of selling out 101060 Italian thank you so much drank counselor in any of you now I have admitted into.