01-10-17 The Word gives the name

Tuesday, January 10th

Today on The Word, we go through some of the roughest names to live with!


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Look on the drug charge right counsel on this and spend and today Ryan brings in the top selling albums of 2016. But first. Got them. What felonies and say there's one thing that is universally. Common for most people their names that has affected their parents gave instant name now obviously your last name was kind of up to the father time but. Other than that managed but is using to know grown adults. But the last day you can blow without first thing you want to pick your game if it does not work with the last name. Just don't do Bono if it's sing song he. You know I mean there are in all they could that make the name but then there's just some absolute unfortunate names and whether. People realize what they were during the time they are oblivious to the these are real name. And a people. The unfortunate it's basically. These are the 100 the most unfortunate names in human history now these are not necessarily famous people okay. It's people whose names are unfortunate and for some reason or another they've called out. For example. Minor League Baseball lives for these Scranton Wilkes-Barre red barons than a pitcher named Steve sharks. Supports. There's more it was a lovely lady who graduated high school in her name was Vijay cobbled. Did you have Chardonnay hooker. Fail. Right hook Chardonnay hooker blogs lit area very lovely. As to why would continue to chart and Chardonnay especially the last book you guys remember the mayor of Fort Wayne, Indiana are. And hairy balls who has the mayor from 1934 to 1947 and again from 1951 to 1954 he was one of the most famous people ever. Fort Wayne, Indiana look there and you remember that when they were gonna donate a building there as the survey of who we should name this building after. And overwhelmingly. Carried well to be the hairy balls museum it if it if it. There's a real learning jolly man Dinah. And someone name their kid Jesus conduct. The protest from stuff. That's one of the most famous models in all of Hong Kong she's political supermodel and her name is June oh yeah. Internet that you've got the ball. Middle schooler the name of rowdy negro. Why do as a white guy. Heidi is that and I think like rap group although he loves that game. A route do you pretty. Crowds and whatever gets close it's going to be a nightly check bragging. Running me down enough Brazil the Director General of the police his name is Hitler Mussolini. And you Hitler Mussolini's. At reed's confidence that's exactly wrap it out and night thumping Canada if you wanna get to some Petro even when the stock buy kick ass man. Has a chain of fools or later on plot terrorist army. And rods at the they bought me 1973 partly agree dale Romans Dick I need money. Those big guys mark could definitely on the back to go get tested on oh god the what the hell is that the dating game. His name was Robert facts when you're sent to basic result never in America. Then you have gone above them a senior name brownies titles. Cycles. That you have doctor as fun Q it was a scientist the s's the S word doctor as Sonny yeah. Charlie Willard horse be. My he lives in. Spokane wash it. Then you have American's new sweetheart misty Hyman. There was an American icon and Olympic legend. Maybe you're looking for a good dermatologists the good to go out James B grows Weiner MD. Came early growth rate you play guy meaning we have a Dick Wiener. And NASA. Romo are. An ass remark. Grammer and I elected artifacts and dad's a doctor named Jack can off. Jack and off in the that this that. The legal real real bad then you have rich will blanket it's. His real name and is that he's his beaded legged children rob and it's all real estate. If you're agent is doing the work necessary to help you buyers tell your home so blanket too rich will blanket it's my real name. Birth certificate available upon request that added ingredient wrap it there doors does vehicle over that name and let me beat you don't jokes. Is that we have volume on the squad pumps she is a famous actress Brittany. I you have the director of the mission mark funeral chapels and cemeteries his name is Dick tips if and a senator tiny Cox. I know yes there is a gynecologist named Terry Terry. Fair I. Mail and I'll know Dick Trickle down to who was the NASCAR driver there's thankfully dork or frankly dark. Frank who bag lady Hillary that's exactly right there is a launches previously college football I believe he changed his name. DJ Cooper and I think yes Jason for a night because it was announced you know and Mansfield Ohio you know the doctor Al bullet here a moment ashamed I. All huge the second. They did that and had been on is that with the angry. I don't live live bullets you will do you jump and attacks in New York get in my defense held giving your diapers thank you. OK suck blank. And I you know wide eyed 1990. It's just here's the real estate agent named Evelyn sacked writer of that. A baseball player play over the Pittsburgh Pirates outfitter in 1937 get up for Johnny Dick shots if long Lang lives in China. And we happily and a young who's the marketing executive and labor is beyond flaming out to opinion actually. Boy I don't know Randy morehead. Her slogan once you ran. Everyone loves for anymore. Without the brain without a brick up the brain to keep it under the credit. There's a guy who graduate from high school named Pete Venus. So this is. Bono for sale here we go here this thing. It was a lovely reals that is beautiful woman and applied. The dark. But nagger. I connect him he's got our effort has doctor I'm trying to think when I doubt. Doctor Harry beaver indeed there's. That's an error in favor yes very unfortunately if you would kindergarten her teacher might have been mrs. rape. And he Ottawa Ontario change your name yet. There's iPod Amanda who who lives and Yugoslavia and she is a basketball player six foot four went to Daytona Beach a community can. Which is. There's fifty markedly people Portugal and area. Now we have Perry Boehner who celebrates two years with Daktronics. Pay thank Gary Boehner for twenty years of dedicated service. We move on and this young lady named flavor miles. Label balls. Jacked off lives in the Middletown Houston Texans. Fair hooker was a wide receiver for the Cleveland brown. You have major Dick head of the third. Did you hit it that the mandate could just bend over who is that it. Destiny hooker hometown San Antonio Texas was like she's basketball players well. That we have thick belts from the then Boston patriots. Who was a defensive halfback one against them. And say that it. Either one Natalie TC and a man now that's actual name there right. Like cancer that only their there's very much on Tuesday via real owner Dick pound who always knows the IOC. President for awhile. Mike winners atrocity the other justice be beaver. You viewed. Portrait of miss I'm hog. A courtesy of the hog foundation of mental health and Jim Bob cooter. Jim Bob cooter Lynchburg Tennessee exactly and of course we can't forget genuine hope. Today donated acknowledges the issue of human hoses out encoders and he often toward them. I believe so yes and there's been elected and nephew and though some of the names of those big bird gets isn't it a Jason Taylor. Gave nails it. If it picks week for congress. Go chew Coke. Dick paired nicely from Minnesota. And barb we're kind of based in Britain right right definitely drug charges that we're gonna since been the top selling albums of 2060 next.