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This is the men's room. Listening to. We'll talk a bit. After a grad who has inquired today 44999. Nolan got another reason you're just joining us and we ask that question that the but that a what if you don't pass up. There is there. Newswire I care arena Atlanta okay the a but. Just look. The comments here and can I ask willow was still funny guys saw a bald eagle swooped down and and they matches this is a jackass. And her as a response again. We that you can call them if if if if if if the a we had an. The freezer wrap looking up at all off the freedom ain't free but if there's maybe 34 year old woman named Stephanie gas go without the union township Pennsylvania. And she is court ordered from going to the nearest Wal-Mart for whatever reason right if there are not drowsy got the court order but we know for a fact that he hates that court order because she violated that ban. And went there earlier this month. Employees all the cops when they got there Stephanie explained why she got the Wal-Mart quotes. The K Cuomo also Wal-Mart sells. Is too good to stay away she is facing trespassing charges and make LEI this is a picture. Well I got a point to why was she base and begin. I we don't know why she was bands usually I wish she was court ordered not to go to Wal-Mart and she was busted in there and the reason that when weatherman said her name company's own it is a Stephanie gas go DA SK added Stephanie gas gets out union township Pennsylvania Stephanie danced in Afghanistan have did you get the cake that's got to stuff. Yes yeah that is pretty chart your pure is like if she likes it takes so much from that's the civil war era like to regrow groceries to a store sheet cake. I occasion I. Are intended to make UK get in a way just feel like comment on Medicaid right decipher birthday owner and I completely ruined it. The that I had to go to the the storm I kick in it was fantastic just the yeah Delhi. Cake it's soft it's moist you know people go for all the poo poo cupcakes and all that they know that no man did they sheet of cupcakes at the grocery store. What right but she can take the secret of cupcakes you out of you like the hands like a big ask boxes them tons of them liked what how delicious this trigger. Yeah well random random random random random rabbit come home before the friend got Danica I don't know holds little spurts earlier. And I thought you looked like my new home when there aren't careful review period does she not in all I was stunned when a socialist. Some may indicate he's just vacuum it is evidently the only game they did you like lying about her that was bad moments normal I want our believe it'll it'll be the equivalent of first level to. Hello Nathan welcome to the men's room. Later in the lord's good current home ours. I didn't think if there's a might take you back a little bit I did you he has to go crazy stories that Wal-Mart and they all have a stark even though. Whether you're an elementary school middle school may lose a job sometime in your life. Who would you say is your arch nemesis. All of. While you you hit a home run today buddy. Yes you it's no I only did you do eightieth. Can't sing can't. So. I hope beatle opponent yeah clear why other local be my arch nemesis why is that. Of multiple reasons. The gun on me wind kit on me about it after doesn't. And did you see it on and you mean like hit on you like hit on you physically any inmate sexual advance all got that arm with the Linehan to release separate occasions. Separate occasion yeah any new your marriage to his daughter. Oh yeah. All that was deal right now are part of her life I mean it was you've got to wait rip rap or was he just like these father that she had. They only knew the Kremlin to interpret. That sounds dumb F up I'm sure heard it that efforts. So. OK okay so it's I Yaris was she weird till we're there were there traces of dead in your then wife. No until after the divorce. Yeah. Did she take her father's side on these things or did you say daddy you can hit on my husband. She didn't know until after the divorce. And tried to teller during a boat she had a very. I opinion never dad. Yeah yeah. What did you did that everything to do with why you guys got divorced. Oh completely done now now now now. Unsurprisingly. Yeah. Was he like openly gay or would you just get drunk and hit on. I elitist you know build third bucks a wind gets cracked open in you know all all of living conditions both came out I guess so now. Losing America's. And we've all had a lot of lose my reckoning would you don't hear multiple times but you know I think well they didn't learn to get copies of the government yeah right now I drove him play on the field until every record I don't really nice. Admittedly broke is being at one time is hilarious. Here in a story. And I guess it was that it was not an amicable separation between you and your wife. Now of course not yet and how long that process last. In America over all the divorce process. Holds iron episode. I have a solid outside years. Fired. And I argued EV contacted them and Altman. Oh definitely not now. That is a good thing about filed loans proposition. You can't really get anonymously you know children nothing I had considered a son dying you know. We can't learn a little bit. The reason I asked who's your arch nemesis effort I don't know where wow I don't know whose newest member I. So the story goes from Fox News appear Ferrell hog don't mess with Texas. And resolute learn by 416. Pound wild hog that was killed by next Texas man after wreaking Havoc on his property for the past five years it's too bad the federal hogs don't watch more news right gonna see now warning the man joke flowers and union grove Texas killed hog with a they are fifteen. If there. I'm down review mother. That's pretty sure there's sleazy you can hunt those hogs for Mike teleconference will be a lot of Robert. About fiber of our property lays between some populated areas I try to maintain an environment like a sanctuary or a nursery for the deer to raise funds. A Texas is home to the largest Ferrell hog population in the US was an estimated how many. It is stayed alone 40000 or hundred pound hogs. Yeah listen 40040000. I now 30030000. And how big Texas says are nobody alcoholics I go higher. 200000. And you want a bit higher. A million on higher hold off on these are 400 pound hogs they're fair all truly they roam hire the entire states and five million less for millions to add this morning. Yeah border all the dogs they want according to local media he. Along with things like this eaters are and snakes and rats wild hogs are probably one of the more disliked animals in my property you don't say dog had been praying on the ponds and area and Claris of these always stayed arm when he visited this year feeders in case a beast charge them play hogs each may be deer and OEM down the departed Hogg will live on as a trophy amount and on the wall as homey added. He was a big daddy I called him. Bush beast. It's loud man a father or friend. Brad Randolph ran the husband call of duty on the demands. I'm hogs it's so big play they know even did he Darren are calling this a big issue that whole area to I got some good Ferrell what they used to grow my girl my hair that you think this idea. Kara dale do you realize how big this thing that's. Players have pointed to marks that you there's going to have to carry a weapon address your property charges a big big ass off. Yeah yeah are these tasty and delicious people apparel in front of does that mean you can eat these things. I don't know I mean it might just be because workfare rules in front of them appear like. If that was something also and they would put him on the menu like we. Promise you all of our poor is completely Ferrell. No because they are just Gomez hello Carol cat now are you will not eat them without knowledge you know to me that does mean that dancing is wild crazy yeah would need to dance that intermediate yet eating cat is that it would be be the last when you would think no hairless cat will be the last Olympics I would our secure knows what I think district and I know this sounds horrible what you slather some olive oil wanna put it on spit skimmed it Chris permanent just my arms assessment of it the less you have to do to address it. But that's a New York cat will be the last when he does based on what I've what I know of this cap and some habits well nobody really eat cats. I don't know orbit ahead that he won't like what made wanna go Pekingese. Which one's the Pekingese on the double the value Himalayan Anderson we're literally fat eight to a good ones of the Himalayan. Well they get a flat faced him yeah yeah I was here at the very little pain or Betty some of those things and the new Lego brand and down around. Friends Pat O'Brien welcome to the men's or. Hello bread brand. Hole. I read this thing rise we've all sorry I don't think so let's now ready to college. Like Dakota and grow group. If you look OK I think it's been hopefully this is a home run what you would did you steal. What the guys steal steal. That stays. Or lost all. But I think who might best story when it comes through the ceiling on earnings when he's still a lot armistice is these all. Oh outlawed. Well those stupid little teenager. Myanmar boat you would go into a store going. Nobody distract the capture all of certain there are still. Jan. Illusion resides. Yeah it might favor one produce when they're gonna vote also big skate boarder well no word 506070. Years old. And I want me in my ability walked into a fish are preparing bread before we walked in. I whispered into it geared toward their districts and and a lot they're not walked in with my skateboard argued I'd beat the hell lot of good already. And are locked in what might skip all of holding a skateboard and Walt you would distract from the cashier. It was just pretty much center looking at stonewalled skateboards deciding her NG which won't go to war. And which once again. I would our god our block global board or provide our really big feet Saudi euros either we are bored. But that's fraud related no I renewed spirit that's right through that learning can be good it and I found it today apple knows my are you grab you wanted to steal police are still searching for a man who dropped three T bones and mistakes stakes in his shorts and ran out of grocery land in Dayton Ohio through skirt steak what store manager told police he was walking down the meat aisle when he became suspicious by behaved behavior of the man talking to another customer. The manager later saw the man run out the front entrance he ran after him but lost sight of the man at threw a behind the store according to the police. Manager then show police surveillance video footage which shows a three feet grabbed three T bone steaks. And shove them down his pants and amazingly got away. What do you have to do in the meat I'll. To raise suspicion you don't really when I go through the grocery store I'm I'm so disinterested and everything like what do you do who did some of the way. They got to me and I'll not exactly and I am not exactly on the Lam but. Both and a prayer because it was today 449990. A warrior calls on the way you are listening to the men's or radio network. He's real good. Our profile has voted out right after hearing it tells with a shot of the day in the meantime it is our random question question 844999. All marked comments coming our way so I can read I guess you have this amount actually via federal hawks there's the guy would call big Fuzzy or something but. Terrorizing bush big bush. Some like that but terrorizing his property in Texas finally went out there and and took that thing out and we'll look forward to fifty pound Jake on the bush beats the bush are not that. And we were wondering like to meet each one would need to have that so these are some of the comments came in the first on says guys you cannot eat Ferrell hogs. There have been known to carry up to two dozen harmful diseases to humans. That's followed by a wild halls like government the best pulled pork bacon you've got regular holiday fare followed by no federal hogs are not a great very gaming face number of betting meter bacon awful and you cannot beat her on now less than one million. Yeah. To a split and I heard article that was like here's a six myths about a mentally you can eat. Busy like getting you gotta look at the right way and I think said basically did the pork chops and sausage united he'd like. Am aren't I don't know if there won't rundown right you can eat anything they give you a little work and to make pastries and yet that's seamlessly as well probably Brussels. Hello hello welcome to the bedroom. All of. And a lot of random question question when we got here for you this thing pretty good stuff out. Okay how would you say that your dad embarrasses you or has embarrassed you. Why it. I bring my voice on eight. Until you actually are. All of the not. Your phone is breaking up yes and a yeah he barely. Is to or not and I. Or this sounds like OB. What you boomers are gone out yet now the reason you think that I will tell you gotta lodges are gonna fall within but I don't know it's like OK got you gotta get up now. And I can't I can't pay it yeah. Did you glances when alliger. They go through the catalog just pick one of my telephone conference what are your top three. You heard the story legendary stories legendary by them but all of them are kind of this that he might be in its. Yeah. I mean I don't know too simple ones is like you would you go to tailgate a Maryland football game with a might remember the old school bite. Coaching shorts Ilya but he still wears that all the answers with a double button. Yes he still wears those he still policies is black ten issues come on and any talks and then he wears his pants very high it's almost like. At some point the university announces they do we have a coach from the seventies here and look at this as co limited if this. The other good one was probably you when he was coach the one couple years he coached for my baseball teams. That he took me there with the team into the woods said Traficant somehow put on stir up some. My dad you don't think. For this rapidly advancing into the fifth. The prison as does your dad embarrass you a new survey found that quote to dad's dancing officially begins at what age you begin the dead dancing. What you mean at the age in our kids perceive it or hourly I'm not sure what Doug our kids about brought about eight or nine I think they realize that you're not it's more age as far as being the dad will wind as your age is 35. 37. A year and your dad be dancing starts embarrass you around age thirteen if you're getting continues to embarrass you for the next seventeen years. Around age thirty you stop being embarrassed and start to think it's endearing. A third of the people by the way said that their dad thinks he's a really good dancer. But 37% of an embarrassed by the dance moves and thirty think he's dance badly on purpose just to embarrass them. I don't think my dad's the worst dancer but I have been a wedding with a DJ was like cut back I often and homeowner he hasn't had a drinking when he energy it's according to the survey dancing is only beef. Fourth most embarrassing thing that dads doom the top three are telling bad jokes yeah dressing what. No style and stinking up the bathroom is that this whole I think that's a good idea what the compact. That dancing songs are. I'm gonna have no idea man you can dance. Lady in red by Krista Barack yeah. RO Waterloo from Abdullah used sexy thing by hot chocolate and he's staying alive by the region east. Well it's wedding played yeah pretty much it goes some do not exist outside whether you're brand. I'm Brian Griese gets it and I was etc. and I wonder. If with the white Dan you're not feeling of being definitely and they would one day. I've played at the DJ religiously come what deck is he's a white diamonds the hook when it TJ weddings they give him booze or what these people today. It looked like he was OK you made up for the draft wedding man on the floor it was seen as good a group of people rarely do you think it's generally not going to be the white dad. Hello Gerri welcome to the bedroom all I thought I I dare ER event. I don't connect. I Jared jealousy here ran a question question your driver IG got a car. I do all right our question what did you hit with your car. Oh boy. This is probably eight or early nineteen years old knows almighty first vacation home from the navy and I was. Barring the parents car. And I had a girlfriend in the car. She was checking the undercarriage and I got too excited and went to light on a curb and hit another car it's a mainline break. Yeah yeah yeah. Saddam might bite your dog Auburn remained busy battle has been my fear and. Well believe me it's important that. Quite that bad but yes definitely with with cinched down. Whole man am I what did you hit. In another car hit it didn't hit it if it bit. So any of them delivered a new junk does anyone tell the truth of the story at the time. To a police officer or to a parent to anybody really how long does this secret pretty well stayed safe between you and the other party involved up until this point. Yes and it's it doesn't the most hilarious part about it my parents are devout Mormon so I wrote to tell them that I. Doing something like that their car. Well no idea how long how long after that I want to take for your peeve is juice up making. After the shaking and everything. It's price a couple of hours Aaron and look at the car was. It was they or course. OK and so does the probe whomever. He's an explorer. And expedition. Now go out there had to have before now I have an eight but that's always like one of those fears like ransom was hoping you'll play that your drive he didn't actually enrolled in Jos snapshot. I'm going to really I'm willing to take guys didn't they are not willing to take the chance I just says it doesn't matter what my hours I need to get a car coming daredevil and brazenly ask and Steve you you'll do this will be a weird one for you by the way. What do you when your car. They say the Dr. Phil will the doctor I had partners and Obama schedules is pulling out of a parking lot and he was trying to get around it vandals in front. But then he hit a skate boarder in the crosswalk he. Phil checked on the guy who said he was fine they went on the way the witness reported the accident so police found the skate boarder and when they checked out on. He suddenly had a shoulder and leg injury Betty did I threaten to sue say Dr. Phil ran a stop sign and was in the wrong lane and that's. He's now missing work due to his injuries. Fills people say he's willing to cooperate fully with police on their end of the investigation loot and you saw that kind of escape border get shaken up pretty that. Dad a couple of months ago my whatnot I didn't see the accident look the way I sought of all the homeless do good he is. He's gotta slouch over British walking down a dragons leg which. In downtown main city it's not that unusual right but it's got to believe me and indeed just ask me. It may have access to spark of singer got another cigarette mice. Yeah I do have a romance is suddenly okay that's right now man this guy hit my car right what I. If I get right there and there's always people on wheels on the street tunnel look at what news so good by congress that. And none you've thought about call mama one side and called my won't want to solar come up and leave you on your own but top. The people that actually saw the accident wanna start walking across the street over Rick have found it what you did not care sect categorically you Karen how can I stop. In or make you saw him get hit by car no matter independents went grocery. The Jesus cry guys in the right by a car bleeding like stumbling across the street in stumbling just a real slow kind of drag was host. And by being hit by the car was just wave the guy out like the guy who hit it probably didn't take off and leave the scene. I think the guy just checked on amusing undated do on diamond where I get that apartment I do until ultimately had to grab all drill lake had a the other the only circular for people stay up call there but basically yeah we saw Mike in love with him flawed call mama one Jesus or planning to deliver and a friend Tom Brown. Friends hello. And hello Graham welcome to the men's room. Hello I. Eyebrow and he has people on you there are bordering on weird side. Brian is our younger. Is there anything did you say it's paranormal that you believe it. I like. It does. Basically there's like throws this stuff maybe not quite spooky place white sheet goes both. And as some weird stuff my family album wasn't enough material. Yeah I try not to picture white sheet goes myself. I own reasons for that I am you know. That's the real scary guys back when we were in and back earlier in the Baltimore area there so many old historical buildings and they all had these ghost tales within so there's like a lot of people who. Say they've had the you know encounters with goes on the East Coast for sure yeah. You like to Dole's total light like afternoon so I think that's crowd boy like. Mariano. And when you really young. My uncle had been have been murdered he was recording. Artists and Seattle actually and he's been murdered his equipment stolen a couple of years later. My cousin who never not a book or. It was like dude you're street in the diaper change downstairs and it turns out. And he was exploited ceiling gave its OK though I'm David and my my uncle was pretty used to see the candidate never met the Warren is why you play boy got him talking to him. There's nobody in history and like it was close situations where absolutely no Barack. That's where's yeah I don't know Bobby Covert ever freaked out. These makes yeah last track practice. Yeah that's crazy that is a little hurt you know and I do would you say MM maybe ghosts exist maybe they don't the idea bowls. Going to live this ridiculous however that said. From my daughter's first Christmas she's just about six weeks old by the time Christmas shows about. Wonder if she hadn't sitting under the tree this Christmas Eve it's so she's asleep says in a Christmas exist really but. I'm watching TV. And some kind of ball remember what it is and whatnot there's a story it's not Teddy rice spent. One of I wanna lose the popular good Wisconsin and I'm nothing else to watch right. So one of those is on but I kind of glanced over Colbert gifts and how does having this moment as a new parent might handle money. My kids first Christmas isn't this Koroma and all the crap under the Anders is Teddy bear in this. I was cut the sky and think boy to me and I mean play in my mind. And understood on the silver star in Baghdad and our realizes there and I mean only that bleak for wrinkles soul I'm scared now loosely linked the agreement let's look at. I don't I'm afraid that's what's can't be right. So I was uncertain and its shows stared back at me because that's what stuffed animals that. I sort of got the goddamn thing we're actually he did and a white guy a model is applicable loads okay well. Yes I did not know this at all because. Under normal circumstances it just looks like a normal Teddy bear cameras is me and him and I got him playing week to me a second time avoid. If I'm gonna have to move what I'm not I'm not okay with what's going on so this bears house while she is you have we we did Soriano and it was a stuffed animal all that but I hate to this excellent today did not matter. Were my daughter would leave this thing and I I knew would have legalized but I. Rosie tried to felt like about a word she put this thing she's little kid. So how much wrong point it is glaring at me yet so it resort in a room and output it back priest who door to stern of course I want to believe that a giant sea creature. And you'll know leave room one well we always look it doesn't matter what they play really aren't that bad air dam area that they haven't found dead figured out there what do you pictures or did Einstein you know life but there are right comic remarks I mean I thought of elegant old dinosaur down there big old you know as you say you wanted to be a giant crap. Anything EDT at the academy. I think I have not gonna whenever it up I think all the votes that have been lost in the draw no Trace of anything and maybe is one of the other made about I don't you clear down to that so does a lot like that I think he's right to resist the ocean we don't know what it's all being out I think is good it's just the matter of fact most of which late. They keep going down a little forum and they do I knew my voters think the string together so they look big like I want to log on as Marleau to derail you or straight up monster not new life direct. Like monster that was on the monster that we should not have like I doubt they bring in the yellow big big but we're not gonna call the North American natively finder this big vote in Ireland and take him into that game. She says. If you drop me they're gonna not be classified this thing and put in a zoo that we have our what do you do aren't safe our debate for right we would certainly it's stepped we got a beef jerky deliberately need to do. Here's bigfoot. The science is coming and they say this is what it is they do the test its. Whatever kind of prime it'd like to meet that would suck away anything interesting about bigfoot after Joseph I think they would kill right away. The says there's more out there like here's dead bigfoot it. Yet and want to say is in over the North American monkey man relic room that's. Mel's not amounts announces the fate later not 75% of Americans believe that at least one paranormal things. And 5% basically believe and every possible colonel phenomenal sigh of phenomena I give you. I'll give you the scenario utility if you believe it or not Fahrenheit bigfoot Israel. Short yeah I Q I don't know if it's up I want I want I want Ali but I believe it I wanna believe and are somethings that normally that show our aren't. Psychics can see the future now I don't believe that. Yea that's a tough one and ten. Some people have telling Connecticut abilities and to move objects with a remind all of the force I. I think that maybe I know I don't I don't know how well you know they've gone so many experiments in the past we've continued to you'd think maybe there's something there of the wasting memo to money study and do you believe that aliens have visited earth in modern times. I do yeah. Lohan also offering in Europe on I don't know what it was I don't know what it wasn't. Seoul based on the body of evidence I've seen that drives there really ridiculous as it is my only issue with the aliens is just. By this time with with the cameras and where I just feel like we see a better. Our video one thought aliens and visited earth in ancient times the rivalry with after impairment though that the guy. Places can be haunted by spirits are ghost you believe that yes sure 52% of Americans believe that. And do you believe it lost ancient civilizations like Atlantis and that they once existed. Yeah newly found out it's just not magical blade yes it would mean a mystical it's I give this little thing is they land and underwater let's let me it's like looking. It's some of these things are these things but that when you cover truth about it it's. It's cool you freed up the mystery but in the end it's not an underwater city it's a city that insists that he that the longer getting flooded right. Google we were growing up those sales angle and Atlantis right was. No no this was the city underwater right that demand from Atlanta's like if you live in park in Atlanta as you were water person not. Hey here is that even we are flooded mark what's not that's not magical left pretty awful play it's like Moses right. When he's leading the Jews out and yet and it you know apart the Red without an exciting to do it Collins probably on the sandbar and then coming here to walk across. Right inside the oil and I don't remember the Romans are like these behind definitely think that was exciting it's more like he just parred it got through other social you know play the Roma were 100 yards behind is her chances like collecting seashells the seabees going with him they have been. Well mental aspect that I can't talk I'm all got to bear about here the other wallet. Why the norm parliament. Radicalized in question made far far 999. Holy gov or your calls on the way also still to come your guess is good as my today's categories. Rats around the United States and the Internet or your calls going up you are listening to the men's or radio networks. Safe is your. It's not your guess is gonna fly categories they'll be rats around the United States and the Internet your guess is designed coming Abreu after emails the men's room at men's room. I've doctor ran down those aren't the question was Citicorp or 999 alliance. Hello fooled you know welcome to the men's room. I don't. That. OK okay placated drag out my left ear yeah it's their chances out to us I Silvio ago. I think. What do you think. There's a guy that's gonna make your brain work overtime. What do you think would be your. Spirit animal. Scary at all then think about how you are what animal would best caption that smoky the bear. Watergate like addicts jaguar did you are nice I mean everybody would want out of me. How close you enjoy about the world of big jaguar. It. And I could be killing. Rending. Being traded being brought wild. So old it's silly you look so I don't know anything that I did eight that. I'd feel would you you'd use that details it. Borrowed the color farm to table this form that they aren't there are things those jaguars are that way that's out detailed. Yeah. K speaking out of jaguars or attack an hour right now I gotta ask you mr. Gore's guy who went and wedge Donald Trump get brought it right and eat cat. Or right and and. And stay behind him snapped back have you ever seen the movie loosely. We urge you to weigh in for those big huge Korean guys because downing getter. No one is that what you want Al seeing the movie and I don't recall that's. All mad that is so cool because you could. Feedback and heat and the kittens behind Donald Trump and they're just like other high and then. You kind of had his own Ryan as the big Korean news learned gonna have to loosen. Okay lose people like planet of the apes well planned out. Do I hate when it dad. And he's not when I'm I thought it are touring and Koreans don't. It made her strange got a to a 100%. Wool worth your bring out right now would you say on the percentage scale. Well. Like eight. Metadata Siena remind you don't want to forget it's just there again there's you know you are due jaguar duration is an apple and I guess is that leg we're talking about now jaguars like guy. Henson wrote I am. Let's play the Korean dude who's way to take loses that's in the movie loosen my I don't see the can make him a jaguars. In a hundred times jaguar has nothing I don't want would've guessed where there are no no it's not matter what the pearl what appeals to killing. While that's what you read WikiLeaks Ronnie you live with Kelly what is wrong with reason whereas what do you think could be your a spirit animal there's a guy in the country wrote his name is Lou cold since he was doing one of those a taste of country one last question videos read our interview with people. And I asked him about stuff put your gay go to karaoke saudis a man I feel like a woman that she nights when right. And he said his spirit animal would be Garth brought his. In a random. I mean here I am rundown rather when and who isn't who has hero goes through there and unlawful us. Random hello Trevor welcome to the men's room. Don't Daytona. All I. They're always still be many generations. Look okay. Hi will go that's when there's great question. What are your thoughts. On having a threesome what are your thoughts on having a three X. Pretty sure does on entering its ridiculous that they didn't get stuff done evidence recent. Go to and ultimately you alluded to will be your body and Europe. No well no I don't know I don't. Look at it like this there's a really really really real. The project as you really really really wanna obsessed with the board every reason. Your body is the one looks like he's going to go home Thermage she says to him she says I'm not going home do and lets you bring cover along as well. What that place Seattle looking edit from the perspective vote. You know you're in a relationship but there's something but it did that then eat you gotta take one for the team. Yeah I did you sacrifice how old Leo. I you are in now. Your imperfect window according to a study to pull this off you are in the target rich environment you are if you're playing the range game on prices right it is when you wanna hit nobody inside it. Most likely to have a breeze that blew. Right in that realm that's if you don't do yodel and also out you know I eat food do you know pressure body but it you're gonna get it done it's got to be done in the next couple years what do you do it. No I feel well equipped. On YouTube he does is really really equipped with a look at you mean you've had plenty of practice. Okay Indians really good health and this mean it's it's. The reason we ask what are your thoughts and having a threesome believe it or not there's a lot of new studies that are being done about the world of the Niger twelve and as usual voted off while they're actual scientific study regularly Skid Row raw data dollar figure out like. Or. What's gone on they've looked up. Saw a news survey out of the university of New Brunswick Canada as the bunch of people what they thought about threesome and here's what they found it I mean I have people love the idea of getting it now with two people who want sure. But the fact of the matter are the college kids are more open to it than people in other generations that is the window between the ages of eight. Teen she's 23 figure branding TT 123 O'Malley camp but they're either too lazy or too scared. To actually try to have one. Only 13% of people last had been involved in a threesome. Now men. Really prefer the idea thing betrays America hello I'm over having won with a woman and another man boy here are this that and finally women strongly prefer the idea of having a third person like if we're area. They cannot be someone they knew real well. In the third person ever NN they got to know them very well not a stranger notifying either way it's aircraft with the random question question 8449 and I don't know that these continue I'm not mad sprint radio.