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Wednesday, February 21st

Profile This, TV Time with Ted and Headlines!


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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. So standing by car 9844999. A little play profile lives in minutes. Under headlines on the way one hour from now firstly check in my cock for some of the stories and headlines he is. Not working I've police in the UK have put out a PSA is saying can't see closures are not an emergency. Our minds on who you are now hungry are for delicious fried chicken thrilled us what we were just talk about earlier man has my eight absolute annoyance with how blown out of proportion this is. I got cancer does not sending column police. Right so funny joke league is a joke. Or go okay absent. Right I mean like listen this. The this is what happens to be inside this estate England as is probably about 999 whenever there is that the that's what ever reason. It's not that we will call in case of an emergency that is important may provide service if they pick up a little bit. But basically we call just to file grievances. Yeah I mean like drew just medlock. My roommate drachma last beer and that we call level one and a white man luck. The only thing I can do and this is why I'm not a viable one dispatcher sir the only way to keep him alive in this is you have to stay at room. Brevin Knight and it was a little bit but if you want to talk to be about the fact because they're the only way for region possibly send and when I help you if you were. Like you're apartment on fire or stagger roommates. And we have something talk about exactly and I have a reason tag right be involved in this stupid dispute the joke if you're not gonna stab anyone I'm going to hang up before. Well and to be fair we should have just as easy of a line to get a hold of for non emergencies and I believe. Three were more is it 311 that's okay haven't seen I have even back in the don't call them over fried chicken man ain't even been. I'd I didn't even know what I was I was actually driving down the road I was thinking about as I was driving on the road there was a guy drive and a little bit walkie no that was that there was a guy walking down the freeway. OK so I don't wanna call 91 because that's not an emergency but now for youth we didn't copy for a 11 is a non emergencies and info that's in all you have heard what it was the would have. Three world forum was a 31 not director or what are okay formal a lot of I don't know I've never called. Now we live and I isn't the only did you know one its goal which rightfully side if there's an emergency you want to know the phone number to call moderate because they did to thank you that's an emergency like why are you even given the number four in non emergencies like hey. I'm calling you because the bugs me but by the very definition that uses its trivial it means nothing if you read that. It's like non essential personnel learn how do you have a job which are nonessential. You should thank your employer if they say your lumps until they give your paycheck doesn't noodles is selling a new nuggets and Fries Robin flavor than actually has chicken nuggets and it. What about Shaq. Verizon soup I mean god damn that's sounds an awful. I don't know doggy soup Fries now anyway potato soup bread yeah but that's a different so well here's here's what is right figure think at all. And I think it sounds delicious but if you figure French Fries and it stayed in that super long before it was hot if you and you know what you do better maybe about the right answer enough. I'm just a one. Says don't try this at home and a new study comedy small electrical zaps city ankle can boost the women's a woman's sex drive already knew who always Jackson I exact. You don't the government now. Robin you seem interest of this you do what so women don't fear weigh in here having sex with your menu here that he teases your ankle. The thing you're working on San feel like this should be the thing you're working on peninsula working I don't know whenever I thought people editorial and dig into that hey I how this land mines. It might lose your sex drive and is it doesn't look at that. I knew I foreign deserved a threat that all right off the one of these do things my and I give a shout announced. The news senior pitcher dread for high schoolers is to take some in the hobby lobbies flowers section. And employees are sick of dealing let us. If you didn't finish at another event prevent gun I'll be loving it but who thinks a lump us in your pictures. If the book where is that still live my life because there's all flowery. It looks flowery and also the late. If you buy flowers for each case of the Valentine's Day if you're dumb enough to say the winning the funeral lake if you just lied to him sail add this don't do it. You flowers calls one priced right right to say prom season order of failure no play. These same flower remarkably 300% softly third and saving money is no decision hobby well we've we sniffed out Home Depot. Can you went to Lowe's and hobby lobby has the best backdrop. Right perform at may have to trust me there to save money until they're just good. Bring him like a professional photographer like does he bring his stuff and hobby you lock me in just ten hours a rope display suffer. Half hour all the news and photos of money won't even notice. I have an hour ago. A dead if I love the start. There we go straight. A dead whale recently was ready unbeaten on the beach in silly that's the of the memoirs. A hopeless romantic carved and I love you wouldn't miss a lot of at. Beirut fellow humans don't know whale carcass. Say it was a three isn't. That's how I knew he loved me he put my name in Blatter. It's. A strong employment at. See that opportunity. To act that released million opportunity wailed an opportunity for taking the time to make a mistake and has. Instead of oil but don't give her mother knows the love of my love name in their. No one of through phases of play. Either he is as idiotic as we think he has or he knows the woman is with really well and she was just floor. And guess who ever do our movement there are all that mad then well I think I read the thing how long that whale had been beached like them to the real good chance he could carve something inherently didn't explode don't have decades. You guys ever covered neighmond somewhere no I mean maybe like a desk I think like the forehead of my perfectly nice. Building on. They've totaled a woman's angle that it was going viral because someone didn't have a hard to tell that the Chinese characters that you can't live actually translate. As the word miso and although there is chances she's. It's just a massive miso soup fan as you read some of the other mistakes people made all the all also re not even mistakes have to tie the vandals say gimme the Chinese symbol first wonder and the meld put really graphic things on one of my fair read this yesterday. And some duty. I get it was a tribute to his new bull from sun. And I believe the kids they moved Jesse. I don't know why he thinks there's a Chinese translation for Jesse but they committed to know wasn't to put these stumbles on his song nobody that is using Chinese guys this man. I don't know manner but does not say Jesse it says dog. Fourth round now he is I don't know it's an act. The aircraft lose a clever enough to know that it's going to be definitely a Laporte I realize what I put on you about dog Bo the dog boy oh man he can McCain because the greatest scam ever man he had to put a writer Margaret K started throwing you know in Japanese on Iraq. 39% of people say sending back food at a restaurant makes them uncomfortable gap because you're afraid of what happened to a depending on why you send it back exactly. And 3% and I'm part of the 3%. Wouldn't do it even if their entire order was wrong. Well I'd be terrified if I hate property well so much and I would Mozilla's. Listen listen to me. It's not confrontational. If the kitchen or the server screwed up and like most people if you need jobs. You want to do a good job so the complete came back in the say amen this is with a ordered that we verify that we feel bad we got no problem giving you food it's in Houston the bag like. With an added soon gathered in order to wipe my as if you don't if you don't get something you ask for sure it's okay never been. Now we'll say I will keep quiet if I got upgraded. Oh absolutely yeah. I'll have a hamburger here's a revised but I guess I'm an Arizona what I ordered it but it didn't do its. Some weeks and a guy like an excuse like I think he just had my revised if you don't like I don't there's no big deal thirteen hundred YR to make it real quick damn ranked bull monitor. We have we may have found the winner of the most inappropriate birthday cake in the world whose act as a held Ottawa now now they are not cannot Donnelly one hour from now toward the good Duvall. Is true. A. She's a drug to please tell everyone how profile this is playing my story can miles of the sub game where we share with you real life news story. Something that happened right here. I'm planet. And I do listen to the story may some stereotypes you believed to be drilled people and the decisions that people make less you would it is you think makes the story the story. Hello Chris welcome to the men drew them. Oh man and a real economic Glover and. All an op mode. All of them same thing that is your life talking all right Chris you understand how this here game play. Fantastic the last six years the story we go to the finds David New Jersey were a male Bayer. It was among thirty men who had sex with teenage girl I was forced into prostitution in New York City. Now there's an toppled and has been charged in the traffic game. But we wanna talk about the got to do dirty business and that would be the suspect. Who runs a religious learning center Ottawa's East Brunswick home he paid to have sex with a seventeen year old girl and hotel. He's 35 to turn himself in five days later you can charge of engaging in prostitution and child and daydreaming will forever child's previously served time imprisoned. Or indecent assault on the filed under the age of thirteen in Pennsylvania. He's back in jail now because he just can't stop himself do you believe in this guy that ran his religious learning center. Is black and white to match he or June. It felt like it. Jersey Jersey's children he's doing he's still pretty big melting pot and it seems a lot of New York until there's love the journey gets it there's there's a little bit of everything Andrew's. I thought I did today. We don't he's not playing basketball. Them. But why. Meg C or view. Into the had been previously convicted of load indecent assault on. Someone under the age of thirteen. Now he's upgraded any paid that such as someone who's seventeen but meanwhile informing religious learning center out of his home. That's a red flag religious learning center out of your learning spreads now the church into what's called religious honest I'm gonna say you can eliminate black. He just does not sound black and Albany's. How much better about. Not deploy music my final answer. L human might I don't think. I present gonna fight out of feels like light makes the or Jewish next bat with a tease you are listening to the men's or radio network it's is you. True well violence exists in New Jersey forty men morale busted in prostitution sting however one gentleman stood out because not only had be he had eleven previous offender. But does he ran a religious kind of learning rather than just our little center what is so difficult to understand mile high and it's a religious learning center. And alms is guy's been my that's why got Bob and Chris we ask you do you believe that this guy was black white makes you do. Is that whites. Blue okay. Iran as well as Jewish Jewish deal is rabbi wanted to what are rabbis. Because he had the religious learning center you call me rabbi. They would never do it cost of the Denton. And doesn't have very often around here. It's in really done that I had to go to stores now prosecutors. I had TB tablets day. Countless hours in front of a talking. I'm talking about. However not ours there no well I guess bill grace and get really really good actually really absolutely fantastic if you if you really want to know the truth we are all doing great. It's very tired a bit he just he can see in Atlanta the and get an exact address the south yesterday came in here I brought you guys beat top ten worst ever. Renditions of the National Anthem and we got all kinds of ten comments all kinds of emails everybody it's only that I missed Carl Lewis's rendition of this thing now. I need I didn't know what off the top of my head I surged toward earlier today you asked me if we had it yet I look forward it is absolutely god awful lot I personally. We get this we get this question all the time these lists is out of this one not make it up. This one absolutely deserves that kind of a critique Sotomayor assigned to the people were right in the should have been on the live they absolutely were right this is just a little bit it is broken up for me already which was perfect he's just some highlights of Karl loses when you messed up from yesterday you're gonna play force today correct okay it and based on the listener feedback rants on this test this truly is the worst rendition of the national at the possible. Okay. It'll be. And I felt. And David I this. Yeah you've been saying go on and Carl he was gold medal Olympian no one expected him to be able to sing but not so obvious are sent to this this this is the opportunity but you. Asked him if he would in the in the moment that some answers yet because endless and we talked about this yesterday. It's the National Anthem and even trained singer of pop stars you know they'll agree it's one of the order songs to say. We all understand why that's why we all sound so bad moments and so we understand all the trouble spots are Carl Lewis clearly found one we on the had put. But you don't have to agreed to do it right I understand it would be a remarkable armor if they gave to me is that hey man we want to do it. And we like guys I thank you are Muslim and I don't know there have been more throw my wife do here's something bad it but. Man out of respect for every one in the country right to know that Israel and the because I don't wanna make people angry by do it's supposed to be the moment that we all what 92 row we can all to shut the F up about our student from brought. What got him at all among our actions that we share what is done and we watch whatever sporting we're gonna watch until August. The only way to F that out as to have someone like me who can't let oral freaky Lou is that right at about don't. Except the honor if Bjorn are qualified good because it should be any good ninety seconds not 92 forever glimpse. You do unify the country when the F him up because people on both sides of the fence go hates on the key to your. As you could do and I'm sitting in right if you could be a singer for a living. But I still would say no this is not accept it I think when I'm like yeah it was a David Raymond from disturbance at a manuals in the National Anthem in your own Demi like. Also eight white black. And just sit back and why. And that's not appropriate or good old suitors include mood depending on who and his eyebrows off or does the monkey were right it doesn't work with the national and the like did he not black. But dolls and why are you try to go right to Fergie did you know that whole who's got up and it was a happy birthday Mr. President like him. Can you see we we should just like old fighter so I don't know what you don't want would you do a bass guitar version. I would I would do that I could play the bass guitar did I was company in my ability to play my bass guitar and I and our cover in my ability to sing but that's also why I say I'm a bases idols and singer ray also that's that flee did his version of and what the lakers game cochlear June killed it for me. I I thought oh I'm gonna put the I caught an epic rocked. But he now in my bass player he is my mis guys so he could go their form of arms base metal bullets in his sport everybody thought it was a Johnson won. So I'm really teases and you mark I love until every other auto doubt we know they've I don't know how much above I am a silly government apologize I always like the mayor. But the one thing and miles you and I talked about this all the time going to be able to keep this. He's the lucky guy that I am. Because he has no range but I knew that like him as a person who I think he's great I think their duty just as crazy as he stays within his range he's he's got money had a good singer no he's good for the band he's. He one word California in the National Anthem before all is here to cool them down when you go to new moon sooner or demagogue. Obama like he did it just gives up like there's nothing like the leaders is what it right away I am I he's gonna reading criticism I've no idea I'd be in my allies with a hell he. Just said so you mentioned furries performance one thing that they always do during the National Anthem is don't pan the camera around to different people and show their their patriotism their standing in bold. Fervor for that for the flag and that's led them. Unfortunately for furries it was kind of highlight real people breaking their their seriousness and Raymond green on the L absolutely one I didn't notice. You know your voice such review break that in due to the quick aside my great grandmother's funeral all right. Obviously it's a sad affair the entire frame hazard but woman died like a 103 and oh yeah. One of her best friends decided she was gonna sing a song for the funeral I don't know her friend was probably deny deny until hundred you're competing within an area and she sounded like she was not meant wanders so she's singing what we lose you was supposed to be him OK and my brother or not we're just stay silent killers let's set the field. Betrayed my aunt who's very close immigrant girls sitting in front of me in my also she dirt all the way around and does do the look on her face like what he wants. The caddie gave all the Jews who gets a look at said. She's been doing this for so yeah. I'm yeah. I'd still to dispel all in this moment won't stop wanting to be on the state it was so bad in the real world we couldn't someone have collectively didn't matter but she has done this her and it's higher it's that look like this that this is going going gone this will not end until she is there. With grandpa with act. And so one of the faces that I did see out there was Jimmy Kimmel and I signed kind of smirk and I could see the look in his eyes that he was forty thinking immaterial for his show. But so ordered everybody else because his phone started blowing up so now he has to explain himself first. I feel like they need to address something that happened on Sunday night at the NBA all star game so I. That the game with my son cabinet and somehow I became part of by the National Anthem fiasco did you see this birdie. Singer from the Black Eyed Peas gave an unusually. Sultry version of our National Anthem. And somehow I wound up in the middle of it. I guess I wanna see the reason I. I was smiling. Because I love the national Andrew. Had a good phones are just buzzing. Hello I think I might have been unfair. He's got a whole new probably just the most tame their people Ben and overlap them so hard he would just sit there smile like yeah yeah removed it from. So obviously southern also we can't escape on TV anymore right there are currently is the Olympics. Right they're huge drag not a bad thing and non volatile public if there was if those that channel. All right and you would not want to don't show you bet I know you would not watch this show 24 hour live sports idiots. Our charge I'd watch old time Hollywood not the reason why I would not okay look look lenders say you don't know the sports and I'm talking about I was in god he said Jim Webb makes good sports that we all agree we never want no in less jail I think it's the only difference is that we want these boards that are now that's luck. I'm telling you I was the guy the used to watch Australian rules football that it's not an Olympic sport no no I'm saying if there was a 24 hour lives figure skating handball. Whatever this that the situation you're gonna Craig went other sports are not on I want right exactly just show right now I'm the Super Bowl exactly all right we'll kick up a bit of yeah he's a yet total unit got a lot of the sports center all the time out of your highlight you know something's he's bored you to go I don't care cricket takes two days and matches on that network for days. It's better than the alternatives have done. And clean it now yeah what's washer and those weird games have been around the country. No all dude it's it's it's mesmerizing you know it's time volume that is spoken in the seats man's great a brutal struggle wrapped. A struggles full blown down that apple could ominously like I am getting sucked in but. I could also make sense of what's happening camera looks crazy I can make sense as targeting rooting interest. Figure skating to be fair like I'm trying to get through this and I recognizable to going of graceful and at the exercise precision and I have a profound respect for their ability. But I don't have any terror but that doesn't evaluate want to with a lot of horse and who are in amazing iced it once you did is absolutely incredible I jokes don't give a rats. Watch them like you would watch NASCAR you're waiting for the big crash I am good I'm out of everyone and that's why you watch everything that's why you watch a long jumping. Right at Dulles miles you're rattling of a number of different sports that are then you remember a large write one big thing that Ted is always talking about is is a decent marrow and he's got his new favorite guys right now while Jimmy Fallon had the money shell. And they were bringing some non new titles to these Olympic sports okay let's. With cross country skiing well what was which would call that I think deep on this wanna pull it. Born skiing here. Marines and. Yeah. These kids I got a reason Hispanics okay. Back out of this lose. Good friends and very comfortable. Did you combat. While Clinton come on man. Well what about snowboarding. Do you ski when I go through before this one. About the nordic combined all right. I like to pull this is not real sport uses meat isn't for the Winter Olympics in nineteen. I really ice hockey team. The ball. And other umpires gonna talk to their show desperate they're funny mammograms. White people basket let people that ball my favorite is either the curling action do end up Joseph what's the curling and then I got into. The big. Was called by half one is that the skiing and shooting and a that was Osce is only you know Olympic sport in the summer. Bowling I don't believe he's so I think like if you'd like I told him when I went to that curling rink in and Canada and shows going on. It was very similar to the type of kind of camaraderie that exists in a rattling culture's got to get really have a beer you have some food you can sit there and you do your thing it just seems like. Look if curling is an and I think it should be. Bowling is not too far off. If curling is then everything should be right. Yeah I agree with you may use that total war aren't so I don't sit in the net not the twenties but I thought man you're gonna bring back the sport. Does this just sheer strength of every strategy might be but it's. This controversy is that country hears on the power of the three to five people would put on the tape and they just go it's curling just shuffle board with the added elements now to big oil markets it if it's it's it's something that takes a lot of thought and also some skill involved I don't know precision and I don't know a lot about Carly I'm trying to diminish because that is this fascinating I think but I really feel like curling was invented. Back in the day some Canadian mother told her kid as our parents used to say during summer break from school. Did it out of the house friends and relatives of how to set the wintertime aunt and you have the frozen lake nearby. An article look who we do we're tired ice skating to and it went to someone's garage and found liberal monster ball set moms are her and her tomorrow. And so let's make up the game and. And I'm gonna I'm not sure I'm not sure the history of how this all went down but if you go to Florida. There was a shuffle board courts in every old retirement home every park and shuttle board is basically curling. But solo curling on asphalt it's got kind of like on land the ads on land right now no flag. The Canadian snowbird who came down from the winners and do we got to do some the down here when we come up with just a way to play you know. When we figure out what curl in 95 degree weather but. Shuffle board is not that much farther than than the currently so it had to come from some well I am glad feeds off the other somehow I actually do know we're curling Cain or ski ball Steve Bowles is red so it's really your you are bored by curling is that right. No I'm not out I'm fascinated by it. But I understand that it's a ridiculous sport bright fresh stimulus is. Ridiculous that does not terribly exciting and it's fascinating and not terribly setting it was made by the same people that made the most boring sport to watch. Forage golf the Scottish. I don't care like basically what this has got this back in the day is on you want to play our games but we really don't feel like having an audience golf is not foreign to watch. Yes it is yeah yes it is a miles it's carelessness. They're doubted it I enjoy playing golf miles but I can't. The fact that there's a channel that is dedicated to it to me is just it's a sin to TV. The incision that it's even if it. The James Gordon had Zach Alvin Mack is on his show not too long ago and as Zach Galifianakis is an a movie with Oprah. And Reese Witherspoon it is it is a wrinkle in time. Our audio trailer that was kind of futuristic and crazy why it is actually a book I read that book back in Buddha like six graders on my dad was actually I enjoyed the book I don't remember a damn thing from it looks airy fairy tale less is very much so it's it's about time travel and and and it's about finding a different way of moving all shot up it's about Oprah why here's the community they get you to do that and I'm going to be don't ever and another wrinkle is just you folded like that in the bonus I get thanks Adam good controls the guys earlier but I am so sorry to go thirds are I do all of our defied the laws of physics man approve once I'm wrong I go through time I got to see Oprah. Like god damn woman how did. How do you okay. I'm. Oh. And if that hadn't. Oh yeah return. To it's it CQ three mostly how. As a oh and this is one thing about her manly when she starts getting fired up. I want yeah. I've Oprah fired a few things into the and it's just the weirdest thing simulate how does that happen when hard you become Mary Poppins you know. Even excitement for whenever David Simon should be used to putting a little Golden Globes things aren't searching gives us riveting speech mentioned statement she says all live in some miles still like. So imagine they've given go to Israel would. No time. I hadn't really. Richard should instead. Pay him and you did you just give Matt. And begin their nose deep an awful. So that galvanizes budgets coordinated and these others as an opportunity to double funny. And Oprah Winfrey recently was on what was allowed what can we those guys. Well first of other women. Could be politically correct my brother well what do. And we started out hot yes but it's all a new study is we're gonna completely change gears here. Medical shows like Grey's Anatomy are actually giving you false expectations about your medical care. Apparel unaffected no patient dies or what's going white balls expectation is that according to that show five go to the hospital I will have sex with about her opinion and as a girl I expect that's where my quite well I don't know mastectomy. The south and I'm mistaken a lot of the cases that they taken like Grey's Anatomy and ER in in all those shows here actually armor like legitimate cases that doctors have seen they should be there is a moment doctor and a much in the shone like this is complete bunk it's like anybody else watching somebody relates to Google when you gonna tell you listen to radio station to go what in the F is a scrap. And the season's embarrassment to our industry it's the same thing and it's like you don't really hear a little there watching a false about yeah right if I was a doctor followed watched house and try to beat him to it. Oh for Europe and I know it because it goes the same. Premise said that during the shows that somebody's got some walking think the 145. Minutes and you figure out what's wrong I couldn't imagine that it had a big gap this goes right that's probably couldn't enjoy it could enjoy Frazier or news radio or any of those shows and involved radio because now we're open radio. Any didn't translate over it was like. I couldn't get past the unbelievable this of the work environment to make it to let me settle in just let it being a show me frank and Mike. That's not what we this is not how this works as a novel we this is not even close go to Fraser didn't vet why isn't report those producers will just when we communicated about the technical finally. He didn't hit a button to purchase and that's a smaller tennis thing right well I can get past that and everything else but like who you talk to a kind of the expression you might get your coworker when somebody says something bottom like I can relate to that I don't work in Seattle radio we do a talk show being relevant some pin house god damn you know three million dollar. You know pin house on top of the building and have like we get four or Dan the bellwethers of dog and I lose I hope I don't live my father an order of our housekeeper an exact way that I realized that was done by how often with the one microphone out of the out of the little boom that he's got Jeremy this is designed to not make a lot of that sounds on the bank and he's parent child and are unsupported. So anyway for example back back to the doctor shows does the keys on the show tended to be more severe and that progress more quickly from ER two the old war emotional war also their conclusions were more cut and dried on the show patients tended to either die or get sent home pretty quickly those TV does that mean they have to really we wanna send you to a different hospital. And as they wanted to do a spin off may that would be the best spent all Friday exact so let's Randolph is you watch like. Hour of Grey's Anatomy has three patients and Obama and after each element of the play three patients who show up or two of them are dealt with on Grey's Anatomy in the moment the white. Mandarin is out of artists out of our pay grade we need him to specialists like the next shows grace specialist who fit and so that same actor now shows up with whatever weird thing they got going on right now and the and your end there if we canceled prom then it's grey he's more says that also 22% of trauma patients on Grey's Anatomy died compared with 7% and actually the room and I'll have to turn our argument they do their agenda is such a broad plaza there. They mortenson to god they impatient it being a Megan about you and your social yes exactly they don't know what. Thank my god we've purchased figure Allen got headlines coming up with the U momentarily. Headlines are no way you're listening to the men's or radio network it's timely and twenty miles. No see what's happening in the real world and earned a Georgia woman who island is moment divorce Intel's on fire and burns down nineteen other homes as well. Meanwhile late Detroit man Wisconsin as house burns it down to read it held its evil smell. Emirates airline food pulled it off of the plane branding menstrual cramps. Who is scanning these self check out our 0850. Year old deal liver loving grants. And those who and Amanda looks a lot like me it is going in and out burger is after headlines this. Laid foot. It's Sunday. There's nightclub and I. Our jobs are we may have to make an award for the most inappropriate birthday cake. I like and already there's a video online of a woman celebrating her birthday sitting at the table as her family presents a cake. She opens her mouth and stick senator Tom far away from the cake and just waits. This is when you're not a steady hand and the when he knows they have moved toward the cake that you just realize is in the shape of a penis and it begins to shoot icing right into the face of happy bartender. On hack. And then I had. You don't and we had done might go a few years back we had done a men's room black launch part. I've and we also had a baker locally who was an erotic baker. And Robin what is the what is the I was in what is the brand that are what is the type. Of icing in styles is a very difficult when you do don't like professional a fun fun on an oriental they have huge. Chocolate funded. A penis look at scenes photos of this. I don't understand right off the road on the courtroom really shake or a good guys who do deep pit so I don't know who does Kate and miles as she goes I don't know that was designed I don't think it. He just the candidates this thing with a one bite ya now. It's. Harry thank god. Around the world to me. Edited driving up bad decision on how to eradicate the stones from his home. The animal riding in a crawl space of a house and he decided to throw a smoke bomb in the space to try to smoke the little muggers. Now it's not a bad idea based on design. Know it is yet. He VA and I I don't know what martyr I have it's an gals what did your. How could imagine having skunks in your house is one thing to have a squirrel in the attic or rats or whatever but a skunk I never spoke let's break it how some lived. And it was bad for him right and Alex yeah it was it was unbelievable it's one of those things you remember from being a child and traveling in a car. For great distances when your family you go through an area if you would smell stunts for. Would you like doll skunk or don't F with them or in west Virginia Union Carbide same thing but it still some. Elbow action and unfortunately the move did cause a fire that burned his entire path. And that's where things when you think digger no stunned carcasses were found. It's goes Obama got a house love fire and a right identity headed our really got his players are out. A woman in Georgia had a complete meltdown after losing your home and a bad divorce. She decided that either she lived in the house or nobody did and stacked a bunch of matches is up and living room and set the whole thing ablaze. A completely destroyed the home damaged nineteen others in her neighborhood. Good yeah. Now her husband got the house in the divorce so she says all right maybe didn't. Yeah and in the whole neighborhood is golf. And that's fantastic. Guests staying I think they'll stay tuned as to continue Rico surveillance footage got a man stealing from probably one of the worst places possible. Police are saying is sacred heart church geez man the video just shows instill in property it's not identified what exactly he stole but still as it is. You don't you don't if you don't believe in and I understand but even then even if you don't believe that it can you can be with me that is bad karma. Didn't go in and desecrate or anything like that man we're what they believe it or not meant. We're in a hotel room one night we didn't have anything to smoke out obviously the Bible to Gideon's Bible that they put in between the beds that that's. That's rolling paper I mean it straight we'll be rolling out things that we did not want to do that low on the utterance and I just roll back pages out enrollment. No no no I'm not desecrating a Bible and reading a reform even a bundle or do believe in it I would go downstairs and I'm gonna carbon now. Right I mean that's certainly don't know why he's different lucky Suze I ripped a page on that Bible god damned lightning bolts and hit me to back an entirely you know that's just bad news all around man. Since they will be able steal the Bible hotel is it like to achieve huge believer though I doubt that should be thrown in his life magic crap and a look at them fighting all the back and bids embryo then I am I. I think I've ever jails in a sample return a big dominant hedge DeVon now what'd meat and potatoes no I sure log is back and we'll drink it tells once again with a shot of the day yes indeed it is all true we beat out of them benched until we're return do what you do best and only the things. Instead beautiful.