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This is dumb men's room. I'm listening to. I think if victim fire Portland affiliate then an attitude three KG oh and how are you Crowley. And I'll put out an all of my united five point seven listeners joining us is we got going on you guys today our question when did you when you buy on the black market under the table. Or second hand in hand of that work out we got a couple stories are just told the story. Of a guy who went into hotel room a motel room and he had a guy who claimed he could. Do the gender surgery for him and cut off his testicles in a motel riveted not work out too well because the guy's an airplane engineers he's not really a doctor and there's a spam that that's going on the black market sales in Hawaii that is forcing shop owners. To hide the product and lock up the spam with locking key along with suit of better for Miller tied whatever else they have put back announce our browsers yet raisers such pressure release that the blades. What did you buy the black market under the table or second hand and how to network out got a couple comments here's part of that world goes I still Obama we've black market for my neighbor down strength. The growth the best bodes for forty plus years that bright much better that's one of the issues right now the bread for California hits the market right before. Canada hits the market leaders. Because of the taxation involved in the marijuana of course they're trying to figure out how how much that's gonna impact of sales. But nobody's surprise. Has been a ton a bus in Colorado already a black market operations so it's gonna look man there's a black mark for the black market and helping spam you had to know to be a black market and we are right I mean come out there there's about like mark and everything by my only argument people is like if you really want it. Especially in other states like has quietly it but you would nobody would buy black market news. Well OK okay right but because he used to be moonshine and it seemed like dealing with a puzzle black market beer but but lo and behold there was. Like in eighties. The whole idea between the black course got so popular. Was because for some reason and I don't know why I don't know if it couldn't be in some states based on alcohol content level if it was just something that couldn't go cross certain borders but. Those couple movies on the ovals Campbell runner out of those looking abandon their citizenship big east in this city and they're smuggling cores and other states are you buy that idea I'd vaguely remember that I don't remember I don't think there's a black market for beer. I think that's the one that I never been covered like I mean are probably not so much in the states a demand in your buddy lives and Salome. Ramel they live who could soon Putin couldn't wooden. Does not black market share your dad no knock down the streets and diving and it. And have Belgium weeds and I think is putting me and I believe there are no woman and a lot of have voiced outrage. Here's what they just slightly different tack more positive about a cool weird looking glass bottle. Turns photos and blown from the 14100. Abundant the first store for five get out of here that's like antique roadshow dean. And and just when I enjoy at a friend told a story about some shady guys offering to sell him. A video camera. Well he thought it was probably stolen so we as the big a look at it made him until he took off running mid ever come up with. Am. That flipped the script. What did you by the black market under the table or second hand and had that work out a 44999. Or below and Jesse welcomed to the men's room. Paola yeah. I got there and the man are you just. Pretty good. All right so when I was sixteen I bought a Obama actors truck also Craig goods. And it would they but it 72 shed heat kicked out. And I would I buy it would have liked to a couple months before library basis sitting in my driveway Edgar just don't work Donny your net. Then I got my license. Greg started around tonight. Kept on like smelling weed it's not like smoked weed you know I mean by itself like a bad leader something in the and that I went about I wouldn't dug around in the truck and in those trucks they have. Actually in that at the back behind the seat on let's say I went to high in the gas tank and I found it was a huge bad do we do it right. Easily eighty dollars where we bump and. In and relatives via me the way a lot for youth sixteen year old fine for preacher. We just don't know nine we have had an example. Did you smoke it. What are you seeing it if I was yelling gas. No no blue dog head of the house drug grunt for him. I had ever had a ballot. Eighteen a little bit more and that's present I'm miles have on. Argue probably like a 180000. It until I got it probably 240. Guys got one right beside me were I live and it's probably the same year and it just keeps on run and I got here 222222. And 222 and start it up in the morning man had just every day and a 72 big cloud somewhere in there they what I did at the dodge would have a shipped seven she share this year. Shouldn't joke here owners of the Ford a sports club Irish ship and a fashion yet. Fortunately our dog got you know fort down wooed to. It would. The debut day rooted that move that Lou Daewoo. Hello Jeff welcome to movement through. And load Jeff Jack do you want to. And Cathy if he at hello naked to welcome to the bedroom. It was get on. Eight so I would. Twenty years old not working in. Actual excitement written it and build trust but wait a right to bite you little Obama. Eatery there. It do you stop him away and I want eight so I'm. Marion also dumping them. Want to look. What I don't know what. My body we ought to be you are. Well an annual you'll need to be rid of it will get media income it is not if you include. And thought. Sure you don't want to sort. Eating out of money I ate this wouldn't be human and they could not immediately saying this week about. Our. You are clean looking and get an extra to it it's only been in new young. Story all right over ordered and get it under. So all. Okay I'll do it but didn't step on paper. And years. Out. But being up to. Scratch is just his good friend doesn't. Public audit HT. Beat I don't I'll. See if Simpson did it. At. Each hour off Jordan. Yeah yeah those women out how many solo was it a five point one surround. I do yeah he got into and it. Every speaker that now Arctic. At. Here's the stereo industry does they they they come up lately first. They'll have four speakers so you have to speeders in the front of senator ten dollars and a two behind you and that's that's a five point one of the though those somebody like in mysterious story like. Wouldn't we put speaker. In between next week here in the nets here. And it it six point one in the next years ago our act we have over here would have we've put another speakers in between those two speakers in the and would it be seven point one at all. And then three years down the road you'd like got nine point one note to me like. Basically you just have the circle of speakers have a protocol in so rounds now would we do men aren't will get one more speakers and this year and immediately you know. Ten point one. They you keep adding I don't that's the Thanksgiving a little weird we added three admitted that yeah. I think both of us don't even hear that well Ghana seduced yes. You're correct. Which that data especially CD dvd player and you know. You find that distracting them. Let's unravel I grab a burger out of someone's house and I have that I did you watch a movie Salt Lake you hear something behind you execute. Which I don't like ash did I bought like you just that discount. Surround sound system yet but everything you can think MB yeah despite all five of them just sat in front of me that all the speakers that yeah Odom putting well. He pulled him out of you qualified because right now for a yet when Zelaya to think France or Britain yeah yeah at the turn up very well plus because of that's. That would blow their mind that is the stereo store united surround sound due to the aisle Dick walls yet. That we lost that now if you eat the flight is the guy the stereo store always drive a Corvette. Corvette yeah there's like the Corvette department the stereo store it's like the managers I don't know continent. I want to vinyl black market under the table or second hand and had a that work out a 44999. All of the kids he also sells cocaine which could get good at. Hello and welcome to the bedroom. Boo bit of food. So when the iPad first came out I figured I'd turntable but little bit of money so on Craig list. Someone like underdog let themselves or. Begat does bring its list of our major. Let me today in north gate and he looked a little bit sketchy bit. Looked a little bit lucky guy demise so you're not bad for a heart you are left Clinton in north MBA and a bargain like he looked exactly the way he should Luxor about blood is still on drugs is of great. So I was there but figured you know I'm gonna buy it and got back in the still looks brand new like at the cover on and everything. And that being together money. But let him go to that's fine by case for it. And I'm playing with anomaly over and a open up Internet browser or the like hundreds of people's credit card information addresses phone numbers. Inco home everything that. They knew it on the zombies Marie slaughter realized I think that the police station. Turned it and they said look sorry your recent book. But we got to take your son Aaron. Yet they took out bad. And that being in them like a yearlong investigation. It was used in like a nationwide identity theft ring had to go pick people on the lineup. I'll do a lot finding guys. Yet actually topic along with like a hold onto accomplices like in Boston. Check that's crazy that you know we're fallout for you mean you're the guys out of the so you'll CI a lot about time we get the iPad bag man Apple's been like five or six updates and now it's outdated and you can't put your crap on Larry Morrissey about doing Bermuda fingering people up there are managers or any bad juju that comes your way and. So I I ended up actually the detective in the case called me like a year later when a like. Everything was way you look past time. Note that because that was so good about working with and they want to give ya I actually got back to your later was wiped clean. Yeah local. Not a dude I was humanize these for the last year brown bullet on my dime in taxes under the rhetoric that you again. I am what did you buy the black market on the table or second hand and have a that work out a 44999. Cola you are listening to the men's or radio network. HL. You know have gentleman's room. I got a bad jokes made his bed goes right before entering tells with a shot of the day email the bad jokes to the men's room mad men's room at live dot com our question what did you buy on the black market under the table or second hand. And how'd that work out 844999. Old. A couple of comments there's as only guys I'm allergic to bees stings are about a bunch of bad depends on eBay for weight cheaper than prescription gonna. What's been a hundred dollars for a Nike NFL Jersey. Sports Jersey when you could order form from China I'm one of the same price I got the team so far outsold the pew for sixty bucks can't tell the difference. And about 1520 years ago. I'm eight ball cocaine and a guy accidently gave the go okay that had not been cut yet so it was a pretty good deal about a little you know when I'm home way you know there's a lot of people out there who buy their drugs. Just because the they're the rising costs. Pharmaceutical stuff here in the United States that by abroad short and I've got relatives that. Did stub shipped from Europe from Canada to a bunch of different places and I am. I'm just going to assume that that is black market not that it maybe it isn't I don't know and I really don't know the laws on them. I have no idea but I can't imagine. I can imagine it's okay Yemen I mean I I don't know I mean I really don't know what. Part of people you have that violate another person I would not like the character witness room it. Indeed in Bagram all right okay I'm from India what is that for. Well Viagra Viagra Indian Valium and Viagra what did you think I didn't understand that the Indian part I apps you buying Viagra for from India at all but to all of you vote later with a it is like her talent but oh what a looted in the environment that is back with the secretary to Bill Clinton but I think it. If you can get. I hate this I mean they they work the same offer OK okay we're the same app I have heard that okay all right. What do you hope. Well a B and I get your buying it like Yahoo! and would give did you have a Brad and I do stalking the suicide of this person did not have a different OK gotcha. What did you buy the black market under the table or second hand them that work out a powerful partner in the point 90 yeah but look at that aren't. Unquote Miller welcome to the men's room he. On not hello hello. I don't man. I am door I don't know I'm going and it would tell you on the black market. There's one ballot on at Saddam planned out clothes and not well. I didn't buy I kinda came across. 22 caliber assault rifle bullets and most tracers. I stolen out from Los Angeles so I owned a small moving business mayor. And I'll do a job for customer and he had a bunch of stuff that he needed to get rid of low. I'd heard a small piece is about to hear that quote enabled I was able to so leave it to caliber assault rifle bullets. For about ten to fifteen dollars each had a couple of 200 rounds of that and then the trade it landed a plane goes myself. Who had the ability to use the fifty cal round ease that was in Los Angeles. All right. I mean can you. Second you can routes you can fire fifty caliber assault rifle in LA you can do it bill costs about when he bought it to go to issued rural village but you can't bring your own Hamilton divide that almost every illegal. Okay are OK so usage you on the moving company. Small company Powell. You keep saying yeah well we'll we'll roll right wing news that money go to miles rings but you you may if you make it a point this small will be the companies that you may be over the pick up truck. If. You know the pickup truck whatever you wanna call it that hard to do but I'm starving. Then I OK I hear ya okay. I just know that oftentimes they'd be more dangerous to be around some of the people that are actual movers move. I'm glad that they do in case you need something done. I think. I don't let I don't know what the I really convenient to Atlanta gold mover you know in college I did you get paid with something that was not cash. And allowed to catch your religion didn't I didn't get opportunities to. What. Belichick and I did get opportunities to release people of certain things. I was gonna save us some really just don't let takes up with a might be to pull taylors of the bigger whatever I don't feel like that or that are going to be okay. And thank the so you count that we you kind of the guy they knew they can call and trust or in other words would be a bomb may be up to no good not a 100%. And I got a buddy. Who might be moving like a used the guy resonate in my view you wanna call a buddy Miller here like destroy every night and ask a lot of questions. Well not to ask why can't Minnesota Miller do you I still used to have a movie governor. Are set humble about it okay and how much stronger where you've then then you are now. Because I know one thing about movers they have superhuman strength is its amazing how strong movers are. Yeah I was power lifting on my side so I was doing I was moving. 15102000. Pound. God has dealt tablet don't do it more. I don't train anymore but I used to. Until I moved up here because I didn't wanna be owning and running my own business anymore I figured I wanna be in the well corporate ladder so to speak. There. And I got to shape record LA yeah. Pop up okay yeah yeah and it's. Okay yeah I'm the guy yeah yeah we're definitely limit the use scare people on the corporate ladder. I'm pretty sure I get to ask. We are Zuma highlighting the I guess what did you what did you buy the black market under the table or second hand and how that worked out. Small. Small moving company has moved very small things a small moving Connecticut that I love cedar accountable got knowledge you lassie. At the end moved anything that's look at that yes this is the ball moving to small movie look at some circles that's called a cleaner and patented it. I would that do Rupert at hello Anthony welcome to the men's room. All right good are you Anthony. They had Africa on I think we all have got buddies who counseled every day. And by every day. Every day that I recorded it he goes out of that. I have no moves mutant yup commuter school that didn't want the pocket org. It just randomly out if the public ticket. You know what what an odd question apt reminder that although it. Well we didn't chicken and white farmhouse sink in that he put on them like rock chicken and what occupants. All know what am I gonna do project in and of course but upward or you'll follow it. All our own only when he walked into raw chicken but how much we're talking about and come to find out indicate who brought ticket. Well I don't look at work. Right now that's great right but that's what our brother the work eight era of the light ticket. You bought a ticket it's public I think more of the order packet particularly bought the ticket or not. So we start it is that the book Turkish border count the ticket. That's how they'll go as long as it doesn't have Salmonella. Refrigerated and I would call a reluctant to open is it part of its cars are just like chicken breast. It looked like chicken thighs you can have it is prepared candidate you want some people we liked it when you bought the site but I think if you. It was it was always a doctorate use it how easy you what did you rent episodes of hey man how we hostile raw chicken but how shocked period how easy it was to move this. Diluted. Net. Hey meg gonna have to use of them a but I had to I ask myself that I'm a good thing we need to Wear these in big cardboard boxes that were about the size the cake box in there each individually like thighs were all the Onebox wings were on another breasts rose and house packaged. Bigger display you know restaurant quality together. Forty participants get rent boats okay after the brick. I I bought. I bought meat that way on the on the on the downloads just as easily the best dude OK wait how long were you selling chicken how low you that the ticking yeah. I don't think chicken or about market and about how much what I hustled it. And a few chicken Mosul today about how much money did you I get out of the chicken puzzle. Are probably O'Meara or artifacts. OK just stated did you get Russell what do you do now man. Well I've had you know for the government. If there's still hustler a yeah the level have a guy like that you reflect FDR conflict. And that government. You really great be because I am shocked at Oregon out that I had kicked into some. Of the yeah okay with an able armed I didn't play it like chicken. Do you eat chicken it did you steal some of do. Our paper budget if you had on the evidence taken into our time has gone down well. I'd rather weird remove all chicken Nancy elementary middle word gets around and then give the government do you anthem I'm talking segment. And the chicken I hear you're the guy. Edberg they got a kick in the it is when you are. You a little. Those boxes they're not individually wrapped and it's just in the rent and my buddy man he used to go back and his friend worked at the Tyson plant. In the tight well it was cap is technically wall polar was little skull yes and then while Poehler did their thing and then they took it to Tyson in the Tyson put it in their boxes and stuff. But they lit where he worked was the breading plant okay. So any time Mike if you're to get like a Tyson dinner like a banquet meal you have one of those things are just a box of fruit crunch and you play ready tenders exactly it that's that's how a wise man and so he is but he worked at the breading plan. So he would go home and come back would like to be gas boxes checked. Normally thighs and wings it's way girl sure over the little's Albright that was the only downside you on the on my cloud rather Abbott but that's all he he'd. When it's free right exactly Haram are freezer was just packed full of just chicken man it was those those are great times I think it's amazing. I briefly the story makes sense but many personally Heyman. I sort of mostly chicken and went to the supermarket in my and it turned out apparently a huge a huge market chickens we are one. I bought a lot of stuff black market. Not neat ideas and say well I'd I'd I would trust black market stakes are summaries. A guy can get the ballistics. How many pounds you want a guy like our eye on this might be legit I think if it's someone that I know when disease overtook coworker. I'm an atrocity can get the deal again if it's just the guy and a parking lot probably known and yeah that's what I'm thinking to invite him see every day life and make new let's do chicken house flirt I mean like it was previously that the work. To a note got an equality there got a team that they are manmade mess come money out of my trust the guy would that be got from New York just think. But that's sticks and it's easy to that if a thought let's cumulative volume light all of marbles beautiful but I think you go broke wobbly and you can fueled that we. Would provide a black market under the table or second hand and had a that work out hello Steve welcome to the bedroom. Move it in the moon. So anyway I just moved from. Suburbs of Puyallup two east lake avenue in Seattle. And I need to find some some weak. So. See and in Seattle and of course I don't want it's still didn't go downtown Seattle that. At the time to back in the eighties it was second Ike there's like strip clubs and stuffed down there and hasn't since that this. Now now it has been the same second and like. Yet second hike at so this guy lived across also be Michael that we both put it by about who can get a dime bag. And I compliment but they go to an NIC gadget sites where Bob crumbles or whose name was peace and that was cool so we go into this like doorway. Of the close of business. And I told what I want because okay if this is some stuff from Alaska called bad and he's just under ask this so this is pretty stunning news might never it's not like that before some like okay. Anecdotal look at it smell it he's like computers couch potato your pants but I can't. So it shall I do it. And that has their own sake of and I get on the bus they currently can edit and liked and it just doesn't look bright eyed ex militants like. Didn't smell right now I'm like well he says it was some weird names though so maybe it's just weird smelling weird looking stuff but. But I elected apartment and I tried it wouldn't like from the first case. You're just like he now. All these things like a regular hours on the also was parsley or it's yeah Clinton believes he's OK and I knew that tonight to tell my colts. These guys trust all play two we got ripped out also he's like let. And he's looking at it means now London trying to make it sweet lips and that's really been transferred. But yeah let's go applying. Didn't. Realize OK. You know look down there and never saw on the but it is a one time I ever ever bought bond. And from then on I swear if I can't smell it look at it I learned it. Yeah that's pretty good that's fair generally has never won Wimbledon tennis seminoles looking carry out. What do you Byron black markets under the table or second hand and had that we're getting our good buddy across the hall. It's it's not wheat which is no more of the network's good drive at Iowa Meredith yeah. Hello old credits welcome to the bedroom. All. So all try it six years ago Iowa is hanging out somebody's been. Parking lot we'll be parking lot of the staging here you do before we don't do other things. And we're interest based meat out. And these guys and pulling up in a car really fast guy pops out and says hey anybody want a three snowboarder pair of skis. Root site. Yes free. Like I'm not update its snowboard. Lecture talking back and if you were like. Really big board pray model from the eighties and the that you own a pair of skis to comment on I don't ski out ski. So then they pull away and they parked right about fifty feet away and they literally are there for 1520 minutes trying to figure out what car I'm gonna bring them more than two. And it's like look. Did you just feel this is somebody are you trying to upon opposite of and I went along as some people in this place has played number this late model car although well off. And in. And weirdest thing ever bank looked up. What happened in the year ago and you just set us up when Abbott and handedly keep Casey you did you leave for a. Well they just. I just left hand low after thirty thirty minutes they left and then the third in my car went on the Tokyo demand on the next day. All right that will could've happened was immediate right became deadly crash on the card burned up this I thought the resulting mortgage payment a case to be. You have got to bring for your delusional mind balls and an assistant tells what will happen so basically you'll pattern right exactly. After taking hot merchandise. What did you find a black market under the table or second hand and having that work out the printed guide felon black market chicken. I was excited Baghdad that was great but that's just great man it's guess that I got a free so bored could've gotten from them but it didn't it and went home. And then I use that and I today and I get a read his mind and autism and write them a license would call cops but he didn't from his own fault which would have traced it back to him for the coastal property. I closely to this day no matter what black market opinions apparently people are always meet him parking lots. Craig's list right it seems like it's what I think both people wanna be seen in public should the other person be she'd your mail but on the other hand. Euros going on public to do something illicit. I used to like at this point like it felt like cops don't both things are going on a party of course. They don't have a zone late in go to certain stadiums and some cities Anderson area reeked of freely scalp tickets slightly helping to stand over their god amateur. In like a smoking session they should just duel with like illicit activities like listen we would I select our patrons to be able to park here's what we've done. Others tape up area in the back completely trade TVs by your kick in whenever television don't add angry operative that we can use English dice a pest. It's a sales pitch. Human Y. Guy because he was like. 140 I'm like now did netted just about things like 14 elect the command of the about one over here for but I gotta go on for a buck goes. 13 and I was like what this college did you not hear me man I got a hundred bucks that's what I got some walked away and is easy screen and he runs of his car ride got Derrick as you noted that the in the mood to give you 100 you know there man that is not a negotiation until you have to pay for things to guard Derrick ripped off. The video ripped off you know you've probably new gig is at work while I don't work but all they respected the walk away the walk away there. What do you buy on the black market under the table or second hand and out of that work out a 44999. Only you are listening to the men's or radio network yeah. Yeah. They're not aware of forum. And we got I ran for this. Ed in Tehran is the only country in the world. Were people that sell the kidneys legal about it or if you did know that. According to a report in the Los Angeles Times recipients pay about 4600. US dollars to the government transplant. And the donor or seller receives this when the operation is over that and completely English course although people do donate because they need the money but this is a reality all over the world. But instead of doing something illegal to cover their debts like stealing or smuggling they're just gonna governor organ first this is not exploitation the end result is good. For the recipient as well as a donor unfortunately. In the shadow of the legal sent system a booming black market in organs has sprung up in which doctors can sell their kidneys at a premium. Despite government crackdowns on illegal transplant operations foreigners ex pats are patients who do not want to waits in these lines are willing to pay higher rates. So now our hospitals in a Tehran their posters advertising that ticket needs are for sale. If you're desperate and you are in debt if I could sell my kidney I can get out of debt according to one bankrupt 42 year old guy I would sell my liver to. Price is gonna go higher and higher and higher but yes because of the black market it's becoming more probably are not mean you're gonna get me. Our question today what did you vinyl black market under the table or second hand and out of that work out a 44999. All love so the black market their base is just about pay more skip the lines like if I go to Disney pay a certain amount money can get in front line and it's kind of like what we were always saying about Barry White you know like it's very white. How can vary white not get a kidney maybe I don't know about a rock and that was the thing you know like he he'd waited in line. And when you're in line you're in line and that's just the deal now a credit to him because Larry Hagman and orbit lunar mantle or drag these other guys what is the difference in trying to calm but that you get the idea I mean it's like. In some cases yet you go Frontline. In most cases when they don't want to do everything right they say they do it's a popularity cars and say hey don't don't go to the front when you say hey man birds a waiting list of 80000. People waited for kidney transplant that's the average a year today. And and you find out that I don't know some celebrity final two months ago. The day every kidney disease and an eight month after that ligament transplant it's like come on yeah and that's that they tip of the same goddamn thing what did you buy the black market under the table or second hand and how to that workout hello Bob welcome to the men's room. Quote Paula I. Had. You know it's good how are you are doing your good good. Yes so. So so when I bought I bought mall is supposed to be something like Ecstasy to mental emotional and again. I've heard about Molly had not overly familiar with that Metafile was I would say I probably would have had a great time on its. How well to read that putt was. Don't worry about it is not only did you do and I got a ticket for two days straight Super Tuesday. You know articulate such huge suitability and on NPR to get armed so the summer in the year ago and I ticket steps say particularly choose you'd probably aren't except a couple of little Molinari you know but also how to get extra high soy drink grapefruit you're just straight. Both forehand. And I can reproduce. Some kind of and mail by senators something that has the breakdown of the yeah. That's gonna hurt. Yes and no I didn't know about Oregon senator since it. Yes what you know how some medication so they say like don't recruit produce how many others are just going not Gloria weigh in London and for religious don't like all wheel drinks. Johnson and yes sooner or disarmament so I'm waiting for the bus ago parade and I'm a tremendous honor and I take it. And then Nam entering America maybe five minutes and I'm like and you put money on Mallorca are sort of put money on our does hurt you know whether and I iced it down you know and I think ten minutes of and and then just hit mute the music I'm listening to assert sound like it's our way Ehrlich I'm under the ocean. And then like these certain. What the wind I like noises and things just are going to do absolutely be sitting there laying on the bench on might adore him you know seeing. Into the pinch deliberate and and I'm like oh my god. Oh my god oh my god you know and in my heard read it it is he went up so high and it just hit me so fast that our coal mine what. And yeah yeah yeah and then I don't even remember. Towing only him but I think I do remember though you will when you get the bill. We're have you got the bill yet. Unknown you're gonna scream and are gonna Africa hello tools it's my senior remember. Remember and sitting in the hospital and insurance and by nurses and so you heard me if you didn't understand your religion is weird sound what do you think oh my god oh my god like you also got four billion here or something you know about that and got a militias. I think of I think ever in the bus with the to you to Africa includes a few times that the why aren't buying a black market and the table or second hand and how that word count 844999. All love. They should many things continue on the men's room. Radio network.