04-20-17 2pm Mens Room makes it to day 4

Thursday, April 20th

It's Day 4 of WEED WEEK! And we play the game known as Big Dummy!


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Mean what sure love to hear is real the members of this radio program are simply. Trying to offend anyone. Invited to join the party. This is done. All gathered in secrecy. This is done. You know they say. Or radio more than three times. And Jordan. I act. Both generally go play Thursday April the twentieth 2017. And still number 2500. In ninety. Along with Steve the throw hill. C Ted's best. And to my car. Yeah I would imagine a. Yeah once again we played big down day on day four of weed we. Dead meat and potatoes fees on delicious tasty Stoner snacks. No way Sherlock is back profile that says your tickets to see cedar. Plus headlines about your shot of the day bloodless lacklustre emails. In everyone's favorite TV time would dare I classic ride here ago North Korea on a once warns of quote. Super mighty preemptive strike. On US soil. Meanwhile the government has just been fifty million moving turtles out of the desert so they don't boil or get shots over and over by tech. Neuville Michigan would no longer allow prosecutors to have sex with cops. When you stop the ex president's daughter that's when the fun stops and accused of Massachusetts state drug laboratory tainted more than 21000. Tests. That is all coming on today's very special episode of the men's room. Here's the question drug deal Mike's layup resort casino. All outrageous is good day to you and yours. Today is today that we play big dummy the game show that rewards you for your stunning ignorance and there's no works you call us. We are spending category we'll. Honesty is barely. In the category we Obama ethical question from the I category buffed it where big dummy separates himself from your average more reputable game. We will continue to asking questions until you get to. One right because as always we want you to leave here are Smart that you showed up. Now today our biggest army ever it's a two way tie between the lovely Kimberly and equally lovely Eric both of whom. Found a way to answer nineteen can think you two questions wrong. Can you do better of course weekends at the act gives the ball. And off we go. Our big dump it to big contested and play big dummy go to a 642 on rock or on 20999 KI SW and events are live. Think 77999. And ten those emails to the men's room mad men's or live dot com now back to the men's room here's the question. Brian do you like to let live resorts casino 99.9. KI ESW. The dollar bug in the day four of leeway. And once again we've off. Are you lay a twist today yes get a twist this to us today for Halloween week here is that what we did today for you we decided where you are all one name one name from a pack to now did was yes or you just for you for your listening pleasure trust me it's all about you. One name was drawn that person. Remained. Sober then the other three members of the program. They went out and part of before the program's start. We have done for you to yes and I keep in mind though we have some animals and action today as well as a what do they call it split that joint with a unit just there was a split a split some type they were you smoking and it looks like a cigarette you that was the other thing it was that I used. To of those Frontline exactly so. Today you wanna text in the vote on we'd week miles thrilled Ted or Mike to 77999. To vote for who you think. Is not tie so who's not hot who is not high message and generates may apply. You can also vote on Twitter events are live they'll be V poll of there and keep in mind you are voting for the silver member of the program today and today is the day we play the game known as big dummy. It's piles of tournaments are married I'm point nine KI SW Seattle. You had not gone awry gold tells miles central events are a matter nine point nine KI. I SW look at today for. Hello we can today. We'd week with a twist three members of the program are in fact tied the men's room Paul today who do you believe on the program is not. In fact stone. Thanks miles thrilled Ted or Mike to 779992. Over who you think is not high. Typically throughout the show there will be here. He'll be very include the we'll let you know it will take you loft a one way or another to. Didn't show it in this case the silver membership of the shelf so if you follow the men's room at the men's room live on Twitter there is a pull up right now. Earl says Micah 77999. To vote for who you believe he is not how. Message and generates may have laughed I get this game is coming. To move our first contestant ready to play the game hello Devin welcomed to the men's room or this or not. I haven't played and played for teams sober now for over today. Farrah look in the show DeVon and our mantra poll today which member of the program you believe is not how. Obviously it's early on in the race but the idea that. Maybe. Yeah are the three mile. And cared one vote for miles through with a what kind of foundation. Does Obama house stood up the support of a specific sports equipment and her. Human on the face mask and helmet this of the Bob house. What foundation does some of the sport named after. You ignored the fact that there are no I have no idea it's a winner sport. All in the Bob how is part of it Bob how's this part of the equipment to make this more possible for you to do. Bob how's the foundation exits on his. Wolf it's a winners towards me and I think I don't. What is it like they right or wrong forty. Me what what what not today it pan. Ted Deseret I got out what we're doing here you could tell you much more dogs. What do you do at Dublin not much and well what does he do it on the right time what are you avert your bird. Miles is not good picture rating over to did all right okay why automotive ad is government. Not. Nobody would why would urge you to get into Bob hello hello you pushed off the 2000. Did not know like I've bush Lola at. Right yeah authorities must enjoy it you're meant. A question to Devin. Closer to what country did United States declare war on in 1890. European. Team and and eat. European country. Or it. Spain how's this morning as well spend spend spend okay thorough and oh yeah protect. It and if they admit it I think I got a and clear itself. Wow Ted who just a doorknob and even then I. I think it's DeVon we apologize on behalf of all the members of the newsroom for Ted's behavior. Amid ruin their thinking and Ted just an -- I don't believe you should do look at us as Xbox. Believe this guy. As governor tonight's question in the world of music is a flat note is that higher or lower than a natural note. The sport. There are another group OK okay and you know which you know game is big dummy was next in doesn't read play a game. Hello Mitchell welcome to the men's room. Oh god our. And it's it's overnight for over. Plug in the show we appreciate it doesn't are miserable taste. We're doing weekly here. One member of the program is not high and militarily on Mitchell but which member of the showed you believed to be sober. I feel like you had better I had big smile I've compared to vote for me there ago. Why you left me. How long did you see the ones are inflated. Miles do we have you heard from IKEA he'll know hell I'd love to laugh when you know it's always needed. What do you remember that. Okay what do anything other than when. I'm really militias. How wide sweet Maui onion what did you get out of all over it rather under. Miles it is okay look at people who just see what we looked over there you should keep good people and this incompetence like drop in chips as. Those are good chips to come. Out you know. Retirement through your question. What are English body of water is known as long march in France Kamal. I don't even know us at that right at the satellite that mean like that's the much causing the munch munch I don't know and that was a maneuver. Hey it's India and I don't think it. Really really big in that body of water what English body of water is known as the law march and franks. Who. That in. Good in this moment. I've done nice work very uncertain dozen. Should be a drink well they're both the English Channel to its sewage and also if you don't like how the it's. I don't think you can go alone I think anything was general isn't gone it's vodka and soda. That's total waters Coke cola he bought it yet English Channel a drink that brought about the right caller hello Jeff welcome to the men's room. Okay. Jeff how are demanding summer knots over appropriate solar I'm always drive why I got so rough and I appreciate golf all right men's or call we got one. Sober member of the show today who do you think that is just the oh definitely not my prepare them to go through Ira and definitely not a group demanding what did little minor was not gives. Guys getting you out he's got our beloved cat and an argument against chips. Is of course it's ams and a professor of stuff out of our head immediately to the mission is Jim defender. We're only come from I don't know just defender but I'm volatile. No well I can I put this in their matches all the chips up in the back should. Just give it to defenders there you go easier there. Do a gold toilet for crane game. All right what was Elvis Presley's first number one hit. And the good old United States. It's very drawing his first number one will knows second emblem. Now I'm no important. I don't like created on. It's probably one a little bit. You know you can get third jailhouse rock. So I'll guess I'll. Okay. I'm going to say yeah. See we didn't understand you Ted. Albert expressly. That's what age you dude check out now none of them know who knows heartbreak hotel okay. None of us were around then we don't know. Yet. All right Lou Dobbs was named my way again there. Well it and end my way again. My. Mean no idea O'Donnell dropped. Our. Just. But just a plus right there in the name of the boat into. I literally right click on the okay. I would have taken him out like that it sounds familiar it couldn't couldn't clergy who owns the yacht named waters Sinatra. That's what I hear your question Bob van winkle. That's the given name of which rapper you know this. Oh that's all I've been realized he's. Became a van winkle for real Bombay and legal if if if they come as a surge okay. Bob van when I children go to bed about then we do not come over and renew your whole as the round Bob then we go guns in trouble it was a boy scout to the troop leader one point Simon had to put him in jail for. I'm who's our next contestant of the play of the game to put his big dummy. Hello Ryan the iceman welcome to the men's room yeah. Well and highrise. That if there. So we're not sober today ran. Well now we're trying to. They're not over there and others went on a sober not so I'm at work. They're fourteen knots over okay I'd rather hey Ryan who he believed to be the so remember the show today. And there early in the so bad. Might might seem a little coherent element to go at them you don't might. Yeah about your wrong there aren't good for you management and that's good for my he's done just didn't shift in the locker room. All right here is your eyes your your question. Our a hit go Blas moves evoke losses. Is also known as what kind of fish and to help it's a popular tenable wipe it. Well. Yeah. I'm failure. Healthy economy. First of all the question should read this. I hit the losses at the losses is only known as more confidence to know poles of this but how the oh I'll drink I've never heard anyone go ahead of losses and the losses. Now you know Jack are you halo imported renteria but never did they get a clauses of the losses is you never Cold War finished listening to you know why they don't. Now for the halibut. It's assumed that candidate and that's what you do Bryant to simulate him teasing that Joseph felt. But I held it Britain who who. I don't can be found at the bottom. Who thought the heard there are some leaflets jokes. Like it yeah old Memphis joked she asked Yang how did you look at it. Are you all here they come I. We got just went out let's bring who. All right Borbon court to bar and courts is what kind of spirit we do and drinking. Yeah. Her anger. Great month. Joked. Next question. What a war was named by a woman named Margaret Herrick because she said that the trophy looked like her uncle. Oh you. I have no idea talker they walk this. You lost your other drug it finger it has happened. I challenge at least they think yeah I'm. So. Our Ryan went three questions for our team not so burrows Jeff with three and a DeVon as well we'll take a quick break continue with the big gimmick and brand new contessa right entity. And through rich. Last year. Right you buy to let you resort casino on medi nine point nine KI ESW. Heads debt coming up dead. May have details. He's not a little love Monte foods today coming up that a forfeit the right before the shot of the day so it's a munchies plate on the way to meantime the game is big Demi Steve all you want it you really wanna get and salvage all look asks we all are and I don't listen listen. Early era are in the game of big dummy we ask the question quote a hit the losses but losses is also known what kind of fish. The answer was talent and it's on my between you would head and plenty of fish jokes there is it is sinister Chris jumped out of the people different strokes. Whereas in mr. For the parcel of the game and that I go through changes for the halibut. They're reporting consult guide the very next on the comes as a bad joke that went floundering. Weighed most requested that the how bad breath how the hypnosis. Two out of it killer on the bottom of the Z one says the other quote puzzling moment coming out of them but to look at them up mobile. How could I contact and it makes it on the bottom and again. Militant. In a loop plays by the good how big a fundamental right by the minute how the bubble. Awful awful awful awful awful coming in my dad's room. I'm caliber it's tough with just salvage out of that hole yes. And other fish jokes and just how tough. Game is big dummy user next contestant who played games hello and welcome to the men drew. Oh god. Did most of the show getting sober enough. Summer time and look at the show and his jokes to no right now. 109 have a really back I don't know I don't know the numbers as long as president hosted agent looked. Who are truly believe is over on the show today. I had her lawyer early I don't know bomber Umar all right thank you appreciate it good and out and look at them. But it's not a regular mistaken momentum. And hard here's her question. What the leash in travelers' final words were quote. I have not told half of what I saw. Tiger should know there's Sydney and that the home earn. You don't want you. You know I really saw how. Tablet and why you only saw half what he saw Jeff. It's five hit batter it was flat no alcohol but about it I am what I recognize it and there was blinds. Awful awful awful awful. Crowd and a half hour and a debris should play any way to go to the world. I figured he could see most of look at the edit outlines his Venetian blinds turn you know I don't I got to try opportunities you have drug Venetian blinds very few good though I don't do that hold our it was a Columbus. Mark hopeful Marco Polo that makes perfect sense that goes into detail about drivers perfect since when did this yeah. Debt. I did today's question that took what the early as military award for service beyond duties. They are who sort of service. And equipment. Now. Okay. You can tune at me and nobody did tuna fish. The bumblebee bat well Brent get our I don't I consider it skipped a. Oh yeah and come out. Sure as hell yeah duties. Do you do now do I do it out like. I ask that you thought wrong I mean my god dad died. Like yeah I'll wrongdoing and that's all I'm lets owners that the I've I don't retired aren't punished and hundreds I had a worse and just about trying to hold you. I imagine what some old man and the heat is based in which country. I don't know I don't know what our near Arab. Norway and Italy there. The word from her did you yes. Nowhere I don't know. A huge advantage that that all fifty baseball. I read one. I did like you do is only about Christian important I was only got hundred and didn't pay and they delay who is up receiver job man. It'll only ate well and cards and reflect this is so Smart why there was a school this. Question for John. Species of fly. Remains couple several days after me in other words all. But they can't hold out of great number I love it may have played a good result they hold each other they may have an amazingly total for a gold buffalo all the typical except they could care and honesty don't you again. Is that he makes sense of like what are you talking. And how and why aren't getting it some people are the girls look up famous bold opinion beatle they had to make. Who is a movie star. Well oh no way. I had a feeling you would know her love bug maybe that's why don't all of the love bugs they just sit there and they cuddle for two days eureka miles yeah I did not know that great brightness down and I'm all right didn't all make sense to me and does your magazine oh jeez whiz maybe you go low bugs who they hang out I had no idea for the record I'm fine kind of like cattle and I just thought they physically to get their. John Wylie wanted to know mentally totally right yeah we're talking about diamonds she you just really did. You don't want to know this and nothing to do it and now he's an NCA he doesn't. President Ronald you don't wanna be judged as an anti Cutler got below book about it though though Gil Alba wants everyone to know he kettles are pro not all approach Shipp who's an exit Desiree oblivion known as bigamy. Hello Brent welcome to the bedroom. All right Bob Dole RI. Resiliency sober not sober today. From the show brand to be believed to be silver on our show. Madonna then things he did right to vote for Steve throw. If you've done a better finish one let men know. If you think I think if I think if I remember a dream for me yeah. I have no ma'am I'm speaking I'm. I can't read that in the smoke like salmon Q phone we went. Yeah. A good clear that you don't worry it won't want didn't get enough I don't know it. If you like this digs do you like this sticks in your mouth. Moody who voted booze. Won't want to call me outside Pat The Bat that has. Soccer is reliving them that I've never heard anything really important reforms is keeping I'm sure Ken. But if I'm reading what comes up here ma'am are. Two different attacks one please says you have an idea how to drive this thing. All right here's a question let me look at those government people golfers for what kind of animal lives and true. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Route OJ hey did you know I don't much available through with it but yeah. You know if we blow your arm. Elegant. Okay month here. Learn about him. Most of it from Alabama distorted Obama told troops. Dominican troops the old stuff. The group with a group to speak. It's been involved in goof at the salute to the kids look back and struggled those are your question. Right both played him. That's another term for which vitamin. The media. We're vitamin CED. Still the identifier pull out of some vitamin beta that this. You think he nonviolent form it renewed how I advised. The name is if I. David is no doubt they go there and exercise and try to play again he's got my friend now I'm into yeah it was all delegates overall market. Are often MS radio drive out of the whoever happens to interview about it value practically with those days to slow liquid real awkward as the water. Hello leverage and welcome to the men's room. Her oh. Very playing for team sauber team not sober today. Very welcome very good do you believe these these silver member of the show. Consider it or Rory or hope none of it began with a one of those and you're actually did not partake. I don't know the earth. Over here I was yes. Just guess who's down some some are morrow. And I'm. Heavenly moment you amorphous terms. I don't feel none of these Joseph sentinel sold. If the owners are used to but I didn't get it ain't gonna do that it would it would have been listening to post the bail. Almost look. On her a move for Larry's new again would the gods and it when he jumped into the ocean. Now loaded up smelling the finish. Yeah. Yeah it's. Yeah. Okay. This vote today on the problem. I'm Libby that. It's. I haven't that's that's geragos has and long legs president therefore I don't completely downhill it's like I can't go on if I was on the drug out and Angie gonna consumer of stuff all right it's been bad apple. Here are on the list on company's. Common. And don't. Aren't the peach. I. This is. Lemond a few if we. I never did he just hung up hang out and so I'm very familiar deliberately and I wanted to there are very early now. Now that. There's a question. Guy by the name of Hamilton Smith he invented what household appliance in 18581850. I use one everybody Arlington. Everybody uses all the noise once we get today. What does it. I have one who goes emblazoned oh well I noted that Robert Caro. You couldn't pick that they may have gotten three just OK okay. Well yeah. Can Obama. Paragraph from miles to operate and just to keep these are being updated daily but holy trinity and thousands of them. All of them so millions are badly usually does it cost you dearly at first. Oh. The next question. How many homes. Does a bacterium that camel had. Occurred. Our. The air. It's gonna matter with the picnic. How many homes that had an impact it publicly Holmes doesn't match in two camel. Or three. Okay okay okay. Three out there something wrong with Campbell with them you aren't really whether or spirit story Carolyn here they're part of comfort you know it has to do glared. At. And reduced due to from from to the show appears to be submitted written with bad loans. And don't run this is adamant. Our next question who began his career as one of the so called Tennessee to the country said. No longer with our anger oral. Story. There. Somehow that would be the question I knew that you would get credit. Johnny Cash that is correct mark I don't go to the smiles at tournaments or America point nine KI SW Seattle.