04-20-17 3pm Mens Room gets really really high

Thursday, April 20th

It's Day 4 of WEED WEEK! And we play the game known as Big Dummy!


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The men's room. Or more miles than. Any nine point IOK I guess. KI SW breathe the same paragraph 2017. Is on Digital's the Saturday June 24 white river and with Peter Carr in stone sour maybe medal be pretty reckless fourteen bands to enhance two stages tickets on sale now KI SW dot com gives herself by now Mendes are happy hour and a half part of got a little private bar will be born men drummer is a red men from original saws and you'll be there -- a limited edition update an address. Happy hour and a half T shirts we don't know why or Alabama and we are trying to bar for ninety minutes of hanging out to that's part of the baggage is repayment risk check that out now it does sell out so get their quickly barbecues so all that stuff. KI do you did not count our Davis big dummy on day four of we'd leave. A quick break and come back with a brand new contestant M more big dummy next. Wins it's. Here's the question and Ryan teel Mike to let live resort casino 99.9. KI ESW. It doesn't say honestly got profile has applied for tickets to CC they're we will do the game formally known as black blood makes your Jew with 50 a profile that's coming up right after the shot of the day in the meantime the game is big dummy Steve who was our next contestant ready to play the game. I don't know yet on minority and women got more pricier. Elizabeth. Huge star and guys that don't don't know man don't do this is what has happened apparently there was that I had yet there's just let us know I'm gonna read you would command. I'm used for what do The Little Mermaid they very sex. I'm summing. They continued to walk onto the Jamaican fish's name. Samar. Up what do. Who finished pop stars use to help them saying. I'll go through although I got a nice auto tune again it what did the magicians they took the fishermen. They get tired anytime. All right those are more money. What you're going to get caught the that he thought when he goldfish wearing an attack I don't know what he golfers wearing an actor sophisticated. And ultimately the land with a live in Finland. And I apologize for that bad joke I feel guilty. To ask. And gill yes that jail ever guilty if I feel I highly. What did the one man's name walking past the benchmark. For the deployment they walking pacifist McCaw I don't think you brought I don't think. Why don't we did that yeah don't. Gotta feel I didn't even read the drove Obama lesbian Wales do become an agreement when I cannot say that on the radio. It's funny. Luke wheel wells Arctic and two these jokes or car beat him we get. What do you get when you crossed a banker in the fish. Yeah a low shot punished selfish get to the hospital. And the plant in the smiles on other more bad jokes one of the Pope meets during lent. Holy MacWorld. They contend no. I'm not here. Yeah I feel more. Alcohol. But there's more tolerant keep friends close and enemies closer. And it's all about what else he myself out I'd appreciate it and put them. SeaWorld. Just please don't let these jokes floundered. Would you goal. I'm not gonna read that. The Ben jealous fashion. No bones about it. We did go on and I love them because they this. There enlistment and yes there is no doubt mayors and exudes as a red played today and cheerful hello Gerri welcome to the men's room. There the rest. Okay silver on site. Oh and celebrating this kind of report still out though I learn not so good and avoid. Where you've got its launch a live show after Malcolm chilled view fit your commercial break. I know pick your cars are crashed. It's got to experience the lives of as did every job which member of the program do you believe to be sober today. Or kids being returned color laser like you're not quite honestly. A thrill is talking religion even Islam. With a lot of marquee. Black extent. It's too and you won't be more like dad listened to the they're a little do. They are missing your suit birds interim more than normal. Yeah I'm my own employees. Around the globe most of organize. Oh yeah organized baggage there and I stumbled this. Clancy that was a long way to get to. Most privileges they are Jerry did you want to ask you what you're okay. Are huge question it's more executive action translates to quote I didn't I didn't. I have quite. I four billion. An Internet news on the net up politicians and certain. I. Yeah. The old mix. Vito. Jerry control of screaming people in the background yeah. I know you're collecting certain amount of. I thought that no one again if all right next question was a year. Who's the first American to go on to space twice as initials are GG. And. Howard and Aaron Miles an overload and Jimmie and Gus Grissom Gus Grissom and you even heard from. I don't believe so have you yes well okay yeah good for you as Gus Grissom did you know Oscars and now I look at. Mike you know Gus Grissom is the Auguste prism if you Vernon normal does there's got Chris I don't. Get it and you know who is the if if it appears. And having those dividends really strong. Slice. That is correct some wow you do then there. Is great. I don't think I'm the and some women don't wanna quit if he Williams overrule my you can yeah. It if it. I go to Nevada. Another contestant on life who's our next and doesn't read like big government is more of the phone lines judge on my porous I think because I. Everything he's doing all right our golf unions and chips. I did look at a shattered sour cream or a Google Google now right salute. Hello Dylan welcome to the men's room. Grew up a little alone. Jolie gets so cold 45 and nobody could do that. Bill and you know I'm sober or not sober today. Arms over our eyes and those who do you believe to be the silver member of the program. Hormle. Or this in my Coughlin now I don't know no come on now you don't know what can you thirty not solely the so I remember him. I'm miles. I'm in the lead on sobriety. Congratulations today for me. You might cost I didn't hear Mikey okay yeah you know god are you sure yet you gotta tell involved dads again aren't we I almost got another color. How about almost got another caller. He did it in I don't know but it is though you know why do you think they'll find you an idea. I mean. It's. He called an anchor chair of the most mind freak him out. There. Already answered questions the more Rambo is the African form of which instrument. And we are. Or things percussionist. For your own I don't know. I guess they would be technically I don't know if we have holiest children. Now that are not always I'll get out zero years meaning. Thirty xylophone graphical and rock and roll journeys out there are doing broken down and I don't know Mozilo who rather. So I don't know if you member of that song by sugarloaf green eyed lady oh yeah music a minute along xylophone solo whom. And I can't believe all of them ever again happening while we just mentioned sugarloaf. Question do Dylan and it just made money yeah. That is not been none of those radio station in 55 yeah. No one is uttered the word Jalalabad just resigned Jesus Christ earlier Fries or dies I know sorry. Do you are you cooking. I'm hard on all my golf business data would you burn your pizza. Yeah a little bit hollow I'm looking at the Italians. Kept growing on doll that follows a red baron wasn't. Norwood ma. In. It's. You burn there. Yeah you. All well don't look at Oakland tragedy. Cast look man does such. Your juices aired that was ever bottom medium paced the advance the warming up in the they are wrong that it about this is gross me out the Harry Crist being this super Chris Baker has great taste in called contact I had. There is your question. If you have old LG. What part of your head hurts. How did you I don't know why repeat that to mean anything anyone tell you. Our I don't know look from our. Forum don't front. Reportedly did beat face. Before rift. I'm Russert. Question three don't. I just creepy Victorian age and country singer Hank waiting for. I'm Hank why Langford country singer Hank white Ford also has what profession. I think it's great it's O. Tug of the profession creepy but those have been country singer who sang it. Woo some of your clients. Show force show that and I think you would know. I Sharon nor did. Donna how. Wait for it on the tank flying first bowl on zoologist is also hope I got to count. At new outlook on religion that is as a new insomnia scratch fever here ago while Q what is your vote this can be Brit I don't got an audience realized I know John is almost certain amount you loser. And resilience and parent. And I are your questions Easter Lily. Is the neighbor complaints of what country and Asian country. Eastern lady. Bird. I don't know chartered. Saw. OK. Okay. Japan Japan. That's a defense Japanese guards. You have ruthless. Dew tour the Japanese gardens no. I heard of them even to the Bouchard gardens in the door. Actually I have not their lovely even the guards importantly Bouchard some language goes downstairs and yeah. Shark and that is our man yeah doc who's been in that wrong as a Japanese aren't your thing. Things or what they're immediately on the I don't know memento write it like people always think you know we're always a doubt he's a pardon that there'll come as early as do our brand equity. And that takes the granite and people that pages immunity. Really what does it look what happens and a big boy you know they got old people who come on buses. And so the negative that I am I gonna have. It's called yeah I hopeful yeah. These bottles and it's I don't know what hey hey did you miss the little details all the old people from around the area 00 they just bring them there yeah I think this thing that'll people do you learn when you get old enough. I'm an invitation yet. Love I was with the devils are plenty. All right Allan if the charter boat with old people on it in and they all go there and due to the parking lot there's like four spots for cars like 75 for big charter buses. Sounds like nothing I wanted to aren't the spacesuits that Neil Armstrong and balls all the more on the moon in 1960 and they were actually designed. And manufactured by what Tampa on company. Oral or subtracting. One has when. You know we're at now. I am what do workplace. Don't know tap lines very good good. Is are they don't want the way. And don't always got the wing the wings or something that it's a portion of the pad that kind of keep only know that they are behind you that it's literally have a good inventory and paying off. Continue like they Ampex wings of them are well it's like give you tips but if you're not due to company gloom come swaps those light you can have believes no matter what company it is the one company that has Weems and Evernote does because somebody else Banco takes kid I don't know I he rides in on links they may need they made reference and astronauts' spacesuits and Playtex and so the goods to god damn. This big there goes our next contest and ready to play the gay Powell how does that happen. I mean I'm cynical putting together. The space race right. Nothing aren't we need a manufacturer for space suits obviously we need spaces. Who tampax maybe somebody all he can banks hoarded their banks say I don't know I don't do this time bomb thing but the brother spaces don't think that we can do that. And a Florida marcher I didn't I don't understand how that came together. Hello Jake welcome to the men's room. Are. I do you play the games over not over. Welcome to show object. And Gerri what you have members showed you believed to be peace over one today. I don't. I got another vote them horrible. Mentally tough at Purdue went to him on this by the way miles. Neal here from roughly xylophone and why why's he. Awful news 1980 when moving pictures out of you can rock song broken loans by the man's rights I xylophone and incorporate those who saw guys legitimate. Violent films rocked the xylophone. You know. Do do do do do do do to do this do. Yeah and execution of gas economic sit and spin and what are exile dials on Dominic low functioning won't make that happen I didn't question. Back in 2009 a woman sued Quaker oats for false advertising. She sued them false advertising which you found the crunch berries and Captain Crunch were not made of real fruit. Did she win or lose from Austin. Who. Are American gold and water. They don't drill through. A judge. Dismissed most of but this is America food we have no idea Ottawa's decision of. I have to go away from the August. Yet they shouldn't when all is good sometimes and that's ridiculous coming bears on Ayers. Drugs known as a commodity dormant virus. And you know what they're made of. And we got to broaden our song. Had a question and 1775. The revolutionary war began. With the battles of Lexington and Concord. In what state Lexington and Concord. I can cut the. The great day. Battle began in Lexington and Concord Kentucky. However in the history books really got it wrong Wilson a Lexington and Concord Massachusetts as well. I don't know you know I guess I do and it's. Until 2000 and mourn the employees at Disney World. Who dress up as the characters they couldn't Wear the underwear underneath the house who's. They have to share underwear. And so what broke out and and Disney changed the parts. That is correct Jay give Jack grabs Ireland until 2001. You always give is their underwear above but yeah like I got crabs you get them from someone I understand that the differences on the company policies like. Come on man like I don't want ended its how. Hi there it is humid there this is freaking Florida man near their all to work every won't know where's and I don't care how did you watch it. Like whatever born on its ten times worse when an environment like that in you that these people ought to stay in cared until autism right now knowing what I know I would guess right is like a real ball Florida. Is Al doorway. People go out wall a and they in untouchable storage huge delay they Wear their bikinis they were the swimsuits follow me on this right. Yeah I guarantee you that the only carriers of crabs and Florida men. So if you got crabs you're going to get them from another man. Because when you think about where credit might have known you think about what drug backgrounds from the new gadget guys in here and it's certainly something like crabs you know. You think that I'll got a got this but haven't I mean you get them through sexual activity now have a delegate from some Jamal did you live. Somebody had sex again somebody that's never yields are you know what that you try to exact so that's kind of Hezbollah people involved only want them had sex you know I mean just spread and every element of filth people and the kid that's you don't really know the times are hard the democrats' game is big W whenever an estimated litigate. But I never know he never was it shocking that you got cramps in the student well let. Well. I don't know all I can absolutely I. I don't think of things you'll find that you see people walk out of my house before I could I believe they walked on their own power there. I didn't look human I'm gonna just say it's a great several thousand at a bottom I'm shocked and it grabs the development yeah I Democrats making under about them sex is people. But the remained under the crabs and you don't have any of the sex and get that game is big guy who is our necks in Desiree to play games and holding the assortment so. Hello Europe era. Good god hello Darryl welcome to the bedroom. Only I'm okay. Every show scary place for kids over peanuts over. I don't know where unfortunately the terrorists but there aren't different and those who do you believe to be the silver member of the show up. Well as in who do you think on the show is not high. Throughout. Notable for Stephen Drew hill you'll set to other people not voting for and I think a little bit okay we got a vote there you go one vote bachelor. Okay. You're here's your here's your question not a single NBA player has ever. More and what Jersey number. 0099. He has been our reason for this. Parent. He. Can give us an immense floods. Just haven't served our next big thing. Yeah yeah I'm. They won't you allow nowhere mobile video and cobalt Nolan is sure footed in football there's number is that high in basketball usually. Allen and just like a couple of kind of assigned to number two it breaks down your positions specifically. Yeah they just industries and athletic linemen where 69 when Dennis Dennis Robyn Moore 69 you'll get it makes it anywhere and ID six a face. If you remember about the community. A man. Her hands then rooms and a Mobo on the worm. All right is too good Obama didn't. RJ musical notes Karen here's a question and I'm only as we've this question to the makes me did I do not expect snow into this thing. OPEC. How many Earth's. If I. Thought that I got evidence goes how many earned this company or its yeah. Inside ignorance it. You sing like the size of the planet commonly heard Erik are in the right near yeah including fixed. By the size of the quake and everything about the Russian dull thing you have a very tiny little dull in the middle. And then every time you open it up like oh god look there's an all right so how many of the size of earth or lose could you fit in your reign as. The planet's Forbes. Eight Earth's enduring. 6363. Turns it inside yeah. That's a big plan. It's based France's law. And it's only when I question just for the low hanging fruit. I'm really feel bad to make you laugh or so against AC three Earth's could fit inside of a Redskins share to parents tonight. I just think about those little Russian dolls now. Juan so fine and that is the new side that we're about it goes through this thing on K okay. Little damage and then you mean you could put a piece of chocolate in the instead of the regular want to vote. A we check out my. Zero MI Edelman aren't. Decisions president now better. Black community shows lost. Our Garrett who got a good to get the shot on this question. This is messed up. So the Mets got a kids' cereal box Tony tiger all the people all the wrong so there I was looking upward or downward. To trick that they were based on what they think the kids will be approximately so they want the mascot to look like a ligament. And in regard to kids dog parent I want to super. Aren't our. Kyra I dare out tired to regular voters are delighted at this now this figure about Captain Crunch is looking down and you look you can't control their little slightly downward so the trick to make sure that at the bosses and myself to grocery stroll the mask comes to making eye contact can it. That makes sense I greeted the brainwashing all these don't know I usually do is to decide. A sometime most are generally look yeah it's down on the box he's always looking down apps into and out of Mattingly drugs to crunch berries will salute you. The salute you were migrants records is that the yeah or herbs are murmurs around the captain is definitely looking down oh I'd go grunge birds suburban. Mind loans on the tiger. I just Tony's looking down on the box or your relatives in the box out of the box office that could actually show you exactly. Your product is modeling portfolio and you go to the real deal but it got them my best are humans could very far outweighed away kid did Israel take a break and come back with a brand new contestant and more a big dummy next. Now back to the men's room. Here's the question Jim Hendry do you buy to let live resort casino in 99.9. KI ESW that's. Gap daydream I was announced with delicious Monte foods forfeit the right before the shot today it is day four of legally. How vital way you can build for who you believed to be sober on the program today text in the vote on wade week takes miles thrill tender my 277999. To vote for who you believe it is these sober member of the show messaging data rates may apply you can also vote on the Twitter poll at men's room live. It may Jenna game is big dummy Steve who is our next contestant ready to play the game. Hello among this hour welcome to the men's room. Good vibe analysts. I don't think you have sex with a this. Between Bethlehem. I'm not sure. But if anything what would be that good right there. Because he's not comfortable with the fact that yeah Mike you do again. Do all right I'm coming back a little bit you can imagine I think I know what happens whenever that's my bad I couldn't OK okay. I think half of food ahead but Melissa. And I labeled Melissa as one member and a labels. Look at the different number all right. OK okay if anyone evidence. There's. Nice work. Because I have to have the clubhouse before Melissa. T shirts. The US me five cents or death. No. No you know you have to putt I think they could go oh yeah yeah and it grabbed them and none of those wherever that may children. You wanna do such a hard at least lead going down the hallway go I'm really an entirely different actually no different. I don't play your load when her body you know we. You're trying to serve him just how big got medals in the just. Hello Justin welcome to deliver. An option. Bono at. Disney's overdose silver. On the show just who he believed to be the silver member of the program today. Ted it's produced earlier that it they'll both both on the go Ted. Jesse thank you got your back and remember we're still running for president 21 you're damn right. All right then I got here. Free skate parks on July 4 economy or scooter. Believe that our rent or order for him to do that earth is that the Jesse Lee gotta talk about campaigning up analysis should result in all markets that it up our golf familiar old memo or either depth or Monday morning compared thank you. Massacre. Newton it's not oh. In the X-Men moved back in 2000. The mansion where professor excellent and trying to meet students it's the same as the man generally don't and what Adam Sandler movie. Alcohol can hook you know it says yeah I'll I would go with the gut on this one and pseudo Billy Merritt. We're on a good. Court noted how important so that's obviously not. We'll moving to Finland mister deeds mr. Mr. deeds for instance that you didn't go to you as our next contestant to play the days also Allred who who wrote. Hello we are welcome to the mineral. Well oh. The show's over now it's over. And mark who do you believe to be fifty sober member of the program. Through here in the end of the day I think you coordinate her out next OK to vote today. Are here is your first question it is illegal to reincarnated soul. And what's Asian country without government permission. So you know before you die you might want to let them know hey man I'm going to come back and throw. Those who would you. There. Who. Utah. Country and you know I. In Asia. We're in third I was a North Korea. The back. Yeah Buddhist at that yet as a very good distance but it is checked out. Tibet what they want to do. What you say they don't know what you wore. You know anybody you later on you being go to London and a goat whatever you're getting to know that laggards and I bet the reincarnated back to Tibet don't. What artery darling marijuana go be it all from got a any additional. And bound. In Nepal entries. It Tibetan dolphins too valuable. To me circus animal search U they're treated well at the pilot. Are multiple choice. Merit more than 181400. People been relocated. By the federal witness protection program. How many of them have been tracked down by criminals. That they were hiding for 934. Or seven. The goal in good. Never think to look at very. I think sometimes too late. I don't know Henry Hill just the most famous one everything clicked after a while you're old enough where I don't know if you'd care nobody cares that. A thing about it. I don't bear out my front. Arab and do great fit my credit. Nice at Monroe Monroe sound high. I'm relax. Okay. I'm remember to pick on me. RNC. And there is question. This year and in the twentieth century. It introduced a disposable diaper. The 22 amendment was ratified at a limited presidency two terms in all I Love Lucy debuted on TV. Immediately here give me the decade. A decade. 1950. I have the fifties where Adam wrong fifties so they were or. What's it yet this gradual with no the fifties with a glorious would it lowering what will it knows what the roaring twenties the roaring one orange one now yeah. And in those announce a great thirties. I don't know that their authorities and out of the world ratsiraka yet they wanna prayers are depressed and Brett mccombs no one. Yeah yeah like how World War II which is just kind of like World War II early 30s40 new deal Brian kuril infrastructure highways all the stuff oh yeah. And I didn't see that kind of a thing in American dream by the CI Asia China into lake. That's over the last 360s. So now what do we got now over and maybe we can make your salad like let's go and where do we go to confuse. Does whose music is is the key wire the chi want and president brunch days. Bouncers what you see how your outcomes coaches don't Kid Rock I don't know. We anticipate and had had their rounds rides I act who's our next suggested that it could play the game hello Daniel welcome to the men's room. Palin you are now. Then it's over now. So I would do a fair amount. And you've got every branch and you know but it looked up I'd absolutely believe on the program is is a sober today. Hey don't put our go to Oregon did governor pat on the back there and I. Did also how old aria. I am and if he's not salute her fifteen. I'll desert thing it finally Daniel NIC is proud that's why I ask them to like the we year old you know and there you go ride a good job good messed up your kids right when you can drive I don't mean I don't make sure you're out of wield and yeah Gonzaga. Now under the bill. One more year to be so. Yeah what they have now. You know I. And I you know based on affected your fifteen you might have a better chance Andrew cracked yet the most bells will be the dumb kid. That but I want you to pay attention to something I want you to. Everyone else that you aren't so. We'll all learn a lot of the stuff for school we will certainly this. And among the 31 passes a rumor and none of those remote without incident that that's all longs to be double month in his arms Daniel weakest brilliant. Our own you know. I'm hoping that a medical years I do polar Marin do you. You're being Dario you know prospects. And valuable do you did you scope doubts in your goal is to put your lips on hers but. And yet this is a guy plans that are. Our member modern and most pharaoh faucet. Who wonderful name. Yet. You can Google or some time obviously got your father master editor Daniel yes. Oh thank you Aaron Carter at the fact he would even denies it is because of brass. I hit as your question. This was the years that the National Geographic Society was founded. Jack the Ripper claimed its first victim and Vincent van Gogh chopped off the ball or parts of his life. Who who don't quite know it may monitors and in the end of the Russian hysteria. Yeah that's right that's how important as though he means 46. I think. We only know. Eighteen it was all in our local public conflicting facts I have done I have got up and I. I'm sorry out of Aurora Aurora Colorado Paula Paula. Which are hand. It was wrong with you I'm ruling colonial. Who. There our music question here to question animals and the ability kids in school Miami got a better shot remember on this most out correctly keeps an offer I don't I'm doing that I'm Barbara Laura Ingraham Floyd man. Asked this question off season. And this year Richard Nixon was suspended. He's suspended American offensive operations in Vietnam who. The verdict of Roe vs. Wade was handed down and Pink Floyd released dark side of the moon. Oh god my mom is going to disown me if I get it's wrong no fuel to probably born there and oh yeah Cuba open and promise you if you don't mention I don't get. During the attack. As I know you went to the yeah right I'm. Gonna go and I pay for our overall 1980 full. 187 days. Did you get it kept. You know it yet respect you know I don't let me I don't. Because he's headed forward dreams. She's gonna interpret that to mean she looks younger. And continue to suddenly fifty something she'd be pissed he's an and in before bullied him into what it's OK that's OK don't ignore. I had a question accrued by the name of the worldly girls that's the name of the international association of women and watch for questions. Com who. We. We girls sit between. Women are no greater between swimming and plumbing under two different entirely tonight either one of swimming and plumbing. Com wanna look is give me license to do this for sure. It's an aviation worker driving very very I don't think so but. Daniel do you study real hard school because there's good job. Yeah exactly what we'll do that reduced her to help if. To give up. You ever watched the the Muppets. Only a couple of I guess I don't remember the two old guys that set of the media does little vote yes I feel very much like miles. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah there are. Don't out of windows televised over all the love on the terror. Group. What state what you find Dolly wood to the theme park established by Dolly Parton. Who. Amid all wars get a shot here I. Now man they are now come on no doubt he would. Be success on Alaska are not a Hawaii writes not in Florida I'm Massachusetts I mean think about the states were injured urging people to go to the state so it was probably like minded people environment she's done it was good to get the moved people. Okay California either. Oh yeah then. Very molecule here and 'cause she's a soft appears to be quite oh yeah sixty now at seventeen. Are the question. Leaders have a little time to think about what synthetic material was introduced in the 197. It's made of Teflon. But now something we weigh the state drives. And they all the label on every one of these items of clothing that you all Davida as this material they let you know and it's a black label with white lettering. Like she words. Now we have no idea how it's it's completely put my mind that I. Won't be the last may have mobile former vice president. The other B a nickname for your buddy from Texas. The. Well. I can buy and I don't know. And there's so southern. Into this tomorrow night and in just his left quartet there are gonna put stress on hold. Maybe every south always good. I doubt there will be back but Daniels miles to go to bed dramatic nine point nine KI SW Seattle.