04-20-17 5pm Mens Room finds the guilty 3

Thursday, April 20th

Shot of the Day, Profile This, TV Time with Ted makes it through eventually, Headlines and Taryn Daly guesses who is NOT high!


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So bloody day. In this series to be ready. Men's room. Just who it is. I've had an agenda visual way ahead to the very best chance even throw he'll find out nortel's yes indeed today we Charles an anonymous man from the dissimilar in China. It was I am I gonna try to say the name of the placement guys and going down. How I doubt I doubt you know you're right and then everybody people are. Are going to our time and our honoree he was constipated. We did not know for how long but. You finally decided he needed medical advice the differences he would get medical news from his medical friends. Instead it's it's people on the street. But this obviously expect a critic. Based suggested. That he lied Il inserted into isn't. Or both traditional and how did you do it. Barbecued at our. Our current Jim Brown. At all. Nature intended. Apples so the thing is really big brown river yeah. He bottoms opening. It's been pointed out that they appointee John Sharp teeth are gone. Jeez Jillian and undulating body. Wow and I don't remember. Good to anybody is designed to help them Berle rin Simms when you get image can't pull out that's gonna how this goes so he'll that this guy used by the two days a head to head the size of ping pong ball. OK. Okay. All. Hole all over the world it's. Whatever inserting a heading into long Amazon yeah after inserting the heel into his name is and immediately began to wreak Havoc in this intestinal track yeah. He's asthmatic and I dreaded world tourism doesn't like at the time to do. It would do his abdominal cavity doctors were able to say the guy's life but barely. In Chinese authorities urged the public again stop putting deals. Of the bucks for medical reasons this happens more often and show better. So they sweated all the result of having an eel and above is that there's an eagle in your blood. Mean heat as it turns out by the way it does not work for us debt humbly stated in no. Was he still constipated. Does not say but he was evident if you look at doing bong sizable head removed from. Why would you believe that every I don't concentrate at but elaborate about that's what I do. Okay seems out RB yeah. I think he's kind in the parking the whole story starts the I had went with a slate. I've constipated and I'm gonna hit the streets her vomit it's really an alcohol Y guy is what you do for concentrated like. John twelve players and eight kicker pat each leg until bush delegate. Formal or for about it I'm trying to. Average of Basra and go out. We import those boos and we drink this booze because we think it's Yani Yang. Over the tong and around the world to party at our tummies. Now and our guys are hot. If you are not allowed to announce duels export to Iraq began to dig as a CC either at the shoebox so that is Saturday June the third and those tickets are courtesy of legend attainment you as a 21 years or older in a -- specific terms KI SW general contest rules apply profile that's. On the way in minutes is miles goldmans are made I good nine KI SW Seattle. Oh I rockaholics. This is the men's room where miles and drill many nine point nine KI DS. Every show started does as well as we got profile those laboratories SEC the ratio much settled at a Saturday June the third courtesy of ledge entertainment you as a 21 or older to inner. Other than these specific terms KI SW general contest rules apply it to KI SW dot com the rules. Gay males. Men's room three cents. Yes see the through hell you please tell everyone how profile this is playing that's our damn my oldest civil game more mature at your real life new story. Something's that good right here on planet earth or earth hour. And idealism to a story based on the stereotypes you believed to be drew people and the decisions of people make. Bless you voted is you think makes the story a story hello Brent chicken man welcome to the men's room. I can't. All right I don't ma'am. And are you don't well I'm ready understand how does your game display. Yes sir fantastic here is who spoke. To credit this to our listener ripped out there he sent this my. Police are calling this the strangest crime of 117 so far. Obama was you know closed circuit television stealing pork sausages. From the discount food section and Wal-Mart. Shoppers then saw her running into the women's bathroom where she stayed for at least one of them. Finally security decided to investigate and as they entered the bathroom they were shocked to discover. The woman was pleasure rehearsals with one imports also saw him. We'll talk about it I'm. Yeah yeah I got I don't need to respect the picket. He can get excited at at at at at this hour. We have to current and quote I cannot believe what I was seeing when I asked him to stop doing Richard is doing. She looked me straight in the eye if you did it continue to victimize who's the sausage. Due to the fact that you with a quote big girl we decided it was best that. We call the police to do this matter to Pope before police officer to run 35 minutes. Finally restrain those woman who's eligible to have overrule it won't leave me alone. I can do what I want in front meanwhile the saw. Jealous and I think it's a noisy as a resident card for shoplifting and indecent exposure. Later released on bail them failed to throw the court in album to warn apparatus. But looking for a they know to looks like if you believe she's actually watch it Meissner is. Men non. Where there would you still happen. As to who won't martyr you know Manhattan out of the suit. Just they would brands hostages. Yeah us does and doesn't brings us do we know if it's that John town hall talks brown Sargent bill mild attack beating. I don't know with a hook. We'll hope civil movement very little movement is not an immediate and you know hope but the picture of known and unknown guys that can do things I don't and I know what I ignored this and it doesn't do is favored candidate commercials or its equipment the first half past the I. What do you really got me. I want I think I was thinking white when I think Wal-Mart the you you know I don't well immediately you know it but I mean everybody likes pork sausage. Some of the mother's Italian but probably more than others that tonight and now the case. Obviously know what I I don't read I have a theory here that I'll argue it I. She stole like pounds of beef sausages right Sony dollars' worth. I don't know you don't commit. Aaron. Senate. They're does not say thousands of months. Cops. I thought messianic hope to arms full sausages. Just cruised around the door and I does stealing some pork sausages him. I either way she stolen she got Ollie to the bathroom they don't really notice to hurt his use making time I think it's got to be a white woman we love song that is why people. What are we environment I am I I do love so much from Johns revealed I what do you think and a way to get up to only go away go like my final answer. White final I gonna find out just like WiMax Eurasian next that was fatigued. Pulling nine KI SW. I just drove by the scenario Wal-Mart. Today a woman who was busted she was and the caring so bloodless pork sauce. Yes that's right apparently took that into the woman's bathroom at that point in time started to use the pork sausage and plays at the 4000 was probably not meant to be produced you gentlemen ladies and Natalie that's exactly did I can guarantee that house produced. Not just sort of announces new stadium. All things. Lauren ran Q did you believe this woman the black white 248. Agent you went with the white. You know look good bush. All right. Sad fly moral black. Colonize right now on your way to see see their dual 642 on runs either she'll box although Saturday June 3 you must be 21 or older. Two enters a Multi Color non right now to a 6421 run I got the baseball on tonight's hockey playoffs and NBA blouse or anything else it is time cruelty be time Mateen. And now. Find did countless hours in front of the talking and the and presents. Ten. Do any damage had brought to vice city TV more ways to get more entertainment and Sony screen pledge of illicit episode is your favorite shows the city are demanding time anyway. At all 100 acidity but he predicts that it meets. Yes. That's appropriate. Broken glass every yet this week's crazy. While we give him twelve week lots of going on out there. In male thing about food. No not not yet our act you are yeah OK yeah. What's so got a good evening and well it's George dreams right now either sushi. Or back in cheeks. And then there's good between room. Look at the nineteen questions got to be asked. American geez man wasn't say it it's only a matter of time for Mac and cheese ends up in front and roll some sort right you've already deep fry and it. They connect geez following American cheese sushi will. You doubt this won't happen. It will never have that I don't want some are ready they are right never happened. Never be a regular menu I mean anyway I don't think they're not gonna rapid rise tonight and Iran are not gonna battery dry season and rise but Imus say I feel like a macaroni and cheese roll has to exist if some suit videos and knowingly and wrap your fish in a macaroni and cheese. Fish in my grounding into Roth mission macaroni and came at outlets in front of America I'm telling us will never happen. So usually a stronger and are there are no I would need this. HJ area there's cheesy rice. So home theaters but the strategies and she has a lot of copyright. 100 say wanna put rice Iran had grown very good morning from the ERM merits. Yeah I disarray last that would matter I I tell you at some point they'll do it our guests. So. The last night or not last night. Yesterday we talked a little bit about Bill O'Reilly I finally got her not finally be released him of his duties he got fired death. Pieces. So Bill O'Reilly. Gets fired so when he signed off last week right. He says he's going on vacation this and and people were kind of like it seems kinda odd days gone on vacation. Right now. My god I'm like man I think his buddy if I. It's a planned vacation always said that no one ever says it's a hit land vacation because any vacation you go on obviously takes planning yeah placing its edible food. If you're never surprised I'll give up hope. But yet but that's what I give you were gonna win a vacate Andre that's only time I plan to think of quicktime red river is that I do know one. Ella and is going on occasion right now mr. bribery god no idea I've taken one of those non planned vacations. Didn't like so that's the funny here's the hard lately and I've got no say nobody now that you know he's been fired right. It's kind of funny to listen back to the audio look at the clearly sounds like somebody who didn't plan a vacation to the he mentioned that he planned it and then they're like hey what's even have a contest. They have a contest and it's like he's he's going on vacation this is is also not act we didn't know it at the time but this is his final sign off at. I contacted the day off around this time a year. I grab some vacation because it's spring and Easter time last hole I booked a trip that should be terrific not gonna tell yet where it is the we have a contests on the Laura dot com guess where bill's going to have a full report when crazy turn. Here's back to the day if you could possibly take too good trips a year then refresh your life. We all we are are put it to good use planet the one who don't are on the road almost deserve the breaks and make sure you take yours. Almighty god. I'm saying it just kind of weird analogy no that's his last wouldn't be where it all part of that heavy like oh my god or the U he's been put on leave it right yeah knowing that there's there's no doubt in and look if we worry when everything about bill Riley away and I understand it. Like anything else and it's just. The verbiage is not it's it's not normal. Thank you if somebody says to me like I did not do good and now like what do you mean where Raza you know an insight. It's a different way the approach that. Yeah so did Roy you talk about things first of all typically when you go on vacation time and and and broadcast everybody pay attention. If if we don't say something about tomorrow. Or the next day and we are on vacation but. We typically try not to tell you that. Because. We were on vacation we play what they call a rerun. Now you might not have heard that show when it originally aired. But god then we need time off due and I know you probably would like to pressure we turn on to tell you that so that occasion hadn't heard that show you can listen anyway yet and here's a guy like. Got his you know as soon as you let me go watch in killers on the right. And they bring somebody out they go like I just had the best Halloween and guy that's a rerun. You don't DMZ even if you emcee and I and I stick with a shows and watch him but Embree and in the world of broadcasting. The idea if it's a capital. The idea is is their sound that we don't try to make it obvious every apps and we are taking vacation. So just understand that the principle of saying you're going on vacation. Is complete he would've run and he re peach show he would not have had a guest host regular. So yeah I mean. I'm just say it is only you understand that which I know we have arsenals were on the inside but just understand that no one goes like on vacation you know not parted like I notification freeway. Yeah I speak for me the funny comments just like I planned this back in the fall credit exactly I think. Well you don't really is that they had a vacation I planned governor just I don't know ago but yeah I I guess it. Either way both things we need they need to see him on vacation we know it involved pace wasn't that I zero I don't I'm Jimmy Fallon will be a vacation all next week so you know we're here and reruns LC a couple but still relax a little history of broadcast journalist. I so here's another one with an a list now I don't I don't know what happened before and after so I don't know if Kathleen Gifford is really pissed at Belmont. But it seems like she's trying to yet you heard me Kathleen Gifford. Yes sorry TV I know I know you Lee Gifford. Yeah I I know we're we can be brunch the other poll got that Obama had an animal like a rag are Obama definitely lean deceased I'm also really occurred. But if she knows he bronco two is yes that's Reggie David secret doesn't like two years that your rate ever jumped up when you. Let's close yeah really think it's happening didn't we didn't and I opposite. She's she's interviewed original high obviously bill not a height is not drunk. But okay he's not drunk number one and he's a scientist's right to Mosul well. All right sorry he's billed as Bill Nye the Science Guy guests ladies and apparently he has against scientific. Harry. So one thing about science I don't know bit of rain every knows this the day. Science can give you definite answers but there's also a lot of things are kind of gray areas you know we just you just don't know about her like past art. So slow the certificate of the okay we know it's Kathie Lee I was once a yes you know if they're from bill by she finally get basically she forces him say yesterday. Now what about the black flower no such thing they're very close some sort of dark for hours but I guess they're not quite black union guess your build I to okay it's okay a yes there are no black fly Hugh Dillon thank you grown so there's a good thing I know at times I sat. It's surprising why not soak up all the sunlight apparently corps feels the best evolution to do here we are here we are royal. Our vegetables happy earth AD news. Critics wondered if the corporate and you know it's take out of that. I'm now able yards out little precedent but a lot of luck but there is a lot of dark flowers as a black guys are now you're about out of time to act. The effect. I'm here I actually did. Yeah I don't know like every time I've seen that show they have champagne in front of them yeah. Are like white but it could be just say hey there went my tweets about Jesus and they don't drink but it's sad that sounds like a woman that had a few drinks yellen that all we have not however don't we'd we'd you know write him at the break. I mean c'mon dude isn't black flower yes or no. Who gets tired of the virus if it. I never put. Psychedelic. He got a cast their views up FaceBook you can check out this full video right it's late in it's a little bit longer it's got a got a lot of great stuff when they were basically somebody just Petit there collection. Of blooper rehearsed but. Like pot bloopers that had been on whose castle some of the show here is people getting interviewed on the news so that is newscasters themselves. And it just they'll have to do someone that. Somewhat slightly. They relief for you to come off without a. Josh Hamilton's biggest melanoma the field yeah. Yeah you're Smart that's a marijuana laden. Hours and then the fans and our blog marijuana was watching. The World Series. Six C and DOJ and harness about it. Yeah slightly in Milan. I'm sure they'll slip a slightly in the war on yeah now why he didn't and it was pretty rough out there our hearts are right. It just hasn't in the window that was close my wife and I thought marijuana. That a little bit of the limited. Yeah I can't even I don't know how did this I think we're done. I haven't I don't know we may well be hit a record that I'm going by really really really really well. 4 minute high noon eastern half tons of heroin opium hashish and all of narcotics. Couldn't do and we'll welcome. Him. He flew into the yeah. Wow I mean behind him being a huge huge bush of of opiates and Merrill on its own inquiries and he got caught it I mean smokers don't struggled and I hit a patch and a huge quarter of it it's not me that's legit reaction when he does the but the difference yeah and the heat. Once that first when did the Alley did not remove him like he's not getting through that newscast. Alma. I think I hit behind me hypocrite any key. The sentinel and Michael Jackson tickling the Pillsbury Doughboy me. I 2000. They are just. When foreign. I sticking with the theme of we'd week it went hot a incidence of and that's what. But Canada. Number one candidate what's up. That I got from unity and unity have passports I don't Obama get one. And get their share Davida yen or two other people well pitted a man I mean they still far away that prime minister. So good luck as a kid. So I believe me it's the attractive he's also do what awesome stuff which is legal hot hazy and how marijuana in Canada. And there Jimmy Kimmel I had some thoughts on. You know if this is something in Canada Canadian prime minister drug Justin Trudeau was dreaming by the way I. Really introduce a major legislation say that would legalize marijuana for recreational use all throughout the country all throughout Canada. They must really want Seth Rogan back is on him. This was one of his campaign promises it's expected to pass the Kurt punishment for being caught with pot in Canada is. Cops saying hey maybe don't do anything. So candidates about to become the Stoner living in America is that they can run the. I mean I go out there Tim bits. The whole thing it could could continue you should make a trip I know I should go up that. All the planning. The Cooper river river right. Let's see you wondered what these. Member of the most Eckstein in the world Turk has feel about the new one. Well I don't write coliseum as much similar deal and had about a British compared to you know the original. I solo the new one might abide by that he is the most interesting in the world may easily give the guy was in fact interest in them and say there's something about his look may have just as he was the first but any. I think the rules and I think the fact that he was more older and established looking I think that added I get the idea of doing a younger one. But as I colonel Sanders we don't care than it is on the colonels and again and I don't care that journalist met with the weather that guy. But it matters to him yet another good legacy you know these memories and thank you by just like I'm too young to have as many life experiences as is not right there aren't the older guy he's been there held back. Right in the older guy late he could Wear that suit in the club and get away with it but I had no interest in mamet he's not older guy yet but he's not like. Early twenties guys you just look at. That's a saying I'm going to be the most interest are made in the world I'm not positive he's oxygen my Canadian club my be the most interest a model of Milan but you know he's not the most interesting manner yet you don't got a world ranked. We're gonna betterment of the zone an area. What do you think the older guys perhaps it. Not only my dream girls. Who's with. I've just seen it and I like okay I come and tap him. He's hanging out with the did you hear me out and I if anything but dose. They would George Zimmer. If it. That's the depth into the but he they had some of those commercials to. It's like he wasn't even like just like yeah I'm awesome and all of the second is like I was turned beaten but I do you know. But basically it means places in the only had the contract. You don't have mixed drinks and damaged. It goes I would take a Diet Coke know and I'm not a somewhat no lemonade. Crude quoted him great. OK then don't say case. So I don't always drew a feisty woman who if you particularly with the vets what they have I'd had it if you had an old flat wanna. Okay isn't even the platoon but cow pasture now for those case with a title Sunday night happy hour wait what about. Over his name is Jonathan Goldsmith. Can you with. Yeah they're a little. If he keeps. These judges beer truck that's all of them forever and I still get what he's got a pretty geared. It was nice because they please and beer contests rob beard nobody really to raise 30000 dollars here's the funny thing right. Contestants were judged in three categories. Urban beard. Freestyle. And backwoods. Okay and the thing I have a pretty good picture in my head what that is. You would be backwoods. All you think care. Do hope you're. Urban beard and it's because they distribute the will look clean you out everyday and that I know. Would you not agree with backwoods Beers are go backwards for. Armon. Thought the school her big beer of that though there are other good news is way woods is is backwoods beard do you mean so there's shoulder man while I'm sure. I do Datsyuk and a backwards against him a drink your alcohol are at it gay rights or made about a viking culinary had a bit c'mon. The bill for us yeah all right. Has ruled a boat across the sea by yourself. That would be off I got head to make me but for her height. Kind of dog and they do whatever now at the dogs look off camera on the boat the raincoat on we're gonna dog too while. Now. Very big. Down nation. I think they don't have that. At Al made a rowboat with a damage in his and a big dalmatians. Work okay exclusively on fire trucks. It was their revered of the true that your isn't it odd that it at the underdog Andre and I know it's the third or got a clear there's going to be a panicky metadata beard Jody what air that is only somebody. May the dumbest bred dog in the world the new way in the front looking ahead bill would. Couldn't get it couldn't they get dumber individual dog and there's no dumber dog don't hunt in the world the dog in my head records go for it. Are all well with apple takes it okay German vote. He yeah I expected that the senator. You know I might go ahead go look at the news. Why am I instant news might come. At night apparently Sylvester Stallone hasn't been to sit here about his phone has all three of his daughters. Still the phone number of Lian Hemsworth out of his phone now I know you won't call you old student one of the sisters apparently did tell all bloodied and answers and the mood move. Going bold goal lead. And daughters dollars. Lulu will lure. The one that the oldest is twenty. Who met Carl wanting any team that only seven years old yeah I don't eat all you can be famous that your kids should be kids deal off shore. Yet I know all the politics in the latest of seemingly never ending a streak of threats made by North Korea. They have threatened that they will launch a quote silver might be brief and to strengthen more Akamai when I think it's. They'll reduce tree at the end the US actions super super duped or Hitler book and wearing. Super mighty but you know just Hoover we will do he soup books in person. I arousal recent book do book to pursue. It's super super super super. We will support them I don't lose today will be super. It or otherworldly dominatrix that describes itself as ruthless was arrested after he had been discovered. To have been blackmailing her clientele for money. All boys. Does she she told one man that if he didn't pay you wouldn't you like send it. Photos and videos and he gets what I it. Guess what he did he pay the money he paid the money they guess and she did she said she did anyway and this is also threatened to send this kid Alia. Am I right there ruthless tad ruthless relentless. No no on the roof with image and affected her name was ruthless bitch did it now I left that part out yes. Perino only my name of Ruth Lou bid ruthless plus side bets. And ruthless army side approved lieutenant museum this photo that's Saturday and saying erratic. You certificate to prove they live. And really say new hood caution fall youth and I'm Brad all is I don't know what they weren't fooled. I couldn't prove who lived a club Matt bit it bit. They were in my I have. You but I other worries rescue girlfriend or think through for its pages. The Marines automation to wreak will relocate 1000 tortoises. Apparently there is there aren't spending fifty million dollars to gather up these 11100 or so tortoises. And move on to a different location because they are expanding their the program. I'll wells there that. Somehow remove bad bout. Why in the world of entertainment tennis star Serena Williams has decided to step away from the sport for awhile stem shortly after the news of her pregnancy. And eventually win some the monsters are a burden. I think she was yet a couple months pregnant anymore animal we've some two and a major episodes when I am and a she's a piece he played great athlete. Yes I those sports or give the west tonight demanded an ugly I think if a woman is a good looking the other as far as the host and G. Forgot that there and order record he's been in the headlines tonight live that. The black guy we've got good day for all week we weir okay great comeback and find out the one who's sober member of the program along with a lovely Terry Neely right after the oh. Now back to the men's grill on 99.9. JE IU SW public turned Daley joins us today 40 we'd wake. Yeah I want there. We we try to we try to do things well but differently every day if we could and Garrick and you as a so each day we try to do something different as far as the dynamic of wheat week. I had a double one offs on Monday and Tuesday Steve guy got pretty baked the beginning of the week for debate down and then from there mainly yet yeah Ted Mike Hough but basically stable we did was we'd drew from that hat. The one name of the one member of the show who would remain sober and therefore the other three members of the show. Would go out and get high actually only to win out and got high the other wind aided edible. So. Doesn't buy what you know. Doesn't know what you know who would you say I Jared is the silver member of the program. You are right that is absolutely around here. Clearly showed that as well Michael I also have to say that I think that. The real and 1080 became more sober because they were so concerned about young my copies you can only. I like I know you are you okay and I'm I'm doing good man I'm I've bounced back all right George for a while. I have never been that high in my life and I knew her and I think you'll make an insult back is now again like three different time zones don't often times. Oftentimes lower on the area if you need something or the other question whatever is going on. You'll give it yeah the Telecom and there are no shoot back to a Jason AKA VD an auction here god that's Leonard iron does Seattle are. I don't know I don't mean to try to give you the best advice Kentucky down from alleges that whenever it is it is all but apparently he was communicating with you quite a bit to us today. Once I started taking notes because Mike was quite high. And I thought this I need to hold on these kids they are good all right so you've got to some of the things that he said to you today while high. I can't feel my body and it's like I'm going through live jello yeah. All the I keep forgetting to focus. I can't it's. Stay in the press as an anti. I keep forgetting that answer the phone and fifth. How fast were they talking speed and oh god isn't it. At 4 PM go to my it is very straight ahead Ilya stone faced over the injury happened. That I can't focus on anything right now this is bad but it is and this is a ban had turned man I. There's more like there's more than other areas I there's more hype. I keep losing track of time I can think that I'm stuck in time but I'm not it's the street yesterday. I sit there in worried about it and I don't know how the time went by so fast or slow it. Or whatever. I know I'm overreacting. I just want this to go away yeah. Beautiful as everything I had eggs. I don't know how big everything he asked me how long it would last doesn't do I I don't I don't know everybody I don't. Hello Jared Allen is ended his career out here on C a perfect day five of we'd week. Bad choice Friday Ted vs the FCC and banjo Friday Elson for a tomorrow if indeed it is all through attorneys then we output like miles. We're back tomorrow so until then please do what you do best and for a leave the site. They had. Rumor has been paid before hello I. My studio audience who wardrobe and makeup provided by Manchester limited. Minute presentation knows. Truly feel that way.