04-20-17 Meat & Potatoes

Thursday, April 20th

Today Ted's Meat & Potatoes is all about those munchy foods


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I didn't open why. It out not just an exciting week here in the meant that I was an exciting week in the kitchen as well. Deseret you know thank you have you ever been indicating you know goes on in there a lot lot of stuff at in this legislation. Yeah I got a couple different things for or. Our governor things where this week you have the ten most popular us Macs or people that are a little bit higher if you will. But I also got some healthy ideas of fast food we can talk fast fast from France. Who's got the best pass from Kraft says that really relative to it fast food frat. Because certainly from like Georgia that's who fast. At the residents fast food Fries I'm gonna say five guys. Yeah approach and I didn't start out fast food outlet and blog you brought it up and down thing about French Fries McDonald's he can't go wrong with a French Fries Burger King changes or Fries up quite a bit. And are normally on a Arby's has curly Fries with there seizing curly Fries that's a strong goto like yeah. As I would say between five guys and the RBC's and curly Fries and a completely wrong I'm sure. Actually you debt right on the all right. No O line is our. Collection of prize needed to standard fry Carl rides they do a good job yeah. Lot of options and lots of going. Number two on the list is the McDonald's for. Yeah okay until the Dallas yet without his likeness the gold standard is the gold stand command and there was pretty quality good. After that five guys which you mentioned Coca at chick filet. I want a lot of the waffle the rubble fry yeah like a village of shape alone gets import sometimes though when you get that that lawful prize it's like all potatoes canned. You know I mean it is is not as good grab all the talented little the latest pinky toe with a potato run sucks yeah but what usher. Yet outlined its its just true. Potato week. Glued to French and I didn't it's yeah. 8 o'clock French Fries gives them little slack but like French Fries streak is their fried and stuff generally flaky nail cases. That it Hillary you sort of say a man. I'd like hear me out it's like when you take the onion out of the onion ring aren't I does the united. Items rights spoke about the batter. Incensed some like put up with a the French eat super bride. It's morally is that the data that's it's more pertain to Oakland file yet. Wayne. Believes there's a pale and yeah we got there. The other usual suspects are on the front lists you. Shake shack I don't think about it and check for a shake shack. Also grow like the old Jake Jack negative you go with his. Maybe you move. In those parents that you don't make it out that's it takes it. What do burger won a burger if it. Or your enterprise are pretty good at Michigan the prize yes a dead yet Steak N Shake. Call overs and then White House yeah most of those I have not met with him. Yeah how would you into the white castle I remember the time a little Burks. Getting a prize and others. They tell us up there too I mean it's one of those things everything's really mini there. You eat punch of him you know get back out of the fatal for its full of negativity. It's straight hamburgers and small expletive yeah burger run. That man the beauty that whole bag of mini candy they. Yeah I think it. But I. But no I didn't have chocolate today ahead leftover chocolate eggs from Easter group think policy. And kept completely completely different. All right so now generally every year to kind of hear lists like this as Jeff himself in and it gets Bradley and it. But I like this list it's a little bit updated. Comes both from fashionable. To pass the ball. To him. I also think about eight years for it. Both leaders are outfit it was the numbers violated the ten most popular snack for people that are high. Which direction you're going today how we're gonna go traditional outfits are the and OK I think and also. Under ten. I had to stay here and would you not reach for a ticket office there yes absolutely. Right an eleven hour formal delivers one of four amused at all yet. All right now remember this is an updated list of some of these flavors and candy human and indeed from the Coca. He Ben and Jerry's 109 DO ice. Did not know that cookie dough in the ice cream note tonight though actually his tonight show that you Jimmy Fallon and a half flavor I'll yacht doesn't tonight you know this is legitimate follow IC with needed there. Yeah like tonight show but tonight tell ya get it. That I originally it was supposed to be like crush a potato chips covered in chocolate and then at some British Open but. I think they might change the flavor I'm not a lot they recovered. Chocolate covered proposals. Like that in there I'm not sure what's in their by a lot of people like it. In and check the Modano left. Under. Your perennial favorite. Breezy cups yeah yet though the traditional recent cups I love what I asked are you one that he too wanted to time. You bite. I've item about a regular his whole line property much airman suitable way if your whole life. The authority of slip. Up at the he got the white chocolate dipped because if you don't hold or will hold the Britain. Restated butter cups are delicious. Flaming hot chi X I'm not just regular cheetah as cute governors don't man definitely like okay Paladino or okay. I prefer the flame out of which your favorite cheat. The the original with class cricket that it. So it's nerds were. And they're broke. At the budget nerds can be made to a long stick. Open but it sounds appealing for you I wouldn't say I certainly hope it'll do what what the original argument aren't getting it doesn't want you. If DeGeneres debt. Analog stick part. Now to our guards and terror I don't. I chuckled name of time. Our Borough didn't abatement at the Borough are on the ferryboat or don't know that back. The islands and ferryboat gummy bear Erica. She took. It all that on dessert. I took this I think goldfish are bigger than cheese it's in the world that cracker oak and they'd probably get stuck in it. I just with a similar those blast. Chatter you know Pepperidge Farm things your argument but it won't be it would follow that she's part of sort of problem for the good of the gold finish. Goldfish are peppers and it. I got an exact so let them think. He has earned thing red team that more people buy goldfish and she's in a box that she's it's easy mogul I don't know them and I think cheese it's the classic and of people that are hired just like this as a mile and a club crack. You know I mean I don't let you are today are Rhett they're delicious buttery and aesthetic. But if it yeah. I was sick of weeks ago I bought a crack at ridiculously cheap this. And I've got my thoughtfully about Alliedsignal is. Mike glad your back through the list. Suites as well yeah get the best fish all the Landis we'd want. You sounded to me. There. Yeah donor foods these Monty for the top ten minutes mad about the kids become well it's not up much. Oh really. The what number Aaliyah on. The ball on number one. And I. Don't mind about it Gerri have. All right a plastic absolutely thank you so much as if we presume and I noted delegates that.