04-20-17 No S#!T Sherlock

Thursday, April 20th

Headlines throughout the week that just make you say it


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RO Steve throw hill. Colmes the globe think they're looking for stories and headlines stray. Now it Sharon my. Renton man rested or eleventh. Do you line called quote grave danger to community. And she's not there. Report reveals decades of sexual abuse. And an elite boarding school well be monkey's uncle. Sherlock and that's the president now I'm going. And its lead. Study majority of Americans that say they smoked marijuana or parents. GOL kickers are you kidding I cannot believe that notion Sherlock argent and homey. They veteran. Somebody told me quote the only day it's like a performance enhancing drugs for in a pair as of the whether it's program moment. There are lots of those cartoon McNown he has yet but what's the build a plea they blocks that you're stoned to make. Darren ma'am he's black but if you don't know what your farm man non technical department you'll make the black people watched the card to the stories right if money. You know. There's no telling knock knock joke from eighteen times they'll. Psychedelic drugs the Marines entered the higher state of consciousness and calls into it means to say oh. Aren't. Well Republicans and it. Cycling to work cut cancer and heart disease it's. Fat. Ass. Every week with. At. Why can't they just some of the X the hate jogging on your hard. Riding your bike to work Oprah. And you don't walking if you like they exercise. Just make one studying and the actions. Did you crack yamana incitement to where it's going to pay off an audit work the other way. We continue. Philippine tourism secretary says mass killings of advertise railway well. Doc and let's you're trying to appeal to bird would easily the boys. Greens most teams associate school board and a. No yeah. Fat and. And the battery. And it never goes isn't that assumption is that the Jerusalem yet. That day soon as in Estonia. There're certain subjects you'd like more than others but overall I'm so it's a blow an update to pay attention. It was once of the way. You know 45 baskets and quick arm of course bore. Get a favorite here. The bravery and how films or 40. Yeah. That act. How that I have but the big lake yeah. We know that. I just it just makes me angry. But even up to management eating and Jon and how I like but that hard. At a time when you have a friend that has no job he's got everything you like what are you doing drugs are on me as soon. NYPD treating death judge found in Hudson River is quote suspicious yeah. Show. It was swimming. Meego they were dead so that my PD says hey man attitude adjustment and floating face down in the Hudson. I'm suspicious about Hulu. And those that they are much what he has at least there in those ready something is suspicious call this one in a Baghdad there on. But because after the year's show on it and New York that who's get indicate I damage it stops. I'm suspicious via. Ownership of O'Reilly Factor drops without below right. No hack. And. About it. You don't you look around when he's not on his show they don't. Well that there is no. Room Kenton. Study says Hillary Clinton's TV ads were almost entirely. To. Play well. And we could that then this is just insane and it. No there let you know now while you row. They've done a recent -- they watched them and if it too late. It's too late and I daytime highs in the way our teams. You know it next week I'll probably an update on that very question. But I semis he's he's it's me bad neighbors Jean well kickers are you kidding I cannot believe that notion. Cheryl PCs it's it's. The headlines in case you. When they wrote that if it seems it's. Bad neighbors and they didn't report I wouldn't. I'm really you know a thing about a month ago about minority they're there deep commitment store would you date. On free minority of one another regardless. Of who they don't want lived a double B fresh every Tuesday in Florida and ignite. How'd you get that new house well I didn't get a pay raise but it's accidentally. Left. The good news. Good news in August you'll have three or four stocks corn growing out there and but I made it up every fertilized you won't have the winner of that corner me last year to barbecue run on that bit. I think of piracy but to crawl was the biggest damn gore grabs a and they wanted to beat Atlanta do it and it. It is celery lettuce article bill peppers. In order. To support for. It because he. Study finds that differences in brains of men and women. At that. Sherlock. I don't I am getting it. Even if you can handle your boots are still Europe and driving. And show how when he different ways that we need to save room and we got him enough. Pete's plummeted in popular Saturday in the east a better Easter candy options well the monkey's uncle I. Yeah yeah regular of the mind you know I got through about them. But no jelly. Yeah Ronald. In front headline army in the world. United Airlines have a job posting up for a new public relations manager. Look. I can say whatever it will take Greg heads Evans canals we'll come back a little dead meat and potatoes and today. The hedge you have all about the longitude that's up next.