07-14-17 Seg 3 - The Mens Room Plays with the Monkeys

Friday, July 14th

EMails, Ted is 18-6 Against the FCC! Plus Bad Jokes and the Shot of the Day!


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This is dumb men's room. Listening to its real. The third starter Ted vs the FCC will get those bad jokes ready to go as well our question today as a woman. And California woke up because of amount line jumping through window and on her head of what was it the bloke you look at Georgia we decide to come from woman to sit and years ago she woke up. To her boyfriend masturbating machine using his paid. Really using her name using her and using her hand relentless ads differently on the also causes a man when when you pull that move will someone else's Santa told a Dutch runner who thought he'd much rather. He could. Look for a cup of black pepper but I think it. That they would doesn't touch rhetoric is so that's what happened in Amsterdam the Dutch I'm going to so. But at that I don't think it's only some of love and never even thought of the few good people's movement among people who don't drummer. You may notice I think will be very uncomfortable. That's a plan and your hello Bob welcome to the men's room. All I. OK okay. We'll let. You look weak second. What's that now. And I think I look. Pretty good in policy ya ya wanna give that away big east game mattress coming did an absolutely great if there's a picture that he didn't then yeah the current. You put a picture of your data on at least the guy that's you know does that you can compute. Yeah you made that the real reason why can't Lowell apparently good night during injury. I have no no Irish. No no no no known I don't know who they do that. A way that Glen after what can I headache cataract and I give flaky growing getting denser because that I was screwed up anyway. And they'll bunny got tour I don't fingers and about navy's seriously thinking. And so they want to do it normally they do is breaking up and look at all of the land on my case say because now. The surgery took place long and I look up now quick healer and where you obtained. I can feel it and the and that discipline Miguel said there's nurturing speeding my hand a squeeze my hand. And Hillary a lot and I would feel like clam down and he'd be going key steal and that. Wait a minute or did they know you're awaits. All he knows how annoying yeah and see if he'd you know. Do they did they think maybe putting your aspect of sleaze like hey man you know you're trying to get everything done so we dollar dollars and landing get music out there. I didn't have any pain involved I was awake when I had only six surgery back in 97 and that was that was that was for you to pay masters on the west is now. Yeah exactly Bob do you did did you have to lay among those massage tables and keep your head straight through a hole for like weeks after that surgery to make sure that your your stuff what heal correctly. Lull but basically you've done a diabetic on transplant maddening aspect and I had to Wear a metal plate over my. I put all giggled and look for. RPI and community if you do you're crazy enough you don't mean and now you got this thing on your face a metal plate Diana. Yet it gets smaller and it bit me it will play united I didn't. I Deion like our night activity you got to remember some of the Bob there's nothing creepy here on planet earth that do not address this. Nothing is more disturbing than that I don't know why that is the most disturbing thing in the world. It is. What about a loan with an iPad you can't stop you know the guy with the iPad just you know you then you wanna ask the obvious question every once a while my buddy mark who have worked with he had a tough time getting in his his his little whatever odd that he pop in his otherwise I'm Maria. And sometimes it was like he was either being cleaned like he put it and I don't contact solution is I mean who wouldn't get infection what are its face look like when you pump iron out. A hole a little honored we're holds items that dude man okay so the weirdest one was an okay singer who knows I came on the air after him there isn't help. And I guess I'm not really paying any attention to what's going on. In the hot line rings in and radio on the hotline rings and I just did a break. So in the hot line rings that means that one of two people or call and you either the boss both wrists and Guizhou sets on the stupid and I'm still a question when I had just done and it's an hotline rings. And Mike. So picking up first there's a Mike and you're supposed to and a Mike and toppled I'm market. This place and delusional she bought every day is an environment of my answer those those so then that. Sought I ignore it. And then it it fires back up again and in my. That's pick up the phone iPod line. The most debt. These mark mark without a medal thank god yet men you know guys replaced on the air balloon. In the it did prove. Do in my eyes on the console. Mark on all 30 god yeah. It's our job is not good at it doesn't nerve the polar prize he asked asked if the disk drive series comeback to get right now I would hit that oh god. And I'm looking at it and it's so real Obama saw god and it's just sit there it's like a half you know well look you back all right all you can gold thing if that's how I do come get your odd man bleed easier though to human growth removed road record they did you go Brad. Dravid how long hello was love that they're like 45 minutes is marketed as my confident like nobody's business and large delegates June. Did you touch no hell no hell no I well. No no I mean. We cannot stop looking at the I think it I mean because Jesse it. If it's the hair did you poker with a pen now in order that you don't want infected you know those one of the things that was it was kind of like these are the story was that all little radios don't like little dish to look like babies and you would put like a ligament in gardeners have an of Canada one little plastic things snap together but I had a touch. Some demand I mean I don't know played much attention to give go to Bible and a what teller look you up. But it list item. And I edit it out ride out this guy you are better. Did you dvd. Player them do you CU doesn't studio from where you are. Fellow. Lieutenant Harris welcome to the newsroom. All garbage or rock or ma. There are huge aren't you know mall early primary car I've got ideas and Arizona irons hey it got you bad grade you got BR million murmured you're there tomorrow. Do primitive but they're not guys aren't we bone marrow. Willow looked up their money. Our. Really a good day barrier or brother. Yeah Leo. I went and bought a brand new RE gala at the most like. Yeah I got to the hours after it in Bagram lactic. Power to bear but two of them more and all the sudden. I hear my advice fire and out Eric you know rev it up in the garage yeah I'm gala apple way you know I realize. Oh crap from the parent nomads might do not like you are pretty stark naked so I grabbed my 45. RY I know someone that was spared. I know but not I mean I got that they are Aubrayo light somebody you know what bailout by Colin. Ultra dark turn a light side and I am every mile eight bit not by reverend upstart made it out and it darn. What worries she may give under Harley and how Long Will take you start having sex. Well wireless data gear you don't hear that the vibration to a certain bank didn't. And he wanted to find out Aaron I mean now I went back what they're low laid bare in about fifteen man where's he come upstairs. And I had yellow peril might. Well they're golfers admission. You are yeah but I still want smarter we don't talk America. And turn our emeritus at all as executive. There's a brand new Harley of them. Certain shape and staying that would do a little daddy what have I don't worry about. But to Mobil's latest target that's one ever gets any players unless tutors for a lot of sales out here this could hook hook I car. It's the fact Chad someone put the oyster when you're saying I think that. To our. The raw oyster do you think it would little Q upgrade for porn number and not Kentucky Coppola. Most likely they look that some would try to go guidelines on your money if it didn't get it could affect. Hello Peter welcome to the men's room. And how how you ship appears on. A very good and our own. So for me I know is living down in California a few years ago and the my bloodiest Beno rhetoric plays and either really really blind like you guys very big glasses. Oh. That he daughter couch. And angry gentlemen I'd record some didn't buy it. Come into our room at about 7 AM wake me up together. Yeah I think there's some law and on your couch. And I'm just break in album unlike what it what do you mean someone's art couch. Well yeah I don't know. And we go out there and they is this just passed out little bureau command honored challenge them homeless guys they really didn't think. And the class move yeah I had my visit to the old man get really short old man and his. Notably Canada pastor around her little touch wit my blanket on him. Bob yeah. I'm into monster when he's my body can't breath I voted like okay well well well are getting their. Ahead I guess my friend does it. I heard someone else what are my other roommate had gone out there. And taken the blanket over them and input on the other acknowledged that like at seven Bly and now. He the guy came and took the blanket off of my friends and put garlic counter drugs there and you would have went and when he woke up. I'd go. The only got a little dugout yeah. OK so after recounting gets. I like your mother earlier we go to the kissing my case. My really really tiny little room eight egos finger I'd like you biggest piece though. What do they cast iron then we have about a kitchen ensure that children stick and over and put this jerk. And basically nation live and grow up there and over and we know got to get the data here IK. Good morning yoga and you know it is. And so we you know bring into the door. And I turnaround just emaciated Eliot anything and I chair like three seconds later look out and darn my lover like see as the guys. It's guaranteed I got estimate how many pounds of weed do you feel like you smoke to you like them. Oh man yeah. Do you have I stated that the aren't they probably want Paramount didn't want to how do you put on a went you know it. Okay well done years and that that is one guy knows his console is moving we've done exactly like my friend like that yeah head man at the you've got to go short little study drug midget. If you do them because it enough positive any of that story after. I'm quite fit my and I think that the effect but what's what woke you up we've got your emails on the way from the men's room mad men's or live dot com you're listening to the men's or radio network. Pitches your. True. Our question why assembly today what woke you love it here come those emails in the men's room have men's or live doc you. I don't wanna go my wife hitting me because I cheat on her and her dream while. At me. Mr. Reagan made my wife was hitting me because I cheated on her in her dream that's what woke me know why it's out of forgot demo and you have them on their current pissed that you complete. They got a groan urgency I still can't believe this is happened months. QB he said that to me how sick I was asleep. But you woke me up the middle asleep and I don't know what I said I've no idea yeah all right Jeff started walking off. All over us at 3:40 AM that's fifteen minutes before the alarm which is unfortunate in itself. Guys and I'll thirteen I made a mistake of lighting a series of candles all around my ballroom and falling asleep I was jolted awake but what I thought the time was he goes to my dad grandma. The room was filled with dark smoke and I did the only thing I can think of the time I ran to the halls of my house screaming to make sure woke everyone up. We put out the fire went outside to wait for the fire department when I look at my room window and see the fire spark up again. In engulf my entire room that watches every possession I owned was burned down completely. Luckily the fire cardinals able to get there and pull out before it got to the house but that's how I woke up that night JA. Here's we're partly going to my room I found that the only thing that didn't catch fire was a small statue of the virgin Mary given to mnemonic right dead great grandma. Yes the same one that I thought that woke me up. As a sign. Dies years ago I was dating a really cool chick we a lot of fun and great sex. She had this medium sized female months the didn't really bug me pretty cool bits the only rule I had was that when we had sex in her place the dog had to be out of the room. Oh out of the room about that too much of an attention whore and there's nothing worse than trying to have some Katie sex with a dog staring at you anyway one late night actor's sexy time she got abused the bathroom and came back to bed. It was the summer and I sleep naked when I didn't know was she left the door opened about an hour after falling asleep I awakened to my little girl doing some stuff with their. I was getting a lake there's some friends analog to drink a friend decided to cook some burgers with too much garlic powder. After a couple bites my stomach turned and I ran from the campsite. The water hitting my hand will be up after getting up and going back to camp a friend asked me how I slept then showed me his phone with my face down in the sand of my pants around my ankles are you now listen. I'm not exactly charlatan too much garlic in the burger had to do with you being hammered in passing out on the beach violate. It was George garlic and those burgers at a guy do woke up and to say. Too much garlic powder garlic pallor you have to put some limits how easy it. You know I issues unless she auto volume a year it would did it not regalia chief before rent. Just killed my two. Oh my wife got up in the middle of the night because my boxer was growling as soon as shield in the bedroom door she yelled it's outs oh my goodness. I give my room is lit up orange. I ninja jump across my room to see a house on the street completely engulfed in flames and first I thought it was a house I built a few years back but it ended up being the house across the street. It was crazy watching five or six trucks pummeling the whole neighborhood thank plea to parents and two kids did make it out okay. The house did not it was a total loss I'm just glad my neighbors made it out okay that's who spear charter I've experienced a house fire once in my life real and it's no. We ran down my body cells it was on fire completely engulfed in flames I will never forget. The heat of the came off that house and how far back you were on the curb and just just how unbelievably hot it wasn't at the time relive the West Virginia. They're basically. It was a volunteer fire department yet so littering the belt and. And you know. There's like 3 o'clock in the morning whoever can make it would drug jump into their car. Drive to the volunteer fire house then they would all jump. Into the truck and then come to the house. So as you can expect any titles a fire they just came to put out the house it was completely burned to the ground you're by the time I got there and that's basically what ended up having a whole houses went down but I got a whole story. That's the polls don't reflect current anchor it and they say anything. All I do I think I remember vividly was lucky lucky doesn't modify content it it. It's. Yeah it. I was down in Dallas. And I've been driving a semi for a year much struggles in the shop and how steady at a bunker room. Our dream the truck was running and then I was and it could not figure out how to turn it off so trying to escape my hand was on doorknob all the way out. I woke up as I was opening the door looking into a lounge full of other drivers that was a weird wakeup. Guys I once woke up to a bloody nose caused by an elbow to the face issued by none other than my boyfriend. We somehow position ourselves so that I was almost like facing him and his arm was above my head major downward and asleep popping right into my nose and I'm susceptible us a sensible. So susceptible. To nose bleed so I wasn't an all freaked out of that part of mended it hurts. I look up to my face on fire from warm blood pouring out of it I still have the mattress and the stained now for Mary. Larry I'm operative was susceptible to notably but guess of some on smashes their elbow in your face. The dog and Abbott knows yet folks eligible through one bonus to my face and nose bleeds over attack even. Threats are if you actually emails here in the measurement enter my dot com yeah. All the guys today is my baby boys first birthday can you please we Samuel Alexander timber is a happy birthday and can he get an owl hitting the window is favored sound. Have Ebert they Samuel for mom dad Big Brother RJ and big sister Katie. Oh yeah. Isn't cerberus urged liberians. Tie Iberia S. A thing until Edwards tied theory yeah you're right there and I don't know many got to keep your name simple form and a dumb guy I don't think like humorous look at a science I don't know. That's a powerful main. Doug Davis and Daniel Alexander tied furious Iberia how I got level. I don't Samuel Dalembert. Has Brothers names RJ I tell you know it. Maybe it's his big Russ and I thought our daughter our Riley's ninth birthday we would love to view the giver shot up with a little kid's face analogy to suck it up cupcake thanks love the show and she is particularly. As a big fan and loves TV time the dead bad from Randy and Sammy fresh yeah palm O. Randy and Sammy have some dirty aspects of their grant Tammy are you kidding me. Randy intent even throwing down for years so moist right now open it up love and it is the pre or post rally and how to get there. Does your please get a birthday shot is my wonderful girlfriend Macinnis Tony a birthday today I introduce dirty your show last year and she instantly fell in love that. Could you guys givers the mandrel penis and things raise German talk please. And broke T in his. How comfortable they will rescue me and fundamental test. You can't. Have a good time. Maybe outreach in the company get the pope's. Mozilla today but what if a birthday and an honor of turning a quarter of a century I am a smoking a quarter ounce of sticky icky and a whole lot of cash oil. I've given a smoky chipotle is always the best way. Can you guys give me a big fat bond hit along with a Joey chestnut. Thanks guys that from Joey. To. It. Isn't just what do you think this that if he says the Baghdad but different. There's a dogleg blowing a little while birthday on royalties and I don't like him I heard they're pleasant today is my best day. Guy gets a mud turtles eggs with Stephen dead sexy Germans are pleased that from Stephen. Are we above they do go to the movies you could play with my Hillary pops up how would you view was homeless. Yeah I'm an actor that's coming to my performance pay with my magic wand. Guys Merriman Robert Byrd today I would love to you guys get help make up for re not giving a gift with a little turtle wax followed by egg get from thrill thanks guys that from Cody. There. It is. Guys like it was my son Jody I have a 21 birthday he loves the show and thanks M I thank him for flipping my radio station your guy's show now love the show as well can I get a nice long bong hits and some drunk Australian talk Iraq on bitches that from Stephanie. Dad Fifth Amendment here. Some other drug talk. It is six fax W holders get you know good and we see that era which is like a little ridge. Relive that finish. Who knows ahead. This that are really thoughtful and make it out of Gaza animals than me. Guys signatories seventh birthday I'll be celebrating with a men's room original read and continue the celebration when my buddies bachelor party that would it to be my buddy white cheddar. Gonna get a happy birthday from Ted in thrill and they're German voices police that from Eric. Are you are very happy but they do you I would like to exploit you'll counsel of my skin that you just constantly checked and yeah. And I can maybe show you some heads cheats. I will be good black beat. Obama do like to say happy birthday to my mom babe she would love and dirty German talk from thrill and Ted please love your mom that from the lovely Brittany. God they had just like to move gumshoe who might. After. We are going to. Things seem a little yeah. Just like a baby. I'll show you might pick I was doing what I did you get the if it if they want and I'd let loose. The classic film through and. They didn't. They do it this baby. So what did his. Error. With the pigs I remember guys can run it if my beautiful old ginger American girlfriend turned 29 today her name is Shannon. Let's see here I know she loved here's some of Boston fisherman AK AJ and an original face that always thanks guys that from Adam slowly. Oh. Yeah I mean yeah it. Listen this young yeah. Then going to San. But it could be your legs since there. There's my good friend well pronounced Warrick is putting extra brown the son and on the skid ever since we used to load our divers of those kids I was hoping to get some turtles thanks with a broad Jenkins in the plaza thanks again guys love the show that's. Cameras. Slid. Moving. Today bitches. Today is the annual celebration of the birth my little brother Robert AKA Bobby AKE rob he's 36 years old today on this glorious occasion can I get a suck it up cupcake. And a big old bomb ripped thanks for all you guys do that from bill O. Josh from Missoula Montana writes in today's my brother in law Michael 39 party on bro love you guys in the internal sexual and Allan thank please. Let's go. It is of sitting in my own birthday wish this year as I start my 43 tour of duty male please have a Joey chestnut wedding puke and that was fun. Thank you great men and women of the men's room that from kittens. And this just a phone that I love Joseph vigil again one or does did you. How many you. I'll let my wife of the years have birthday to a get Erica dead did you often Vince Neil I just said that her name is Angie happy 49 loved Casey. Get rid itself. Red column I just said that our guys are you goals happy having had an to have. Yeah the other parent cart path we had a man designated to leave it to you but says no let's see here a couple more on the water park. Steve this is for you is Roseland. And it's in a Canada. Candidate look Canon goddamn candidate Alan cannon the agua. Hand them they look so I read this okay so here's the you believe as I can then be eight Canadian data cannon dateline cannon dig luck is Americans Indian meeting the chosen spot we actually Google that oral let me he'll tell you how do you say can and that you can't get a good look at and they love so that's the answer at those tools. Day glow yet we do good you won't go we'll get to Google Voice man. I'd they glow can cure dreaded dead were ten and the whole day glow about Michael Jackson Toby didn't home de gras. May hello sending him if Tennessee visits and can do Malloy is this whole thing they globe. Alison we are talking about I'm talking about how lucky it. Not a funny chickens give bliss because there was a guy who had to register as a sex offender for molesting a chicken. Sadly that's a true story well I am a student of or mythology or mythology and I can tell you most birds including chickens do not have genitalia most male over female birds cannot actually be identified by genitalia but only by their outward appearance or behavior and if you're now confused and wondering how birds do they basically both have an opening called a Coca-Cola wakeup call wake up and and rebel against each other. They're seconds of love them and billboards go wiggle bulletin. As far as but wiping a lot right there with thrill upstanding and wiping down merges the right way. Of that from Germany and Ireland so Imus be the Irish. More I don't know Irish won the Irish why I was wiped in the small margin of the tunnel but I don't think it benefited that it hit a cause that is why bogey there. The shot of whiskey and at this. About Daytona sought to whisk it. Yeah Joseph small the wicked are doubled bracket that don't want it done my entire cleared the big vote unbelievable I think we need to go up back in time. The last time we played ten vs the FCC so we're good let's go back intact it's. Who are being shown or I love black holes black hawks are surely this sick John. I like my car. My cock and I hope to Friday Blackhawk and fire eight tucked blunt scud. At Connie tense fact 69 coup van de expectation I'm a little black box. Blackhawks are surely to sit John I like my cock my cock and I hope to write a black rock and fire a that's months god and Connie can not sit sit anchorman odd hey Sean no black box black Sox are surely the sixth John I like my clock. Michael and I hope to ride a black rock and fire rate cut blond stud at Connie Kent got six and I got and a good. Yeah John I'm a black Sox what thoughts are surely sit shot. I like my god my god I hope arrive at 1 o'clock they're firing a couple months god and Connie tags got sick it had command. How's a big win last week let's go to bed. And show. 030. There's Disney FCC. Denver county SEC what a late night abducted by my nostrils are still burning. I either way though we came in today and although bolt right there and emails the measurements or live dot com we had a listener submitted that vs the FCC rules so we decided we're gonna go this one for a change in new listener when Brit known that we would have gone to bed literally had to know then you and coming with one eye swollen shut this morning but it is very true. There's been winning a lot let's give them a hard one. This week's Denver is the FCC goes something like this. Jack black and attack rocks Shipley sitting Sox but this week ships slips through Gail this males gargantuan green gaping grotto. Salt the snails. That is from Robbie Ashley the way we do this is I get to sit out one time through Ted and in three times faster it is dead vs the FCC. Ethics body naturally. It means a birds answered yeah boom boom answer here. They're called bash now the couple may have added actually Robin attitudes bash. Eventually. They're ripping down shots back you know do with the Jack black's. The cac. We'll get the monkey Idaho Idaho and all of Florida now. So there are. Jack black's McCain acted. Rocks Schiff. It's slips through and gay all the snails Turkey actually green gray. Grotto. Itself it's male put up. Jack black's attack Iraq Shipley sitting stocks. But this week ship slipped smoothly down segments male gargantuan green gaping jet plane sitting out. But this week ship slipped through the day of the Stanford did to a green gaping grotto it's obvious that. Look just watch because. Rockets just wait city that's could have slid shut let's go get out without her bedroom playing great things got out my back. It's a hey. Not bad don't try. Wanted to go 844 at 9990. We'll pick up the bad jokes coming up with the drug in charge rank castle. You are listening to the bedroom radio network. Men's room with two miles. Par par and 999. Hole here come the band jokes. I'm miles what do you gold two lesbians and closets when he called two lesbians in the closet news anchor Dan. Sentiment and why did the guys stop masturbating. I don't know what Augusta masters because Bruce was on the way. And what's the difference during the regular soda and all morning. The difference between a regular told Andy horny toes we'll all of regular dose says rated rated twelve a horny toad says Roberts routed. Hello Mike welcome to the Madrid. Wow. We're on top of the letter EU and enable pop up. What comes after the letter beat in the naval alphabet one. C and see man OC members should be Man on Wire brutal. Israeli general secretary as he man I guess that's. Hello Matt welcome to bed till Friday. Why did the Irish don't put 213 and being particularly what is the irishman do want now yes but only put 213 and being particularly wise ass. Because if he had hit one more and beefy card it. How good. It's like him grow. Doesn't divorce. I don't know the live is gonna lose his during dinner go to imaginary attack. Somebody else there is serious to be ready. Men's room knows just. My days. Your dad is and as usual we head to the great desk and Steve throw he'll find out who we're toast and has done a great side note don't hold that Floyd Mayweather junior would drop that you. Come around here Tony George the third and I'll bring you don't want to authorities. I don't fault that it that would be awesome he broke that out what they know they are talking about. Today which tells CCS. In the Chicago dot com now steals and Chicago dot com is all about professional sports and Chicago Cubs White Sox bulls the bears the fire my personal favorite. The Blackhawks. I brought covered anyway CS. Csnchicago.com. Now they talked about a big tree between the cubs and white socks the socks edited no. They traded Jose Quintana to the clubs for four minor league prospects not anyway. CS then they claim that the team had tried to keep the whole thing a secret in the reason they believe that. That they were trying to keep the secret is that the story was not broken by a reporter. It would instead I brought my revenues. That ready users. Katy Perry's booty hole now. But the night now. Katy Perry's booty hole wrote quote. Are heard from a friend that went on as one of gum some strange for four players that's when the friend he decided to clarify so I'm looking for four minor league play and that friend's name that's another ready users he is wet boy it. 23. Not as a result of this. CS then had to apologize and number you don't are bad in this is what they said. Well known national media have the story ready username wet but 23 had it last night took Ozzie is in Chicago and I come apologizes to quit but forty footer. Soared more of those moods in very good mood because we think it's yeah maybe I had over the tone it down the road to Barney in our tummies. Now and all loud they don't. The show and many things continue on the men's. Newsroom radio network.