09-16-16 Mens Room has a beer with Krist Novoselic

Friday, September 16th

We had the honor of having a beer with Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic!


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Hey this brand no. No thank you. Thank you for coming out now you're welcome. We. So we get an email yesterday and it says say this is Chris. Thing about eminent. And we said this cannot be that I would for a milestone as email and basically it says and and I have my back to and broccoli it's as. And and friends I could be an issue and immediately normally who has manly adult world and read the whole email Michael Wood to tow miles. From Chris nova so ludicrous but until then basement room as the debate whether crystals solitude was no way that man is a look at the you know like OK I hope this is. What you want international lottery. I think apparently out to 300000. Dollars in state. Counts awareness yeah no regular basic. Information. Kotchman and the Nigeria Chris no solace which is major bank information and those things it indicates that money for opponents. That your dad what that would even have to annoy. Thank you want glad to be here thanks for knee have you ever going to instantly before. Mean any big east Asian. Oka being there. I've been listening to use K guys w.s in 1979. Leads and you know. While 51 years old as fourteen years old started listening to. Cast W moved from California and Washington. And this house on this hill. Called the ink of me hell that's that's even though because in hundred years ago so. I am. With thirty yours this story. It's the sign that speak of me cigars. Well. And opened atop the Green Line of sight transmitters up your heels around where tiger mountain Auburn went to rock would make a lot of next TD. Jays cut cut in as we all going to like Israeli and say they taught the big talk blog at hey I don't. So when I was like ten years called. Based in the mix takes tapes with a little tiny recorders. Those holes and after the speaker absolutely and I'd listen back to the recording indeed like debts on ballroom blitz would come on. It would sound terrible yeah. Good song rocks so much you can record but in reality was I would my ankle. Area. Distort the record and then you recorded like that at now particulates now moved to Washington for from Compton and while I was born in Compton California look exactly straight you're straight outcome to the bullets and Chris release of the I was an QB probably net somebody you. So that but you Compton married. You know we we were just talking about I have seen you perform once and that was with Paul McCartney. And that was did you simply baseless. Yeah play Wheatley hey we both lead based together as a current. Autumn is out here ultimately it probably play and it's not that I don't think man as the instrument blunt. I wouldn't explain it. But if or Paul McCartney I mean I just. I mean holy crap. Template based African home. Well you know. We were in the studio like Dave. So I mean he Melancon hey do you wanna come down. On Cardenas indeed I I'd want to protect hey I want. So we came in a you know we got together and we started to play music in him like he shot your rest and ice on Maria picked it up and I think we you know. And then it was stays in Iraq. We're playing together and then like he'd been Pat Knight and done that in like 20/20 five years twenty years some point that. It was twenty years we had played together like that it's like forgot about Paul for a second ago like I got a call like almost gone and with. With the even again and in my meanwhile us Paul Kirk left handed really talented songwriter musician. And so than an all in all came together. And we we put this on the give and I think it really rocks he won a Grammy for the song yeah. And would you. Amid IQ that's definitely a sign isn't weird though I mean you think about. Kobe and you McCartney dorsal few left handed playing musicians you'll play with the guys and some 20/20 five years. And again there's a lefthander got him back and let the out of bankruptcy now real low yeah you attract a lot. Anders is coming out at times in my life say do wonders ever cease you know things out and while that's incredible tonight in a new played you also played held skelter. A Pontiac other's culture and an had to learn now but I but I was more I was kind of more impressed by an interview you did for Rolling Stone magazine and you were talking about. They're talking about just the rock general reunion and I guess. A pat had a recording studio in New York City and you guys when we get together for a couple days and determine which you guys gonna do when you were inducted into was. Who are going to be the front ladies we're gonna take on that responsibility what's songs were gonna do. It was just really compelling just kind of how all. I guess you had to pick up your parts again and. I by the rehab courses and so did and I did off the Internet so expensive cellular level and on its own half of the Internet bottom. It's it was a reference would you open up the to have real. Whole question the baseline as the for. Okay because again the equal. Rights is it seems like a lot of people Wednesday. I've never sat down with a one month but it was like riding a bike did you remember right away Augusta got the missile muscle memory comes you can accident. But but but the idea of social than you guys have a few Beers and and you start kind of jamming together and I guess of the was a point where just after a little while. Basically which is so what McCartney coming become all the to around the went. Our man misses were where were we were really good band man we're well we're doing this again this is this is pretty cool. And it's a bittersweet and he was sicker was there and you know he's never going to be there. You just deal with it and he's known to the best he can and he does have a great job with what they bring all the about his greatest women in rock up there to take that think that. And in so cool though in a weird way. This with a rock and roll hall of Famer originally they had scheduled AC DC was giving him ideas on them Bruce Springsteen was also getting in and they were gonna do Acadia. They go is an all star jam at the end with you know Paul shape girls guys everybody gets up on stage to render an AC DC we said now. We did wanna do that we got on for now. Going to be joined. While. Women. Musicians we but it happened just use all apologies. Now's our panel in a producer was. There was it was up and he wasn't except. When he should've bank does afterwards because the show went over an hour you have luckily union people. It was brutal. Because Jihad Bruce. And you had them X accepting awards everybody. Such a big candidate and I'm hundred members had practiced really long speech and there were people who like. But Clarence Clemons right sure I keep he's passed away so is like we know families are there accepting. And so you could tell like the producer people are like pulling their hair like we've got to keep to show glory. And so if you look at the dock of the hall there was a teleprompter. And so here's somebody remember we're remembering their loved ones to tell oppresses please rapid. Odds on brutal. Brutal that it sets you brutal. Energy and interactive. Not as good. With us is that in studio with us in that you guys wins mum about way it would schools current law and so under 180. Weapon aboard the US and so. MTV's all of the video that he's playing Obama. Oh my god brits are at least you raced for some for a while like what you say is named Clarence. Money it is the satellites Italy he older boxes like to avoid a terribly at SOB like. I thought he did. So I think you'll it will always had an impact upon exactly. Following speed there because I'm watching them were the last act on. And it's like that where mocked. You know they have two drummers they have awards section they haven't spied guitarist. The haven't pianist organist and is fronted by Bruce Springsteen he didn't have gotten out of all of that. Doubt. Was it was it was that you know I think you've you've you've you've you stay to yourself or for the most part as far as the music scene goes and you've done a number of things but is it weird to kind of jump back and that is is more like of a family reunion when when those things happened. Well it was a huge. I'm the reunion and people criticize a rock and roll hall of fame a lot that night they really do something good because we were up there with experts from law on the court the hands down her sister and that would never happen and that was twenty years workers' social and that would never happen if it was a for the rock and roll hall of fame so needed some some good god bless them. Three used to see according to the that we ever hear about court and like anything we deserve to be yours so. But it is David Corn going through there legal battles. That we don't use or you're part of that habits they've never like your name will be brought up to work as whole about it obviously. But I mean good everything. I live in the woods couldn't. All over its ought you know he's just got to go on yet. Here you agree it's it's it's you know life's too sure. You know and what's one is when you look at the big picture experts on. He's never enemy combatants of these these beans or pay the shore you know we settled it it's it's behind us now. Ask this is an adult rent which RE zero on Friday you know that is that's just before. That's that's that's where the damage it doesn't seem like even that much time is passed just in general my guess is the older on yeah this kind of just goes by pretty quickly is that is that strange like. And I I just use more of a subdued guy a guy who you know. Not that your trying to escape the spotlight but that might not just be which are looking for in life and it it's that. I would have to think you do realize. What she did absolutely you know I mean you're you you have to and. I'm here right now and that's another. What we lighter hair. It idea I appreciate everything. And he's accused in during. Well it goes a long ways I'm really happy and that fire opening here. Wanting to get back into a studio after I had to balance what I did was as I started school. You know 2010. Mine if you wanted to go to community college and worn out first morning he took off I jumped in the car with them. And it tonight 59 placement exam like the readings. I. If he now. New logo on it. In and sign up for school with the community college for a year and this billboard nude green your pajamas Washington State University online. I signed up. I studied like a great secrecy about it for six its warehouses studio with Paul McCartney standing. I was on the road win at rock and roll kids with nine days in town CD. In London ethics steady hand. I got my degree the which what did you get social sciences Oca. Bachelor of arts and social that's something usually in the process while its undergraduate degree now Damascus more schooled my masters or something like that or not. Apple apple is its it is ID graduated. I don't mean to be. A plane to dance once called nine centuries. And made another band more parties. Well butterflies on two's problems are. Several golf and open yeah definitely that's Salvador Dalis is an experimental stuff now it's kind of like. It's at work with the south watching expert doctor Robert Murray compile. These leopard opt. Which is about a flash expert. And we know what you're doing Brooke Anderson yes you and you got back Lionel Luthor. You need to media news video on YouTube now notes. Were OK with any accordion and he's the guy play according to appear in public there's an offer based or courtly accordion. Okay that's a topic goes against the player you know we just we get we get an update. But I feel like it's part of being cool. Moving to the birdies from the court in September 2 residents of the three it needs review say a complete vehicle at the middle of and it's cool. Yeah it's cool accordions were equal about the so accordion which is. Up on. 53 under 45 I know artists I've gone by before about who in the hell now than a quarter according Koreans I think about. It's it's Christmas the only Brit is originator people who are an accordion for generations of accordion builders into all of the the rebuild everything in his hospital and it's all open cosa GO seniors GO. In his place like in the places in the world you know it's awesome and how much the pistons are going to be. The revs the comic bookstore I walk by there all the time and I just think to myself that every once a while some will be obviously customers I'd. I think according regain. Our refer patients who have. And also go back at my good obsession you're awesome obsessions. Are self destructive. The fugitives to the accordion like it did pretty good and that's your wife is incredible artist yes she does amazing mysteries you know it's I've seen her work before it's it's that that's. To me that's mine TV meet these pants. It should. She viewed pressure. Well that's cool. He's she's making custom close now also according cause some close what do you do when you're a couple of forms it's all colleagues at that point and I'm sure that note this cost though I know that living in a form is is you've got to do you no matter what you gotta do you go lot of responsibilities select what. Which I'm gonna cancel a time yours like and as recently. Gila and you Lama assumed I have high Al I'll act. Nice places that old folks' home for a pack giving a pack of socks. No we never really have a bunch of fleas but they're they're totally comfortable blanket on believe that their manager practice and you still have goats. Org it's yet to rescue. It what what does that how that's ultimately nobody was nausea equality case Christie wanna go right now though because that's got a lot of people trouble. He jumped in this window and eat this mattress article one want to right and I am because you sure don't want this going on non amicable audited than just been issued. Okay I'll take that. Guy okay up to an hour of the it is any that in Oca. He's fine wonderful is that moment and a little. Keep your vigil. Don't adamant that that is that. And it is we need to take a quick break we'll come back markers of a south right after the break we're not backers of aside from a Nevada have a beer and we've got the showed they can open and minutes thanks again for coming in you you actually flew into town. Yet the pine you flew to get yours to let me as a club we don't know about that is Bruce Dickinson. Who's John Travolta now we had no idea that there's ice and you notice that payment to see you know sometimes a scale traffic can be a little bit hairy on Friday afternoon so. Just be aware that if you're coming up in things things like it ugly and an earlier flying it. Like for like could help area that's really Augusta is ready because you like sixteen years I'd like pipers are toga. I flew SS 22 furlong time and it's disagreed motor confrontation really respected law. So Bosnian vice president of rules and also to avoid just the commercial aspect of flying time and traffic because it used to be. Because I live on the coast and so from Seattle. To where I live in current times the three and a half hour drive now what people can relate to this drive time minutes of over a five hour drive them. I am well thank you for flying up to a come on the show a one of the things you know I thought and also. We are now piloted over in the about the aviation world but it seems like every time here on small plane crash it's always assess. So is that that's that's that's himself out all the time but it seems like 85% of time this is here actually is its us now. Or is of the pilot who flies citizens in other words it's have wilders I think. This is just and informed. That's the best monitor. That's lightly because there's so many says it needs votes just okay now that's all we want to hear it and you've always been involved. Politics and you wrote a book in those 2000 and war in six or some 20042004. Of grunge and government. And after that point time you've been you've been active locally. The the jam packed a joint artists and musicians political action committee or injury and magical meant. And now you're out on the road just a little bit about Gary Johnson who a lot of people don't know really that much about. Yes I'm supporting Gary Johnson for president. Talk just a little bit about myself before I mean it big in the music industry I was an industrial pain or. I worked for routine out of Oakley in Washington. So I repeated on heard Boeing an ox bow into cola. I painted to. The smelter alumnus Reynolds smelter in long viewed. Kraft mill ring your mil in Tacoma so. Like a lot of people are driving home from work right now just working all week and it's Friday technical cashed a paycheck it's I know. With debts of now. And John Geary Johnson is running for president he started a handyman business in Albuquerque, New Mexico. And it was successful and he got he eventually built enough and he sold it and could retire. And so with that kind of Fy. Experience and then what he did is he you ran for governor. A New Mexico without any prior. Experience in public office he's not was it not just politicians. Career politician he won two terms. As the Republican governor in. Basically democratic state what did he do like what why would I when the second world. Results that you are being happy what what he did deceit he was a good Steward of our tax dollars but he doesn't promise yet pine this guy. And never says how he's gonna pay for it you know he let the other candidates view. And so I'm really excited about Kyrie Johnson and for president will. And it just denied civil and on with oh yeah today I ran out so that was just today why why is that and it's just the idea of like. Look chances at all or it's going to be trump or it's going to be Muslims that we get that why did the preclude the people because. To be fair no matter what side of the fence your on you know got there while there I can tell you anything give her real Republicans. Democrats. Invented the Commission on Presidential Debates debates like 2030 years ago or that there'd be these independent groups. Don't like the League of Women Voters would host a debate in the candidates would show up in you know League of Women Voters is an independent group okay. And so then we have these this cartel basically damn day to two major parties. And they're basically the make. Rules and no one else can do anything about it embryos were here with our person of such what abouts just as far as. In your lifetime you you've known you've known so much about politics him. More so the most people do you eat you really have died dove in and you know a lot well. This is completely different. This election to me is like nothing this is like something out of a movie this is something like Reza is not a bad time this is not even Paula this is this is gone beyond public and our lifetime that I can't believe this is where we sit at politics but as copilot but that is so it was just a conscious. Folks screens at the major parties in the insiders patronage track's fault cookie got to ram remembering that you're gonna vote for Gary Johnson. You are not wasting your vote and why's that because he Electoral College system in the United States. We don't vote for the president of the United States the states do and the states are granted electors Washington State has twelve electors okay. So Washington state house this rule. If this lot of states have this rule with some states have enough different rules. So whoever gets the most votes on November 8 will win all of the State's electors twelve electors so that means. Twelve Democrats. Will go to Olympia in January. And vote for president. That's how war Oca for a okay. So if you look at the polls Hillary Clinton is leading Washington State. Okay. And adopt. When you house. Trump. He's not gonna win Washington State so if you vote for trump. It's a wasted vote. You're doomed. To OKC might as well vote for Johnson. If you're proper Republican voter for president. Okay because that way we can try to give Kerry in the second place. Right okay see how it works and you get him out you for your vote. We'll slightly more people vote because they don't want the other camp and the next time. Because they do one there can amend or isolate that and other well other candidate generally in every election can be governor president everyone's. The point that even cliche exactly lever two evils it's all ambulance and if we can't Gary in his second place in people who were supporting Democrats. Nominee could say wall. Maybe. This is a viable choice Gary Johnson. That your it's really simple so what is general platform what does a platform just platform like three things about him. His career and eight. Talk about the things that matter and a and his. Okay what he's he's for election reform so he wants to reform or dysfunctional. Democracy and how. Washington DC he's and it for the environmental he would support a revenue neutral. Carbon. Policy. Which will create jobs by the way yeah then there's that I support eyes have been 32. Here in Washington State. Would you do would you jump back Leo what is. That's so revenue neutral carbon policy and they cut some taxes batteries is. What am other tax do you think you did that does not part of the media but is it like is it stacked against people were talking before like. I'm a little differently I voted for Jill Stein but then even my friends everybody's asleep you're wasting your vote while a giver her ability and a third party. But I feel like if enough of us don't start talking about these third parties will never get an option. You're your votes should be valued remember the Electoral College okay you're not really voting for president electors vote for president there's no. Individual right to vote for president of the United States. You electors vote for president whoever wins the most votes on commemorate we'll get all the electors and it looks like Hillary Clinton OK so if you're supporting Donald Trump. You'll get a better. Value for your vote if you go for Gary Johnson as he can get in the second place. And then the people who are buying some people who were supporting. The Democrat. Can go and don't give Johnson looked. Talk and Chris nova zealots who. Would you say between. The politicians in the politics you've been involved. In the entertainment business and some of the people there. Who has the bigger slime balls. You know what his own I think it was good people better revenue is that the to me I get involved in politic. As much as I am comfortable with you know I don't know if I'm never gonna like run for office or anything but I'm excited about Gary Johnson's camp into the debt. Nineteen trillion dollars debt United States that's a lot of money than you have to two major party candidates are coming out they promise the sky. They're gonna do this are gonna do that they never say how they gonna pay for it. We naughty canopy forest could be more taxes so people driving home right now he's gonna look at your paycheck. About how you gonna vote for presidents we Chinese can. Ago it's easiest way for somebody like wants to get involved more with politics and educate themselves as it rallies is it reading more information with the easy sweetie or to a City Council meeting. Getting involved with your neighbors on an issue. Do you need to stop sign on your corner something. It's those kind of turbulence where you can really make a difference. And and also try to see humanity in people don't think Colorado in the partisanship. You know good Democrat Republican nominees this year polarizing more people don't like them. And like them. Okay absolutely no doubt there's really polarizing so if you get two BK Gary Johnson in there William Weld. In there there are these really raging moderate. People now I think that's the kind of raging moderates yeah modern yeah southern Florida. Raging moderate candidates and that's the kind of people we need Washington DC uses Seymour patronage tracks. Same old divisive fun of people we can do better we just need to. Have imagination. Chris have a cellist was necks who is musically. Like flies what what what your next project power plant property dive into an used to draw attention on the governor record two records. And getting ready for the winner. And you get the rest written and thought yeah and it's it's the now canceled a difference. I mean it's just it's. If it's not a commercial farmer anything's going to grow a lot of the time bitterly 2000 pounds that is why I trade calmer when they trade. Players that have really gotten like I treated for Sammy and retreated to Chan. Am things like that this is their farmer's markets you can go to an idea Mark Green spots as a farmer's market that's on there. So I don't know all the proceeds as it can walk up and buy some your delicious but it what varieties or despise those ago as the purple here's the second grade which are red. And Yukon gold. And Butte which is Russ. It to be traded a year for that day absolutely yeah. Dale hunter and I think that those things have a our food got a food bankers charity or whatever its you know. And because of that do you find it just is for Asia lifestyle goes you eat a lot healthier you know I mean if elected put to Stephanie about it that's capsule lose and you feel better about bill's great. You know I eat all content mostly local food lot of food or groom myself as opposed to rewarding to. With a vegetarian for a while but not anymore. He got to watch your blood pressure the older exercise and watch my. Document together now that is what you gotta do and do that you could actually keep your blood pressure in check with exercise. That your Evelyn and I found I can do that turning off my phone. Yes absolutely and I relaxing and grass and some nine not. Do you sort of stress Stiller who wants a while work on some Volkswagen cars you still have some I know I drive an old bulls like in d.s man. Denied proper manner but keep go home. And stood still reflected that water cooled. It's water cooled that's that's the problem is certain government remember at least at the look the vaccines are pour water in the radiator because of them things are heating those models. You know slow data we're not Eric and on and that's a credible threat to us and honor. Chris Hillis does thank you so much governor and that we we really appreciate it is it's been an honors you you welcome anytime for any reason. He charities come through anything you wanna do you already have their eyes a nose in on its valuable we've got and what are the journal wait a potato he's still he's still doing the the radio show. Hers that every once the bomb substitute OK and you are in Astoria and you come analysts Saturday afternoon Saturday and Saturday and like he did okay that's what everyone's. Do people call know who your sometimes because they called Adelman who are so I'm just curious that oftentimes a crucial agreement to beat them. I got to go. Out and try to get you can't accuse his record of Cleveland have to turn tables and microphone that advertise via a try to get them on for isn't. Aria yeah and that's where it's that when we get off at the steps we can teach it in Chris Ellis Ellis thank you so much art that we made it's great.