BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-10-17-8A: A Michigan man was given a ticket for warming up his car in his driveway.

Tuesday, January 10th

A man from Maryland got into a huge argument with his family because they took a bite out of his grilled cheese sandwich, then he shot a gun off in his house. A Michigan man was given a ticket for warming up his car in his driveway


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I'm 55 year old guy named Daniel from Maryland guy you've got a problem. Does he love. This is grilled cheese sandwich. Who doesn't I'm with men are recently added a game changer and it did somebody bad may gross you Simmons would catch up. It was amazing. Gave him cheetah was. I think you could step it up any better independent tomato soup and you think catch us even. I'm not gonna say you're wrong I I I and I aide I would like to not try this because you might be right could be a game changer I'd also dip in my grill and seasons for and stressing. That's so crazy escalation we have cells and ranch dressing and she's so why I make sense at all comes to gas and crude under bread man. It is good. Well listen to hire a guy's name is Daniel he's from Maryland he got into a huge argument whose wife and his daughter on Sunday night because well oatmeal. He made himself a gross she salads you know go to a self made themselves get ready for the glory of that entire sandwich. And they notice of one of them. Took a blight. So it was straight up took a bite out of his own sandwich you know they took a bite out of his Sam yeah yeah they took a bite out of his sandwich I'm pissed. Octopus to yes so what do you do Steve. Literally this. He owning go that far he went and grabbed his gun and fired a shot in the house. I didn't fire in his wife or daughter because he's responsible and he loves them yes but he's still got the hell out of there. And they still called the cops now Daniel was yeah I'm very very furious he was still so furious. About. Then taking a bite out of his grilled cheese sandwich that he barricaded himself. Inside it and had a three hour standoff with the cops. Before he finally surrendered and before he was arrested because again. About a state. They took a bite of his coaches them now that the cops you know sometimes they offer something might as incentive to stop the standoff like hey. You know will view this if you come out if you're spinoff from a grilled cheese sandwich Lewis. Well are you a dance definitely we've got to get some really unify the finest restaurant in town and get some girl she sends mixed case. Yeah I the first thing you might write on the police chief and Michael gadget guys know the situation room we did well we did this were surrounded by the place and we called him and the anyone offered a grilled cheese terrorism event at once had no I'd fire my entire police force you guys c'mon this is how it all started for me. If somebody takes on my Mac and cheese. Because sometimes I mean if I make my own Mac and cheese on doing it yet on you know what in its very possible. Now I know this is all very extreme of course but like I'm not a fan of my one bag he go to restaurants rich family style so only sharing a meal that I got. I love Sam Stein. I know you do I love is like invited every poker did Depp always fantastic that's why I love topless bars I just love being able have something of everything revenues one thing and have a bunch of it on the guy pocketed opponent done it before where like we all order and then they're like okay what you want and I'm like this in another Arizona synagogues have some of his himself and to my Mel I'm not ordering it for the table ordering it from me. I'm really excited about this one guys some of them and be an easy at all damage do you come all I'm trying to better about it yeah are sharing stare I'm never taking a Marciano is because I love my gentle same deal I mean they have gigantic portions Ross was just sharing. And there's like I've been there yeah you know there are now all right then fine now OK and so what about the ATF. I guess that's a little personal matter I know you have got what I see the other didn't dive bomb. You know assure you that either we called home. They come all of the things that don't think you'll dumplings are supposed to share allowed everybody had those who think he barely a dent in my stomach you know I did you won a home. I crush like fifty and those. Nasty we have audio listen this amazing encounter with grilled cheese okay. Is because it happened in Baltimore county and we have a police officer explained one happened right now we don't know if there's any mental issues or there was alcohol or drugs involved. We're gonna continue to look around the house cleared the house to see what we have time and the man will be taken so local hospital for an evaluation to see. Why this enraged them so much about this grilled cheese sandwiched. Take up to a restaurant and get him to grow. She's who got the answers that you lead. He I have you seen his mug shot yes honey get the black guys I don't know did you Emmys but it looks like device is so shot. It's we heard. Maybe it out and see if it's so shocked and our bodies is the way to the dog good of the brutal drought with a blogger and ours god dude don't I don't know. He is not look well. Both Lucy had a rough day he had hit a really rough day. Stereo isn't long enough to the enemies cameras on his own. Do Julia but here's the thing I mean that I'm I'm glad it take for mental health evaluation visit you know world snapping point I mean it is that's what's going wrong a lot of people like he's 55 so he's right in my neighborhood. It's got the white from the kid home and this is probably is trying to have a moment now I just want all this I want my royalties. Now watch my show host to both sides of the breadth. And man. That's perfect manatees in there. Again it. I don't mean I don't get the parsed the god of course yet again being very disappointed in your family if they eat your grilled cheese. Now I have to give you some process he could do because it involves. A television viewing choice she gave me and I have to do it all boy all the neck. Yeah I watched the mic. Now and I watched the mic with Sarah is usually the Sarah and I it's tough for us to find shows that we both agree on that woman reminds be of your daughter Yahoo! execs it was exactly what I told Sarah. There's a scene in the mic where she puts false and you gotta give me an arrow I got all the estate because Wear white or black guy and the mix by the way if you're a fan of always sunny Caitlin and I forget her last name. But it's if coarseness of plays and a guy came Jenner yes no matter now idea but Kate Olsen yes skill and also from always sunny. She's the star of America and it you couldn't find a better person to play this role she just plays so I'd just up partying bring game. Mess of a woman with you know the blonde ratchet hair look and she goes and specifically the role she always plays is that they are we type casting idea is that how she is a real lifers you like super conservative are wondering Josh. Credit though I it's a very good question and she's married to Mac on always sunny so you wonder like you know there are a couple of you wonder of the just like regular people. As opposed to those horrible people who plan always sunny or her playing even a more apt version of herself from always sunny. Put there was a scene it's on fox by the way. Which there. Lot of sitcom on network television that I'll watch anymore you have Big Bang theory is it poppy we watch a lot of sitcom you Alex stupid comedies yeah I'm not an odd couple yeah shall I couldn't get into that couldn't get into soup to broker a law against Mike and Molly bam. Yes Big Bang theory prod because it's just super geeky it wasn't a problem you're you're an ordinary girl I did for awhile yet kinda crappy yeah I did for awhile. But the mix. There was a crew. It's seem we're basing these she's this ne'er do well sister that goes and ends up a net and the home of and she ends up just have to take care heard that her sister's kids. And there's one scene where she gets just destroyed. Puts on her sister's gorgeous wedding dress. And then proceeds to try to slide down does a fancy Bannister because from the third floor all the way whatever. And she just falls off the Bannister faced ours is a drag on hand she's in a pool of wine faced down messed up and address and I look at Sarah. Thinking that. This is probably you whenever you fall on the sidewalk because this is UZ you're in fifteen years as she's like. I go that is totally unite so that was heard ten years yeah decade a little bit more time yeah. The mic is a fun show it really really is a fun show it reminds me of just that the route the nanny puts so wrong. If you give me the vibe of like you know like all like. My dad San so yeah horrible bosses. Bad moms like all these like you know characters that are just completely inappropriate. Ya an ideal I leg back Manny. Yeah because you know French pressure was considered to be a little bit of a rough around the edges nanny for those rich kids well Kalin almost miss which is it's an intense power not the person should be Romney's rich kids. Did a lot of people are. Timing and about grilled cheese sandwich is OK let's hear about it I'll person brings about bed Jack in the Box has an amazing grilled cheese sandwich on. Are you meeting grilled cheese burger. On our sourdough bowl I have got to try that grilled cheese cheese burger all ahead on my goodness gracious I gotta try it. Yeah that sounds amazing they're open right now and they are. Hi can do that on China and I'm really trying to be good I I have to be a you know it's the first of the year. I've got to be good I've got to make sure that I have a couple weeks and my belt before I go and I'm gonna have a the year managed to attack and I don't you know you're fine you know I mean nine days you deserve everywhere I went off the wagon a little bit for the Seahawks game so I gotta stay on if you weren't good for the year well Larry the bat I I know Larry even bad was being a little more because that's what gets you wrong thinking get to gain data all the time. And I'm on a plan among a plan to keep you failure failing that plan now. Why did I. I like yeah I only gained a pound over the holiday was gonna get a pound from one to act like going to be in this guy's from a seed collapse on the pressure I'm not gonna build upon I think about the spurs as miracle whip is also good on toasted cheese yes it is. People don't like miracle of I love America and of course great awesome and never thought about putting on a growth she's. C has some my haven't had a hell either because really if he can have it's not on the plan. Everything that I love not on the plan how LS is because everything's bad for a I got to get a new player who's you have to which I do have a new plan. It's just sucks I think about my health plan. Because of the nuclear plans that fit into actual large closing again I have news for you if I get diagnosed maternal condition. Guess what this guy's gonna do with that this guy is my resume full bore the full bore the Al I'm not going to be worried about it you know nobody else is an assailant got we're gonna go on restaurants or you can cry all you want from a missile americorps Jason Scott Howard. Ratings and I was going to study were as a symptom in the news about like god they can do my blood tests to kind of get an idea what you're going to die love this again if you could do that and I see in fifteen years. That's the world. And obviously you beam you know plus or minus a couple years but if you knew that it OK this is Mike and date. We do time it's do. I would retire today if I knew. That's why does something great about that design preparing to live to eighty which he's got to work until probably seven. Right and right B I'll be lucky enough to live to 8085 what if you look past they'd be considered that's the thing but if they told me I'm dying it's 78. I'm out you know what I'm dropping these headphones now and I'm out because I think I could live till I'm seventy. Not guilty or like a pig you know broke their Independence Day. Are we and I do get free food here is the biggest institutional sometimes typically the first ones there every month as such they're very true. All right Steve here's a question for you. Why did a man receive a 128. Dollar ticket for warming up this car. Do you hear from them they may seventeenth. On the Iraq. And they expect more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Point nine KIS of the rock of Seattle. This Thursday it's ninety something days yeah. Reclaiming nineties all day long nineties rock all day long great fans in the ninety's like gals and she's tools Stone Temple Pilots and more. All day all ninety's this Thursday one more info you know where to go OK I SW dot com. Michigan and I am a Taylor he was shocked. When he discovered that he was issued a ticket for warming up his own car in his own driveway well. That's coldest time of year Michigan. So and you and I both grew up in areas where it was cold in the winter and a lot of folks in eastern Washington and now these days I mean that we we've had a cold snap in. You wanna get into a warm car sometimes yeah and nowadays we got these cars had. These newfangled machine second start without you even MM that's right hit a button next thing you know it's arm arm. This person gets a perfect impression that you. So this dude was he was bewildered his wife so he posted a photo of the taken on FaceBook. Ticket for 128 bucks. And you're still talking about get this taken again for just warming up his car in his own driveway. I'm headed joke at first and then I was like. Just thrown back by and I I was really surprised I was in and out and probably about his 78 minutes. So in that amount of time he ran appears that he immunization and bedtime I got out. He's ordered you seem. So. I eight don't understand this and hospital longtime semblance of a climate where I park my car outside and it's really really cold the point where I really wanna warm up. It's been awhile but. I'm my memory is is that everybody did this because you you wanna get into warm car it's really cold out there who promise that they and I believe it because it leads to a car theft. I don't know I think that sometimes to you and I got to run into my house so quickly grabbed it and of I like to think it's a safe area but you know you never know isn't there's a knucklehead everywhere so I get to death so there are witnessing yet they get that set of they have we have the police officer explaining we'll see if you're right beside it is because the car theft. We have 510 cars stolen this where you really I don't. In that. Just into us. And of course it dries everyone's insurance rates up that drives our crime rate up which it more everybody and every law there is common sense says you don't leave your car running unattended. You know I cannot tell you how frustrated I am with that answer. Oh why's that very very frustrated with that answer and it is a systemic problem with the fact that we are punishing people. Because. A business has decided to. To have us punish people for doing whatever they wanna do because the rest of us. We'll take a Dane for somebody being irresponsible and I never believe that's like you know punishing the whole class for what one kid did I hate that I. Always hated that. But they're punishing the person that is doing something that could meet Erica and I think I understand weighed the cop is coming from if all the sons those cars stolen in Bosnia and add. It's gonna cost money to find that car's going to be if there's there's other factors besides just to being a bummer for the person whose car was stolen. And I that's part of that but that's the cost of doing business you know it's it. You should get to do stuff you wanna do you lose your car you lose your car and yeah the cops are there to find the people are gonna steal. And I I I don't like this preventative medicine thing and then the other part is the insurance going up. I hate that we have a business I agree with that and punishes people because somebody else's car gets stolen it's like I don't to -- my race shouldn't go up because of that I didn't do anything. I saw I hate that. And I I've I think you know if he wants to be stupid it. Let him be stupid so you give him a ticket for being stupid I I don't believe in that icy with a see what you're saying are you giving her a ticket for breaking. A lot less I I agree with that I understand that I know ahead of law I don't think there should be a law I I I don't know who passed this and an end. I don't if if more people like you and agree with a Steve I feel like it's an American to punish somebody for being stupid you get to be stupid if you wanna be stupid and get your. Car stolen fine. I think it's an American have a law like that idea. Premieres on line with some people don't like to get tickets were not wearing a seatbelt. I agree with tattoos yeah I know I know you brought that up before us yeah I'm hey look I'm not the only guy. It was you know Boston where I'm from very famous even though now they have a seat belt law but in talk radio. There was is dude that went on talk radio what is being sane when they first introduce the C low as you don't want Boston because for the same reasons but. Let me do what I wanna do. Don't give in my face and tell me how to be safer let me be irresponsible I wanna be responsible because the only one's gonna die as me. That the car is locked. And it's running. Is that OK we casesa I don't know deployment guide to set to keys I start the truck now off it I think that should be fine. I I wonder I wonder if accomplished a gimmick pick because it's a car that's running unattended to your question. Yeah it's a very very good question. It's it's always been a slippery slope for me. Do not tell me how to run my business and don't come up with the excuses as to why it benefits the public. For you telling me I can't do what I wanna do that is un American. It is the problem I have little some laws that are consensual crime laws on the books I just don't think that it's necessary. You know anytime anybody argues about prostitution they go well what about all the children in the slave owner and I and all that. And I go the MDC can only say so many people already against the law I mean you know to have underage people involved in sex or to actually have human beings as slaves. Already laws preventing against that we don't need op prostitution law we just don't allow this and you anytime we talk running and that may be polarizing goes back to hookers media wants free hope that Todd. Same thing with pot I know of your good on the hook over it well yeah he's somewhere along hooker I could tell I made some play on any one and you mariners leave your car running. Why you go in there because we know how fashion IP bottom of the hoping to get into a cold car that's not going to be good odds that's fair of I wanna feel very comfortable it's very nice to see them always stake in gap in yet. It's over now you're always in about a get my hooker like Chris and that's BS throwing my wallet in my front yard that's my business they need to back off good and it's stolen it's my fault. Yeah but you don't believe that how you believe that you know what if I gotta pay more we should take away people's rights. Will not banks from putting words but that's an SL what that is visited here yet you know one I under our and that if it costs more money to. By NASCAR I can understand why they're like look we're sick of warning people it's costing us money. Not only is it cost them their carbon it's costing us is that a force and add that eventually I don't know why I think that is. And that people need more than just a war and you Def flat to park your car inside your house now because like you got out of time yeah but they believe that our guys and people do smash and grabs and steal cars then should we tell people make illegal 'cause they start to spend money to search for the cars are parked outside how far do we go by telling people. I want you to do something differently so I don't have to pay money. I think we go as far as where the law authorities sat but I mean why don't make these laws are icy safety but I don't know how many are my head hurts I don't care yeah I don't. Chris and had kind of an argument with a crazy man I am crazy when I want to hear the Bluetooth and wants I think I think people mostly on my side in this one. Let's say it's about 8590%. On your side on this and but. You guys. The land of the free maybe to this American Russia with Donald Trump what you think like Friday. You know bring him into it ha well line and how he's it's been I think is that what it's been five minutes is somebody's mentioned trump we ever get back going. Oh man. Well. Hey I got new survey found out that the top seven things that make us get burned out at work. Are right here in front having conversations are BJ I would say the same with you I know you find me infuriating I gotta be honest with you yeah. The way you'll be which is you know I mean look and you might what my wife's very similar feeling it's him your wife know now my wife is very similar your type of person in her type of person. Well. Guys you know what let's go to our way from you you've turned mountains into every little mole hill I everything's a big deal I appreciate that after awhile it's exhausting. I can understand why your wife live in California I can do the show from California I would do that but here's what I'm saying I know I'm aggravating. I don't think you and her know that you're aggravated where aggravating because our view word directly. Around my friend Donald I don't get annoyed with them. I would say to people that are are that are high and high energy may be tight I hate. I don't think tight bees understand that you know what they can be just has anointed Taipei societies can be the type that's on sale that's fine but I can say with complete confidence that you're exhausting. And I did sailing Kelly I think everybody in this room would agree Brad Vicky. Your kids. They're all not Sarah Cerro video monitors are now she's she's I find your father exhausting. Now she's type man and a woman new to hang out. I mean the rest I was alone I feel like there's more tight b.s in the world in Taipei's so that's the problem is is that we're what are your plans at Taipei someone who just incessantly doesn't shut up about stupid stuff. This if that's the case and yes you're right you're a type that. Listen and there's the other side where you do not care about anything I really care about Aaron we had conversations where actually I you could save money if you just do something you put save a lot of money you go. At that that's my own choice I nobody gonna soapbox and how did you about it now but that is titans needed there is that type IE this gallery. I would say that Taipei's the kind of people go what can I you know they're always like they have the energy and they have big they do care to go deeper into situations wears tight b.s go. Do Don TI IQB so that seduce them complaining impeaching nonstop means you care. Well I disagree I think that people don't complain as much because they don't care as much I really do. I'm any and all it let's the only you can Knoll your level of care but I feel like. That's a Dixie Taipei's Taipei's we care too much we have assessed too much we need to actually care less right so we can be happy. But on the other side of it sometimes you guys need to care more because it's aggravating to people who go geez can you least Carole little bit so I should care more about the dumb things you talk about this saying that there's does that mean yes. That's all I can have this up essentially because you know. I'm mostly Italian unless I care I I did is burned off my were so far trickier now let's get mad about stuff I'd just say I was saying this like I I I know I'm aggravating but you don't believe you candy. I know I'm not disagreeing I'm sure I can be very aggravating to you. You don't see I think Udonis how much you can be aggravating to Taipei's is 1%. I'm around a lot of people now are considered type days and I can have a normal conversation with you don't you're not capable normal conversation highlighting. Maybe I've made may be Emma different gun. I'm done you're on and I can just say you my wife's a similar person. Yeah and so. In this Rickie too who's similar not you were saying you are Taipei hole. I I would agree that well you know I had on my side for a while you're on my side for awhile what the whole party card do you wanna do when it's running 200 votes pretty time to get back to distract us. I went about that had at the top seven things that make us get burned out of work I'll catch our. Number one thing what do you think Jesus I mean it. Money yeah say I wonder if mullah kneels. And you know it's I I am I don't know but let's be just lumped into a category but I feel like a lot of colonials monies is not a big of an issue was it was from my generation. Like they did they'd stay wanna work and a place that's cool. And you know not you know money isn't what's gonna drive them I feel like. They've decided if I don't have to chase after the Karen my life will be better so that if they pull the cared away and I care because I wasn't chasing after in the first place gas I concede that yet soul. But I mean for you all for mean you know our generation's. I think we were told payless from the got to get money because otherwise Gillette's would be miserable I think workplace conditions is more frustrating and money. And that's what a lot of younger folks want better workplace conditions computers are all work. Oddly. Right. Now I'm with you comment and you know what that's when you go to Taipei I've seen UBU go from typing typing when you're on a satirist that stuff I look it's got a reasonable I'm not disagree with you I I am with you I someone typically works just climate them for some reason at a certain point in the day it just slows down to dial up speed or you feel like geez I can be done and I ten minutes but now it's taken me two hours. It's why you know it's funny because people here what time you leave the building every day I go I get the Heller I get I get right to hell out. And we're always at the conventions ago William old nowadays you gotta do stuff you stay the building and I always answer I go you don't understand. The building that doesn't have what I need to do my job and they go what do you make a look I'm not putting Mike Kelly I guy that works yeah I'm open in my company down. It's tough to get what I want. It's just like with Y cable provider you know and and I like to its Trinidad said look I am gonna be a weird kind of guy I want you to know too high and I'm sure you refer to service Taipei yeah. Yes but I mean I have this you know one of that what the good folks facility they laugh about me because. I need to fry I I need to be able record twenty shows at one time right and they look at him go. At it as a great system with TS and DX one able record as many shows any normal human being needs at one time Raddatz had been personally ever had two mini series. I'm Heidi Mike's been anywhere I'm like man I need more I had I and I told us that I need to give a record twenty shows at once things when accused again they'll look summer I go to the best that you guys do that I know what to do. I learn how to be able to do what I need to do. And that's what I do at home I set up a system where I can work at home so sues his microphone turns off. I get the hell lot of your site into my work in not like you say be frustrated by stuff that doesn't work then also known party favors come out and I don't go up about a celebration I. Regarding you screwed I basic and playing fantastic. Another that this is people off burners are worked too much overtime or after hours work. Does. It is. Special I think for people that might make I I think if you get paid and compensated for the overtime to keep or like OK mix in extra money I can I can tolerate this but you salaried people there's a lot of your sorry to end and I mean I understand and are you hoping evens out there maybe you can leave early on Sundays and and stay late on other days and all kind of evens out but. I feel like a lot of you I talked to her salary that's their biggest complaint is that. They're working way more and it's opposite like they're being taken advantage of because they're horrible salaried and get the benefits and take all because of that I set to work more. Do there was a time when I was a full time worker I wasn't salaried and they told me it was at a supermarket you know a hundred years ago. They said punch out comeback Kevorkian. Because they wanna pay me overtime right but if I set I wanted to go home on my shift was over they say your horrible employee. I'm I was dumb funny and I was making minimum wage and I are you serious this is how I have to get ahead in this stupid supermarket. And I and I and I and the you know my mouth got in trouble since so why is it the type guy it's like every like this idiot who basically he gets to stack the end displays instead of the dog food aisle that's what I'm working towards. I say I let it looked at me I was so I said you guys are idiots there's nothing to this stupid job your doing and you're telling me a way to get ahead it is basically to work for free for you half a moron it's just so I can Wear red a jacket instead of an apron and and all look at me I get them put toilet paper on the end display. That's what I'm working towards the big Indians waited a month party did not after round and I'm shocked. I was surprised I wasn't long for the there's no really that's very honest you just you. Todd Helton stayed a salary is like be kidding me. I made yesterday Steve. Mister tied B could figure this one out. Africa's Nile River flows into which has seen. It did seem to knelt. A sea of tranquility is now on the minuteman bluesy sushi and now that is bio and great answer the last postseason should. I crush like fifteen place I hate to disagree with. And I hate to agree with you. I'd love to talk like way but I have to do you want to. Sushi. Fall violating its was met its review. Well enough you wanna play against the 206421. Rock Rockies 76512. Might be made today 47. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney here's another question from listener. If I can't afford to pay my bills how much going to afford attorneys and bankruptcy fees you know one of the things people ask me all the time the bankruptcy lawyers who have. How my going to tell these fees and costs because she knows I'm here because I can't afford to pay my bills. Of course we understand animated being inconvenienced. In the bankruptcy field. 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