BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-10-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Tuesday, January 10th

Beat Migs.Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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Why not hey guys come in Iraq of Seattle fervent and bacon fest is back. 77 march 11 are gonna make investors turned to the Seattle design center. Oh yeah I've got lots of her resume was easier to sample plus lots of trees and great restaurants here in Seattle. And in the surrounding area. Herbert and they confess Seattle designed so you wanna be there yet you do more info. Tickets just go to K I SW dot com permanent they invest it benefits our friends at treehouse. He may. And games and I mean man it's not a net current count or don't know. That's Lauren turned out for the top tobacco ads do they. Polls putting a face. Them okay out from in my mouth and I guess that's a little more. Yes you're in jail facility that has the power outages shuttle mother your face and run them around it went. Okay let's just now move on talking and soft top of their hearts Costello. Alcohol always aren't talking. On. Georgia just did today we got just in Bremerton Justin are you there are certain. Are are excellent at what the blade or debates the Green Day tickets are going to be had a white river amphitheater on August 1 courtesy of live nation go to KI SW dot com for all the details joining get tickets. The two got a Green Day dose tickets go on sale Friday 10 AM to live nation dot com but I Steve did that. For those playing and don't just in life. Sixty seconds to answer ten questions Justin you can pass all you want but you'll only get three yeses are you ready. A group. Dean don't ice giants and our solar system are Neptune in which other planning. To go through. You hurt your gas Stargate Atlantis there are two family names in which TV series. Marmol reduce the field now act. Fast what is the astronomical term for the distance light travels in a vacuum in one year expect. These important to note. All right here asking which artist had a song and an album titles too legit to quit. Currently there are yet as to what rock musician was known as no lizard king. Earth barracks to what blues legend sings with you two on the song when love comes to town. Visitors asked how many months are in a decade. One point is yet as to who played the title role in the nineties till the cable guys. Dugard as long running American soap opera was as these world why it's turned to yes. 1234567. Cracks I'm not too shabby now that's a pretty good score there might get a losers on out of this you'd just days. And then Justin would get tickets degree day and it would be a great Abraham. Green Day would be great to seek. Exactly steep. Yes you're any third at like three cups of copy and they'll pretty good right now. Clinton and textures I don't know this summer fun. And I turned Green Day whenever that are Roger Waters concert tickets. And grill and every week we jeans and the tickets you know we ran out again this is oh era brought it every day occurrence of our careers out of that well but I do a very maybe a lot of pressure on Rodgers throw a lot direct it. What people. Could be known ice giants in our solar system are Neptune in which other planet Iberia distract you ask stark Atlanta sir are. Stanley name released TV series Oz cracked. I show with that may give people on the basics of their Brothers didn't. Immigrants as just what this these astronomical term for the distance light travels in a vacuum in one year that the speed of sound now's your wife know. You'd have to. Speaks no huddle artists had an album and hot tea soft and album titled too legit to quit I MC hammer asked what you're logistics. To lose due to script. What rock musician was known as the lizard kings Bob I'm jet nozzles object. Jim Morrison he asked what blues legend sings with cute too on the song maybe get out guessed how many votes are in a decade. Descriptions 120 suggest that combines the title what would the night based on the cable guy. Our Jim Carey to aspects of progress eight long running American soap opera. As he'd worldwatch Terrence. Yes 12345678. You win 87 and the sorry yes then the. So I got you back on this one he's wrong about CS title for the flies only one answer. Steve is right my eyesight got your background don't get all mad I'm actually siding with the U. Why Jesus why siding with you because you're correct but are right. No he's not the title role does is not Matthew Broderick he said he said both he said Jim Terry and Matthew Broderick and that's not true or he said Jim Carrey I say yes and any second map rat and he's drawing a broader role is very important but it's not the title role I was actually I can't believe reds finally I'm actually I'm signing. Never did something that doesn't even. Picked I was el Tyler I after nick. Pay it I nobody he's wrong and I thought they give you credit is normal you get it you get grief for him you know people who know these fees I'm blaming Steve on this line because the whole last segment before he got you all riled up days is arguably. An argument mode today and I do of their broad mongers. And oh yeah. This yeah. Argument I. Mean I'm actually on you saw. There about I prairie view on this I'm. Yeah all right I take a hard thing and that the troll rap you know and I was actually getting your. It was going on anymore you know it is Steve it's just it's it's post traumatic stress syndrome he has just always gonna think I'm attacking him I I can't dwell about after a decade of you guys should hug have you guys ever hug I'm not Conrad. Whoever love. I don't. No we have never no never it's not happen this year hug now are here comes our way yeah I'll know I I hug. I already know race no fine each other I enlarged heart attack human resources and you don't want to miss it you know I'm not dole and me I'm not so I'm not a anyway. I'm ashe's freezers deep snow. Yeah. Well I'll I'll pull the I'm holding raised I'm telling you look and I don't mountain and yeah. Atlanta right now we Jason you look around and I'll let you b.'s and man this is under house. Really is the weirdest looking I as a woman. I gotta I gotta kinda like bad in my backside back a little bit well I just don't want it in I don't want to be alone I don't wanna be big news I'd. I I I don't think it's more predictable I don't know where he's already at all this is really uncomfortable that was weird hug I didn't warn you got to know the Mac. You know what is ours are this is why men. I the second class citizens and society of whose first class. Holy days to take a look Theo left him they yeah. I'm pretty Oslo yeah hugged reverend Vijay now. Hunt them yeah I see and you know what if I would over enforce it hugged me I'd be in an office told told I have to go to sensitivity test well I read to you army sources. Well how do you make young comfortable. If I had GO. Not yet India not disgusting like him on loan 100 million dollars or whoever culture and now you wouldn't bother me Mina and pure disgusting you've got us navigate good Huggins and all I it senator I don't have an idea that go error I'm not I don't like to touch people that much anyway I touch if you read it was that this could hug what did you do not want. I do now yeah. I'm Trisha Miley amount this red hair yeah I was given the real so you would rather hug red the red than me I'm that low on the totem pole now because they get Thomas making you very uncomfortable. I don't know how I don't want no I would mind hugging you with a Revlon and Erica yeah I now I think about it I don't know if you look and Nader now you guys are here I once they open up my arms deal and hugged me since it looks like it since I I may just demand thing I just don't like I I just I don't like Haagen men. I don't even like that hey bro hug thing you'll get a bro hugs and I duel because you have to do but I'm not a mess and it didn't have to you know Luke Wilson comes in he wants to do the brouhaha and I don't want to do you know I like him but I really don't like it. I'm sure they'll let loose an all text we should let every man know that look I didn't like to be how shaken hands. Is as far as a result then. Content that's a whole different story the AME drug first. I think you meant fist pump but I know you'd have these estimates that on its own death responds yeah yeah. This. Now that's a creek beds go overseas and every time what you're talking about you'll only see in movies these. All right well I would I was gonna give a thousand dollars for you guys are you senator 24 hours. I Wentworth at different from there I thought it was is gonna say to hunt a thousand dollars for a hug I would do that for charity. But for 24 hours you know what you have to do a lot more than a 1024 hour hug yet now that cost that I don't you know I rhetoric that went to raise a lot of money for like kids or something protect. Yeah and I would hate it when I would do because it would be for the children. It would be tested Chester back cat we test on that we talking five figures. Five figures is some effort to raise five figures of money for trying for a few hundred repertory for hours that's a long time. When you don't wanna miss the bathroom but as somebody Garrett I don't know you gotta have I find minute breaks per okay. Yeah I guess has somebody would range if queries and five figures for charity that would help I mean how can I signal of that. Even oil and hated and is thought to do it would money from Texas did you guys who make a hiking boots for BJ that way listeners becoming give these. I don't want them endless and I don't want that that women I don't mind women are awesome but you know they're comfortable but man and I don't find very honorable I think I'm Larry is very sexist than youth. Yes it is I don't know how to say I feel almost wish tear their better hugs. Well you know what and they got scared to tell warrantless I like what I like I can't say you're wrong you can't say that I'm I'm. I do respect not respect and playing great humor in the records attempt to argue it's almost like you wouldn't turn around the hug can tell you from behind the reverend doing everything in his power so that his job. Below the belly button does not go anywhere near blow your backside. Yeah well because if there's any standard you would be uncomfortable CS in my making people uncomfortable self but if I leaned into him he would elect all here got a text so teaser here. BJ is lying when I summits house and mod JC Penney hug me first true story ms. you know caesar's line. He said it's true story gas Caesar is excellent I hugged his wife when he first brought him try and rank castle we dug. Let me okay you as always I. Guys I think you guys touched on a really brilliant idea of their few minutes ago and that's the hiking with what you. Tie it with the hook for 24 hour charity idea Payne passed this year I'm in Booth with BJ we charge like five bucks a. No that's I solid shots that I didn't. Oh good man Simon now you all do it we'll give our editor on I don't know and I hit a we're gonna raise big money for this Ryan's side we fight all as a hog we got to raise about a hundred bucks for this no okay it will charge more but you're into the idea no I'm menu and that's five figures is what I said it's like clear has that call Bill Gates in his volley on the drop the big money Hardenne Russell Wilson or somebody dropped big money and I'll do it it's going to be pretty slim as your guys we can have like a little Booth everybody hugs and dogs so I. And one booed their hobbies into other they give us on the exit we'd. Most well I wish I like half of your anywhere where's the bad part for UST there is not yet exactly and there's always win though is his perfect timing took as a working hard on the show in Colonia all right hundred Booth yeah I like this. One person Steve closes with Susie is a mega hugs for Ted we do they three of us I don't golf stories yeah I don't I don't golf. Just I don't know why is this does is uses creeps me out. The meeting with the government for five bucks. Five dollars. No I I'm telling you it's going to be big money I'm tired of people will become what some cattle and turns into a big money BJ I think you know what a couple like grinding your groin house apple do groin to groin OK how much for that. Also just to (%expletive) runoff how much and tasty snacks and beauty tasty snacks and some food envoy game I don't you go do something that you normally do yourself Atlanta got on. And as well and on donors are and what about a mouth hug Booth with Vicki and said hello. And this is what happens from the protesters and and to have the up via hi this sudden this is almost like get out of here now I am my my whole back body feels disgusting. Why is still sweaty I penalty sweat all of viral it's I. I am I I tell you get it's all over really. Dude yeah I felt really comfortable where the we have showers downstairs I know but that's kind of price closes on an antidote. I have a couple Beers Merck and our office why you guys don't have a couple shower beards off. I don't feel. On this is weird it's really weird dude ref give you something I don't know how have. Anything it'd become our little sweaty but that's just from Perry beat big that's what I'm saying you're sweating and you got all over meats also disgust thing. This job. All that attack yes. Iran has. Five bucks a hot war is a crap load a role want to make BJ are comfortable with. You have to pay more money ami stepped to the plate you need a body suit. Think one of the united darker suit that we don't get the key BGB's from recognizing that's a good point you can hermetically sealed me am I doing demand Hazmat suits were present there and for 200. I well I mean things get more people who go raise that kind of money. By hugging you. Pay five figures vary by leaders. Through sort of go fun. This Wyman a second class citizen was we could not do this for any woman that works and our show course not so that's his Sosa showed emitter wrap Pug Ricky. Love love and say I mean you know it sounds lame but I am just as uncomfortable it is any woman can claim to be to have some random dude desire. And it's the same way we may but you know what this meant a second class citizens doesn't matter if you'll you'll Deloitte. When it happened I had killed a second class citizen when he became a whiny bitch. Now how that's gonna help this honestly trying to put this out that was rude and outside on a beach and honestly I'm I you know I mean I you know when I'm gonna type family nominee is his assets on the list. You picket W guys to show to a 642 on rock proximity to five. You know you're not intestines and how much are hungry are you god damn taxes and I even occurs that's. 918 assortment. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Very. This day. Listen there's another. You think this topic you guys to show it to 06421 rock rocky is 7625. You can also Texas it's 77999. Doesn't matter what we're talking about man something brand new or something holes. We've discussed before you pick a topic you guys to show he has just one rule for listeners on the loose it's just shows America embrace it otherwise we're. Say good bye good full turn and it's as simple as that and oh what a lovely way to start off this listeners a blues always it. You know. Personality here and there she is nice hearing. I've gone back my dad passed the way on Christmas Day at noon PO. Well after the ER law though I'm not good sports fans like you wouldn't believe sorry that Sherri we know we need wearing threes so you know I'm never gonna live to be 93. And then. Did you while he was I could. That you guys are keeping me alive is okay as well that's nice or do something positive in the world yet and I'm and it comes down and I DB'S_G. add. And then you can bring it. And I get how good hair look at home boys. So then how can happen because I don't care they turned the creation. I'm sorry when you're going agouron do you feel like that when you're gonna learn you're gonna you're so you're not going to any kind of ceremony for your dad. We're you know me and my dad absolutely hate each other well imagine that when he got old from the current and I loved in new moon and back. Bad beef cremation ceremonies. I don't know about that we didn't get along even when event. Well I didn't I didn't know they I cannot really be at the cremation itself I thought they were just put an earns somewhere and then they would have ceremony celebrating his bio sensors simply. It is your turn around you now. Now in laurel and he my dad would ensure me my mother creations I am can I feel you know there are elitists and he says. Know role. To me. OK so what does that have to do you going to a service for him I was always there isn't a service sorry get together why I don't want didn't want me to go on a ball to point bothered. And then throw that attitude over water and I guess that's really cool. And are not going to be part of that and you William values as an excuse Cher you really just wanna do it and we were right yeah. Sorry bill but true yeah I just I figure when people logo on their guru but. Freddie several the most people when they have funerals or any kind of service that make major talking about it the chancellor wanna get together to celebrate that person's life. I mean that's usually why people go to funerals. And we all the other odd. You more and I guess I don't I feel like. You know that's just through their living doing that they want me to Alabama. Exactly when Cutler got serious said that is let's force is part of the grieving process but at the same time. You deciding how you want aggrieved is also Europe part of it and hopefully they understand that you know you just don't wanna be around CNET I mean it that's what's tough about funerals and things like that is ever was at the wrong way deal with yet never regret sort of they don't show up to a funeral I mean that's if they're. If they do is can't handle that mentally I don't claim home. Yeah that's kind of like me I like him even current on the ball with my phone now from Don I can people learn all day and night. Then they get yeah I did the way I do it. Are you wearing an I you're wearing black shared they do that anymore like for certain amount of time and that was the old school way yet Wear black for a bunch of time. I Wear black all the time no matter what even in the spring and summer sun is Vicky is like everyone's dead around her anyway so okay well Ed you know we hit it you've everybody's during the Yale now there's a great Sherry Miller believes are you warm bright yellow outfit ha ha oh I can be. As bad either person AA tourney just call me up and like guys that you scholarly comes and I'll give you gotta tell us and I blew it big as part of their life. I don't know restraining order continued how crazy certainly have gone well. And on until you just go back to. She seemed to enjoy that. Maybe this is she's trying to get all his time and you know act on your and that's all she wants is the gone DNA and you could be right what if she's completely normal and you discuss this with hopes of getting down yeah maybe got the gong sound gets or where she needs to get Liza you know does it sound like it yeah it surely did. This list is on the loose you pick a topic you guide to showed 206421. Rock rocky is 7625 Texas 77999. The head takes readers and did you hear the board game that led to a stabbing BJ have you ever had that kind of drama at one of your board game ninth. It's it's it's been contested it is no doubt about it beyond the nobody's been stabbed nobody had been stabbed but you know people do get butt hurt feelings get hurt I'm one of them a time towards happened. Where you know board game night can get emotional for some people have you wiped the board. Are never done its then I have. I have basically said that whoever I felt really done me wrong I'm dead to them and I tell other board game players I will do whatever I can help you beat that person such as did Miro would you invite them back. Oh yeah there's there's uncle Chris is the guy usually target. Yes I'd pay uncle Chris is the guy who told you might beat you there's hand there's another guy there's two others Hammond this other guy did their job is to. Well Chris just tries to win it all cost increase can be a filthy player. Let's admit it or not. There's weird that the other day we're talking old and about like you know breaching and breaking things that mention now I had a buddy in college said beware replay that NHL hockey in my Sega Genesis yeah that he would freak out and breaks stuff all yeah. The next day it was so weird on my FaceBook page look recessed the remember that buddy Osama bag. He posts that say and it's a Manny 30 at all ordered wings and appointed play all night Davey when Tyrus fights it was awesome IQ was. They are reminiscing about it I'm like why aren't just talking about this that's desires kind of weird that's very weird and of course talk mark my buddies who started throwing him. He doesn't remember the biggest. Yeah yeah Baghdad that was that guy. Well this is of course ironic or is it it was a family feud board game that actually led to a woman stabbing in east. But it cost family feud what do you expect Steve survey says. Man's 42 year old woman her name mister dean got matter eighteen year old niece Tia. During that game and Jermaine use that as an opportunity to bring upper suspicion that's he had stalled some money from our. Of how soon. Leo they argued engine dean wand up grabbing a screwdriver and stabbing TA in the year. Here Massey there's a lot of weapons around how sometimes you got it in the hole. Cool yeah I may be all oh that's horrible she did that awful she was arrested for felony aggravated battery with a deadly weapon because you know you get that screwdriver and then do some serious damage. Ideally you Ali. All of our family feud the board game. For instance regularly get her. And we hope and if you niece is able to steal money from you how is that it's. I don't know what's going on I don't know who's lived with two houses is how this is happening. But you know I. We have drama in my family and if there's somebody that's really like you know suspected of doing something like would. The it was this suspected doing I just though you know you can't come lord of the house and on the other sound that you would invite them over for a board game there are some people in my life that are close to me that are no other more my house. At all nope they think they've assailant got busy oil while you stay you know hotel you know we came to come over for dinner I'm Myron I'll meet them in a neutral place. Because you know I've had issues before and it's I don't need to have this in my life. I'm not gonna not like you and not get along with the new but you've got a history I don't need that in my life and they take it. All they get all but hurt go woke up all why keep the past the past ago. Why should I have to forget something and make myself uncomfortable as opposed to making you want comfortable why should I be going a comfortable to my house. And so they don't come I don't you arguably wasting a ticket. Replace tenure buying if I had to meet up with you for dinner yeah well of course and like Roosevelt's and and discomfort is the apps corn like why am I coming yeah. Yes so that's I mean I'd side note traumas drama man I need it. Yes that's in the road when your board game via the Tutsis. It's hard man because you know what if people get by hurt if you are aggressive import gaming and some games you have to be aggressive. And they get mad especially in the Pacific northwest it's it's been give enough you play with some for the first time. I just know you know what I'm not a plays in the way you have to play a because they're gonna get mad. So there's a board game snobbery on on all dude did Vicky as a friend that's still crying over a game that we play because somebody did one aggressive thing against him in the game that lasted thirteen hours. RA Cole. You know I mean you know I'm talking about. I think so but I youth Lally you've never done anything I've had a I've been a part of Texas is conversations from multiple people playing game with Yale. And just saying oh my god this is happening and he won't shut up but the Obama be negotiated. Aren't you go she. It's hitter that's a strategy now. Yeah but that's a strategy that I I had to say like that and now I don't necessarily Japanese part of competing I'm I'm the Richard Sherman a board game and I've really. And I am not proud of it. I am that Richard Sherman accord gave me I never played again would be he and I would be unassailable. Go to the best Vicky yeah. And what the U bro it's elegant. I don't know I heard you're mediocre all before mediocre good good big mouth is saying that I'm mediocre you really surprised. All of my box that other actual item is likely Srebrenica is getting pretty Agassi and people get they get angry about this because that's our level of competition I don't mind. You guys should film your board game things it just it that -- when the meltdown happens we can posted somewhere at some they sums it up to do that I mean we do puts us on FaceBook live anybody's on the best behavior when we do that we should really it's been normal when things are we really glossing over the fact that Vijay just said that they played four games for thirteen hours. You must be new to us we get out of this guy you're Nokia I don't play that game on purpose yet they have marathon there are times are no weeknight that you guys we up till like eleven at night playing well we're getting this one particular board game. And you know if you want to do twilight and search for twilight in carry him on YouTube. And you'll you'll see it's insane anybody that plays the games insane but it's kind of like your rite of passage is aboard gamer if you actually play this game. It is the granddaddy of insanity because it but you can buy it but you know for people or like me who love war gaming like really really love it. You just don't you know what we're making a day every guys where we're really started 9 in the morning we'll get done and eleven at night. And here's the thing I know people who beat that game in six hours just because the people who won't shut the hell up elevate the game longer. Six hours a song and I don't like six supposedly did hours. How would take. How long be away eyes Vicki says that I never met anybody's play their games except I. I have yeah I really never know we did they meet there at their real board gamers BJ we play with eight people and maybe that's part of it and it's also the part of the games negotiation Vicky political haranguing his part of that game it's a part of what it hits. Persons of the guys tried to you encourage you to matters chutes and ladders. We had a fourteen hour session shoots cars that's shorts apparently somebody try to climb back up or shoot instead you can slide down a ladder and we of course going to be fun that's tough rules yet we we had a big fight about them. Are at 20642 Iraq. Rocky 7625. Texas 77999. This listeners on the loose. You pick that topic you guys to show your calls your tax I 36 on the Iraq. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. Vijay in an exit mornings on the Iraq. I quite nicely. At W Iraq Seattle as was Gonzales you pick a topic you guys they show. 206421 rock and rockets 762 fighting out of Texas it's 77999. Mad and you've all you are on the rise. Gone forward that's a bad body which a young forming. Art so early are up about you know gaining and night. You can. You used my family feud board game and a woman got stabbed blatant bias my driver by her aunt because of it yeah the year in the year. Why do outs yeah Lola. Along similar line mountain junior high are back in the state worker book. Made a couple buddy we're gonna have a gaining weight in our. Spirit OK. Mat actor. We. Kind of upset. Gotten out cigarette. And his parents are gone. He disappeared bird make. Yet he he had one. Hit one not round. The word in the chambers on Russian roulette entitled I'll know Howard. Oh wow. If lawyer green yet that that that guy probably is so I had some therapy since then I would imagine. Are you know I don't know. Thank you so yeah I. Which it may not all who would have ever thought it there are about to ask that anyone else ever play my game with him again while. Yet or not will they ever talk to him again I don't that I don't. Blame you and you know listen I mean let any. Look when you're playing your game if somebody seems to be better at you a better at a venue it can be infuriating a lot of us know what happens we play video games that mean those are also infuriating and but if you're the type of person goes to get a gun yeah that's when I think the you know the flag goes off and we need to have you go cease. That's gonna gun. But then hold them hostage yeah yeah how is how is that did not in an institution at this point wow you know that's that's just nuts. Something's got to teach secular about winning and losing. Yeah that's a fact as funny while we're during the break we're having this debate and try to figure it I know you can play board games for thirteen hours so let's let's let's. Eliminate that from the option all right can you think of anything else that you could do for thirteen straight hours. I can't think of anything that I would wanna do for thirteen straight hours. Yeah I I would say like binge watch shows but not a power guy you still but not so much anymore I'd I you know but I could do that but not counting sleet could really get sleep but that's like you don't really understand the concept of time when you're asleep you just it just goes away you know and I mean yeah I got all of my hot -- thing and obviously couldn't physically play for thirteen straight hours but. I mean video games to none of that yellow video gaming I used to do firm many straight hours yeah I'm not as into it as they used to be but ya in my younger days I would alls I did the I would video game for. For for definitely thirty straight hours. Maybe yeah I guess Indian nowadays though at this moment in my life I could play video games like two hours maybe three that's pushing it like I'm drained like mentally and just I'm tired seat aboard gaming thing you can get up he can take a break some people go on take a you know Leo gonna smoke break me they're gonna go get some food so it's not just thirteen hours sitting near an all you're doing you know enemies like you're leaving that space. You're going to our round if you want to buy a need to take short break sort of you wanna do is at my house usually so I don't have fart ago but there was one time or did laundry replay because people sometimes take a long time deterrence our school in the room do my laundry. You know casino it is it's it's you know it's a complex game. I felt like the stuff for everybody but for me I get into that world where people look to the outside he could hike for hours funny just have somebody sent hiking I can do for an hour and I will and I who could not I have a buddy of mine John who goes to our men's weekends. Avid hiker that guy the guy Ellis always take you pick he's always jumping off a mound he's always ride his bike over forty over these cliffs. He's out of his mind and he and I are buddies and we laugh at each other because we are so different with what we wanna do our free time. Any any and he's amazing I mean this dude is like forty and you know he's got a body of a twenty year old I don't know let's bounce the shower. But I mean you know I can't believe that he has the energy and the where with all the still wanna go out and do this now it's because he loves it so much Cindy would make. If I love is much also alleged killer but I know I really love it seems like it's just like all I wanna do it's like it's hard sometimes to come to work in and do my job because I'd rather you know. No I remember when you first got hooked on it was like. Do we need to have an intervention with the job he's going to bed late at night aren't always nice not because an alcohol or drugs or any its. Board games they won't prison Texas that I really love your passion that you have a board game. Yeah I think it's great in life I've had this conversation with some people I know who are my age who work. And we look at each other and go you know. We don't like the workaholics. Who you know and and and and we we've had this conversation end. And it's like it frustrates us when the people don't have a hobby or a life that their passion about except their jobs need a hobby yeah and I don't and he and I both got guys must have been a much of a pain in the ass is I am. I have a I have a life outside his job so therefore you're not gonna have a test you about the job right right but I don't know I hope and I crowd Arizona want able to do thirteen hours and I'm just like wow that's just thinking like nuts I know mentally physically is there something out there that can make numbers and brings up a good one I can fish for thirteen hours straight. Yeah I think my my I think my dad could to my dad loves you know he loves going to. If it was called Plum Island up in new England and he would go up there put the pole around him in his body and he loves that he could be gone for hours and hours and hours and hours as they could World of Warcraft with 27 hour RO. What do it tell you about deck as I watch the show shameless and the character lip this season had a job as an intern where he hit and you wonder if life imitates art art and things like but. This dude was playing video game and he didn't want peace you wanna play for hours straight so he had a catheter hooked up to lump in the and lip had to empty dead the and I'm wondering I know somebody must have done that real life some rich guy that loves to play video games because that's parties are. So do you think I know that's happened I know people lets you play for twenty hours a repeat that. You have a guy named lit from TV show and thank you for that from my internship and yeah exactly I wish I could Beirut. All right and now it's time for the most important question you'll ever pondered. What are Ryan castle and a college degree have in common. I'm sorry at 948. On the rock. In case mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW. And gain yardage. Question of the day. Why do. Ryan castle and a college degree haven't come not necessarily get very a lot of money it was seventy. It's all point. From person suited both consummate about 25 K a year. I was through before it's OK here we are they had warned that we're. That's why no release. If you're lucky it's only Tony's like cater. Yes I would move is in my grandma paid for both our old hey it's a dirty bird seasons edit her. Now got a new study that says the average person is causing me doesn't pay for itself until. They turn. 34. It just doesn't seem right. Now all it really doesn't seem right and you graduated 22 and you've got what twelve years before it it's your even voters. That's just that that does well and trying to you know now that's it paying for itself on what you would make in salary that's not. Necessarily you paying off your college lonesome and if you get out of school with 2000 dollars it. Right. And efficacy of its job better right you know to get that right out of college. I didn't spam I get points but it high school. They're saying this also how long it takes you to make the money you could have earned during the four years you were schools religious get out of school and earn money so. Before you recoup the entire cost of your tuition and other expenses and make the money you have made that for years longer credible kids. Yeah it's still a good idea to get a college degree. Well maybe we'll let you would you rate death and you don't do it we're living proof that yes. I guess so you know what he does have a cause agree but he does have a morning twelve pack. And bigs play this day. I Wear marks a break so I don't like regular box fell right everything stole everything is I don't know together so even on the hottest days I would least you know like where like does something very knock him maybe a Speedo divorce because of the beaches lovely smile you where to reach. Yeah she wears skirts come you were skirted the trees are suppose for a strong. Or thought Diego valid when I was. 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How we can make payment arrangements in most cases as well and in your case file be serious challenger Jean case because of the reorganization aspect to it. Thanks Travis did you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time as choose the right chapters dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.