BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-11-17-6A: . A man punched his TV after Clemson beat Alabama.

Wednesday, January 11th

. A man punched his TV after Clemson beat Alabama. News and sports. A local man is going to be featured on Under Cover Boss tonight.


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The Penn state fair and it jumped into his Christmas tree because since they lost yes yes Aaron and I and their bowl game and you get out to wonder OK is pursued the way that the Alabama Clemson game was going back and forth and really now also Alabama looked like they had pretty good control like in a different times. When I went to bad I thought okay this is their game and I woke up and I'm like all. Yeah atom bomb that missed out on Mac but luckily for you know there's the Internet it's yes we had an every day. And there was a fan on the internet's thinks the and it's he's got to stand captured on camera. Watching Clemson is go ahead touchdown in the closing seconds of the national championship game. In the video. He is inches from the TV screen pointing at Clemson quarterback to Shawn Watson while cursing at him gave basically calling him crap over and over and over again it's kind of funny always is Societe anti motivation was trying to do here I UN SUNS. And of course. He won them being asked via. What's Clinton scored the winning touchdown the guy immediately punch the screen it was TV and instantly broke the screen. Shocking other people in the Rome and of course he was caught on tape we've got to Soria. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The only thing. Plus he's got good decent hour. I'm very happy. It's great. I give him credit while it'd he did a great job mounting that TV on the wall yeah I didn't even move yeah I do I want the former in my place man I had I didn't do nearly as good of a job I think he had a professional install. All of the dude he completely destroyed at the in the best pars as I watched a video we have a post on intensity that comes to be dimming faced. What I would imagine this is significant other's wives kind of walks into that rooms analysts on site. I did do that and I'm married to a genius I give credit right it look like they were all starting the last by the end I think you realize how stupid he was rather quickly. And news that's that's that's pretty soon do you think or are he had secret plan won his new team. Articulate really nice as of four plays out today there's a New York's Q some four k's out there man in those nice curve one. Yeah I I you know what all I'm so angry and I'm sorry I lost my temper well got to get the TV and why don't stand close to the television not only is it bad for your eyes you might just involuntarily punch it. Am gonna hear that again that I'd choose your yap and pudge was epic and you gotta go see because the guy eight. He looks like the kind of guy though puts TV he'd just seen just as he looks like it to me out well this isn't a nice guy hoping kind of an end. Now it bolted down like a normal Joe Schmo and a beer guy. Yeah. The yeah. I'm very happy. Now it's. And houses night. I think is on his friends they all just like watch a minute and he's a stand there by himself. Got an island. And he's laughing at him and his wife walks in our I would imagine it's his wife yeah graze his mistress. Fifth mistress it's just idle east and to stairs in my urine checked this just as Steve. I his ex wife walked him. They're not breaking news. How these joint staff and a TV. She realizes she's living with and idiots. The ham I love my TV too much to ever get that mad at it. Yeah I just I just love it too much man I would I wouldn't trade and the only ways of I wanna new TV they'll pull a move I just when one had a headache of buying any TV re mounting on him. All of you can go to do you won't be sorry I was content hello. Oh good call. Error something soft I yell individuals I was still do that but people still get freaked out when they had me in the bedroom screaming until. As I guess I still pretty Lonnie and one million pill. He really did now while I was told that I know I also are being in cardiology fellow co yell into a seminar put on. Well what they look good until you know what it knows it's info when it comes to my house. Yeah punch hello I'm dizzy element and it's a good point yeah if I guess abuse is abuse so what do you punching her verbal it's still devils taken a beating. Corporal Corey Dylan and ask for that did not ask for on my views drool Bonn is wants to be if I don't make good pets are great her pillow we actually you know why it. Takes a beating in a lot of ways these guys really really does. Now slam in people's heads against the sometimes GOP parts of people's bodies on your toll on on there. It just shows that we keep talking about these stories it is that people losing their ass when it comes to sports that people do. They've been to every of that's the passion that sports has over us this I mean it's amazing that they're the friends knew that he be that pissed that he he's was worth filming. Or it was a set up one way or the other but I mean it's the same time somebody. Was like I got a film Jimmy over here because I know he's gonna lose possess only guys standing in front of the TV calling the cornerback as some pointing at it I sure told Paul my cell phone to. Because if if and at best let's just say that touched and doesn't happen and in and Alabama wins his reaction would probably be pretty awesome yes it will have a good victory cell and just find celebratory way. So as a win win yet somehow I TV I don't care personally want yeah Hudson a call Steve alike take care but you lose you are right after that party they get benefit that. I'm I am not America's I feel like he's inconsolable I think I'm out but but the other there are those people were poking the bear. They'll laugh and an ice if I'm data angry appointed TV laughing at me is not a good thing. And and I don't know unless I'm I was that angry and that we are a little look if I'm prone broccoli that's when you know I'm angry right is that you don't wanna be broken economy a drone brought. I'm out of my mind set is that there's so we've it's probably more entertainment whatever else is gonna be on after that dived playoff game it's good point. No small commentary on the post game should now lets us watch our friend implode you don't see trophy is presented you know that's all that's out. I love that after that happens is still staring at the TV which is in its. There is no picture you can see anymore its system blurry mess just a mess and he's like oh I'll I'll fix the game. A by the way coalition appointed CV before haven't might have affected the outcome could shaken up the ball receiver might drop that yes. It's really weird if it doesn't work get a check out the video on the B Jamie's face of carriers will be dot com it's pretty impressive. America is a man who's going to be featured on a popular reality show tonight that's also impressive season to tell you all about it at 617 on the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW. I'd like I say I had come in Iraq does Seattle fervor and bacon fest is in fact happening on Saturday march 11. From big press return to Seattle design center and it is going to be a lot of fun you know I mean if you venue know if you haven't been Bob but you get a wide array of birds and whiskey that you get the sample you get to sixty which one is gonna come home we view. Sample treats are some of the greater Seattle area's best restaurants that's great I think baker is going to be there are a lot of awesome preparations they give. And of course you want to employ you want tickets you wanna go to vertebrae confessed go to Seattle. Go to Seattle but he ought to KI SW theology. KI SW dot com that's the web site. I think CNN that I made yet had a little bit deliver the most he's already packages. Very big events benefiting our fans that from anywhere tree house treehouse a great place and that's. That's referred vacant for ourselves okay are there are murdering. Most. Fifth graders have a better grasp of the English language and unfortunately there aren't any available this early in the morning. This is news we Steve made. Thanks guys thanks democracy bingo for giving us news and sports and hey everybody happy national milk day. Milk day that's right ladies all multinational military pillow case that we've fessed up about undercover boss one in my favor realities of my wife and I watch all the episodes I like are you still fan undercover boss. I don't watch as much as you well I'm but I like to show it's fun I don't watch in the same show every week but I still enjoy it it's obvious the same premise. I'd like they're part is just seeing how much cash the boss is gonna fork over to these stories that they have. I mean sometimes. He realizes how greedy you become while watching you like I shall endeavor are 5000 dollars or all day 40000 dollars if she passed the IR thanks. The persons trying to describe it got 5000 dollars and I'm like that's not enough. Yeah it's really tough when you did you know going on that show your right Steve you know that flawed people gonna just because Obama's I give I would be the war but what if they did on the cover Boston and like you know you finally meet up with the boss afterwards some nice little place outside your sit in the Jerry do you know why am. And I had to be like. Payday to payday to payday and it if they go. Familiar 5000 dollars its nuclear plant and vegetation and I think the disappointment would be seen in my face yeah in my head I'd be thinking. I think again must send a story I should get a good twenty grand out of it yeah. And you like just fight to really five grand and I don't know how people fall for it and and I that is probably a moment Hollywood action to have whatever but it's. Please why we're talking about it. Is that a local guy is going to be featured on an undercover boss and I hate to say you DVR is if you don't watch it definitely watching tonight I Al Gore. The 24 year old guy from Marysville and he's making his big debut on an undercover boss. And it should be pretty cool he he works in the lead technician for a dentist clean it's him Michael GOP franchise that out. Migrant mitigation police fired water and other wind damage structures and things like that I guess the company's founders is. The undercover boss and is subject student times they've run tonight at 8 PM so be sure to check that out that's pretty exciting. That Kyle said he had no idea who was doing was and he said he was really like Bonnie dog is no attempt guy and tempt guys tend to slow that would go visit his whole thing around I Alison this guy's salary so. And in May it may maybe this is so Hollywood designer now houses like yeah I didn't lose some of those. Some of them may have jobs are just so Brad rotten day failure right about that. Some are impressive but it's unused golf lions and it's always fun when somebody's on to the boss that he did. They have homicide nick looked don't blow my cover I'll give you a thousand dollars. Dignity and you are you're going thousand what do Monica case in my Y night. Cost I'd be careful out there if you're driving because of though the road conditions even though in this agreement to drive might be icy as well because of cold conditions are causing some might have Terry knows. Pretty treacherous yesterday for a lot of people we have to draw but also in the north and plus who talked about that it was early in the morning it's gonna continue to be that way through the weekend and he says they're saying. So we'll see what happens at that and also today it's very exciting for us today. Features the full wolf moon. Oh cool careful out there wolf is significant others acting kind of weird in my view because of the full wolf moved house and give a lot of idiots a reason the community it's. Paul Wolfe don't want to look at me when you say it gives people I don't know why OF course I have read that's nice. Nor other sports maybe quite possibly. We could have a new arena or renovated arena in the near future I guess is a major renovation that they're open a make over a Key Arena and starting today. The city you'll begin accepting formal proposals on how they can take shape the members of the uptown alliance can open that some people proposed. Ways to make it so that they can host professional basketball or hockey there's a deadline of April 12 for people to submit these proposals I'm gonna propose. I'm gonna say I submit a proposal and it's going to be. Building in the soda wary because traffic will be a lot better in that area especially are you kidding me. I'll take your are right I say that a database takes up the Fiorina and they're able to get an NBA team and and any mainly NHL team from the selfishly. I don't care what the traffic I don't care about the parking I'm going to any games. Not you know half. I I hated I hated going to games out there I mean I played that hole I hit the holes this whole situation out there by Fiorina I think it's just a mess for based on All the King's Men area. There's a lot less parking spots what's it gonna be okay all right let's let's parking let's just told us around and I'm parking spots into some apartment hollow is although I'll be excited about different plans and they've really they've they've really were very very foreshadowed their date they tape. They've been building basketball back here so we'll hear the parties a bit nervous. But you know what BJ you can make your proposal and its and its member you have until April 12 what do I really I tell you do that all right well if you if you look at the life of rev Wright somewhat volatile site that would be funny Chris Hansen does a proposal. Since we're irritated you're gonna move this out yeah I as far as whether or 35 degrees and partly sunny today. Well 35 and I should hold that's why I have a -- gonna wanna watch office slippery driving 35. Well the president I did you watch the president last night. Oh this speech yeah yeah I did I did sue I I I wasn't going to and then for some reason it just hit me like a miniature watch this I have in my in my first instinct was I don't watch is a much from wrestling right now that I really think the weight on the rest soreness probably wants money anyway unless special moment ago bottom I thought it was cool that he said hey you know instead of our. Doing online but have discussions in person I think that's a great message that brought the people but I but the biggest takeaway from his speech. He he must have got them sold laid last night after that speech. All they'll grow all the love from Michelle Rolf that was a great part even whatever your opinion is about. President Obama I mean he just straight out that's better and flowers that's better and improbably a diamond necklace I mean he just out now just. Showered her with love. Very not a good term view the other stories maybe you don't wanna talk to rush hour when it comes the president presidents how do you not I mean are afraid to make out with him after that all really. Now I was I I was impressed I wasn't actually read today you know tonight to go up there are you some love now. Also PO I was wondering Olajuwon and is that why Sasha wasn't there because he talked about his kids but only Malia was there. Sasha was home studying for big test this yesterday and so. You know she's like that I love you but I really at a press is just like ten years I I hear you talk all the time I'm not gonna go quite clearly were not on the makeup to be in a child of the obamas because my opinion would have been. I screw attachment I think to bite the mighty Georgia guard Ty my my dad's the African president and almost every kid would use that I don't look my isn't as his farewell speech onside kick they detest their tradition irritate tests yeah. So she's obviously a future president because you know as susser sauces and doing our homework and studying the you know that is the kind of person you are out like Eric. Seen as a she's gone but the rest of us who don't like an hour ago. I mean I'm all excuses that's the best excuse to give ever yes. So yeah I was I liked it out of I feel like if you hate the guy I had tax our enemies a Sissy for crying. I I just can't do it anymore I you know I can't do it anymore if you listen to the show we try to give everybody a fair shake and it doesn't matter. If you never get away and you never make motto Mazda is apparently audience you may manage audience is up half the audience is it to know institute yeah you know it all the geniuses out there if you look in the mirror out here which side of the aisle you're on if you look in the mirror and you just hate everything about the other side. You know what then you're not the kind of person is gonna get anything done you just not gonna get stuff done in life because you compromises a big part of being successful as a human being last I think if you're extremely on one side and not on the Seattle side you're never going to be of it you're just gonna be living a miserable life. You know and this is it like you know the 1930s where you know you can't decline seen every crisis seat. I think get I think the world is a different place where dude you get a tear once in awhile especially talking about things that are really something. I mean we don't beat up on athletes and they cry after winning a championship over from you know an idea assists Asia. Yeah. I think it's funny and I cracked me up as a funny text it's easy no so why so much of the water works well speaking of water where some of the other golfers who can sit. Now I badly about this story because even news agencies are saying well we really have time to vetted but buzz feeds him and okay are we gonna go out of that anyway. You would think as I mean buzz feed is a multi multimillion dollar operation at this point they're very popular and you know they did they do well I that seems like a big risk to take. Just toss that kind of information out there because I've already seen stories today saying that there's no truth to this story right and other services to. How do you take Iran's makes my head explode so aid is this just then. An agenda just edited to make the incoming you know the incoming president look bad is is really really buzz feed is that what this is. Are you for years and this guy Alicia snag viewers for a whole code talker out that way yeah that means he he's got a real tariff on the situation really do and and and and and and and soon to be president trump you know we know that it's you know what he doesn't take too kindly to people saying bad things about that aren't true long. And by the way I don't think anybody should take too kindly for people saying bad things about the that aren't true oh by the way I hope I don't doubt the Democrats in a beam me up. You know me again we try to be reasonable about everything everybody hates you gotta stop worrying about it right because it's it's it's it's it's silly how quickly just one word can trigger something you're. You uniting the wind and just either laugh about it or are disgusted or eighties get angry. So bad I'm looking at this right here and this is a new story about the president elect trump. And I sing in the news story that it's completely unverified at this point right and yet it's still been releases a new store at everywhere. I I find that to be just journalistic BS I really really do all the debates are journalists in a voice of reason you. Voice of reason. This is the TMZ were over and that he's thrown out there and hopefully you're right if you got them. It's again and I think they think of a baseball players cured if you can get ahead three out of ten times or that's awesome to see that that's how it is for journalism now. You if you're correct a few times now doesn't coal man. It's yet it is if I think about my career I think about what my job has always been in this business I cannot believe I'm the one is gonna say I don't know if I wanna do I I. I've a question about the story I don't ever look you know let's go to trump. And look up showers I didn't do the story just look up trumpet showers on the Internet a motorcycle with DeLia I'm always just then. And an ad in allied and maybe puts a mark Kelly on the background later in the story and premature get the idea. My question is. Ever before I read the story I'm on Twitter and I'm seeing all this and the way it in my head from what people are talking about it sounds like he was. Involved in the sense of like it happening to him that's the first thing I thought I was like yeah some impression I got to first and then I think you read the story and not just attendees are thought based on what parity assumed. There was a lot less I extreme. In OPEC is well it's like look I I like the second version of the story does look. I like watching survivor I don't wanna be on survivor shirt so I like watching and I'm through all the crap they got to go through I'm a huge wrestling fan I really don't wanna get to plus why could see Donald Trump say like IR anybody that matters thank. I appreciate this activity but I don't wanna participate and in. Yeah it's unbelievable. And they understand that this will not change any thing. Of course it I mean it doesn't that's only gonna divide people more people who elected a guy don't care. Whether a story like this to be true or not they don't care about what he does behind closed doors they're tired of what politicians are doing to us she noted that that's today that's why they elected trump they are just tired of the whole political system it was system. For him. People are and feel I would say it was a show would Obey the wrong and that's vital functions that I'll try them out tomorrow as the buzz few dozen of the stories headlines for Cleveland apparently president trump. The story just means. Like I try picturing how that unfolds but I. How was he sitting in ninety above sea while this is going on my dad and I saw some media have food while I was watching will listen if you or deduce some like this. It would be oh look he's got a lot of gold is a lot of gold suffer on his house so to me he would have to do and a different room because you know you're good contrast. It just it just seems so insane it's carried signs and he's like all I could do was picture this a Michael kind girl's room oh and now offers some sexy Russian girls out there of course. And I swear at first I really did they bag that was the story was like he was he was he forgot numbers are recipients yet on an umbrella right a lot of second we had an important update from the red. How this story now he is our shower enthusiasts yet every day here we go bunny no. It's a new version of Watergate because you found out why owl yeah I do not believe in waterboarding but there are other water sports that I am a firm of and it looks like I'll online reports are saying that this bill whole art Kelly deal. Is a hoax started by a group online notice for can we go to fort generous Yad basically they are the biggest group of Internet trolls you could are you so he's still go and and and this becomes a story -- yet because they said things anonymously as I hoax and now this is embarrassing you figure right about this released this is true it's a fortune and hoax. This is embarrassing for the news media as I do ridiculous because they said they had embedded it I'm not asked. I mean it. Long diplomat to hop via. The choice of words on break. And get you on here saying it's all have possibly just been done I like to be Internet trolls Nadal South Park they'll last season is now coming term. You're actually right yeah I yours is so right about that ridiculous go to Denmark paving fix all of us. Right I'm. It's the world we live in man it's a journal. On the day you are one of our press our president saying goodbye visit the story he gets no pun intended but trumped by yeah a ridiculous. Internet hoax yes slightly. Just amazing just amazing. And again Steve he used to be. That people who look people love idiots they do people love idiots the trouble is is now the world of news and the world of news reporting in the world the politics. Because they came after us that the Janet Jackson's nipple gate then so shows like us you know they came after us they told us stopping any it's not my and I I keeps on people. You know you want us to be idiots so that people get their fill of idiocy where they're supposed to via entertainers but now look what we've had to become. We have to become the voice of reason you you stupid radio morning show to be your voice of reason and yet. We are the only ones that are actually reasonable if you take a look at the news media that supposedly is to go to politicians. You are not supposed to be this was supposed to be the. This morning I still didn't believe this story I still kept making it. Since they've rightfully so so I would I put on like you know do through apps I would go to different news sources that have a podcasts or whatever that are considered to be reputable. And they're reporting on and it's like and yeah of course he said there hasn't been you know verified and all that and let them my report on him and it just blows my mind make it up he said. We're all capable of doing idiotic stuff you don't need to make up idiotic stuff for us including everybody a politician's. Regular Joes. Athletes what are we create fake stories. To meet people look stupid were bound to do things to make a folks you see we need to do a lot of stuff we see you back in the days to bring the EC back to the radio Booth in all. A lot of crazy stuff that we should do better than you know what because. Where did the idiocy is is needs to go somewhere and where this winter keepers were the stores immediacy and when you took that out of our hands now look what's happened to your world. Janet Jackson's nipple ruined everything but I do immune from Austria would be a very gangster move to get someone back. I'm gonna get in their room and hire a couple of hookers licensed through X I've received that's. It's just there's amateur radio convention BJ as a widow and do not give your room key I don't do it. 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