BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-11-17-7A: How did your parents embarrass you?

Wednesday, January 11th

Beat Migs. – Casey Affleck’s mom once got him a belly dancer for his birthday. Luke Warm Topic. How did your parents embarrass you?


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I'm nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle's in my pretty sweet tomorrow is ninety something days get replace ninety's dropped all day long. Lots of cool bands in the ninety's Alice in Chains tools don't double file so much more it's all monies all day tomorrow you want all the info you know where to go OK I SW dot com. I. Okay since when you need to relax and oh yeah. It's wacky Wednesday lack at Steve you make it lacked. You may do lacking I guess or it's the old it's beat you says kiss your sister in the you guys just well. Due to return the and it's no blackout. No Lackey. Let's get your kid doesn't typically you've got Willis in Eaton bill way which you talk about our case. I'm sure he's never heard that before well as an RU there's there. Yeah if it was a play for today's Steve raab is I'm prepared to get to got skillet over at the shoebox on Saturday march 4 courtesy of AEG live. Go to KI SW dot com from the. Hair. Wrap. For those playing you know Willis will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Willis you can pass all you want but you'll only get three guesses per question are you ready. In the fairy tale of the three little pigs built houses out of straws digs and water act. Parked out. Correct yeah ask us on the show firefly what was the name of the main space she asked. Act 300 seconds is equivalent to ask how many minutes. Asked to act immediately instead to do would add a drop of babes watts. Eric has to act immediately is said to do it out of act yet as the condom Nicholas. Asked what number did Dan Marino where while playing for the mighty eBay opens yet. I'll put form of carbon dioxide is commonly known as to why it goes through to adult. It's very pretty solid for most carbon dioxide is commonly known as quiet. Asked Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the movie deep wolf of why is Paul and he had 23 court I crack. He came back Willis you know make an average performance it was tough for awhile but he came back yeah a couple of me got that first one and then a couple of little bumps in the road. You can see FF one right I won't I'm gonna leave the show us a hole. This is very exciting yeah I'm mentally I'll try to make him no no no but I really I really hope he does if she might as well as he Vijay walkout there's no way he should know that is your right you're absolutely correct I'm excited I hope I get it right I know I know others will make my good morning the basket Wednesday ever yeah all right Steve's if you pull us out of it. That's TRU ready here in the fairy tale the three little pigs built houses out of. Straws sticks and why stones. Act on the show firefly what was the name of the main space share it's. Follow Friday now. Foulke in style didn't know Carson threw him my vote is 300 seconds is equivalent to how many minutes. No on us to war no three note six now lives in times to go was 55 to act immediately is to say to do it at. The drop of a packed yes. Beat Condit it was so obvious typically what color screen asks what number is Dan Marino where while playing for the Miami Dolphins. Cracks on. Pitches and I can't extradite the front sixteenth note. Twelfth note to packed. Demise no matter what cult eighteen now Merrill Palmer if she what could have heard or someone loan me more about thirteen gas. Yeah solid form of carbon dioxide is commonly known as quiet. Fire. He gives three correct and you lose. And. Love this plus I don't think Willis had a shot plus I'd really was gonna contestants all game I know you were because he said stone and bricks are like stone they're not real leaders. I was a wider is that we are pregnant boss ask now will assume. Hello I'm an N eight UNL lineups they were cherished prize money. Congratulated her on her rock but you're right you Doral Maher yes I realized he's totally wrong and have you not played any kind of games at all like settles its Anderson Mike Perez brick and stone are always different resources some are always different ways always always every time bricks in Japan. Stone now there's bricks into Tampa is there is wrong with you do you think Chris contemporary sellers and pretend I really hope so. I don't they just have visited the map they just have a big body of him like operation or something they give you would surmise shoot. That's a joke from content yet because they're sheep and hilarious and as woods gave me I think you need brick and wood to actually make rules so I'm not mistaken and content. But anyway I've learned way to Muster a lot of amazing classic Steve will be you know we just implies an ankle let me know when you're coming on answers or if that's not on this show firefly and what was the name of the main space ship. Radios this license or any yet. He said FF because firefly. RRD. And you heard me BJ I'm not supposed to actually do if you ask the I don't know I did screw you I felt like I was in the answer I note and I read way to his sorry nobody in the Final Fantasy. Yeah I kept waiting for Final Fantasy. Yeah fighter fly yeah that you got 300 seconds is equivalent to five minutes thirteen is that number that Dan Marino wares and in the solid more screwed that one amazing. These salt form of carbon dioxide is commonly known as why it is that oxygen knew who I don't know the oxygen and I know it's dry ice all that's raised its. So I relations back to Willis and not sucking and like he did. Dayton and Wright black book medalist at congratulations my friend good job. Okay. All right well how about that you wanna just be Steve you've got it. Later on today they 47 we'll do another beat megs is wells tomorrow at this time don't forget the online on demand version will be may split than any time go to the V Jimmy Page of K I SW dot com. They just dating scenario simple as that. So I had they we have a well known celebrity's mom who once got embarrassed. Excuse me once embarrassed him. In a very hilarious way all involving a belly dancer bunea from the celebrity. We'll tell you about a 717. On the Iraq. Bigs mornings. On. Yeah. I guess tells you. Then nine point nine JINSW. The rock com Seattle. Fans brother Casey Casey Affleck. He was being interviewed. Shared a great story about a time that his mom got him something rather interesting for his birthday. My brother and I had a birthday it is a far sooner than trying to prove they are raising them. One year my mom hired belly dancer friends she changed in our backyard in food source is out in the backyard of various Melissa but so's this little room here. Then we didn't know when someone showed up and started rolling a bill they I just it's like my juices too weird thing to do I think a bunch of friends over. I'm sure the other parents are upset by it. I don't know that a bunch of good birthday is my backyard now than we do a lot of the dose of the billions there was a big thing. How old was he. You know and that that doesn't major part of the story today against teams yeah U rice then. That's the best birthday party ever ever been to. I agree I mean who's I Adam. You know maybe because he was in front of his mommy and daddy were yes awkward as you all of a sudden Nina on the amassed put the cover yourself focus to the belly dancer that mommy needs to leave it out for at least the next 45 seconds some parents are good like that I mean I. That you just wanna embarrass your kids I don't know what it is that you think that's intensely trying to embarrass her in her head she thought oh this will be sweet. The LG candidates not realizing that is humiliating for him probably from the rest of his friends. I remember myself I else or my friends' parents it seemed like whenever there was an audience of my friends peers and also my own kids Theres something went off than me and my wife that we're like those who needed time. Too embarrassed to kids. Tell that my parents are and out of there way to embarrass me. But I was always scared like a madman of the few times it at a birthday party at my house for friends came over remember tonight as always is in the back on Monica who nobody pisses me dad off. This you know my dad great guy donor Robin like. Like he has the he. Remember one time that it my my friend sat. On his lazy boy recliner hole you need to get his jacket off he would put his briefcase down before he shouted expletives telling a kid to get the F up. Yeah well I thought I'd share hotel like com told Jeff I don't know I out of your medicine on that he like top funny. Now does not funding did it turned pale light and jumped on it added I have so much improvement if you both like lazy Boy Scouts as. I applied I would have been yelling at the kid till I Gerri I've done that was Sarah's friends and some rejoice translate QE it literally got to tell us they get ticket don't go over there I imagine some territorial thing. Because at. You're all tiny kids they Greg are under a hundred pounds would you think this kid's gonna put like a dent in again like he's gonna go back where I'll let cushion on you Dan chairs the shelled an effect man that's my place my corner yeah do not go there. Long tough. And that is embarrassing and France get he'll have by your dad for really I don't recent battalion if you feel like rock gods have really. I mean look at immediate now my friends and make fun of me because you. And a minor sanitary and now I suspect yeah ha ha. I don't think I wanna sit in the chair I didn't I don't know I go if I visit your that I would give worth somewhere I have we're restaurant or go okay which chairs he'd do design on a pro it's funny when I go home to visit like Al like cement chair there's vehicle reclining towards TV starlet to direct site of the TV always just on the side it's publicly in line with the television. But as soon I hear my dad opening up the door even as a thirty something year old man I'd get off his chair and sit on the couch. And you wanna deal with the bad. I have a show like that my house tonight I am surprised when some people sit there sometimes uncle crystal try to sit net Jerramy when he don't. Yeah yeah the element yeah as a guy because it's a notice of Christa direct cited CBI have a chair disliked and sometimes Sarah's friends and I'll be like. In honor it would it would weigh in what is this what what is due to get out here. And it can be embarrassing I don't know though I'm with Steve macho sure if I got a belly dancer how I feel about that but Casey Affleck was embarrassed because mom got a month for his birthday. So you know what that's what we're gonna talk about. The times in your life. When your parents and embarrassed you duo 6421 rock rocky is 7625. Texas 77999. College did your parents embarrass you or maybe you're a parent and you know like you realize you embarrass your kid. 206421 rock rocket 7625. Bigs mornings. On. Yeah. I guess tells you. Point nine KI SW rock Seattle Casey Affleck do I guess someone that's actually. Golden Globe and Manchester by the students America's. Hammer out spoiler alert ever wants the Golden Globe jet also are about they're gonna my dad's motherhood Ben Affleck brother Casey Affleck and it may be involved things great. I. Thanks putting our match so I delayed dad Stevie. Anyway I Casey efforts mom yeah I got in my belly dancer for his birthday and it was embarrassing for him so we thought out by you. If you're a kid and your parents embarrassed you have that go down there may be your parent you embarrass your kid to 06421 rock. Rockets 762 fighting and also Texas 77999. DJ and Auburn DJ you are on the rock. Wouldn't there that was somebody. So I unclear. Right with my dad to school and he kind of didn't like my area principal. So one day after he had to entirely. And our people up on the lawn of the school right next to office window principal's office. Let me all of our deterrent and I didn't like the way of the loner you know also I didn't like all the engine everybody's looking and I'm like. Oh my god and and he just. That's grip burned out right on the law on all over the place I could understand that there and under what all the kids looking at me pretty embarrassing. Odd dude yes Jesus and then yeah I mean you know I was definitely very intentional for him to embarrass you by. My guess you probably by the time he got out of your sight he was laughing his ass off. Oh yeah. She easily shortly after that all the kids are gone out of anger or. I. That was that Dallas thing and idiotic article now. Our school. Yes that's at midnight today isn't there it's his like that the justice or does one and one of the radar I don't wanna be involved in anything that's just been killing our there's dad being dad but seat you know that has a good effect because they think the dad's bad ass and maybe they think your bad ass but not for him here want that attention on any attention at all wanted to be homeowners and I would love a summer thought I was bad ass no one thought I was Venice -- -- my dad appeals amount we can redeem that go back to your old school and do some burnout Somalia and it's in the parking lot I'm sure people picker called medal they go out yeah I it's very Sera. Your boys in the earns. We d.s yeah there are still around Joey days. Well you know high value speak gamer back in the day and I had my best friend over word announcers played some games. To my dad to imitate other trash you know and I was like well pick up the trust well I want to pick up trash I am planning gained that yeah I don't goes. It's so two hours later rests on and done it. He comes downstairs. Bright red steaming you know we only 810 stairs he doesn't shuffle on that secret here right he out dampen down those steps he's angry yet. He walks we assessed clean so play your game mock you busy rips the power shirt off of the wall disconnect everything in the room slave go Broncos. Jessica duke is quite a cult he can help trap shot. That's a red lines and it. Please. Do good I can tell you can't. You know Joey d.s it was all and here's the problem that Joey Jesus and understand. I could give a crap about the trash but it was mom and I he's gonna do one thing in his house he's got to do something and I tried to negotiate with Joey. You know I was and I was the go between for both of them I understand it was like two countries it wouldn't talk to each other and I have to commend this Joey loses sight. What's your problem and my wife to be like what's his problem and I go. Know what's my problem that's who do you not just satellite. Here right you want peace and quiet and you got hurt your opinion here and he's not doing what he's supposed to do so. So why did you get the high score in the new game was taken out the trash I did I did actually get new ice storm that's I have to say look here so I made a great line I think it's a great line and he's gonna show finally aggressive but still a great lie and you go well had to say Jose Tomas storied everybody I like the way you doing to keep the stories the way it is it's really great pacing and delivery on the line you make you look at me I sound like Jack Nicholson in the shining Gil likes. Yeah I got a new gains or vertically a million times with my friend my best friend the time he brings up every time. Remember the time but it came down there's not enough power to Paul Waldman though it's great if there's such as well I don't remember that at all. However burns inside my brain marionette completely spaced on that 12 hours a member of her right did give him two hours I think that's enough time to save your Jay-Z clubs take out to practice that's a good solid two hours of you hearing from your wife Vicki contest just do it just do it's not the urine anymore I don't know one I used to negotiate like but the real live that Joey these he's like hey I'd go what I want I'm Joseph you go anywhere the trash is gonna be one place to the other who cares neither is that video game we're not going through auditing can ask or misunderstanding those are not the answer you can females of his reasoning. Yes it's like aren't anywhere as opposed that video game that's got a a big date later on the right Evernote. You're daylight attacks in Baghdad. I'm a Brazilian this year Ted's Marilyn story Steve yet to tell BJ about how Ted's mom just embarrassed him a couple of weeks ago on his birthday party that most are on the may cast was incredible hash tag mad dog. Now you're rather let me tell and I think that we have any audio Jack yeah I granted because and. In my dude this is not that long ago. Ted's birthday is December 24. He had a big birthday party were a bunch of friends came over to his apartment complex his mom wasn't there but she wanted to send him something as a birthday gift while that's nice of her well. She sent them a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. The parties in full swing people who mayor race every time. I opened the door Steve and it's like a slow nightmare all of them namely regard it's Marilyn Monroe why. Oh yeah dressed up yeah like Marilyn Monroe and. Why don't your mom and her own an abrupt halt while I thank you right. Because them on the how different exile she sings is overtly sexual. And she reads like this whole thing right when she says you missed up she goes from this then there. You're. I. Wrong is really all I got to her okay this. Yeah. Could it grab was there that's awesome record showed me he. Videotaped it man it is awkward it is so awkward is fantastic. We heard he was still there are some who are you Marilyn Monroe fan and always a no I don't understand why she sent back to me. It really is fascinating when somebody's just from a different generation wanting to be hit because that I guess it. Mean that's as you hit sexy thing to do happy birthday Mr. President that was a cool thing ready black and the Arab all sexy and and of that awkward. Roomful of people some not very close friends so it was like the color and letting you know you can kind of bond about it but some people like you know he knows that unlike. May be a kind of like yeah our associates or whatever and yeah now that I could see an embarrassing off it's just like Casey's mom Casey Affleck mom yes and a belly dancer. And it just. You know. See the thing the thing and a look at maybe amp general rising in on that the president Obama's speech last night we don't want to be general rising in separating people in the round categories right. And at the same time I think the genders do you have knowledge. Then you know about their own gender than the other gender just doesn't NN and a dad understands there's a time and a place for sexy for his boy they just know that and a woman gets you know understands stuff about her daughter that I did that you know me as a father I just never yet. It's just so funny yeah that's not the time or the place for sexy when you have an a Bure all your friends around this is not at the time. And he had in the back we've had all they could think your sister and it like coordinated with Karen daily and two tenuous surprises coming of but he had no idea what the surprise wise. Accessed it would be like Santa Claus you know and I mean yeah I'd say cosmonauts not a sexy Marilyn Monroe singing a sexy song that your mom set up for you and that's that's it's awesome. And it's great because at the net and yes that's why it's great ad. Ted seems to be the guy where these things happen to a lot awful for him via. Not that awful so that we would wanna see something like this again Alia are are joined the yellow press if you wanna shoot a video right yes of course. 206421 rock rocket Simmons 625 Danny Kirkland you are on the rock. There have been more regularly to mark Dell what you got force buddy. Clearly I grew up down the little town and Oregon Klamath Falls in my dad was one of the sheriff's down there are so everybody knew everybody. And we used to go to this place don't grizzly bear pizza and I was just little I'd probably nine years old car and ES. The lady came out we had a piece of debris on the table ever ordered all set up and she comes up with a bill. My dad so let's arm wrestle for. This is that this is the waitress at the wind just nonsense. Families are all right moving down on the table they are an absolute flipped that table up in the air pizza and drinks everywhere else. I'm almost failed to post my sisters were silent. All of why don't wait to see everything that's. Somehow I arrived at the back side was the waitress like how I haven't no muscles and magnitude he would have good lady you're all right wow the left arm wrestle for certain she sat right outside OPEC. Ten never got away quietly and he says you got to remember don't ever forget you know due to Citigroup as soon as all get out the whole restaurant was. That's a great story though that is I mean it's embarrassing at that time the boy you know that is some meat to pull on who's not gonna love us or love that story who won the arm wrestling besides I mean obviously everyone but those two lost by being there I would have to say where did we had to pay the bill Yahoo!. It's I love you know I that's that's a good pop star right there. It isn't easy past through years ago I did it didn't come to think about. Yeah I get in honor of him anytime you go to pizza place you should challenge the waitress torn apart in thought about it ironically thought about it but now they ball all the tables of the sport I'm back and assassins did a pre. (%expletive) to call grow that's paths. That's awesome. And it is that I just love stores whose dads are known for doing some stupid things and I think it's is in our DNA and you know you give a kid's good stories that was when Texas as my daughter had a crash so as a dad would walk by her crotch and far greatest thing ever. Wow. That. Is level like that I am not sure go for that. Well you know TH is on I guess aces are right up. You know me. Mr. therapy yeah so I wanted to wire some psychologist telling us that we should make love to ourselves why well. At work. My daughter Ella. Ya I'll tell about this is 747. On the rocks. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Here's another question molester. I'm getting my wages garnished from bankruptcy help put back absolutely no one of the big reasons people filed bankruptcies because they have been judgment or a lawsuit against them. Their wages are being garnished. 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