BJ & MIGS Podcast 01-11-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Wednesday, January 11th

Beat MIgs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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This is BJ faceless into our show's podcast if you're a fan of all things Kiki you should check out my other podcasts. BJ Shays geek nation we have new episodes every day and you can check it out at BJ deep nation dot com. Your home is going into foreclosure and you feel like financial rack he don't know where to turn fractured information. I'm bankruptcy attorney I was genuinely does talk about some legal options that we were quickly we can propose a plan to save your home modified alone or in many cases even eliminate your second mortgage for consultation is free and I felt hundreds of people just like you make informed decisions about whether to save their home or accident on a reasonable organized timeline. Whichever you choose this atone for the next chapter of my life please contact me it did choose the right chapter. Choose the right chapter dot com. I'd like guys KI SW Iraq got Seattle tomorrow are you gotta be here why ninety's something day is back. Yup we'll play nice truck all day long your favorite bands in the ninety's we all over the radio Nirvana Metallica or tool so much more. All day all ninety's tomorrow. You and all the info it's simple KI SW dot com. Mean. Okay. I mean me and many times I'm here because it's wagon nine. Hey I get. Steve needed terribly earlier today black yellow wax soundly thanks for have no problem at. I know the contestants they is really hoping that you'll do the same out of them I hope so too I don't put must on everything that we've got Brian in Olympia to take you on Brian there's her. Good morning everybody RE Brad what's playing forty days defrag is time for our charities and Al Green Day. These are lighter than the theater on August 1 courtesy of live nation go to KI SW dot com for all the AM to live nation dot com all right Steve do you have. For those playing at home Brian has sixty seconds to answer ten questions Bryant he can pass so you want but you'll only get three guesses per question. Are you ready. Let's track. A hit song from the eighties by Joan Jett in the black hearts was I'd love. Why act brought gonna ask. It's a hard knock life is a song from what music COLT. Any ads. Who played Andy Samberg as a father in the 2012 movies that's my boy I hope I was out there yet as to. What number of between one and ten comes first alphabetically. It. Worked out. I don't know I expect expect yes. What instrument did steam mainly play in the police base to ask what major river runs through Washington DC it. But what you asked what now what is food that is permitted to be eaten under Jewish dietary laws known acts. Scotia gas in which decade did the Tonight Show first aired it just keeps you asked who plays the title role in the film feels Jews. I think it adds to what you've colors mix the color purple and Bloomberg adds that the. Verdict and pull our look at this and that game and I love affairs. They're gonna get no song are sudden OK the best one of okay everybody gets. Okay offered no jinx everything good if that is a good camera around daddy daddy. It was just fresh remains media stuff absolutely. Has to in my room while I went down I was you just during the CBS's face an analyst and it's is that people should just have moments with themselves to relieve stress and tension and be more productive and productive so Steve is BS thing all over the place your psychologist actually said that that's what we should do it yeah while little self time while no resentment how late your brain is cleared. Our sights on psychologist I. Are you ready. Knee hit song from the eighties by Joan Jett in the black hearts was I love winds dot camera all yet and doesn't. It's a hard on the life is a song for my view articles. Forms and need yes its OK ladies and decent and Byrd's father early when he twelve movies that's my boy. Caveat attempt yesterday as text what number between one is ten comes first alphabetically expect. And almost three knelt. It's obvious he identifies no dukes it. Four now no matter what instrument did seem mainly play in the police. Takes ads. Let's major river runs through Washington DC. Now be quiet and how and the Hudson to note. That's always the peace and platonic. Now I like from. What problematic with. What is phenomenal you know constant. What is truth that is permitted to be eaten hundred Jewish dietary laws are no closer as in which he did that's my initial burst of air fifties asks who played the title role on the field Beatles tunes. I'm a 1234567. You'll lose seven to eight perfect and all you really have a chance wow yes. I was umpire and I wanted to win today really bad why. Good wanted to play this song in honor of all the allegations. That's yeah. You know. Brian crushed your jury thanks Brian I don't get into. I owner. I think I can allow a little bit of that songs and so you know to trump had a news conference at the he's got over whenever I see people to go elements would have talked about yet people losing their. Yeah that's. There and everything and also congratulations Brian you growing in my family play I wanted to horizon that's all I that's really cool you know what when you get tickets like that up for grabs. You know it just puts a little zing somebody step they don't even needle me yesterday get excited they need to get excited other up pretty pot roast where the truth that you ms. eight is the number tween went in the comes first off an earlier question. There's a real like. It was messing with my brain yes numbers alphabetically yeah act for some reason I ask is having a very difficult time with you thinking of numbers I hate that question. I let it and then now the major river that run through Washington DC you're kind of you you're from where it is but it's damaged that or would it be the Potomac. Yes play you know this is my accent always evident. Well you know what heck I'll give it did and still lose somebody did and I do also I still acting on will fortunate appellation wrong somebody was put that all over the Internet. And he said anthology and some like that we didn't get the money on wheels we gotta say all right I'm so glad that I just hit bankrupt three times as opposed to sit out stupidly like that only so awesome if you had the money union said it wrong now I just land on the bankrupt and lose the shopping spree and I it was a good. Credit to Brian and winning and get that perfect and that's right you can get a perfect ten if you do you're an automatic winner heck you know what you'll you know it doesn't matter even Steve gets ten did you tie knots of wind. I'd like Biden oh yeah. As to wrap. So yeah how about you play beat Mason brought this time or at 6:47 twice each weekday morning don't forget the online on demand version played at any time. Go to BJ may spate of KI SW dot com face. Ames straw man I pages that treated me yeah I said my four year old cousin yelled eight when you got the answer wrong Daniel. Cousin Jackie. Jerk. How hot it's all about. It is a hold as Jackie Allen Jackie in the dull but the cousins for Arianna and come bring four year old yes I was figure for dirt area can bring you. I'll show you know new Loral Morales Eric take your leg goes into enemy you look at Austin hey here's some news for this procedure and OJ fan. Ford Motor Co. says guess what the bronco is coming back yeah acts. Commented global artist wanna try and take it he's got a really good excited about it I want one of these men I see like the pictures online and do look pretty awesome my wife hates it. Which is part of why one and now gadgets. Well you're G trying to like immediate addition a Digi key the to judge of those antibodies is too big import Boxee for and her perspective I think it's awesome I wanna get a white bronco. Yeah Alabama shooting are white bronco and on my friend Al drive it okay think Tokyo. At that point we like your buddy BJ Kalin can move in your house yes OK perfect hair now I. I looks really cool yeah it does look good looks I mean you know it's it kind of reminds you of a mini Hummer. Yeah in a way I wish it would have maybe I really like the old school looking version of the Broncos I think it'll cool. But I did get the modernize it BS not everybody wants to be nostalgic but that would be cool things like got a seven these lines that would be you know I mean like I could argue that they go limited edition that is. Look America so you make this happen bunny always sits point 11 it's why the can negotiate its way you know had a few years negotiate with a life that's tough man I really do love the G. Make department isms Ricky Barnes keeps yet still we've become brand loyal I know you mean it's to it's tough to step out. But I will tell you you know I was brand loyal live into a vehicle for the longest time and tonight you know what I have my wife said mommy get this kind of cards not the same kind UMI. And it's our job and Ricardo might Ian down all Darryl boy oh boy way I conceive why you like this guards are really good brand a definite want I like black would definitely -- like go to a store and check it out I did a dealership and make to a test drive to the suit feels like did they look awesome. Yeah they do it's it's at the Ford Bronco on a little the picture on sizzled this week and a giving an idea of August point one he can't tell what they're gonna cost and after all it's gonna cost about ten months. Am I gonna get a 2020s like in ninety yes they are way and it's only a couple years okay yeah is whether he's he released the the a year ahead the other side and you know they've they've given you time to argue with your wife about it. That's one idea be of little fort yeah. Service first and his in 1966. And it ran until 1996 and I you makes you wonder if that's the OJ thing had something to do with it. I don't imagine makes you wonder about that but it's coming back after you know fourteen years often looks like. That's not a horrible my right about that and a math is hard but anyways guys it's it's coming out of the old school of humans and it's so cool. Awesome yeah ya. I had an so one doesn't three and originally I guess is coming back yeah. See that I'm happy about them my dad knew he he goes 10 last vehicles he got he always was up a he was a four guys since I can remember fort Lincoln that was him. Obviously built Ford tough he was built Ford tough but he always got the family car at but his dream was to have a pick up. You know and a final and almost his brother house and my dad was retired he and live much longer after retired but he did get the other Ford Ranger and you know it was an epic battle hymn going back and forth to deal because those days man you know my father put on the holy put on the whole drama show he duck that idling Day-Lewis hall was all haggling and it was. It was on you was masterful to watch him involved in that situation. And down. And he loved his Ford Rangers so it every time their ages brings up a good memory of my dad so it's cool that's coming back that's a 2019 every method is here it goes look they look good to know that's a swing look at vehicle not right now that's some dads raiser anymore. Your father has become a father stranger at all in the victory not OJ's bronco. Exactly this is our series on Jose's Rocco anymore. I know it's it's it is tab for an listeners on the loose you picked that topic. You guide to show a 206421. Rock rock is 7625. You can also Texas 77999. Your calls your checks at 917. On the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. This is okay you pick a topic you guys to show it to 06421. Rocky rocky is 7625. You can also Texas 77999. Pretty simple math you know what it's anything you wanna talk about and it's something brand new or something we've discussed in the past or in the past. While you're on the path maybe let's discuss them with a Mike Tyson in the room I just want the gusts have been on the battlefield. You pick a topic you've got to feel. Now Stevie does have one rule for listeners on the loose that's just an energy and bring it otherwise. And bold and soon. Well as that soul. That's what it's all about to a 6421 rock rocket 7625 text us. It's 77999. An area of Texas has reached aero you guys anti White House he was loyal to the Jeep brand did you see that story about the fast food chains are the most devoted fans are there that be funny for you guys talk about on your radio show well we do love talking about brands some of big brand guy the issue to the best thing I think this event and I still love the massing go to. You know though though I don't have a sub and. Summer's eve you know it's ironic that you do you guys in the winter and not in the summer well of course I wanna be fresh only fresh oil I mean you laugh. But sometimes the if if I'm not feeling so fresh because he doesn't Nigel you know you how people's sprinkle the baby powder yeah and I MI why didn't have any. All she had was that. Summer's eve yeah so I've I have warned Summers even the past is it. I mean it's it's a fresh smelling powder I feel like as powder other forgive me for being gay marriage I had no idea if there was a liquid or power or this or are a cream the brand has many many things you know and so they make their own. If you will freshening out there are packed and I did you know I am just felt like potter but I mean it is freshman I like the aroma better than baby product is that when you walk by somebody that has baby powder on. You know that they've basically taken you know the poor man shower then you know yeah you can always tell ya always elevate bodies shower today. I or when I was a kid I saw my dad's you know to designate the back into will be somewhat open I saw he just basically like this look I usually just like foreign powder in his underwear. That's that's right you right law as a kid I think I guess I should do that do so I'm. To have hundred patents or talk by all star pulled the pans out it just it's always that and I come on suspect. I terrorism try to be religious realize that breadth. If only I was dump the bad hand it out of stupidity yes that might come down and I might just covered in white stuff. And I love the hell did you do Lantana be like dad. OK. And your drugs like you don't have the brains for its own don't try to do. I can't do that before you put your clothes on sun. OK guys. It's pretty amazing you've come as far as having your life that I mean I can breathe yeah I can walk some of the stories of your or your child that it is pretty amazing death. I really did kind of push the limits with them. So we do have a list of the ten fast food chains are the most devoted fans. And that is an important thing I've often talked about that. Because as you know fans are not the same just because their fans depends on what your fan loved. It's how fanatic he might be the pact and I'm I think what like. Right now it's changed obviously for many years it was I mean McDonald's. Could. Nowadays my friend Ricky Henderson to be kind of forum rules. Yes I guess on big fast food chambers the local fast and I've seen for Lambert and yet I wanna get their man Ricky it's all down it's all down seldom that all the struggles program bacon cheeseburger. Rise to the so yours Friday Raytheon this year are you get to get a dollar off. While at least my friend reputed big Seahawks fans I'll go Ricky finished by their Halloween continue with your friend Ricky I don't think anybody pretty much believes are imaginary friend is having a piece on imaginary India who get it. So this new study found and the professor she's a the most devoted fans people yet real fanatical. Is the and and the rankings are based on what percentage of people would recommend the change to friends and family I mean frugal or pay you at this point gap minus the people who would discourage other people from going there. And the chain with the best fans is you guys like try take a guess anybody. Have an idea what the best chain is an eccentric fight. I chick filet has a lot of real fanatical folks that's a fact. But I wasn't that that was the one they're there on the list but they're not number one this chick fil a's opening soon. Make. Blocks from my house or do forget about it unless they make a big location and it's not that vacant seat until I'm terrified about that what you credibility you look at that they still I mean it's still has like how do you get any get out of that god is to call more until my friend Ricky had a really he waited so I'm get a guy that's that Rickey gets around and he does. They would what do you think Vicki went away because Jane has ties. Imus say a subway. Subway is on this list lower than chick filet on the list but no I'm not number one Danny in and out burger. In and out burger probably would be number one. It just regular chains yeah yeah everywhere but let's say it still is number three. All but are you got the Los Angeles metropolitan area and all the counties orange county and all that I mean so in San Diego and is so they there's enough for them to still be number three and everybody who visits California are anywhere there is in now goes. That's not number three and and number two I don't like chipotle a copy may not these days bad and we run for a minute. Number one is something we all know and I guess I just because. I just don't think it was a fast food restaurant though it does you get your food quickly Ruth chris' Bruce is just not fast food industry. She missed Panera Bread also map and if we're basis I think you're right it is fast food. And they do what it has such a great job we estimated it it's also the Starbucks of fast food restaurants like the one and in fact Soria. They got a little fireplace you have different places you can sit out for different moods. In a but it is a quick play. Hysteria that when have been Puyallup do I go there like once a week at least. I keep there's a giant apparently aid that would be my number one based on all and and you know what I I typically. Stayed at a fast food place and it does never drive thru I don't really viewed as a pest who plays the one in Puyallup has a drive through it used to be you'll Krispy Kreme. And they gotta do doubt. Emitted a snare to love plus a Krispy Kreme yeah all my god that's such that's a Travis yeah yeah every Ricky shed a tear for that but I'm you know. But now it's the panera is seeking its. Get a drive to it's also a love and they're. It is no wonder why the name and or break the bread is fantastic that's you better have good British embracing your name yeah. Vicky lookup this this company because we don't how to we have one near us is called coffers the number two favorite Callaspo change culvert chain. Cultures and we don't have it. Feel like I feel in my head I don't. That that's stake in shakes and frozen custard all orders yeah I want to butter burgers all out so I want Culver is they got custard and burgers now. All that would be number one for me make love to that berg that looks fantastic and I love custard custard. Would be the only frozen ice street I would eat if I if I had my choice if nowhere near process this year damn it. Steak N Shake is pretty good and analyst commerce is number two there was a lot of all right also as with so in and out burger number three chick filet number four. Five guys well number we know when we got a bunch of those now they're very good their necks a list copper up Papa Murphy's take and make pizza you know I don't think I've ever even won all of do we got like I'm I mean not every set to go in every couple months through one of getting it could do you do take him make from my wife. Being begin you can get pizza with no keys in just a bunch of veggies and and I get of course to pepperoni it's awesome. I read his telling me where is the closest call for Israel. The closest one is in Twin Falls I Idaho I heard her windfalls other mostly midwest chain mob man all right while now and so I go to Idaho on Tom my wife we're going to commerce. I mean you know sometimes I make mistakes and I miss my plane and and we're gonna Culver was feeling kind of have a drive across country there's an immediate death my plane has happened one via. OK so we've got subway wanna burger. You know yup what I wish I had I think we have a one watt a murder here if I'm not mistaken you actually at least one I've seen a rapper fat burger we used to have we have we have an ability to navigate but we went away. Now Baja Fresh trees to have a Bellevue and it went away. Maybe it's you that's driving those places that could very well be rubio as anybody ever rubio has heard of it I've never eaten there that's another place I don't know. Are right I mean that's interesting that Papa Murphy's law of the pizza places. Is the topic once they must have good pizza the ability to invade they must say I mean you know because they see the thing is I gotta bake it that's I mean my yeah I don't really. That's a very fast. No it's not your rights like little Caesars as fast food again going marinate meat from what I hear my friend Ricky raves about those seasons as well plus a little caesar's and yeah walkout would have pizza right away and I love the new Domino's commercial resolve the salad lately I do have you seen that one now the difference young lady celluloid. So what's awhile because there have been now dominoes is offering salads just so the people can compete against so that the salad person doesn't ruin your pizza tourism it's funny it's a good angle. I does this is on the list you pick that topic you guys to show 206421. Rock rocket 7625. You know some Texas 77999. More because mortgage sex that night 33 on Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI ESW. Quite nice KI FW's Iraq does Seattle listeners on the loose you pick that topic you guys to show do a 6421 rock. Rocky 7625. Texas 77999. CNN few text throughout this one person was just wondering did you guys hear about the falcons fans they're trying to get out. CR as accessing their National Anthem of the game because you know at all mr. writes the and a future is which CR before Russell Wilson was where there is so funny yeah and it's got almost 2000 signatures I don't know what yet she doesn't signatures and then they're gonna do that enough. I feel like. In the NFL just wouldn't participate in such a classless movies he's not from the Atlanta area busy. I don't know I mean if he is I suppose than you can say I'm a singer and I have a guy can't sing sing the national analysts say can you see. Could you just established without. It's fine I guess if that's gonna really like screw up again Mecca and also there with. She's with Russell now wouldn't future be like more annoyed by that might why would you wanna go to the game to watched. He's a very very good point AB mama dad and her new man. And he is he was born in Atlanta Georgia also are so easy they could have him do that but let's do IB DJ says he's planning on playing future something they but I I always play features songs of corporate Franken in as many as I can but it. He's like I also aware that this is not going to affect Russell Wilson's games at least they're DJ is like just being somewhat reasonable about it but. Somebody even asked Dan Quinn their coach former Seahawks guy all the rights and they say they are you guys can play a bunch of future songs to a very Russell Wilson and nod Dan get to Cairo to we will absolutely not go down that road. Yeah. Dan Dan Dan knows semi damp air dam was on the team with the guy he knows that that first of us Dracula saying oh yeah that is not gonna do a damn thing not at all. I got another taste BJ would you think about the new monopoly pieces. Yeah I got going on obviously I know on the board game guy right I I cannot tell you how I I'm just not a monopoly guy but I but it is news so does that bother you like. At the board gamer like related site. Disrespectful to you and your crew it's just it's like old school it's like you know your father's board game mitts is so basic I I will be happy if I never play another game and how we identify the fathers board game says the man who plays the people that are young enough abuse case that searcher. I know I'm actually does play with these kids yet limits days of the though man cutting edge but Hasbro did announce that they're gonna make up a bunch of new tokens for monopoly to replace the classics like the top hat Timbaland wheelbarrow. Am utilities are to be permanent at least not yet but for now they're appearing in judicial mom monopoly called token madness. And you can go to web site vote on the tokens I think it's cool it's a Smart you know it is. If you grew up with the game. I can understand how you wanna just played with your kids you know generate and I did with mine so you know I suppose if I have grandkids maybe monopoly but. You know in the tokens are cool they wanted to hash tag sign makes sense that's going to be a token really yeah. The TV. To rent a source Rex. And old schools act more cellphone. Pollyanna looking at that that's pretty funny. I gave me get a scooter sunglasses yup little roller skate a record player which I think is losing because he don't finals coming back yeah red typewriter. That that's really ought what is there is a type rhetoric there. That's interesting I don't know what to say about that because what would anybody even. You know the kids on the north typewriter is depending on what would be my current. Things unless they're having a mixture of old and new right which is so bizarre to think that a typewriters stimulate is so old school oil it's gonna get eternal ought to help you could mean all they're voting is things. LT turning out to sea turtles I think this is going to be them thousands and other businesses generate assured senators Barack jobs yeah. I'm flexing. That's what about the MOG face is you want to smiling phase of the winking and smiling about the problem OG. Do they not had to put the most he's not there you put The Who promoted and has the most iconic remotely. I agreed that would be awesome and you know parents have a hard time and has rose gonna be cool they can do says soft serve ice cream. Yeah home you know some parents tenets elements nods and complain so what is it like they've added trying to shield their kids from group. Look at I. I noticed I Seattle radio I don't that doesn't parents shielding their children from being met that's not right. Italy here you're gonna preached the choir on this one but I can understand why a company which is going to know what we don't want the aggravation they've got to I'm sure it was brought up. I'm sure somebody like he was pissed as a war or maybe the other thing that it didn't get done and and you know has those try to like look we sunny day headache we'll find another another token. Okay yeah. They all voted monopoly dockets at its vote at vote monopoly dot com. That's where you vote for your token if you care I'm with Yeager I it's a good way for them to scale it back in a thinner than the mindset of the port gamers out there get their name out there we we have to get to your house though because you got that game sushi go which is to me in next level game it's not the next level funny people know card games what do you think of who now. Q Byron yes I mean end and no doubt about it who knows a great game. Games like sushi go though take things that you love about those games and just take them to the next level and make it fun and like exploding kittens makes it it's immediate it's a little replacements I'm right here yes. You know so and and sushi goes a fund asset collection yet rim played yet but only you know how it goes well I don't think he'll play in less likable. That'll never play. That's our thinking is that you know don't apply it yeah you got to figure out the rules we do when Matt I'll you know that's for my wife for its tackling. Tell you why spill could all of our if you want to let you know whether they listen to a couple of the guys show wanna game we will bring over that enabled or not will be animal bring over a couple other late games. That you know what you're sushi go whistle. If you watch the and yes I have. I I yeah let me let them every over the thirteen hour time I every time we bring it up I always trying to deflect that an act. Act like that and MB I know and ask if you really like if you want I'm pretty apparent I don't want. I don't understand if you got a good business as for my wife and I'd just do something otherwise TV we don't want a bunch of people also both of you just wanna do it together. Honorable thing that's a couples thing and one of these days maybe you'll make it happen to stop trying to push your board games are you had a game for Helena month. A month Christmas I got I. You said first of all I find it hysterical like yeah I love the guy in the U to wanna do some exercise what Stevie always so far we have other games you played the black gam in. And they'll be back judgments include the does that African American backgammon haven't heard of that black you know men came oh whatever it is many cable on montella got to Amman oh yeah that's. And Amanda. The panic automatic Jerrold Kessel black demagogues do it for reminding go. The guy you use semi expert already you guys are not experts which is current around do your wife would have fund if somebody would actually was in a gamer person and you know some real cool clearly don't know my wife does not want anyone and how. Sometimes I wonder she wants me in my and I do what she traveled to somebody else's house. Depends on the day. These are rules man I'll kick is by no digital might play some play allow finally we get the invite and we unite gamers only by gamers to my house other regular people don't invites only difference. I am you know spot because they Wear whenever at a wrestling viewing bank I don't know might anybody who doesn't like wrestling I'm so sick of having people over there I got a view news is there aren't phony stats like dad you also realize a walking guys not real. It's entertainment you dummy in asserted that once I'm sure it's like she had friends come over the in my game and I might this is not a sound I don't know how I guess this is a my party. You know stop drinking my free alcohol this is for people who wanna game after the price of of the Al calls the game. And now they're if you wanna go downstairs and hanging on like you know Sarah guess what your friends are stupid and I'm gonna get pissed at him out of the house. Yeah I need a drama there was a little drama to a while one person was a no I'm not leaving know one person was like I decided I'm not gonna be with my girlfriend and I'm gonna go try to pick up this chick downstairs and brought to get drunk together while the girlfriend was there yes that is awesome it was not awesome for me I'm not twenties in my twenties anymore the succeed. No he did not he's sincere I think he's cute usually sent back to his own country was in front here you gotta be deported I think no not me I think the girl was like you know why you wanna go other guests waiting and go back here on countries skipping while it was epic got escalated real quick I love the there was youth that girl is like go girl out to my own heart is that's what I would have done I would deported to Bihac. They were were redundant topics of worst we've dump somebody no one has ever gotten to the student I had him deported yeah I would be like OK you don't wanna be what may guess where you don't back to your own country nasty sell me your friends all right. Hey here's a question Korea. What's awry and. Castle. And a self we have in common. Natalia that night 48 on Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. And gain a yard. What do Ryan castle and a cell feet have been common for your favorite euphemism for masturbation. He felt. It's. Our movies that. What goes back to our conversation earlier. About psychologist I say that you should have some alone time network to increase your productivity in your focus more on the job. Which then I suggest that we should call home yes that's how do you think I've sent it to the flow yes. I thought it was just the alcohol I had no idea that had be me guest is also brand is strong candidates. But we had a steady at a BYU fun out there are three different reasons people take a lot of self defense and serial number one concern narcissus. Maybe. To begin with their friends and family and engage with them yeah but what about. How they gave you don't get many Jackie great conversations. About me eat out. Also record key events in your life and preserve memories fifteen. Check out the Grand Canyon is behind my giants faced. Sitting duck lips I've always does never afraid to publicize reserve publicize yourself profane or narcissistic reasons they go. It's actually 12 and it really is three. And wanted to is just like a smoke screen to get to three I've taken a couple of selfish but I don't think that's enough of a right through my talk was about placing your beard affects I like using my beard. Right castle where he wants you to see his beard too and he's got a twelve pack. Gigs. If you're CNN your parents embarrass you how'd that go down. Has the best friend over word announcers played some games. I think my dad's almost any other trash Villanova. Think the judge well one thing up trash and so are two hours later so we've done it. CEO walks real fast on used to play your game love you busy rips the power shook off the walls disconnect. Everything in the room sliver Broncos. Taken out of the trap shot. Hey this morning. Yeah. I'm 49 KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I don't know a lot of back taxes and bankruptcy helped me. Bankruptcy can do churned back taxes under certain circumstances sometimes just actors are never discharge a bow like if you haven't taxes from an employee if you have a business and be paid employee taxes. For sales tax is so special taxes cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. Our most people don't have those kind of passes those people are just regular income taxes. If you owe income taxes and you found in actual terms for just weren't able to pay the taxes. If your taxes are more than three years old and you found the tax returns and those types of taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. In most circumstances especially through chapter thirteen case. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime you can choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.