BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-16-17-7A: What is something that your partner won’t do and you wish they would?

Thursday, February 16th

Beat Migs. Gwen Stefani says Blake Shelton wouldn’t ride any rollercoasters at Disneyland. Luke Warm Topic. 


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Saturday march 11 reverend bacon best return to the Seattle designs and our union ferber and you're gonna get a break and I mean listen what else you need lots of it was he's impervious few days. And some fine Seattle restaurants Manson cases people coming out. It would take inspired dishes for your eating pleasure permanent make the best you want tickets you won info is gonna KI SW dot com. Reverend bacon fest benefiting our friends a tree house. Machine man. Okay and not turn. Learn and this it is not right and I try to see you tomorrow low tomorrow. So we'll look forward to and I immediately. Damn your arias yeah that's what. Content is hoping for your idiocy there we've got Lauren in Cordoba Alaska Lauren or you there's that are. Good morning good morning or good morning how realistic to assume Cordoba online or on yeah my friend. We are yeah. I don't forget many guys. Got an android and apple Macs go to the stores you can get the KI SW at full free and listened to his anytime UP SU King and I Steve what is he playing for today. Metallica tickets right that's right Metallica is going to be a hi since feeling feel on August 9 courtesy of live nation go to KI SW dot com for all the details you wanna go take a Metallica yeah. Get your tickets at that tomorrow they go on sale 10 AM Dubai nation dot com all right Steve get. For those playing at home Lauren we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions aren't you and pass all you want. Which you only got three guesses per question are you ready. What larger monument. Stand on liberty island. Act. I deliveries to ask the imperial march his musical theme of which film billing act. Dark. Greater gas what is the most abundant elements in the son's act. I didn't ask where on the bodies would wind typically where Timberlake didn't. I was beat yet as to what card company makes the fixed. Act unless you ask how many Adams are there in the words commitment. To this. I'm an adult. Court now. Now still least fairest of them all as a tagline for what Disney films. But the president still the fairest of them all is a tag line for what Disney built. What color is he weren't touring the uneasy. Recourse what color is the word tricks on the cereal box. No 12345. Car started out good Lauren started curry you started off management and India like let me just kind of in that area. Tests have been this week a tough week for the contestants this winter and early age you've been reckoned fools. Crushing dreams Santana and didn't pay continued today we don't know what but not. Are you ready Jan. After what large monument stands on liberty island. Paul why that's statue of liberty as. The imperial march is the musical team which still are Philly has come. Well there's. There's it's. Thousands and. I'm sad about our rob I was asked I am sorry what is most important element I. I Indies side and once what is the most abundant element in the zillions no Arabs no fire no player on the body was pledged to stay anywhere Timberlake and Sunday at speeds yet as to what our company makes the fixed ITF now conduct gas company and are there in the works commitment to great yet and still the fairest of them all as they tag line for what Disney's really good beauty no deposit zero know it. Rug rats know what color is he important tricks on the cereal box whites don't read no clue no blacks. No change now you know. Our wells milk. Know all those guesses well it ruins of freak and that that. I ha yeah. You are rare or. All are doing and it's high time yeah decades he's always matters out that's right congratulations Loren you're gonna Metallica. We're in the fact I am I but it is adding enterprise now a little bit of singing there may have been your downfall they're Steve I was worth it to get the I think most abundant element in the sun Warren got this correct it is hydrogen. Not helium new. Still the fairest of them all is a tag line from what Disney films go ahead and T snow Lang yes no why eight. Not rug rats that's Nickelodeon's or ya what else that I said I don't know Cinderella and maybe beauty and values than a minute then the Big Three and he's a beauty Cinderella Snow White you know almost and it. Almost. You sit almost every other color except for the correct one on the you know yeah these green it's green now. Our tricks still for kids they are status the Macon. A serial I have no idea gather still that it still cereal that's still for kids and as though that the rabbit on the box OK all those things just like you or. That was my if it was my youth wasn't really is. Ice around excellent Laura for a long time metrics that bit where they little shapes and your kids. I can't remember I think yet I I don't think it's not each shift when I was little they were still the little ball yes they were little balls gem number of them being little treat shapes and other balls. So that they did for shapes for awhile yeah. Back to balls yeah now. Hell that's like he likes them. Here's a picture of them when they're a little different types of shapes. I realize that that's cool. Maybe because they just it would cost or something like that probably Herrera it was never tricks guy you were now a look true excellence argues. Don't know what I hated I got soggy where the thirty doubles. Yeah I play I know you don't so back the authority so wait here at exit of those when a paper machine at that point and with you for Pavel sock yeah hey ya ask. Thought I hot tea. I I finish my gruden yeah. Our congratulations to Florida tying Stephen does given the prize yeah economists I guess what you get nothing actually Christy tied. You all you hoped for though is that you can die or you can even beat Steve will do it again 8:47 this morning. And tomorrow will do it to at this time again we have no callers on call you when you think yeah. I haven't talked in Iraq will be more and happy to have conversations written ha yes people gone right now sorry made a mistake about Brock Lesnar that's his favorite topic of conversation love Brock Lesnar. That's about a retired from the US the Madden yeah. Leo. You want to get more out fund plain beat migs on your own time women online on demand version go to the B Jimmy Page of KI SW dot com. Well not celebrities wife just out of him for being afraid. All roller coasters. Yup you're gonna hear from her at 717. On the rock. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW. That's when I KIS under the rock of Seattle. When Stefani was on the Tonight Show last night. And she told Jimmy Fallon had Blake Shelton. Refuses to ride the roller coasters at Disneyland. And Disneyland. Yeah when it was crazy you just he's grown he's he wants you know. A rollercoaster season. Almost a deal breaker for me yeah ass like me. Well because I know all weird actually imagine now because he doesn't do anything so like between beyond that we didn't go on. Not a night he did Allen but he barely inside the little things like can you might not play. Joints is is vulnerable and yet. Suggest you know down. Sure you. Austria's Heidi are jamming I was a yours in first you know some I examined now the damn songs are stuck in my head I'll sergeant says you Jimmy Fallon sorry I Stevie I Jimmy. Sorry Buddy Bell was probably show my body was cool. He he's like please not cooled as a matter rollercoaster guy either. Millions in missing out on some awesome time I used to be nice year old poster guy and then you know as Isiah Dolan and I read his serve I Eric some sort of sign services and you get older and sometimes something happens in your body that makes road courses really tough for so I guess some sleepers are version of that because I was always terrified of yeah ER I mean you're Whitney when I first discovered how awesome roller coasters one where we were and in Orlando my wife maybe go on that Harry Potter ride number. I'll just go on it with my eyes closed I love how you throw like I I love how you like. Els draw Blake Shelton and up until that point you were Blake should yeah yeah hypocrite I don't go okay perfect final bit yeah. And then when I opened my eyes are realize how glorious this was. Ever since then now whenever a month for Kim roller coaster I think is. I'll that's a good it feels I don't know of anybody really has that kind of reaction to it every time people are you know screaming yelling or whatever but Leo glorious it's exhilarating all awesome roller coast is about Gwen Stefani out that you can twist my arm like OK sure more and at the end was almost a deal breaker she said. That he would ride roller coasters is like guys think we're done. I thought that was how my wife was feeling I choose got a bomb of my guys that wasn't gonna go on a roller coasters with Erica like I'll just wait here a beetle lane guy. And then when I did I realize mad missing and so much awesome this for so many years. Yes that well let luckily it's navy only Kathy was never a big person for those kind of rides anyway so I'm I was someone elect you want them back you were younger. And she would go on some of them but boy it would be hard as she would discriminate EL and and and everything. I got to find a reason to go to Ohio with my wife's always on your point you definitely do need a reason to go to Ohio yet and I haven't found one yet. Yeah I even saying hey we go to the world's largest rollercoaster of amusement park in cheeses like. Yes not enough for me go to you know Ohio. At may be maybe examine Matty the Seahawks go play the browns of the Mariners play the Indians about that or are it is because of the success of the Bengals still. That's a good point yeah you got Cincinnati had thought about that I don't know which one and I don't know which one it's closer to be honest with you don't matter to me as I am I'm in the state I'm going to you can go to Columbus a much a hockey game as opposed Yahoo! still monies are really good selling point from my wife yet he writes the some guy fancied purse Mike you know -- all I'm sure -- outlet store somewhere area that's an hour our curriculum potter. So I yeah meant bench to violate yeah. You know Blake Sheldon wasn't right roller coasters almost a deal breaker. Long and tough to. The face on this and it's got to be something besides sexual what is something that your partner won't do. And you wish they would or what is something that your partner wants you to do we like new I'm not doing it. 206421. Rock rocky is 7625 Texas 77999. What does somebody apart or won't do you wish they would hit by something your partner wants you would do. But he refused to do it. Your calls your Zacks number obviously bomb Iraq. Bigs mornings. And then point nine K I guess helps you. 99.9 KI SW Iraq of Seattle. Question if Johnny says Blake Shelton. When ride any roller coasters at Disneyland she said that was almost a deal breaker so. Based on this and besides sexual what is something that your partner won't do and you wish they would. Or is something that you partner wants you to do what you like now I'm not conduit to 06421 rock rock is 7625. Texas 77. And 99 let's go to Carmen engram Carmen you are on the rock. I as I come it was up. While my boyfriend are you there's a lot any sort out or her hearing do we really. Yet always is named Vicky the little woods hurt. Vicky is the same way issue I mean we know we we do this broadcast you watch the Walking Dead she won't watch anything gory really ever watch is when people tricked me it's like you wanna come over my house for tacos have yet. By the way were watching the Walking Dead we're not changing it yeah. Yes now liar I love laden and now I wanna watch all of Latin and he he wanted to let me talk about them. While that that I. That's pretty extreme I don't know too many guys it don't look like I mean you can be ambivalence is scary movies that's fine but. Or ambivalent I should say but I still I'll track and I guess to a human guy I but I know I don't know guys that you know that don't that don't like the Mets I'm not. A fan of scary movies I would watch him that they don't do anything for me like I don't find entertainment in number and I'm happy about but my wife she'd. She is doing what you a year and he has gory scary whether it be psychologically scary or just like. Visually graphic also she won't like that split that no I'm Night Shyamalan from Alltel now down Alice could very easy almost killed you wanted to go to C zombie land and houses parity of all design yeah but it starts off with a scary moment and she looks at me in the theaters like. You told me this is not scary and might. Why haven't seen it. But I was assuming it wasn't based on what other people says thankfully it it was fine after that. Carmen have you seen that split moving. Now I want to do the adventure dude man that looks it looks creepy says some combat finally. Yeah did I can't I transfer guy turns back he's and that who's got good reviews I mean not like six cents but it definitely got good review I like that guy. I it was no idea he had does have an opinion on you yet but I'm sure you what he needs to find delight many years ago I had dinner every army we had a good time I do I mean I'll write to me by the IR 910. Come I give us a recommendation what's the the best Gary movie we should see if if if people are getting into the scary movie genre while it's well it's on top once they got to see. Marat and all of all I like out of Freddy Krueger and all of old woman who beat her mind I got one for you if you haven't seen it I think you and I think we but I bet you already have have you seen drag me to help. Not return our bowl in my car all caiso Carmen. It is it is a horror comedy by Sam ran media guide to the evil dead and an ash and all that stuff. And of course sanded Spiderman but in its I dragged me to hell it was one of the funniest scary movies. With the you know Gypsy possession and horror stuff everything you light does really well done it was very well done and it was funny as hell and I think I think you'll dig a Carmen so if you if you watch a living always think. Well yeah I take it easy radio that. How about that you know I told you look drag me to hell I can't believe not everybody's seen that movie didn't do all that I bring in whatever or who saw love that it's in December Rainey who you know people dead how do you not go at least check out a horror movie that that guy doesn't was brilliant. Here I am so I mean west Seattle and they had a kayak rentals and my girlfriend really wants to go kayaking and I I refused to why not I'm so scared of the water. You're in a ball. I don't really a kayak but you're still you're floating it's not like you're swimming and he's a desert rat think about it he lives her life and Albuquerque but he always all buzz I socal styling of those that you love being by -- most are so you love the beach feel like going in the water Alexander obscure whales and scared that something's gonna come up and how anyway. And now I can't confirm and I cannot promise you this but in the twenty years of living in in in Seattle. I never heard of a story of a whale jumping out of the water and eating somebody in a kayak. What are your own eye you could be the first I could it would be awesome if you were the first would you please only forest ST yeah epic ultra. Yeah you hear your girl my wife CDS together to she's always just go kayaking and I have a similar thing for that is an awfully how they flip kayaks owner and you might recommend. OK so yeah I don't canoes with a but it's the iPad like you know us what do you that's what this is a big hit it big Hawaiian dues often of that poll yeah but I was the one I was sweating. And I sort of a sex act I don't know what the canoe this alliance yes yes what Hawaii and it there's that but yes she's always wanted to do the same and I'm I am not going out there that a would you are you okay were being on a boat. Kinda among is like you don't get water and me and while that's totally just out if I never heard anybody who's gonna water thing. And I do water here but there's a turf like sharks. Are a lot of -- terrified of Wales so go and how well watching it's in the San once is not Europe. Well not really I didn't know it's a big boat that you would be yeah nope they'll just scared me too much. Find out about evidence and then of course she got the other guy in the Bible world right. Who ready by the way I don't get jarrah site I guess if you arrays you know in that world with Joan and then Pinocchio Yahoo! will be kind of thing be afraid. I get it I mean hell on my wife there's certain places like we've talked about living usually nice to close to the volcano. But she's still kid she's convinced it's gonna happen at some seem Betsy mount saint helens was around here you and I didn't grow up with that she did yet or at least her family did so I can see why people have a fear of you know a marketable oil because one around your candidate. Oh my god policy odds come. That is always that's going to be the case you're finally move and involved anymore Robson we lose our home and it's much they nobody's going to go for got a treehouse yeah. All thanks to Steve and his volcano both persons that was my wife would ride motorcycles with me. You don't Sunni on the back the hog that's unfortunate yeah nowhere near your hard my wife and has other new motorcycles and you know. Let's go to Brad in Seattle Brad Yule are on the rock. In more immediate Maher read what you got forced buddy what does it days is something you won't do something she won't do. I will not give this make you want one and I will not good. I cannot do mix whatsoever yet you you and Indiana Jones bodies. I tell you what it with any of the total deal breaker there and create a lot of my a lot of we did in how quick and everything but. And we didn't make it. Over or has it did anything ever happened you know I Demi Q so anti snake. Well. Where ago. Apparently. Ever asking listeners questions I doubt it's OK let me ask your question some of the current don't ask don't want their fears dude what your point was if you look at Venus all the cuss words come out yeah I guess it just triggers something and you cited the idea on the radio I don't mind because he went back to and his siblings took snakes and scared the crap out of them any. Literally said that except use the S word. Yeah so that's no bachelor Brad appreciate the call man. Let's go to Patrick Patrick in Seattle you're on the Iraq. Too much but what about you as you're there won't do it or are you say go. Yeah I. Won't go Leo. Oh geez another day any is it because of the way else. I know it because the art. Do I can't blame you because I am walk the beaches in some places. And the next thing I know they're like oh do you know those shark alert there was like five feet from the shoreline all who are pro atomic your wife my wife and I we all went to Hawaii that was at the time when somebody from this area got yes. Attacked by a shark in Hawaii right by where we were standing dude I was I didn't tell that's in my life I can have very out of this conversation I wish I like hang on to beat him dude I was at first scared and then disappointed. I've often doesn't was it wasn't you from there was also don't OK nice nice I read the Arctic it's not speak to him. Yeah I do know I'm I'm way is that Patrick was is something that happens do you specifically have been whose job oh. Well you know nobody did because it. No we were they think CIA North Carolina a couple of years ago in the summer. And literally there was a shark attack every other day who. But hey we were leaving the flight back yeah I don't know the architect at the beach we are there. Wow. Seattle and I used to go to the outer banks I don't remember that being the thing sought while that's that's sea Knight can't go to the East Coast or the West Coast then it automatically. Do general as a kid I've we will watch jaws and a terrified me I was afraid of water to depart right and you wanted to win and above ground pool in our backyards and had. That was a moment when my father realizes his youngest child is not very bright. That's why are using the pull my dad sharks he's thank you are in 8898 unless the sharks who travels to our home. Comes in through the back door. And then goes into the pool climbs the stairs of the above ground pool that's a good point yeah up I don't know this may be sharks got hops oh man do you thought I was so scared I don't like. Saw your father's a patient ma'am but I hear the stories of some of the things you thought I don't Holler hello let you live there I kept it modest hopes digest. I I I ordeal they kick me out yes I would've. How Fonda way I don't know why I asked through the wrong kid lives. The time that I threatened to move that could to run away from home we did help pack for me remember this I don't remember. I started coming together heaviest day of his life he's like what are you still can't I. On the same page with the all of a sudden it was a learning lesson like him tend to be okay calling you on your block but maybe was actually wishful thinking take all the wheels kid know this is a better this is a better suitcase story and again now looking back if I also thought as the markets are I was packing and a BG's turntable that folded into a suitcase okay. I couldn't fit anything in an except from an old record fire and under W need to be used turntable as you just never know what amount of the streets we got away from all I need I might need some nights it's Saturday night fever didn't stay alive that's that's a good point ALC. Just teaching us. A hostile alive and a to pay an idea you're all right you like my bills to pay drill holes just gets shared that many laws need somebody loves via via. If your your your your your shining example allow anybody can make it miserable if that's Hilliard that they you know hey we get the story about a pet squirrel. 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