BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-16-17-8A:A man gets caught busting into a man’s house because of a pet squirrel.

Thursday, February 16th

Nicole Kidman shared a story about her first kiss while watching “The Shining”. A bunch of rain has led to a giant landslide in Issaquah closing lanes on I-90.


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A guy in Boise Idaho named Adam came home on Tuesday and realize somebody had broken into his place. There are a bunch of scratch marks around the lock on his gun safe so we knew someone had been there. The guy broke and didn't get the safe open though and only took a few things in the house and I could've stolen more abut what the cops figured out why a one economy few hours later. They noticed get a bunch of tiny scratches on his hand when they arrested him so they asked them where they came from and it turned out. That the purpose. Get attacked by Adams pet squirrel. Number I'm looking at the video right now I'm immune to the do's gotta score that is kind of tax squirrels or accuse all on the you've got to hang on as house. But I have always heard you can't it's girls might look Cuba they're ferocious at that. That's yeah that's what I've heard as well I mean it's there there and we know rats a ferocious than their close in there that family even though nobody would ever and Yemen a pet rat except Ron. Because awesome I have a squirrel as a pat yeah. And do yeah this says this dude out I'm talking about how all this went down. She said well shoes. Cautioning. Individual. He had scratches on his handsome he she asked him so did you get down from the squirrel and his sister a damn thing captain Jack and me. The one stop until I left the the actual track. It's. Truly yours or else which is crazy restoring normal Guinness people birds and the media should Oregon too much of obviously. Some parallels. You can move that it be straightened. Yeah I I've its latest on demand that that. That's nuts. There are good the headline on the good news third to score goes nuts some burglar. I can't believe the duty as a pet squirrel on his house. Yeah he had an hundred of Washington via this girl's climbing all over him yeah. I guess they give you mean obviously keeps feeding the damn thing saw it and the damn I should say that poured squirrel the anatomy but. Our imagine that this girlfriend likes him because he's constantly feeling is that it is Joey by the way who I that a squirrel off nudity members grow Joey a Joey. Okay ago Ozzie I think menu that's an and you give your boy are you squirrel SS this that's a good score envoys right there. I got to imagine Joey the Toro really likes his guys but when a stranger comes in. It's an attack mode yeah exactly it's reset in how do you guys got to get Jackson in Italy Gary squirrel at least at least Lou Lou you know for the most are just need a set yet but disclose jumping on your hands and scratch and hell idea brightness things quick I'm not gonna run anything I'm not going governing and south Serbia we won visit I walked in the door and I believe what hell. I'm out I'm like Adam Markham and your house anymore a pet squirrel inside the house what the hell's wrong with you Renee who got the last laugh Adam does it stop the burglary yeah. I don't look at mania it's Adam guess what you little homebody. No visitors oh my gosh from a meeting a little bit more about this story you know it on any guesses. On how would Joseph we Steve retreat it is. I would say so candy politics candy yeah it's going to be stickers. What does that. Again that's got not senate. Snow or homeless Duluth is stupid just like Bob what are wasn't listed because I was just curious what the logic behind me are right anybody else got a guess for is give me. Evidence. Pop rocks news talk rock box yeah. No none of those in their whopper. Walker's injury as they can get along just fine yeah a lot of offers and you of course you're always scratch and people when you first meet them right yeah. While Burris I would never guess swappers' for a squirrel can type I mean that is like nuts or maybe like mall chocolate malts ugly. Hamdoon. Weird I don't know all I know it would Chris Cantrell did he have like a tiger summed them. He would reach I don't know who who's potentially talking Jerry can turn out to show Maida now are you actually thinking about the drummer was shot and Kenny Fisher uncanny how oddly enough I'm tracking on what you're saying thank you will because you know me I can't remember names anymore Chris Cantrell Christiane are there. Six series from Christians throughout the Sean Kinney you did a good job therefore everybody he had a wild cat at all while I don't know if he still does but he did for awhile then the lady that had the guerrillas attacked her neighbor OpenId was New Hampshire only I was afraid Sammy cheeses come on people with your stupid animals. Seriously a squirrel. Squirrel like this girl does not beat the crap like blue claws Izod night. That number one vs my son's girlfriend has two of those flying squirrels as executives if are you sure you say the girl that the girl gave him the flying squirrel and as a couple times swisher and Lehman. Three and if you be a taxi about how crazier is. A landslide right now. Yeah due date they closed parts of I ninety because of it just open up one of the lanes but a one point blocked all the lanes westbound I ninety right through Issaquah damn dude this. Knots that's correct them and that's you know amendment and that's can be a busy part of I ninety in the Esquire area yap all because of the rain Maryland. There's probably around the time that you first moved out here to maybe I think Amanda moved on Europe few months before U yes arm but I remember. Planning it's on who's around December ish in 97. Or 96 a camera right now but. My parents are freaking out because he checked the news and news right around the time of those crazy landslides are happening because of all that the DNC winter. Back him in the late nineties yeah. Disregard the this has been a lot of rain more of them I guess we're gonna set records is something in February it's just nuts. One in Puyallup as while there was a landslide earlier this morning red by east pioneer street which blocked the section about 16 also a landslide blocked the section 167 him awful hound him so it's not just. Over in Issaquah tapping everywhere it's not gas that's what that's an I I don't know why I just and expect this what do the winter but we got to act as has been dumping these last few days yeah. I think it's stoppage and they found stuff. And the dry out there right now all right so that's my official forecast. I don't know right now. That's a beating man is another reason I now he's a pain in the as other passes using clothes you know if you go only you know. Eastbound or not not yet this yeah damage caused you want president's tax in this landslide is horrible have been sitting for two hours two hours wait for this thing to -- idea I guess there is a flow there's one lane open finally some people are moving but I mean but it did you got to back up for that long forget about it yet EST you gotta you gotta at least another hour and that I would think. Yeah crap. And it sucks. When things as we had a monkey 1000 child. Kept right on top of the counts in would go around new years we got to put hot sauce and her ears for a week to get them to stop doing that John Q all. Or maybe to see Everett of the monkey. In so many. See that's the deal breaker for me even a dog. Now I you know because Kathy always we know who wants all hands either the another dog might is not gonna happen wanted to come visit you you have a dog in the place and done. I got allergies as it is and you know I don't ABC's in my ass off with a stupid dog peeing everywhere. As it should get a puppy or something I just don't need that in my life anymore but have you thought about getting a monkey's a monkey's a hold of it's I get to a month. That's about had a million dollars I get are among the brunt of the question and I am really stories and the monkey knows by the that the landslide okay. This is a blocked the section of 167 impossible but it's. Was it seven isn't going to balk I didn't think he went and north now now wants a seven south. Right Tesco and maybe they've they've made it at the wrong road they had to. She came in Q thirteen and a 52252 sixes and are 525 is not the rose up near Basel I thought yeah yeah. Bavaria I don't know what 6700. Losing our minds because grasslands boy another 167 is what you can get on the south end of 405 and an impossible rabbi to some things are what you get off the north and oral now do we know if it's possible orbit somewhere once except that's America no blizzard V is there a beach town somewhere by you Steve I don't know. Dad if you own big due out very. Well they go all the traffic info you need to know right here maybe we got it well this is not the only ones could now. But how do we blame Q third team released they got people trying to figure it out we're not gonna do anything yeah we do we are people trying to figure would you really are friends acute hurts him a perfect. I'm Greg is still over there. I thought that it would help buddy of course we train America rocked back and that's how he had his first start broadcasting's right yes we train we train up Adam good. Adam used to be one of the host the metal shop package and look look look what we did forum he knows how to do is traffic now. Are so. Hasty here are Regis Philbin. Yes of course or her Regis Philbin he's like you my card he's an icon you Reverend Wright a millionaire. I. Know the name why remember who want to be a millionaire yeah but I never wants said I was a kid go home. Yes preseason quality entertainment aren't doing I don't know when and haven't for you but you become the off my lawn guy I love it maybe I'll be happier if you be coming up my line guy. He can draw my line. You just told to go home because she does know who the hell somebody who has morality and good omen swing by my launch or you go about it I need to get off from Augusta on it. It affects our Regis Philbin of course who did I Who Wants To Be a Millionaire? also of course I'll Live with Regis and Kathie Lee Regis and Kelly you know like all the great appearances on David let her back and today. And I also was a great it was eerie he was a co host for some. Big sort of tonight show like talk show back in the day as well wasn't so I think he was in his fifties that he actually really became super famous and everybody would do with his own show. Which makes you feel good that the guy him Rodney Dangerfield the old comedian nail started in their fifties and before they became big stars yeah so I saw the chance Steve view there's there's still hope. So Regis Philbin I did an interview on Larry King show yesterday how layers of fossil right there. Then he knew he was still doing stuff. Yeah he does it make it it's not like on CNN that we're aware is it is it is it online is it is an online isn't isn't on AARP's website where the hell is Larry King who. I like I've watched a few like clips online of Larry king's new show how like him because he's got a deal. He's he's old either give a flying F anymore that's obviously more so than never I cannot wait for instance it's pretty entertaining because of that. So I guess he has not spoken to Kelly ripper which deli meat did that shows Kelly for years. And thought you know a lot of issues a delight to work west and you know a but he got along with. After. Is I'm spacing has named Michael Strahan Michael Strahan after the whole idea of Michael Strahan leaving the show just to get a better job at Good Morning America with the same company. You know there was all sorts of drama alleged that Kelly wasn't sold Kool work web not a happy people or person whatever. And now we've got that Regis hasn't spoken to Kelly once since he left that live show back in 2011. You've human touch with Kelly we're plus. Not really don't stay there you go back him for a day never once simply asked to go back future she got very offended when I left she thought I was leaving because our. I was sleeping because I was getting older and nationals wasn't right for me anymore she me she took it personal yeah I think so I was eleven years ago I. And the nerds then perhaps. We're. Eleven years ago I thought digital this article says he left in 2011 but either way. Wear him he. He has since so it's so he doesn't know though but I guess he has some inkling that she was pissed about it may because she thought what the show them without her. Receiving more more stuff keeps coming out mean that Strahan one is welcome yeah earlier prisoners as as likable as he comes off I told comes off super likable guy yeah I'm managing to hammer Roger easily beaten people. Back stage. Do I have added my way we scene that's we have seen that in our and our own industry where. The people who do the most likable shelves because you know our show and Mia we're always been like you know. The rhythm of the rude boy ways that ne'er do wells it's so nobody wants to come up and talk to me because they almighty god you scare me because of how old I do a show and also you kind of look like the Green River killer there is that as well right so prostitutes definitely steer clear view so people always say they're very happy any legal YE a lot more pleasant than I thought. And then of course the folks that have the real happy shows. That's on the most miserable people you'll ever want to meet yet so maybe it's because you know you EU RUE you don't get it out of your system see got to get it out some are your private life so a miserable on the radio so I guess I gotta be nice off the radio the balance about right Dana pocketed the you've spent make that was it basically like I mean and Ozzie I don't an and he was it just seems seems like a super likable guy he was squeeze quarry whenever she learned all about doing that kind of stuff she had to learn by being around him osmosis sized. Every day. Because of the fact that you know I mean you Regis was is one of the most amazing talented guys and how do you not. I I would think a mentor relationship would at least be in order guys Donald pithy as have been invited yeah I wow yeah. Back to say it was up and that's like domains Gelman the producer Gelman the guy why wouldn't know maybe god hates I don't know. Man I don't know Gelman is a guilt is the big produce day today and we'll watch that show yeah I Gelman they he was a producer that they always talked to on the show so he was very visible on the show. And it was kind of the butt of everybody's joke but as it turns out elements like by guest you know root root root rib revered as one of the best producers in that business and so. Yeah that's a bummer that that's not happening yet. Good when Texas criticized as our mayor Regis still has that voice Larry kind to. Usually I let McCain still sounds like Larry King yeah how and so does Regis and and some online show our network called aura TV palace web TV was a big personality. She's in also Tony Harris for some might doubt that nobody watches that where RW pressure. I wanna do that I don't want Oprah's network don't want to that. Want overpaid lazy cast there will be pressure I know nobody cares or can web I would imagine that the guy's pretty much set for in touch and he's not I also there and he's also trying to item. And not to be rude but he's he's old he's probably work and so it doesn't die you hear that yeah I think we Alger role do he retired just what three days if he I think you're tired like a week or two before he died a decent guys I'm done and many dot. Yeah and they say when you retire you guys may that's why Larry King casework and and if it if he's having fun doing it could just get to still be within easy striking isn't sound like he's having fun in in Haiti does he always seems irritated. Doesn't every everything he does he always is so I'll what are you watch somebody make it's the glasses and the suspenders and he's in London. I. A popular celebrity. Just shared it. Where she had her first kiss. And it's pretty strange. You'll hear from grade 818. On the Iraq. And they ate some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. W the rock of Seattle. A show I really think that Nicole Kidman is our cover for your mind man. Funny you say that I was gonna warn you before you hear this audio her talking about more rough talk about. Picture of crazy show everything he because there's moments. In this clip that she sound just like our friend crazy Jerry. This is yet this did did I am glad you told me that because I just the more more I hear about her and of course she's to be with Tom Cruise and we know he's he's a stable boy and so Nicole Kidman just revealed in an interview that her first kiss. Happened while she was watching. The shining and Smith Stephen King movie with Jack Daniels and I am well that is so weird movie your first kiss. It was a dude sharing history I have been more willing to lighten. I'm not that I'm not make judge or whatever she does but like as a guy like him and our younger if I'm hanging out watching the shining with a chick is that I'm really filling me economic gusher but we can watching faces of death. Yeah out of my serve I suck face yeah I have witnessed surnames out of him for a for a Cuba today. I'm really okay red room I'm out of here renewal boss for us once they might little less crazy so here's your here's a story about this. I'm watching the shining and we're playing hooky from school and I had my first kiss clinching the shining. Yeah now we hear it but we did a few other things than just kids. Tarnoff. If she sounds like she's and his elaborate on asset. Think it creeps you share in line and did something Alice Ashley tarmac task what's going on her world man she's still hot though. The call came in yeah I don't even myself under hot I always did. And there was a movie Billy basket where I know you're not a grooming fan but remember when my when I was going up. The ideal that all goes back the Germond what do you do when you we we use when you saw when you saw the Georgia Barbara you're like oh my god that is I mean. And she you know you've carpet match that race really and she did is seen as a war. No and you know I was on that really says. Do you remember your first kiss. Yes but not like pack because I mean I think of elegant kindergarten this girl Jennifer tracked me down gave me a kiss on the lips and it freaked me out I try to make attacker and it's kindergarten teacher at a like keep us separated I was a romance story there I got dude. Are below live it's weird it triggered something she friend request me on FaceBook a few years back and the first thing Nadal was not not accepting her. Praise for request she kissed me against my well then I realized. I was like six medic ousted you remember when nick nobody can lie on sites out there and yeah every good for you. I've been poking her every day ever since I made some place else to get back and I you know it's funny I I remember my first crush. I'm I remember my first girlfriend who I think I had the first kiss with him was legit poll. All of the first crush I had first kiss first well I had a first kiss with a cousin. And so it doesn't count I. Kissing cousins I know it doesn't counsell second and third well is area because I was adopted everybody thought I was fair game all. So I heard I remember thinking my cousin you have seen those movies out I don't know exactly. She's like no you and I got my cousin you're adopted in my disarray as opposed to how old were you guys oh god I had to be probably between ten and twelve OPEC Anna and after that do you remember like nine family tennis. He refers to and got a camera sees a bad so weird I know this today the other still so I was like seventeen a packed yeah I was lame. And Ahmad judge in housing college my first like OJ case. And I remembered I read a few drinks and us and them and found it happened late this is awesome KC and guys like you know and see what my hands take me. My hand on her leg and relates yet it did very hairy legs all am I wasn't expect like. I'm big now I. I wouldn't care as much like. At that moment it just didn't like something the wires got tricked in my head like a like what is going on like as our guy in here that I don't know and I give out it was thank you very hippie. And Alia as the case you're obviously not good for you buy dot touching her life yeah that's the that's sort of prickly when you find here where you don't expect it. The academy was a girlfriend mind. I was in an area that you don't spectator yeah and I like home when your first experience yeah prepare I didn't know here was supposed to go there for you guys which is so still because I mean they're human beings just like we aren't here grows everywhere. Now I was a grown antsy and shaved her head. Well well you know you may feel bad so she shared her whole everything. Spoken to anything else is it real sugar had let everything else getting very young. Aren't just making a statement I was I don't wanna be around Steve just knows this is David this is. Can you remember your first kiss I was twelve years old and it was behind the middle school right before the buses came. And he is my first real boyfriend I guess if you put the move on here. No it was one of those are super nervous about so we had like written notes to each other planned it all out really kiss to click OK meet Eva Heinle behind this little area. And we just standing there awkwardly and then we realized over the ball is gonna leave in three minutes so we had to just go in and do it. And he broke every week or so that was great demolition. I started gaining any greater. Following video I got a little older once a heated. What is rooted Michael on guys get in girls care horror movie is a classic move I mean how many times are scary movie policy I never realized that I never I never even well I didn't have girls around me that would be the other thing BJ's first kisses his cousin that doesn't really shock anybody does it. I have been. Now. Well purses that I had my first case I was nine years old she's my wife now for the last twenty years. Woe. In America are now buying back some. High school sweetheart how about that read you remember your first kiss you. Yes it was third grade. And we actually hit it we have there's like we have as weird green house behind my house and we knew that if we kissed we we get in trouble so we out weighed in rare yak and we it weakens the couple times. Last yeah and now I don't these Iran that would mean again so I guess it was a very good at it. When asked our boy Danny the difference Danny guys Eric you come in the room have a question has nothing to do this. I want to hear this answer. The day on the reservist who are some things Sarah I do it was I may sixth grade and I wrote a note skewed there. School bicycle on just that a valid because they Neil because I've won almost all the announcement K. Do you wanna do this you would be easy back as did I was so nervous she was ready ago it was awesome. It's locker and her name was picking up. Yeah and all come full circle sue us up your your dollars and sick and PG I can clearly forgot the question I was gonna ask him but since he's in the reminds us do you remember your first. And I Haas. I need to you know this a park near our house. Right behind the shed and it was a really awkward his mouth with open my mouth with close on the house that you live in right now yes Gray Davis Steve for like three years old lovely it was a lovely chat at a now while I'm gonna do you know dynamite on the air and I doubt it was the most awkward I have ever known it for awhile. Yeah yeah how Altria. Twelve well yeah good times. As early get and now he's. He's not bars for he should be act of keep doing all you've done all that. I'm glad he says name that. Hey how are you live that's cool that's fantastic yeah your wonderful daughter now Iraq I think I'll get the patient is that's way to go in the right it anymore. This whole grains actually yeah yeah at this Chad do you led. Some my my friends pants on fire in and through the lighter and an almost kind of car would you mind. I guess as to. Yeah and so we got kicked out on for ever that are happening audit. There was a lot of analog licenses wonder if they're gonna toss is really the bigger picture personal up there I keep the picture up there why not. I went two years later and I got kicked out there and I know yeah. You can't add me in my friend -- two years later years later then. I'm so proud and a memorable faith in fact okay. Did notice such as is my first kiss other freshman in high school being a senior. And senior I broke my nose abrupt broken nose. Why did the first kiss got almost a broken nose I think he should hang you you did wrong. Well prison my wife and I lost our vision virginity together seventeen years ago we split up for sixteen years and we just got back together last year. Romantic story goes got to be worried about that man you know the first love you out if you know way. It the first love ever becomes available and you know you're you're you're married to the the person's got a first love the game became available he had a nervous Diane. Because I believe me people are legal battle your first love sit them that they have no way I mean really you got Aaron Gray school your wife. That's the first off on time on Dario on W area until about her leaving you because I mean no matter what you want I suggest. Yeah. So at school gonna get the buy her beer yeah. That's for go to question that I sent to your real you out of first let me never go back to our home now. Now I am you know for me at the back and it was like I since most self esteem my first love was just my first the best that I thought I could do. You're an all and now you realize oh yeah I could do them any more awesome as I notice or IITI. I cannot not be I have no idea might do better or not. But that's still person is still my first love our CIA I remember back in the MySpace is the first article love found me on there and and I'm missing patient might fall or. Yet a rough go. Concert. And I and others say they around me you which is fine. That's right because those days we were little heavier yeah you're exactly a price. My first like this college mallet a 130 pound all item goes out solidly Boeing Q tip okay let's different. Apparently it. Airlines are having a weird million man out of anybody in this big fat head with his big mouth but as the last yet but that I had you have filled out a little bit thank god I had Eli just the phones in my head yah she tends. We keep it thinks it's a streak abroad by the oh my first case is an honest these attacks when I was fifteen with my friends eighteen year old stepbrother pot pot no regrets. Know Steve's first love his right hand. Lusty. Thanks that in Tokyo a key to out outrage already from the thing. Okay good that this is all information I didn't request aren't there exploit in case you're wondering I was not that never has crossed my mind never wondered hey Eleanor Steve. And how Steve has moments of themselves to doesn't have a conversation in my brain ever. Would you give back where your first thought if you're obviously now with your your wife you know it's interesting. You know I IE I I think that there's something in my brain. That says that would be I would think about it you know if she became available. Yeah well here's the thing my first love I never really got to do much with us. Policy don't make it all happened yet that's the thing I mean that the the first girlfriend I had. A mabus weather's so I don't feel I mean I don't feel like I need to do much they know because we spent time we were intimate. But my first love I never got to be intimate with so I think there's that like oh I wonder and they call this thing called a glacier affect. And I feel like she still looks the same even though she's in my demographic I mean you know why I mean I know which was in her teens. She's in her fifty's now so of course she doesn't look like but I look at her and still think she looks the same cycle they sure affect his bizarre how it happens. That's how I feel more like the first crushed by a particular like united yeah obviously I was the eye of a new chance they would beg growing up there's as one girl on the site. All of us lusted after I choose as hot as all hell as you pictures of her on FaceBook on survey showed that anyone else you'd like. Seems like a pre they've I still think like wow she still some. I know how crazy is that yeah yeah. Which is nice I suppose there's a that works for husbands and wives and our lives than they always look good to us. If the glacier effect happens and I know with my wife and you know it's like I know she's my age you know really but yet it's like I still think she's as pretty as when I Newark. When it she's very useful youth health. As she stands next to me and it really looks better next to me that I am always looking at pictures of both of us that's our question of good or is it my name's Chad my first kiss you behind the shattered BJ Shea stops. I'm headed haven't. I'll sing that guy's name please take it given the kind of popular. In any idea there is there's an old friend named Chad at the par over the weekend Chad yeah there's randomly Daryn let's cool. Host Jeff Allen is just as huge of a human being is he always was. But he's even more mosques are muscle good for him because a lot of times when guys leave the game you know either they get really fat or you all possibly the tunnel weight and not as big as they used to be nice. Looks great good to catch up with him yeah but all time make it a waste of my I don't see anything bad because played about I was gonna say anything you like but like I don't want to beat me up because he just looks so big like he just looks like he's going to be you'll be you know he's being as nice as possible. Yeah he just has that like intimidating look towards these days I miss Chad that we had on a summit sat on the radio both of you say you love to come by some time so. Oh yeah and you kidding me that would be awesome we had Sammy and he and he gets some great takes on football that or you know really I think the truth as opposed to what you're here. So was always good having jedi non absolutely all right yes Jeb Bush Steve he got this one right but took way too many guesses. What planet has the shortest name's. Doug your in his right now put out now. Earth now Venus no which sport is he says the artist you ask you just need. You know you have a shot at beating Steve hi guys whose call this number 206 foot two rocks. Rockets 7625. A plan B makes it a forty eighths on Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney and here's another question from a lesser. If I file for bankruptcy do I have to appear in court that makes me nervous. Going to court is never something we. Something receives you do however when your file bankruptcies. Usually only have to attend one hearing at the courthouse. Ourselves either way few and when you go to court it's not only for the judges actually with the trustees. Are the trustee's attorney. Wanna produce one of the things there's. It's critical that bankruptcy is accuse you hear Ternium record all the music all your information. This all your assets and all of your creditors central were trading for your discharges your true and honest. I'm disclosure your assets and liabilities. 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