BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-16-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, February 16th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. A guy bills a woman for half the cost of their first date when she turns down the second date.  


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He daily you'd find us a cool rock girl or beat you the cool rock world hopeful we need you and along a girls that. Do I get more info you wanna answer is simple. When a seventeen rock girl search to get more info OK I SW. Dot com. He. Games I mean man it's time to turn now for the third day. This just get right into this as we've got to get ghastly contestant just to test it for our ads against Endesa would have been reversed and doesn't it's the same one and at least in Olympia Lisa are you there. I'm here excellent what does she play for today's Steve. Oh some small man from San Francisco named Metallica. And becoming John to a century link field a small club show a tightening on August 9 over out and take you to live nation for our. Giving us these are tickets sold site indices up and coming bands and an intimate setting like this absolutely and I'm hoping that something good will come when they show. Go to KI SW dot com for all the details of tickets for the show go on sale tomorrow 10 AM to live nation dot com. Our Steve hack an act. For those playing in only so we'll have sixty seconds to answer ten questions at least you can pass easily won that you'll only get three guesses per question. Or are you ready brew. What common casual style of shirt takes its name from an equestrian sport. Or to ask what is least equal to fifty shades of gray. Eric and asked Chris Hemsworth plays which marvel character defect. The question Chris Hemsworth plays which marbled character. Thinks you should know the sun at how many syllables are indeed words Intercontinental. Note to ask the rage virus was because of an outbreak in what 2002. To move east. Yes which James Bond film was made into wood and 64 game in 97 it. What's neat is given to a few weeks 366. Days to think it adds what movie earned Steven Spielberg his first Oscar. Raider is out. I've got to play get it done in these 2000 movie and great couple. Gas how 1234567. Correct and that seems Von questions drive me crazy is it. I know and I played it I can't figure read everybody played all I know I can't hide still remains one of my favorite you know really installing a big did you miss clue how I still don't know what else is. Well don't say anything don't back in the air oh thank you Vicki now got a hot. The trouble is there are two G there to James Bond movies that actually fit that particular clue of. I asked him what common casual style of shirt takes its name from an equestrian sport polo as iiroc what does Bobby those collars. Meanwhile don't look at Houston. What is least equal to fifty shades of gray. 69 Jason grad know fifty shades darker yeah asks. Chris Hemsworth plays which marvel characters torque yes. Companies syllables or is these words Intercontinental. Hurt. Six as these rage virus was caught was because of an outbreak in what 2002 movies. Doesn't district nine. Myself. How twenties. 28 days later assets and I am generally well. James Bond film was made into an and 64 game in 97 and god I'll go to our no legal right to you as well. What name is given to eight weeks. Six days old wife's name is given our eight year with 360. Adds to what Lucy heard Steven Spielberg his first Oscar. Six ET's Gerald. We the laws are still those who can I ask you a question now yeah you can 345670. It's another guy car. Metallica. That's awesome congratulations. A all right hang on the line weasels say what you gotta do to get a undertake this man this weekend haven't lost Steve but I still given people present those guys have written I keep passing this bill in question until you get it right you never knew it right on the regular close encounters of the third kind know you know again. Schindler's List guests are never gonna get that never. I will never register in my brain did you ever even see it no Sasha business but that was pulled him moving. Us yeah. And OK I got 90% and Steve tomatoes here this year. And good luck and congratulations to lease on tying. Steven getting the prize yeah ABs. If you tired or beat Steve that gets you the price and try tomorrow at this time Pete makes twice each weekday morning 647 and 847. If he does like to play and have fun playing this game man we have an online on demand version a bunch of new questions we had each weekday of course we have an archive of all the old questions. And the kids love clinic into its beat migs online on demand just go to the BJ in migs page of KI SW dot com. All right so I if you had a chance travel celebrities. America says they've got their top two of them may now and the female they were let's travel with. All it's got to be black China's macro bash you're exactly and sit there like China and that cart bashing him. Hello loses. If you say OK so Todd dude and top chick you like to travel this is liberty that you and your traveling with balmy obviously Ben AFLAC ten. And all boy then. Both. Hope it lively in fact recreate that in the sound. What that is a weird travel itinerary you have got five mile an hanging out with me answer c'mon guys I'm Vicky anybody yet. I'm thinking being a celebrity Jennifer Lawrence casinos she knows how to party Jennifer Lawrence seems like should be fun to be chills you know when she likes good food so I can bond with pair with I'm socially good food because she talks about it on the interviews and stuff she likes French Fries that's good food. Okay mom glad we got their bottoms created but our team US and Vicki answered. I love her can't even guy dealing Elena safe like you know Chris Wright does or at their break. Is kids they want to bring the kids there and I don't want to I can't answer William overnight you change your answer Gary Busey Courtney Love. Who now do the most fun night ever almighty god yeah an army Gary views today had a duty is CU yes. I'll try to be mentally and spiritually. Op exhausted by that but I think they'll be a lot of fun. Well America says Tom Hanks. And Jennifer Aniston talk to celebrities and wanna travels I mean Tom Hanks for sure yeah. I would you know for me I think Melissa McCarthy would be awesome to disguise I just think she's really really talented post season a lot of bad luck based on the and that's Super Bowl commercial that's a good point I don't wanna trust him during your time in idols are getting after she's fallen into the icy right I a lot when takes on channel Bill Murray yak. We'll learn a little break I feel like to say let's got fear and loathing situation a man who need immunity he'll have a hunter's Thompson penalizes you do that. Gift that insane I think Demi Moore I think Busey would be more to address Thompson. Patrick Stewart. Of course who played captain Picard and professor X I guess and pretend to be start. Trick carry this is a lot more interest in them that I mean you know he's he's a lot cooler. And he's older so I feel like a young guy around him. And but easy you know he seems like he'd be a lot of fun to travel I civilly and shout -- sites have been travel show that they did on NBC you know with the other with that Terry Bradshaw George Foreman. I and I thought oh Shannon in the leg was funded travel scenario the holes not gonna make fun the beer yeah I'm no matter Damon is called that a group of miserable Hollywood deeds. This is able to see would have been fun to try I think funding was the best one but you're right he AA era they always kinda fun is not nearly as causes Carriker and I just kind of what I mean he's a nice guy to get here I am really under you're right he he had really good. Did seem to be intimate intimate personal Russia it is pretty crazy to think again growing up watching I'm happy to Asia just assumed Arthur fund generally finds he's like the coolest of cool. And then make you meet or UC interviews with Henry Claire and he's like the heat that the complete opposite of the dating from the George Bush came insect for the dudes who yes singled to hold your probably a lot of fun now look at Denzel Washington I'm doing I would be around is awash in forcibly to protect because every movie he's in isn't it bad that shouldn't everybody. So I know I I know I'll be safe forum gone on texas' Kim Kardashian and Kanye West we're going mountain climbing. Seth Rogen kittens come up a couple Ali if this procedure herbalist. Deficit SS kind of gives a little too like righteous they simply because they kind of got to want writes or says wrote I want Stoner Seth Rogen yeah a year I don't want that Morgan Freeman also came in for guys. And Ahmed and free I at. I don't know I don't I don't demand you yeah I did it's Mariana I I I don't know lottery can you read the menu and was the one that had a problem Black History Month yes yes CIA that's a lovely I think you might get to write this from him a federal offense yeah. Justin Timberlake yeah I think JT I know for the Ted Smith on the men's room that would be has gotten. So for women of course utility Jennifer Aniston is the one that we'd like to travel with. Jennifer Lopez. A very hat to him we were watching something that he was the grammys or something where she resigned my wife even had that she agreed with recently is that here's Jennifer Lopez get hotter. And more beautiful the older she gets only 10-Q. Think you're welcome station I was happy to hear that I'm not the only one I've got maybe it's just an unhealthy obsession. You're Roberts is another one who is ageless like she's had work done I can't tell yet and you know if you thought Julia Roberts was attractive back in the day was pretty woman she still looks amazing there are some people that just you go. How is that possible. In got it into how do you get better as you get older you write it doesn't happen a lot but boy with people like her and and and it for me Julia Roberts it's like. I don't get it it's amazing. Jennifer Aniston is a good examples I I have to agree I think she's hotter now than she was back on though it was dusty pitchers who's gonna be friends and his accuser a seven you've calling the super. As my fears on the world I have all the seasons I've seen every episode about a hundred time if I can quote. Okay that's little scanner. It's just. Did you ever a doubt in your mind that Iowa didn't have a number three that'll partner another girl you love Steve Allen yeah I had the answer there'll be okay alternates. I was at deals on wasn't it yeah it was an. Oh Tuesday night I mean it would Palin. Selena go as a mall people I don't know much about Selena and old like it should be cool to travel she's hot that's why I sent all she's this she's Fox News or walk in front of you all types. Good children an excellent point about Tom Hanks. People wanted to know what Tom Hanks had these people never seen any of his movies to start we castaway. I'll hazard when you never give back her and oh yeah they he has a problem traveling wrestler Tom Hanks gets kidnapped he's into your plane crashes is the worst luck no way he was Soliai you don't wanna jump puts on many suspects. Beyoncé also rounded out the list. And again to look at yes but I'm getting sick there I'm with you dude what the hell was a performance of the grammys but then even a song I I am I a not to tell anybody. I mean yet your your favor lemonade girl slow losing her mind. It's just that used to write I just like not that I was ever beyoncé candlelight her songs like just undeniably catchy and I. You know. Just like they did because you got you pumped into movies what happens when you get older man you know people start you now. They get into serious. Yeah it was way too Arty party you know only ceded the boot camp at the the pregnant stuff but you don't assessing how that was the hottest part of what's next lecture every ticket or give birth to the child while singing. Now. Yeah I got a tricky. Coming next to beyoncé and her first duet with her unborn child from the community comes out my opponent put his hand they're here then there's Clinton. That's your point god. It is time for the listeners on the list I watched that access. Sounded pretty are you kidding here of course you want that. This is unless you pick that topic did guide to show 20642. And rock rock is 7625. You can also Texas 7799. Time we'll have your calls will have your text that 918 didn't. On Iraq. And maybe some more news on the rock and 99.9 KI ESW. Where you pick the top ticket guy to show. Listen to those brought you five feet pin plumbing heating and look at the video is suffering can. Just call begins and ask everybody. That's how it goes this is on who has been simple what do you wanna talk about. You get to choose that whether it's a new topic an old topic you pick gave you guys to show robbery. Are great as I got human. 206421 rock. Rock is 7625 text doesn't 77999. Do remember those Steve has one rule for listeners on the loose is this a says amenity please otherwise. Com we'll have to say goodbye to. The bold and. It's as simple as that she Syria to text message had 77999. Sang I'm a new found respect for Ashton Kutcher for what he's doing to fight human trafficking. I didn't think. The dude where's my car guy can bring me to tears but he did. Yeah I meant it as human trafficking is horrible are on so many levels. First of all I'm Ian I. I believe that consensual crimes are the dumbest thing we haven't society where you know and two people couldn't engage in a financial situation in order to have fun with each other right and they they often bring up human trafficking as one of the reasons why we shouldn't have that be illegal and I. I think you know what no don't bring huge wrapping up that is just a piece of crap human being that would do something like that. Taking note that they did two different conversations extreme argument for someone that the studio for commerce is human trafficking is horrific him. And it's cooled and asked him a coach or runs a nonprofit organization called foreign. And thorn uses technology innovation to fight the sexual exploitation of children and he areas that actually coaches begin before congress. It is about the time when I sort of talking about politics that the Internet trolls some statistics in my day job. So I'd like to talk about my day job. My day job it is as the chairman. And co-founder of stores. We build software. To fight human trafficking in the sexual exploitation children. And that's our core mission my other day job is that of the father of two a two month old and a two year old. And as part of that job that I take very seriously I believe that it just might efforts. To defend their right to pursue happiness and to ensure a society and government that defends it as well. Movement that's a good performance and when the powerful app and a good job and an armed with. Hate that come back whenever anyone who's like either a celebrity or sports guy a football player you see a lot when it be speak out about them that they're passionate about. There's always that one guy and units engage Stu do you deep job of footballers acute danger of being an actor to take. Last I checked we can all have opinions we can all have a something that we're very used to feel strongly about Lama when I agree or disagree in this phenomenon people that's who disagree with Ashton Kutcher but on some opinions like. If I don't agree with that whole while that's not a big deal this is an attitude that is how my kids. You're right it's a very odd place to put that comments you know I guess I can see if somebody says you know getting on a political bandwagon by siding with the r.s and the d.s. But I think this is a bipartisan situation that nobody should don't listen to his day job doesn't wanna stop little kids from being sold into slavery. It was I mean if everybody should do like hey thanks national freely about. Somebody like you're just any an everyday person like you know let's assume they do see an accountant might you may but they going their fees for insure an opinion come no one ever goes. Head and stick to your day job of count numbers don't tell who you think politically and it's just it's a silly argument. Yeah well we are more here from ash and talking about storm the company that he uses to fight sexual that his company that fights the socialist petition children. I've been an FBI raids where I've seen things that no person should ever seen a seen video content of a child that's the same age as mine. And this child was so tradition. But her environment. That she thought she was engaging in play. Yeah dude that's some tricky stuff. It's awful nice set read the audio do we have the audio I mean there was a funny moment from this on the John McCain venue yeah everybody I yet he won't be just basically today but he doesn't look like. Is it look as good but it doesn't look as good as he doesn't movies and the national broadcasts yeah. That was very that was that was very funny men Armey. And again how could anybody not get behind this. It's just Ka Ting how can another human being. Just not give a crap about a little child I don't I just might plain can't figure out how you can be that's my business and you ED it is awful I mean that that's Dutch and and we haven't in this country. They're human traffickers in the United States of America which is. Just it blows my god dang mind this also kind of I did these moments and I'll lighter note in which in theory could be one you. He sees only guessing pictured speak in front of congress it's almost like ma'am we're getting holes like. But yes this is crazy Seattle so from That '70s Show you out that I still view him as bag guy. But yeah of course he's a parent who gives a left. Well you know she's gonna be a data's gonna wanna talk and speak speak his mind giving you know what happened the the movie the butterfly effect change polish I would change to that's what changed him tournament so much more serious expense basis with its other guys have found his car. He did under siege had fun this car I think I did find it. I always say it when you playback kinda a dude. It pretty much a type cast does that kind of guy and then all of a sudden be semi serious it's it's hard for a lot of people get their minds around right if they don't I am a goofy active but I do I do care about the future of our children he's also the punch guy I mean he's still see him being serious about anything right so yeah it's it's it's like it. It's a cool thing to see eye to guy grow and become what who he's become but it's also an all my gosh wow where where is the time gone I know dude. Did the time a serious. Yeah it is we are all get up there in the old age when we remembering guys like him and now you see him being all adults. I thought NASA hey guys did you see Rolling Stones twenty best standup comics do you agree with it. Yeah I did see that and you know what whenever you put together a list I mean at least it's fifty and when you put together a list like this I mean all the years comedy. Often it's a tough one. I'm here's what our top better be number one around just going and I carry Todd didn't quite get to number one. I'm. One it's impressive to me and this just goes to show you that I think his legitimacy in this in this list. Is that two of the people in the top five are relatively new they're really they're relatively you know recent comics. And I think that people would agree that in fact they're pretty amazing. Number four number five on the list and of course they're good buddies they've done stuff together. I'll give you clues Steve your favorite movie these two guys are responsible for those Louie CK Chris Rock data all you got aggravated guy. Yeah Perry got at. It no doubt about sound got my deal is on a 10%. If you haven't if you're Louis CK fan you haven't seen horse and peak yet which you can only get on his website and it's it's an episode series and ball it's cool with some amazing actors who decided to donate. I don't know how much they pay but I mean I think going to do for scale because they. It was it'll look like a low budget production by choice but the acting quality in writing is just amazing you should if you have time. I'll listen to mark marriage podcast for interviews that we CK about that show because he does talk about the process of trying to convince. My guys are down all to have some big name people to be a part of our project that was. Relatively and extremely low budget yeah and it's it's it's a fascinating listen I mean you listen I mean person. Too dark or too set they slow to be very serious is very slow but some of the finest acting amazing. Topics. It it it Paula dude I just wrapped it up it took me awhile to go through all ten episodes probably months. You know because it's you know each each episode as you think you know it's like a good book you want is read a few pages put down for awhile and it's thinking and who's number one number one is Richard Pryor. Thank I'm a guy yeah Richard Pryor George Carlin that seems very interchangeable I can understand why those two words at the top analysts Lenny Bruce of course you know many people don't know who he is especially younger folks but Lenny Bruce was considered a groundbreaking commit a robbery comedian and actually influence people like Karl unlike prior tournament pretty much anybody he was. You know he was just so anti establishment as far as how we did is comedy. He's feature on a documentary series in the first episode that CNN is doing about the history is a comedy. Yeah health and I'm glad I'm looking at the list. Just flying spirit I'm glad that a number twenty Mitch Hedberg made the list matches have no doubt about it favorite comic. Belongs on there got to know for many years when he was still alive with us and it's still tragic is no longer with us but. Truly one of the most weird. Out of left field. Creative thinkers that you never see on stage but I got the C improbably Gabby time's man over the course of that I would see him sometimes. Two nights in a roast a view from both shows we did giggles back and they could who just want to hang out from orbit and he was such a nice guy and it's tragic that drugs got the better of us. They know some of the greatest artists that's the case judge Joan Rivers of course first woman that we get to go to honestly she was number six no doubt about it Joan Rivers it was an amazing. You know amazing performer a lot of the only new or from the fashion police think an unfortunate because your super funny yeah today but in order of the fact that she was is relevant to read to her death just goes to show you you know for comedy. She was probably the person knew how to stay relevant all the time she's a William Shatner of comics if you ask me you know just always stay relevant court house Mort solved looking number Mort Saul was a satirist from back in the day even what I think even he might have been even way before you before my time he I mean he I think he did stuff in the sixties. Where he was big fifties and sixties but I didn't know a whole lot about him I was I think a little kid. So yes some Mort Saul but I mean he was well loved by a lot of people as I think again satirist is what okay is it they called him. You be a minute taxi about Ron Williams seeds number twelve number twelve Dave Chappelle's at number nine at school Chappelle signed filled at seven Bill Cosby at eight amendment in the Bill Cosby I mean he was groundbreaking. I'm Steve Martin number eleven. We'll shakes made the list yeah built pictured it in the top five but that's obvious yeah all debatable how big Steve Martin's fan but I am surprised he's ahead of some people. And I and he was my generation's comic is no doubt about he was fantastic still. You know I'm surprises ahead of Williams I'm surprised he had a bill hicks may be because he had more success than you bill hicks wasn't successful. Stephen Wright. At any cost and Stephen right that's amazing I'm happy that Stephen writes on the list I. I love them but I'm from Boston so I just felt like I had a bit of a bias about Stephen Wright he was also in that of course impeach show. A current time bill Burr on how how amazing is a for bill birdied number seventeen on this list are fairies visual about it anyway. That's a joke and I'm always celebrated being measurable I love bill but I just thought 'cause you know again Boston bias but I didn't realize he was is loved and respected for the great comedy that he does and I'm happy because I park I think he's tremendous. Billy Connolly can't argue with that I Kevin Hart can't argue with that Albert book Brooks which you know my generation definitely knows Albert Brooks. It was embarrassing and I know that I get that why you make the list of some people pride. You know he was it was very short period of time but how do you not give a nod to Andrew Dice Clay I'm looking at as you cracked the top fifty. And I'm I'm not saying that and today's value existing that he didn't crack the top fifth but there was a period of time was erased. There was nobody funny air and not a bigger name in the world of comedy then an intraday high he's the kiss of comedy. Yeah that's I think that's what it is if you listen to call yeah opportunities yeah and that was the problem but I mean look as far as success goes I mean he did did Dane Cook it and it doesn't look like economic numbers to rise of flying Perry yeah estimated of course Amy Schumer rated Aziz ansari and I think I don't I wouldn't disease at a of of and dice clay was a tough one cause diseases he's he he's good at where dice clay is material wasn't considered practical to do and the character was a character he's it is. Most like to carry topic thing you know I mean sure time but you can't argue with the guy sold out Arenas and he was he wasn't ridiculously iconic. No gallery there pieces they've pissed off about Amy Schumer and I don't understand that some people were real eye I saw on the Internet and trolls is going why is Schumer she's fine as I know I I don't understand if you if you I don't know what you're watching her show our stand up I mean when I first saw her a rose before I even knew they'll she was. And I was like emanating Schumer is good I don't buy I I think we're gonna see a lot from her was roast rural put her on the Mac medic veteran Fred first you're like who's this beautiful blonde that's. Just destroying people she was awesome as you still list. Are it's this is a loose you pick that topic you guys to show 206421. Rock rock is 7625. Text us at 77999. Listeners on the loose do you think the topic you've got to show but also Texas 936. On the Iraq. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Nice KIN computerized Seattle as a listeners on the loose you pick the topics you guys to show you post six. Port 21 rock rock is 765 Texas 77999. Let's go to Peter in Seattle. Here you are on the rock. Good morning guys but there was somebody. I just got our since you know open Metallica's been there have been over the place and you Gary give away tickets with some calling all the current trying to get a fair. Are got a little bit darker story real I. Are well as a kid we where it might print there needs to be camp -- where you know audit kids and I had a brand new slayer he shared with you know gold helmet. And there was another guy there he had that old school like Metallica but there are profits he or the week. We swapped. And non were jumping all over the baton is you know listen to the metal music in there and pushing each other. Well anyway that pushed him so hard he cracked this herd on this big metal water heater he would duck. Leaving the camp we like twelve stitches on the Paris. Wanted. Half. Though those pretty pretty yards so my guess for me the kid made basically the wrestler. They go yeah. It's a fascinating Metallica teacher's story. I say it turned out to guys so I'm sure who it was Lars you know subway guy no no you discredit his head open. Yeah a burglar who are maybe you wouldn't be playing guitar is superior and more up to that we're drums yeah. Yeah. So I you know any any rabbit thank you you know busy OK are you know resign again. Not every summer gear ensured that there are limits in the very you remembered you know they're little camp. Pogo. And I do you still have his dike did he keep your shirt you can't just as they haul them away right. Look at our records search for a long suffered in our earlier our bird. We're. I'm trying to get hungry and gimmicks and we're contacts I just I listen to dad's because. As as you know Hillary you and does it and this is the weirdest thing where you basically hey here's my share an hour push ahead into a radiator. Missouri is an accident we have important text demo when we get my wife assign us some new trend flash freezing your genitals that major daily life. I had no idea I'd. You know revenue mentioned is this morning's today you know what maybe heard about this summer on the net so it's called genital freezing OK so far I'm not invite you're more about it yes so I guess shouldn't go to a spot a packed this those so it's a fancy place we have already done everything and they can blast your junk with a freezing mist made of liquid nitrogen. And it has two main effects. That rush of cold on their get your blood flowing which makes you extra turned on and makes sex feel better. Makes me feel like this is good for women and it's a what do I do at that point to bring my wife with me or do I believe. Yeah with the sun dial. I mean you know this blaster junk. At I've ever needed like it. For any success ever since. And let's not do any down there like for me like you know any sort of Minty kind of a thing or whatever they never really does anything for me I mean I'm always and a great way it like the most having a good time. People like to spice things up I'm not I'm not I'm Ruth. I'm very Vanilla so I I completely agree with you although I would definitely try this just more not so much for the sexual part of it but just out of curiosity. I've tried a lot of stuff that they say will enhance and it never has it's like oh it's been the same. You know I mean it's never made like 10 I have to do this all the time now. But I think for women I can understand where if you can get stuff moving down there it makes it a little easier little better. As a mean that's why they have all the creams and everything so now it's it's so a liquid nitrogen genital freezing. It says your brain response of the call by boosting the collagen levels down there which Richard chunk look better and that's an awesome thing at all all right let us for pictures we're talking more youthful more vibrant tiger's game I need that so that may item are holding place it's could be a reason descent snapshot everybody. I doubt it looks younger doesn't legacy as tea. The before and after doesn't look a day over pointing. Treatment takes a half hour NG cost around sixty bucks. Our own pay to do it if someone make if I get a thank you gonna cave would you be willing to be the spokesperson for gentle freezing are actually give it a shot very. And a okay me too and it's available both men and women go together. It's a little awkward but I think maybe like Stephon. Right. I don't think I wanna be on use that term the only bond deals and that way I Annan. Well I shouldn't run now by the boss don't run out by the book buy you these are you when Danny wanna go do it that's fine aren't. As days into your c.s after or before. Before this frozen pizza frozen genitals making a nice. Well like I did you know Fred I'm there. You know he's not sick yet are so everybody is cheaper yeah. You know I'm gonna believe what a guy did when a girl wouldn't go on a second date with them tale about a 940 eight's he throws her genitals. I'm in Iraq. And they X morning news on the rock 99.9 KI ESW. At W the rock. Seattle. There's a lovely story and I like it. A guy bills a woman for half the cost of their first date. When she turns down the second date. No way love the story on maybe I actually likes Monica formal bill. Or they hand written you oh. This woman love this 38 near I 38 year old woman of any hope Lucy from London she met a guy and plenty of fish last week PO OF yeah proves it went on a day to a bar. But when he contacted her about a second nature says she really was an interest it. So the guys in our long text message asking her to pay him 53 bucks for her half of their first date. To sit colts. I really like fuel and saved up some money to take you on a nice case. As it didn't work out I'd be grateful if you could settle on something to contribute for the drinks I spent a new thinking I'd at least get to see you again. And I have to give Lucy credit she actually sent them the money. Ronald about bats and look at. Please let this message they just sound cycle we need clear what she also did which is pretty funny she also donated the same exact amount of money to eat donkey sanctuary. That's and it's something that really exists and of course a very subtle message she sends an outlet that's my new dad being donkey sanctuary. A to prevent the failure of. Right guess so nothing to do adoptees but he is up next with your morning twelve pack. And bigs. Running nickel backs Twitter taste good seems like they've gotten a lot salty or in the last few months not a bad way to tell me why. But didn't want a band members I had to be right I'm getting the feeling minimized he's not Chad Kroger but his brother who is because Freddie Kroger guys in the different. Kelly Gray who was for cobra eagle I don't know if I'll talk about this what do you see you. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I know a lot of back taxes. Can bankruptcy help me. Bankruptcy can do Sharon to back taxes under certain circumstances sometimes is taxes are never discharge or Volek if you haven't taxes from an employee if you out of business and be paid employee taxes. For sales taxes especially taxes cannot be discharged in bankruptcy. How are most people don't have those kind of passes those people are just regular income taxes. If you owe income taxes and you found in actual terms we just weren't able to pay the taxes. If your taxes are more than three years old and you file the tax returns and those types of taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. In most circumstances especially through chapter thirteen case. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime head choose the right chatter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.