BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-17-17-7A: “I can’t believe I found BLANK”.

Friday, February 17th

Beat Migs. Someone found $100,000 hidden inside an old TV recently. Luke Warm Topic


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I allow mobile mentally he explains did you want more info bottom. I didn't go to Vijay and main page of KI SW dot com. Find out where they're flying high you get their music. Guns are coming up just yet well man I. You can now and obsessing over then record listened to the last few days called home. Your thoughts are. So check them out get their music together on the first of all I'd KI SW dot com. I don't get them out locals not just now we've got smaller show every Sunday would be great local news. Northwest Sundays at 10 PM. You did great things like he squeezing. And it's on me things in now. The ride. I cannot let Friday go have fun this weekend. All right guys I I'll give it a shot it's an order BJ no thanks running her at this kids whose random act of kindness day it is not nice to know them. Have fun debt. That's how I do something kind that was kinda do that and if there was something nice that's yeah have a good time today and tomorrow all right tomorrow's our random act of kindness this I don't care about tomorrow. And I have a great debt all right thanks Steve who is the door contestant today we got Lance in ball all layups are you there. I am here ready to seek and destroy not the case. Well what's he put reported case Steve yeah wow weird coincidence because it's Metallica check it all like. It's Todd is going to be a century link field on August 9 courtesy of live nation go to KI SW dot com for all the details tickets go on sale today at 10 AM. And he gets them do live nation dot com all right Steve get out of for those playing and homelands will add sixty seconds to answer ten questions. Lance can pass like you want but you'll only get three guest per question are you ready. I am. A quote often attributed to Malcolm X is a man. Who stands for nothing will fall for blacks. Everything now. Act hello is okay our brains of what for both printed media asked. This bird deeds with hello okay our brains of what form what printed media. Act. Magazines and yes to both people both theology is the study of which reptiles lost. Date yet asked what title is given to beef product experts employed at an Apple Store to act. It's easy to yet as what does that T stand for is the abbreviation EMT expect. But mission to ask Gavin Rossdale OT lead singer of which is nine and Arab banned books. Yes what is the official language of still exact. And it yes. Ten parade is a popular brand of what alcohol didn't ask what is the name of the ring shaped pasta typically stuffed with meat or cheese. Sort of lose if you ask me in. When he eleven Rachel Weisz married which James Bond. Actor. Daniel Craig ass and that is the nine out of ten and I shot today and maybe a loser. Your eyes of their Vijay shot yeah I've got to Lance. If if if it. I really. Some good and operation. But after this week at all of the the Metallica players we've gotta we gotta live one on our hands oh Steve yes are you ready yeah. Eight quote often attributed to Malcolm X is a man who stands for nothing wolf. All four winds everything's know something's note. Nothing's now told Cox news. Hello it's okay bring them what informed of printed media magazines as both the geology is the study of which wraps titles. What else notice. Smith and what title is given to product experts employed at an Apple Store genius genius bars yes genius your draft. What is how the top of what he's the public that as he stands for in the depreciation. And TE. Technicians ask Gavin Rossdale is the league plus you asks what is the official language of Sheila change. Max banished to ask. I know they've popular brand of what alcohol. Bob got a note as gently as what is the name of the ring shaped pasta typically stuck with me port Orleans yeah ads is when he eleven Rachel Weisz married which James Bond act. After it. Drugs are more note Sean Connery now. Are all okay. Gas and Stevie get ninth correct. We got a time. And mom knows. Metallica job last don't take it no I'm happy for your body had the boy he pulled that out yeah. And I lessons I gotta get surprised you ask. Sorry yes sorry about that thought I had a son in me at the and it's. The only one both of you missed a quote often attributed to Malcolm X is a man who stands for nothing will fall for blacks. That's really to Uga you they were very close anything anything's a hot night every green and ending not some evading. Anything anything so close. Congratulations to Lance on getting that tied it ain't going to Metallica that's right buddy well. You know I tell we've got to tell the tickets later on this morning at 840 sevens they have a chance of tiger beating Steve Allen gave those tickets. And I will do beat me again Monday morning at times well twice each week date don't forget the online on demand version go to the Vijay and makes page of KI SW dot com. As a rumor going around the Internet about Star Wars and the idea that you know leave them one of the most Haiti characters in the Star Wars universe charge are being spoke. The rumor is that jar jar drinks. Was supposed to be an evil Sith lord in the Star Wars sprinkles like he was really supposed to be more important to the movies. But. An answer fan theory of liability is ridiculous. There's actually ate half a minute video that makes the case. And when you hit the evidence that you kind of light yeah. It beat. And basically the first prequel and they had charge or act like an idiot. And the plan was revealed as an evil Sith lord later on you know did the little one you at least likely suspect of being evil that be awesome. I doubt that do really they know the plan well. In the end in the video they can show him doing things that make it look like he's doled out more on the ball. People hated the care to so much that George Lucas got cold feet and wrote a lot of the next two movies he was in the second who'd been outlawed prolonged. They made him. Like in charge of stuff. You know like he be became like somebody in the senate he convinced the galactic senate to actually get you know to make. And propel the team know the real bad guy that to make him in charge and he was part of the guys that was on their hey you know politicking if firfer prince summit knowledge you what did somebody put it shards. And you know first saw you go okay this movie stupid George you're an idiot unless of course. It was like all know the reason was happening is because charger was able to really manipulate people because that's what sometimes people at the force you know. So I kind of believe maybe that's what Lucas and his sort of way of thinking might have a big. Bush said there was such a debit it sounded cool I think I mean. Why do you cold feet about that if everybody hates someone that be a perfect opportunity I guess would be like a wrestling fan. Make an announcer can turn a deal. Well you know joy jarred very ill we have heard that George Lucas is sometimes can get very sensitive about how much you know people hate the stuff that he's done in the ridicule he's gotten over his movies. So I wonder if at that time there because it was what it was horrible backlash I mean people went nuts. Really just beat the hell lot of that first movie back in 1999 episode one and yet jar jar was good good it's him commuted the focus of all the Harry did yeah anger and hatred yeah and they say this video that here's what looks like charger might be using jet I'm mind tricks and using the forests. And it is interesting that there he was in the middle of everything. You know and when you see him in the movie looks just like an idiot that helps all the jet I've been a reality. He's just you know basically. You know helping out the cause to be great if they pay ambitious to a whole new beg to store home movie about charger and see what happens. I'd like to have known if that was true I would love Lucas to come out right especially. It looked just to say I'll give a damn anymore either in LA they coming out of these movies I sold though they want me even if you write a script or any day. Echo Bob tells the truth George was charger are supposed to be evil. Cool I I what do I thought that would have legal trouble is is he was such a goof ball on hated that stores like the idea that there. Because he had no hardly any presence at all in the second Vietnam in the third I don't think. I've no idea he lost those two because I didn't I I was fond of did the the new ones anyway. Yes see you're the reason body I didn't hit jar jar and oh yeah he usually eat and you walk guys man 030 okay so my fellow like stupid night. I stupid characters and these stupid so even cool of late eighty watt when the became like a dark lord you ask them what's he didn't expect the Fed and after midnight the tree program. As a movie and it's a hold of him across the street and I would allow these holes across is James and Bill Murray tells and it's obligated are. You're not gonna believe. Where someone just found. 100000. Dollars. About somebody 500 grand a very bizarre place outside at 717. On Iraq. In the extra mornings on the rock and 99.9. KI SW. Nine point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle. Man Steve hunt tell you some people they get the luck. A worker. At a recycling plant in Canada. Found 100000. Dollars. Hidden inside an old TV recently. I'm looking at the picture of the TV and it's truly. The old school TV easily that you know the kind of heightened they like 7000 pounds of that that that hasn't been that had to be like some sort of mob thing or something man you know people stash him because they it was some stashed in had to -- you forgot all about army does TVs last forever maybe he's obviously a few shoving money and in your pride got it out the wires may be. Attitude and do you think about those the hiding places for things when you know you and you gotta have cash. Let you go money if you go package rights and I go back whenever you know you're on the run. Well you fake idea is that you passports and a coarsening 100000 dollars put out of the TV. Why and the guy apparently the guy give it to do is someone else who used it without knowing about the money and threw away yah that is. It's that's like us it looks like a seventy circuit television yeah we're like is actually like. Bill good the entertainment senators attached to TV ads are low deserving giant wood and 200000. Dollars because I saw that we used to do attract and you know it. You're you're stereos and TVs had a light pieces of furniture yep you know that's how that's how my parents want all yeah mine that was our entire team loses is one giant would look like. This is random table and it was the TV the turntable with speakers and a because of these shows really go I don't bring that look back I doubt it was so heavy and it took up so much space or did. I. So a guy by the name Rick he found this go Hillary is talking about it. I was like what. Hope like there was like ports back so fifty dollar bills then I knew it was a large amount of money. Well. We had I don't know how and I am you know we're in the middle of lake the lake and just. Cleaning out all of our offices here at the station in a big day where they geeky guy get rid of all the electronics. Somebody give me a screwdriver a mopping up everybody's electronic before it gets dumped. You never know people are hiding in how would you would you tell anybody because apparently told the cops as we got one of the cost talk about this. But mostly stop so he wouldn't. He might never forget that apparently. He did and it got a hospital with a family friend many years later. How do you forget that you had a 100000 dollars. So good size is that this was not a mob thing this is just the guy trying to stick to save his cash really show wonder how Maine how do you forget that much money unless you're like that rich where hunt I don't know anybody that even a 100000 dollars for Rick first and restore a hundred African thousand dollars hat trick not just. Keep the cash yeah I'll tell anybody can do that's for you you ask me what I stating I would state. Yeah I went through all that stuff and didn't find damn thing weird what a waste my time and I quick today yet to see if and the guy gave the TV away to somebody else and then that's somebody else sent through the recycling area so you've got some degrees of separation to the well it's gone right. I'd swallow all of that guys super honest I hope in me I don't know who's gonna get the cash I mean if the FAA events have gone back to the original owner musically and that's my money. I guess that's nice couple idea that it's funny original owner and I totally forgot I did that I gotta give that dude some cash and I got to give their recycling do some money. Our Maria they did actually out of reward him first time in his dodge an Iraq and is honesty in a game Nolte. Off thanks semifinals. Finally a good deed. Goes through our taxes for a good one maybe two president of the person who hide the money suffer from alzheimer's or dementia. And completely just forgot about them money ever even existing not a person said my mom died we found money hidden everywhere and house under the mattress and the couch. Everywhere. Audit also now that's a law. The money man I ever known anybody who's ever had enough money to hide like that that's a lot to go just cinema says I don't use banks I hide money over my house if I were to die nobody would know about it. Really just is no use banks. Really. I guess I don't understand I mean I didn't say I. Miss you want about somebody I know the banks or whatever but. I just in time all the money. You know I could see hide some money may be in the house just in case I don't know like a little spy fund just in case who knows I'd be afraid that I you know the house had burned down or some might see that I'm just now. I am pretty part but I thought my cup like a five dollar bill in my compared to you to have more and make a few years. But like all man but it's not it's not a 100000 dollars like a five dollar bill I can understand loses. Yes Buffalo Bill sold a different. But I get excited about finding it yeah I mean you're actually right man I mean we get when you find stuff that you union date of the holy cow that that is pretty cool field. And Tom she's not as schools a 100000 dollars in the TV. Once a surreal very solid point and think about this and if this is the case props today guy who found it maybe you found 300000 dollars all had thought about that and only seem to find a hundred of it. You see that's the difference that's the that's the middle ground between you and the recycling guys that do that just accident you wouldn't tell anybody. He told everybody over the full on in our Tex is like now here's what you do just a percentage yet he cares what you do. Yeah. Well someone did 500 grand in his hidden inside an old TV recently so I don't think you can top this puts god that he sponsored cool stuff. So we want you to finish this sentence I can't believe I found blank. 206421. Rock rock is 7625. Text desk at 77999. This is sentenced I can't believe I found blood. Because you're checks after Jimmy. On the Iraq. And made some mornings on the rock 99.9 KI DSW. I played I KI NSW the roster on Seattle someone found a hundred grand. Hidden inside and. Old TV recently and that is pretty awesome and he was honest to returned it and Billy I would think it was for me would be fear is that it that kind of money when it was mob related embody domicile internists and man. Yet you don't wanna saw knocking the door really tailors the TV yeah. Exactly my Smart TV CIA nobody really hit it's a good TV tomorrow. I saw about you man we want to finish this sentence I can't believe I found blank. 206421 rock rock is 7625 V also Texas is 77999. Let's go to Scott in Olympia Scott you are on Iraq. Say Garrett I don't look smarter today Scotty which uniforms bunny. So I figure it's not that act from a from a thirteen year old boy perspective anyway I think if the outskirts so. These are my brother and a couple group over our friend our door now. There are on the corner of our locker a little out no whenever occupier out as sparkle in the back and eat up by. Are you a summer like bark and the armed eat it up by. I you know you're young you're stupid or hey let's go in or out you know check it out you know I'm a little while out or whatever so no we became the door we get in there. And I will walk around and put the little girl I like it's you know out there where it operates five thick stack. Justice Paulette all the there are thirteen year or its slate of out and play where America. All law and yeah. Pretty everything out there now a matter bigger look great though no obviously we're freaking out there would be hit the jackpot it out but we're out grab eight McAfee and they can or out who actually get a plate or may. Yes part of what the mother who thought or comment on thirteen year old man it would and we all know whether it that your eyes are all fortunate. This is right up there you're surely as they're mean if you can't fight a hundred grand that's what you wanna find stacks of Playboy's when your routines that. That's element discover demand wild. I was that madam my body monsignor he does are stuff like construction stuff and pretty like goes analysis stares down walls and he said there's a patient trying to find they can't find right now but it was the greatest victory found. A bag of math. Condoms. And a ninja star. Are close and I'm like why in that how that's an evening you. What was the plan can ask came first of those wild and just one ninja stars like all I needed I'll be able flight out whomever comes Abbie when my condoms in my mess and it was one condom and of course it was. It was at Magnum it was whatever the other competing brands version of a McNamee his policy was that he was a big boy yeah happily see a lot of people think he was has right. As a bizarre I mean you do you Tug on people like to seal go to the checkout line when their bus and stuff so it's it's. A vote bizarre Kabul's meth a condom and a ninja star and the best very sensitive group text of on a summer hockey team. And we were all commenting. It's funny like you can bet I know he's really focusing on the bag of Matt. Let us we're all about the need to start. And nothing in the event the condom I had a really good engines start right. Did you keep in the Gaidar did everything but an interest of course you gotta keep him in just not right. Man I actually found some condoms once but. They door opens and they were next to me. Very Jain nor miss Mary Adelaide in this is an a parking lot lake city. I I worries still live is not a good part of town. Whoa that makes me wonder was that just they tossed out of their car did they'd be known nine or the used and then at army it is and trust where that sex trade and yelled baby but I it makes me wonder like I think they actually did stuff in their car in the parking linemen just. Guy that's led the condoms have put over the sex toy that I'm 99 yeah Ali the unasked and you. Image that is ran her all we're glad to it and I don't know get a condom and on and so Vicki is a party of bush announce that we're saying. Yes it is displayed on myself. Can't really good but the trophy it's glorious. 206421 rock rockets 762 finals gonna James and Lacey James you are on the Iraq. Error which you got fours but what you find. Was working at government third shift one day. Thousand probably Greece voter fraud and I've found close to three ounces of marijuana in a hole which appears to have a proper post. To remember that at some pretty good stats fleiss. Go out there are so very good pretty some pretty good week work how how good for you James. Obviously right where we went that it was a Chicago former radio conventions and we're just walking around wrecked by Wrigley Field and like out of nowhere like I'd like he got dropped off from the heavens above. A bag of pot has landed in front of us that was there yet the you're right that was so bizarre like is that and of course I don't know pot I mean I wouldn't know but right luckily you know what we have a lot of experts on our show. And yeah that's exactly what it was an it was it had all been somebody threw it from the bus that drove by house. But there are some premiere does that mean like. How us did it to it was a little ended in our feet we just stated I just rolls up on some likable I have almost the drum pot dealer dropped in Austin are wrong people yea Chicago and it was like literally just rained a bag of weed and I got what how did this I don't talk to the Chicago chamber of commerce because they know how to welcome people when you visit their fight city very true. Let's go to Kyle in Seattle Kyle you are on the Iraq. Again though don't want a too bad cal would you fine man. So I was probably fifteen or sixteen and me in my body cast com we were hanging out my older Brothers and they lied us go to one of their party and that we never invited and him. Just got a young we were. So after the party was over on everybody with heading out and there wasn't room for new cast. So we have to walk down a stretch of like five miles of highway and it's dark. Just to get back over to where he grit and already has by the way. That's the story if it there's no money found in this story. It is so old wrong because his but right famous cat that's some of and don't tell me Kyle you had to find money coach law as I was. Yeah. They've chasm that legitimately has an answer we're all right and at the yes to Wear one and language yet and it was probably I mean it was in Montana and the freezing in the street whether tournaments probably. To a three miles into the walking we've looked at the right. We started she might. We newspapers and reaching record collector or go pro or like it's on commerce and I'd like you yes. We keep looking to the right and we see a motorcycle helmet my body aches the motorcycle on. And Cachefly. Everywhere throughout the night. And cash. Kicks the cash everywhere. How about a that is pretty cool see god love this story because the dues nick. You got to take him everywhere and they read about this thing out and have him come over and do whatever we wanted to do you just never knowing cat's 18100 blocks how old were you Kyle. I was we were to bet he's happy I'm in 19100 dollars that's like that that's like a 100000 decimating what did you do about it would you spend money on. Always blew it I mean you know which have been great that the booby Kabul that they are going RD and now I Democrats a little girlfriend that's a lot of money yeah I mean fifty resolve them you guys you guys. Have become they've enriched I'd rather I'm 19100 dollars in my teens or early twenties down right now because right now there would be decide the part of my brain gimmick just put it in deceiving yeah we can use an extra couple box and yeah SI we've got some stuff going on and you know that kind of thing. But early twenties teenage version of myself will be like. Porno magazines appear let's go yeah oh yeah you would have blown that we all would have blown it right men now. Let's fired junker car and bracket. That's the thing I'll find that kind of money because I BI I'm beyond away my favorite games or icy to eight today I would be say I have no control a bit like. Well I wanted to have his money up to go help out my local store to be a good mayor and now all those kids. Yeah so it's that I don't find money yeah the other side dudes wanna go like easy street records or high voltage records and just go there and just buying crap ton of vinyl but I know I came home and had like you know. I applaud it but I Kurds look I got what prompted you stop. The bill and read session. Bill you are on the Iraq. That market value there aren't too bad bill how much do you find any cash yeah everybody knew cash. Cardiac irons and evil on court in the process early about where it. My buddy and I looked down though there's there's so full. So I've Persico. Up and I seek credit cards and it gets about 2308. American catch some foreign parents. War. Well it hurt our freak him out you know from my dad and my body spray those op. Well it was too late ever made came out we look threat to us what what you think it'll. And of course I want to keep its act well there society here let's find out where he left right. Well go to return it matters to you guys probably another. Thirty. And yeah our heat starts to give me sixty dollars reward as buddy goes what's in the I app itself. It kicked it out if I eat well. Little while after that we found out he was Coke dealer home. Yeah you gotta wonder and IQ do you include sound it's gets to me I like your friend I quit being a tight SE give us more money. Pretty much assured them that. Yeah man I know you've let eighty bucks well hi you we said you're thirty odd years ago was that. Well there you are now so let's sometime ago they wrote a while ago anybody say Brad go back and ME forty reaches that's a lot of adorable back in those days. Well probably what my buddy despotic PEG. Ordered products fight and I could have had yet now. They arose. The past half and I am glad that your regretted at all none out and I don't. Thanks for the call bill I appreciate it man who has person takes into my wife passed away a couple of years ago I found 2500. Dollars and heater vent. Lol. They're breaking bad when you're reviewed it kind of that cash I don't talk to my wife and I talked to mrs. he she's getting money hidden in the house yah because I'm I'm not a money Heidi I don't do that but Sarah does that. And she's got to get it from somebody saw a bit you know and everyone saw him I'll kinda different. She's weird Sarah she said she is why I knew that the cash and front eyes she's she's just like she goes to keep it around her she feels safer so she doesn't cash or checks should I say has some cash around there are understandable why she Heidi the only other person in the house is you in my why would you take her money values I'm like it's your money anyway exactly so I get reds go in there it is right through gets engaged. And I well I got to dig on obsession got to grab your money. Also I never know who she's bringing in my house she better artist that's a good point Dana you know a lot of riff Raff a lot of a lot of riff raft it chewing gum you know he she is and knows she's bringing home. Ties were talking about cash expensive stuff. Why would someone intentionally wreck there's 70000. Dollar car. That's a pretty incredible story I will tell you at 747. On Iraq. 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