BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-17-17-8A: A man sacrificed his $70,000 Tesla to save someones life.

Friday, February 17th

Canada has Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms oatmeal. McDonalds has a special straw for their Shamrock Shake. Facebook Drama.


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It's a great story guy sacrifices 70000 dollar Tesla to save someone's life. And this is likely that this is out of an action movie. So this happens Germany a 41 year old guy in Germany named man for kick was driving his Tesla on the audible on Monday night a great game this immense project is a great name so I you sounds legacy your agent. So he's driving on the auto body you know that's that stretch of roadway in Germany where you can just drive as fast as you want Nomar luck gonna be somebody for doing forty yeah tapping on their breaks the whole time. So mad for his driver's Tesla. On the Otto Von and he knows another car started swerving around and bouncing off the guardrail. Early. The other driver was a 47 year old guy who'd lost consciousness I guess that guy had a stroke don't know. So Manfred pulled up next so you could see the do was slumped over his seat imagines this car is screaming and he seems to slope of courtesy to bounce off a guardrail. I don't know what I would do if I call it and I think I'm a hero just for calling in in my world would well man for calls and an earlier hearing into Tonkin Hornaday had a wake up body weight got. I don't well probably not it marks I gotta go. Some effort calls it in cool Denny's like you know but as they're not going to be able to get here he's he's still flying out to RL I got a stop on. So what does he do. 7000 dollar cars on the junker he's got a Tesla. So you pass the guy on the right. Pulls in front of them. And then basically has a let the guy who's unconsciously his vehicle rear end him why he's tapping the brakes and that course so that guy he's hitting his bumper. And then eventually both cars do finally stop with this particular maneuver than men for dead at the. I always wonder like him a moment of panic Lake Powell would somebody react like I mean I would imagine that guy doesn't know how we would have reacted so that situation happens like. I'd like to think I would be quick thinking why him but I have no idea how ability to a fast yeah like a local over assessed that the guys passed out. And then go all Eli can do is let him rear end my 70000 dollar vehicle repeatedly until he slows down. Yeah I'd that is pretty amazing and I and I would be taken libel what does his you know what what would feature is forced his jammed on the gas hobby ever slowly guy down but he tried it anyway it worked. Both cars stopped. Paramedics had got to the cot they they got the got to the hospital and they were like you know I meant for dude. You probably say this guy's life because. Chances are he will be able to foot the car wreck the car or you know nobody would got a woman time potentially hurt other people in the process to gap when you think about it. So we don't how bad the car was banged up but how about Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He's like you know like he tweeted about this on Wednesday says it's got on tour about how much damage is on I got and I'll pay for all. Repairs so your decision say hey if your interest there we can tell you a new one yeah. That's amazing good for Elon Musk I know like. And present cost a lot of out of a multi millionaire billionaire guy but. The fact he's offering that's good news for any car company brown would I would hope anybody who works for car company would be like okay this is an amazing story of course will pay for the cut. I actually would you know give him a new vehicle. I'd say there's no vehicles and just take it and take year old Carlos fix it up the most solid. It's the patent number of miles that they can get it done it. Our economy seriously man Jim Edmonds Ilan street and says an appreciation Tesla for running our repair cost free of charge an expedited and it's received over. I'm 49000. Lights and fourteen Gaza read tweets. Yeah and I think also the good news three on Moscow I think he successfully landed a rocket. Which has that's what they're trying to do with there's SpaceX program I guess this nice is that so much cash are you know what to do with its ailing us some rockets and its base well he's just I love this idea that because I sort of like a resourceful and what he's trying to do because they wanna go to Mars and they realize all the way to go to Mars is there they have to have rockets that we look as usual we launch a rocket. You launch a rocket most of it it's just burned up in the atmosphere they just get rid of it all men in the ship goes but it lands we can't lift off again because the rockets gone that is so they're like we need a rocket. That actually can lift off and land so you can use it multiple times to save some cash. That's what they wanna do. But for the jobless how do you land a rocket not a launch a rocket a bit on how to land a rocket. And that's who's been trying to do and and unsuccessfully for the most part but they're like that's the key getting to Mars is lob rockets that we can reuse and Landon and shoot up and so can I get like a giant trampoline or something I hadn't thought of arbitrarily like bounce off from yeah I had I had no idea that they you know maybe that's what they're missing is Yule. And your astronomical genius I think they really need to have you. The I think battalion there since those massive there was an Alfred who Bedford the regular Joseph he throws out here like myself nominated her I did that that the Cooper incinerated like added we dispose of it yeah people ask regular people like you know they ended up finding somebody who had a great idea but who knows. I mean how big on the guys thank god for Steve we never thought of the big space trampoline right. Works rob this onto Saddam did Stevie today the state patrol officer here in Washington did the exact same thing. Another Texas team and as well Washington State Patrol did the same thing on for a five this week. A female driver had a stroke passed out the patrol officers sped up and slow down in front of her they get the car stopped him both went at a hospital and not apparently she's gonna be okay. While some look at that message out you know he's there in the state patrol dues I I I think OK in order don't. I've got the guy that I that the person I want trying to pull that kinda maneuver because I don't know why I think that way me because it ships I have no idea but I still like there. If they're they're trained to be able to forget that out but I don't have you ever really trained to do that kind of thing went well when did you practice that. Another texas' there and Tosca magazine of all places they featured a guy I believe your Washington that the descending on the freeway for an old man having a heart attack. They feature receivers like to sacrifice his car. Sit out that guy got a new car or he's got a fixed. Bernie yeah Elon Musk C now he's the one that the he's the one that we only knows today Alec I'm gonna fix that covered again thousand dollars in the test so a lot of DO. But they're beautiful I drive tester that. Do you do I've said before I test drove fancy car like dad I never got so much attention. I mean I driver out of my car it's just a regular car nobody ever pays attention sir I couldn't believe all the eyes on me I'm driving and everybody's staring because it's such an amazing looking car I mean it's it's. I had that happen to me once too I went to a rental car place and Iran a friend of most of their cars that they had a gimme a purple PT cruiser with wood paneling yeah holy mosques are looking into idol good looks at himself out. I remembered driving in this thing. And I just not a fan of that style the car and similarly hyper focused and are looking over as it checked. And she looks at me and then I looked over again and just kind of shakes her head like. Yes what do you guys and purple wood paneled. Yeah basically got there sir you're looking good body. I have some I have some either amazing are dumb news I'm not sure I I love my cinnamon toast crunch I definitely love my lucky charms. They're magically delicious they are. And apparently in Canada cinnamon chose crunch. Oatmeal and lucky charms oatmeal have been spotted on the shelves in the great land of Canada are we here in too much. Night of cool new ways to provide fast food that are not happening here in the United States yeah journal says they're not dead they're not planning on heavily senior in the states. I don't understand. If they're healthier versions because I need oh they'll supposed to be a healthier choice and a sweet cereal that's why it's really interesting to me I made its way to get kids to get used L mail. Or maybe get adults to go all right Y I you know what I Kenny the serial anymore about. Now off all Ali the lucky charms oatmeal right what held and what could feel lucky charms don't know that they actually have the marshmallows. Had no idea because whenever I just in Canada what we could go to Canada Vancouver is not that far away and you know what it was at the election a lot of people went to Canada for the because of the election. I guess someone have to go to Canada now because a lucky charms no male I was gonna go for now leaving. Arrows about this high twenty something years ago and Canada had at McDonald's they did hey we're doing mixed pizza. And it was a McDonald's beatle personal yeah I mean that's and we're on in college of really the stock I own and having here that sounds awesome when everybody goes on the back but I all right. He leaves okay few hours can be go by he comes back. He went to Canada to go get that pizza and brought it back of that system were in Plattsburgh New York which is by no different demy. An amazing Bellingham to Vancouver. Okay inserts super close I threw guns are crossed the border crossed the border gotten got one. One could either broke college kids reading your body getting us. Came back and aided in front of us. Oh yeah surely you know all bets are there was this jerk. Yeah especially since you don't you would hit their hot. You know I mean if he would only wanted to he's probably close to we've tied it one very problem back to patrol just natural you definitely because that's a troll movie he's won back and sit in front of you and you're not Broward dry hours of driving. We're used to a McDonald's is doing now wait Nadal is gonna stock based on that bottle they gave way to make bidding war become more common ever go crazy day but though the craze and shamrock shakes mixed with chocolate. That's what I'm talking about actually do the whole blog about to take them losing my mind about each draw yeah that's being made for the shamrock shake another special straw. They ended the videos funny they they did to make a spoof of the armed iPhone to give or take almost like a super self important. Commercial for their new straw okay straws like it's in a weird like come. I take a snorkel shape because some good did the topic shamrock shake the chocolates at the bottom shamrock shakes at the top war so use a regular straw. Of course you can't get the flavor of both limit the same time you give it a wait. They did actually got engineers to make a straw that came home from the top of the drank and also the bottom. And Jessica scooting wanna screw with them and look at this look at this video studios hysterical yeah they're showing the technology of the straw. Our dedicated and they show us a visual video like these are actual engineers. Doing real engineer stuff. That is beyond there there there there making it happen and may. That is I'd wonder that myself because if you do half and half yeah how are you gonna get the meant and the Shockley brother came to the game it's just like when they did the atrocities and maybe that's special straw that the straw was and a spoon also did the stirring for the problem and correct flurries where there's I don't want to be honest you're you're crossing streams what we take it easy. I went into you for reverse actual withdrawal. Held and are now we have to get them when they c'mon that's next month right. I cannot yet or any. I I see pictures of people all of their already unless some people are getting a Mike on the side. Yeah you know I we weenie get it we need union with a mcdonalds guy. We wanted to fight to find some somebody who says his wife works at a McDonald's it was so she'll be our initial BR and yet I like this are I tried the straw. Straws pretty amazed it's funny issue at the straws in the cool piece like an iPhone. That is awesome for them for a straw you know what dude listen if that's straw can suck up multiple levels. That's pretty cool it's brilliant but it Downey in a multi level and kind of shakes and get at all. Yeah not this is that this is a game changer which means you can have that you can really have a cream sickle is you have an orange flavored shake along with a Vanilla and get a cream sickle effect but that straw hobbled Tom Degan plus. So you know sometimes you get like a mixed drink yeah and like. Could be the alcohol is in one spot in the the mixers and other I'm gonna carry the straw with me when I go to bars. Well you got the iPhone case put an end right. They don't worry I got my own straw you look like a ball ball that's present fancy case out open of that that's the straw. He'll like the guy or co accused Syria's did my drinking experiences to a GOP Lucent deal cigarette cases that were fancy in the you know you can have a monitor and and everything. Have a gold's strong case Steve all of its own system at first I was at a McDonald's back in 87 we were mixing Chaka military should shamrock shakes back and this is nothing new it's been an off menu option. We always are not manual log in now they've got a straw for gas. That's one that we another secret menu stuff like in and out of Gaza a secret menu stuff all right. Hey here's a question what happened. When you want social media to proclaim it the worst day of your life. Hopefully what happens another edition of FaceBook drama you can hear it get a nineteen. On the Iraq. And made some mornings. On the rock and 99.9 KI SW. 99.9 day high at W garage com Seattle how it's. And phase for John Roger of ID can plumbing heating and mechanical and beat you once again this is our opportunity. Where we put out the stupid people that are on FaceBook employed there are a lot of stupid people. This is an actual FaceBook post drama unfolds and acted out by us we have changed names to protect the stupid people though. And also the innocent ones as well so this time around playing the role of keynote to the original poster will be mean I will be teaming up. I read he'll play the role of and sweet. BJ he'll play the role of Don as an idol Don and Vicki you play the role of neat so once again Tina is the original poster. So I will take it away. To. Okay it was the most terrible. And depressing day of my life. And remarks only the first of many sitcom. So lost. And depressed. Why is this as happened in. Don't ask please. Don't discuss it I'm Societe. Here's this Tina. Wait a sack dance not trying to be a dude sure but you just can't drop that this is the most terrible in the present day in my life. And then tell people not to ask about it she certainly can stunt woman just wants to vent zinc ping is one thing. The most narrow area life is something different that's not been paying. That is a cry for help. But two I don't want to talk about it and our brand in the net it's always about Koran again I don't know how you do we Tina. Know people judge me because I'm engaged to an inmate re worried about I have read. Had leaked and it. OK I may be changing sides here you can't be having the most terrible day of your life at the top of this post. And now declared that your happy three sentence that laid error I. Have literally been tweeting and FaceBook messaging ESPN sports center for three hours straight. Trying to get through them to have them give a shout out to Greg as he watches sports center all the time. Nobody had even reply. And that makes this is the most terrible day of your life. You period. Our period. To period I think Jack thank god now blastoff. Of teen asked us agree with Don inmate. I. Hello man any. FaceBook you Basel I forgot sports senators John Dobson prisoners and it's a fun segment of a deal between the basketball scores. I'm an aunt. Dynamic asks. But I have to do intend ten years as a armed robbery as what's up buried next up we'll take out the Washington Capitals it. Wow. That's awesome. Alec this man frustrated drones may be should be. Couple utes are busted why they were using a drone to spy on people in the bathroom. You'll never have to worry about me going as I went to virtual sports the test our drum racing IK if you wanna try to put the goggles on so you can see what the drum Cesar below video cameras on the drone. I effectively crashed it every single time. You did you be hit people as they're using a bass I been hit the window but yeah technical woodpecker. A 34 year old woman from Utah and a 39 year old boyfriend we're just two recipes and a drone yet to spy on several people in their back bedrooms and bathrooms. Is what's gonna happen I mean if you give somebody something fun we can't have nice things we can't have followed drones are out first figure out ahead on how to put a mirror on the bottom my shoe or draw. All along anymore yeah exactly how to how to treat yeah I've never done any you know you've never had an entry with a mirror Honda behind your shoe with a hole oh yeah I do want the same time that's failure you're you're the triple threat. Their plant started falling apart in December when a guy spotted the drawn outside of his bathroom window decided to chase it down. He grabbed it when it landed in a church parking lot check the SD card and found a bunch of videos of other people also they record these bad boys two. The costs are investigating basically draw serial number and eventually they connected it to these two idiots and they're both looking at misdemeanor of terrorism charges. Wow old. All right up by the way the woman has six kids and as I'm married to someone else. So she's doing this with her cheek guy. And noon. That that that's out while. A little distracted instead news in the world of wrestling entertainment goma Georgia animal Steele passed away all damn do bad kick people attacks like crazy senators. Yeah we decide how old was a 79 years old wells seems like you offer wrestler that's a pretty long life. Yeah yeah and I mean he's that's quite an amazing land you might remember him. Beat Georgia animal Steele yeah the crazy guy I don't eat the term buckles of the green Tom yup and the crazy part was his other job was that he was an actual professor accused teacher. That's bizarre is very Smart dude but you know as characteristic you resist dismissing might. This wild at a does signaling kind of reviewed it. I remember when I would never know he was a professor ID that was news to me right now I never knew we had another career no way yeah every Arab men I guess he's had some health issues for the last few years and that's what took amuses slid to a hospice care yesterday and who passed away today 79 now that's that's that you know what I if I go 79 and have the kind of career he did. An egg kind of notoriety you know I think that's fair especially with Demi needs sadly the world wrestling a lot of guys don't have a shelf life of past fifty. Yeah I mean the abuse she put on your body only all the travel and everything you know and and you know if you're a plus in those days people have a hard time avoiding the partying in and the substances. You know as I is any athlete or performer did in those days you know not just for a Sammy take any profession bright lights big city. A plus he knows for sure abuse yourself trying to just you know get through the Dayton and in 79 years old good for him. Did that that George always be one of the guys that first made me realize that maybe professional wrestling isn't as real as I thought it was as a kid. I'll never forget this and as a kid my parents found it took me to a real wrestling like they took me it's like a pig was Nassau coliseum in Long Island. To go see. Wrestler in the WW Russell I mean how is through the roof excited my dad set it up he's like I dad. Thanks so we take kids we got these VIP parking in the parking lot. And it is amazing we pulpit in a parking lot and it's the same parking lot that the wrestler we use blow holes up right next to us at the same time. George the animal Steele and I don't remember what kind of car was but it was the equivalent of this like a Smart Car okay a hunched over barely fits in it and I'm Mike. Dad how does George Seattle still able to drive he's crazy like how they. Hockey puck on the balked all off a cowboy up right next to a are I think it was like the British bulldogs and the killer bees and they were having a match that night and they drove to gather. Audio like what's that about MII. Wire two guys like why did you check team's going to be. You know now I'm gonna run their friendly I don't know why do that every dash or stir when my dad realized that this on the stupid yeah because that's good my dad's like you do realize like. This performance. To a general feel really is an animal he would be term goal. Talk on knowing that it did a really evergreen Tom Stevens. I was nineteen your night yeah I was weird yeah well you're still a teenager I think guide the you know you are right this could be innocent yeah I've probably like me. Nine or ten you're an arm and he had the wrong kid he really there on community did I hated side five yeah and everything I love he hates us more to this kid wrestling I mean I tell you and I EL I don't know I yeah I think maybe I was his kid I was adopted maybe it was his first kid any. He's side in LA let's try again yes you know I them and as I doubt we should we should get the first animal we aren't Stevie. Amp. Got a new survey that actually and again if you didn't hear Jersey animal still passed away that's why we're talking about the semi nine years old yeah. Sad according to a new survey here in the top five things employees wish their managers will get better. Who. I think yeah this is very good this'll interest me because. And more and more companies are allow you to do that I know our company. You know they allow you fill stuff I'll blinded and send it in the foyer area Michael's suggestion box yeah and I credit I mean I I feel in LA. And I I think our company has done a really good job. Of taking to heart what people want now I will tell you I thought pretty much a lot of people wanted in our company was stupid. But may because I'm just a different generation but I mean some of the things or do you know we would really like oh we're placing a really want that. The coming goes well the majority of people want that night I talked to some bosses I go. Really people filled this out they want this is why now ivory Thursday's play with ponies Thursday and bring in a microphone now they know. It has been the most successful year for our company because of those phones people are very suddenly the slowed ponies but Steve when they say play with ponies it's not the way you think. Case taking these I know that's right familiar that you yeah and pony show yet he can't. My little pony I can play with it wherever I thought if I don't think it's it's it's like and that's the magic. The issue polio pony. Are you talking about. Hey guys so the number one thing Steve that employees would like their bosses and manages to do better talk to them. You're very close look at how about you actually communication. I mean I know a lot of people in our company it's it's I think it's different it was pretty you know when a communication as a joke that you would communicate by. But no thank you for the most part people like walk the halls say hi to people in India when they're not super busy yet. But I I have friends and and of people highlight that like the uneven. Bit they're pretty sure they're possibly another neat. On that's that that that in this day and days that's not good right yeah you know your boss that I mean LSD Tim Sanders wrote about the sphere of influence in his book love as the killer app. And which I feed them I always thought that was one of the premier business books for a the new way of doing business when he wrote that it was like you know at the old school BMI golf course and the way you were supposed to be successful. Tim Sanders I think re wrote the script. And a lot of that was is that yacht if you have somebody who's your sphere of influence so it's your direct boss they better know your name I mean it goes both ways if you wanna get ahead in life because people remember that and if you're not compassionate and you don't really you know you don't really take care of people. You're not gonna get ahead no matter how much you think you know or whatever you know ideas you have. You got to share and be compassionate which is a big part of what's in center says is the way to do business and in the in the 21 century. We should provide shirt very ready network that had their name on it. That's for your uniform. I don't know what are you surprised at some point that I actually happened yeah like OK here's the new work. Work uniform and what is telling Steve yeah I just ate standing in Ohio and you have to look at their Booth Danny question you. They want the bosses to improve their technical skills. Do you think it's a delight and a sense of you want your boss to be able to do the things that you do because obviously at some point they had two of so you know I mean like. Yeah I basically the supermarket if you if you're gonna be a manager of the entire supermarket at least to place I work which was the market basket back to Massachusetts. And and only area they made the manager work in every department before he he or she got to be the manager of the whole store. They had to spend a month or so in each department so they can be familiar with everything about the store. So that you know if I don't know if everybody does anybody Simon ward and other places. And the measure was clueless on how to do certain things you like how you manager you know not a dual basic things like this you should not Dusan. I'll leadership skills. No doubt about it am I gonna take a quick moment to talk about our guy Jack because he is one of the best leaders whose stack Jack a he works for a company our guy I would an audio Jack so you know his name and you hit it. I thank you look at it you want so syrup is like it or just talk about. And I like am I getting all the dogged about a guy that I work with forty years ago are probably I don't and I still got Morgan forum. At least a Carlos. Got and Jack is one of the best leaders I've ever work where I mean I work with a lot of managers that knew how to do managers stuff as far as what the company needed to do. But they weren't great leaders and I think that that really is what the differences between somebody who's a superstar. And you know look into who could do all the managers stuff but still as a great leader I think he's jacks had got it is easier Penry of our award Thomas hill walked all shake your hand if you ask how your weekend was. Cool yeah I was gonna say hair club but I can't lie and I. Yeah freedom hundred yeah he's in a coma and you know that we he I don't know how we still with the company. Just think we love yoga and probably cinemedia which Akron now they talk about you and I. He came here yet all right so those also be able to strategize better. And also being better at managing projects. The ego Steve. That's a that'll make you a great boss nice and having less sex with people and their staff. Our thanks that was a moment that you can still do that. Look if you're a good leader and you could strategize and you have technical skills have body daylight had sex everybody who cares. Are you ready. Steve Kagen this one out yesterday not bad for the boy. What common casual style of shirt takes its name from an equestrian sport Colo ads are not what is obvious collars. Meanwhile the oil and reduce. I'll tell you this though people have been stepping up a lot of ties because the Metallica tickets are up for grabs so you wanna try to limits on things you got to beat Steve 206421. Rocks. Rocky is 7625. Replace feet made it 847. On Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. I was figure out who my creditors are some people who draw a lot of times I'm I want a long time. Not having good credit and having collections each other's very concerned because. 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