BJ & MIGS Podcast 02-17-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Friday, February 17th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Mick Jagger says he wrote a memoir that he didn’t remember writing.


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I didn't go to B Jimmy Page and KI SW dot com find out where they're playing high you can get their music. The new records called home of the listened to would have tied fifty. Great note shows coming up just yet but you know you can get more information including links to their age just like going to KI SW dot com. And don't forget man loud local not just now we've got to our show every Sunday where you can great local news in the northwest. Sundays at 10 PM. In his great bands like. Need me. Okay. And. So me. Being standardized and made me. I today. Get down on that Friday has of this weekend I'll try. Oh your Suggs you have mammoth like I canceling a bad weather or telephone now and why it's a go Boehner want henin match. While that's rather rude like Valentine's Day was coming up yup definitely that's not always count hotel is jazz I think he crossed the line got I don't get it soon style come on I'm just speaking the truth you know you're gonna do that. Appropriate I'll. Don't their children it's an entire my children my children especially are listening they are to get paid to listen. I am good point I apologize. You ought to apologize and it got to just take your life like a samurai. Wow. All right I've seen they got married just yet I'll have very appropriate response is yeah you're into an appropriate statement yet the sorority. Dishonorable and certainly you can't experience that. And since then tiger's life. Well I hope I get down there I got to figure this all boats how are you me that he had significant blow broad strip club they have a lot of water down I don't know apparently so and apparently so I'm I got to figure this that's a bummer I was ready to fly out he's got the alert in particular my phone now. One. There haven't been her whole airport down their examinations on that Sox and him. Well you figure that out let's play beat legs we got Troy in Gig Harbor to take on Steve Troy are you there sir. Surer and excellent. Let's play reported a steep Metallica tickets they're going to be at the century link field on August 9 courtesy of live nation go to KI SW dot com for all the AM. Do my nation dot com all right Steve good. Back. For those playing and don't Troy will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Troy you could pass all you want but you'll only get three guess is her question. Are you ready sir. Hurt if someone can't finish the food they've taken an eight common medium says that they have eyes bigger that there why. Stomach yeah ads what do you teach thirteen stripes on the American flag represents it. Corey asks typically what color post I just Pinocchio where its breath now. Blacks now. What you asked which unit of measurement just exactly abbreviated took heat heat. Aren't yes. What is to aides expressed as a percentage. Our border are excluded under certain yet as what you're did the TV show lost half its final episode of looked. Not to comes murdered now. Now expect our great to now James Brown was known as he got father of why it. Bold as to what mythological characters didn't choose punished by having him hold up that Evans on his shoulders. I asked Eldorado was deemed mythical city out watched. Eldorado gold asked what was the name of Dylan ten and Andy Dillon and excellent adventure. Oh. Why don't Australian yeah that is mattered a life line there we're out now I incorrect OK let's at least get a song. I Levitt tag team to get those Taloqan tickets I've got his. Work cut out for him on this one we'll see. Steve's been pulling out nobody I know that I'm not want to bow wow yeah we don't stop its that he went public place Steve are your ready. Yeah. If someone can't finish the food they've taken a common idiom is say it says they have eyes bigger than their why comics and yet what do these thirteen stripes on the American flag represented. Colonies asks typically what color those tight as Pinocchio well air tanks now. Alt blue yes which unit of measurement is typically abbreviated to have these TV. Part time I looked twice which unit of measurement is always pints adds to what is hard time doing hard time what is to eighth expressed as a percentage. 25% I asked likes you to fifty TV show lost has its final episode. Our numbers are trying to get as Steve Brown was known as the godfather of why salt yes what mythological character did seems to punished by having him hold up the evidence on initial last guest. Eldorado was the myth that nobody a lot of lacked. Top Atlantis and helped to mythical city of Bob. Eldorado last note Eldorado like Barnes and now are all in the name of Leland and ended bill and Ted's excellent man. You're not selling its. Use the Oregon nine correct its top and all. Yeah and that's how long long time I. And he called mod. I'll log. While trying to be one and it's honest getting monotonous need. Eager to come mod. Hang allied troops they would do your duty to tell you to do its military you're an American girl that I. And our. I see you miss yeah. He missed the last that a final episode of lost which you duck creek which is when I am I'm so bond you know that you've got Eldorado that was the mythical city of gold go home and that's what all the yes Spaniards were looking for when I was I suppose at the end of the day knowing that answer is probably make you look a little smarter than knowing the last episode of lost their dates shut up does a great show shot and at the end really like even at the end whether you'll like it I had a little bit of a debt I agree yeah I law I really enjoyed the last episode look at you you're like one of the few I've heard saying did. How odd I don't remember the last episode number I actually don't either but I remember my. I know thank you talked. Ever again dude sixers got armor I have someone just seven years ago and thanks to massive. College cup points anymore now we are I. Option that outlaw yeah you're tied Steve yeah my chance of beating Steve. It's trying you can tie and a season be kissing your sister all over this join them Monday we'll give it another shot don't forget twice each weekday morning we played beat me 647 and 847. If you wanna play right now you play any time online on demand we have a whole bunch of questions online few in the kids and Emery have fun play. Played its annual just go to the beach Jamie's face of KI SW dot com. I see if they get a tax refund this year I would imagine south. You would you. I haven't gone and done my taxes yet but I get one every year or so are gas gamma gamma mention you know I'm. I doubt but he's prepared may decide who need Donald Trump. Well long. It's wrong military units and being yeah. I lie just you know I've been I've I I talk to my tax dialogue that you you don't know the I have a site as busy yes let my financial guy like that traumatic day they talked we Josie mr. block makes much he can be he and I have a good relationship mr. block anonymous blogger I did do I -- I is icicle may HH I don't body CA in my time untimely but some cash I am I getting this year but you know what folks are lucky enough to get it. It turns out what they are they owe them money and I gonna save they got below it. Really yeah I beat purchases. Out most it is that the headlight goes a blowout on either in July faults and a bunch of tacos which I have to Rocco area yeah combo. Yeah up social of people claim they're gonna do with the tax returns this year. Put money in savings so it and basically I you know I think it was a joke and headline of course not just to iphones and toggle is what Dubai but until people are lying when they say hey iphones and taco sauce and a lot of fun to media day out there people all your -- on and do but Larry I wonder people are gonna do what they. Sandy surveys our plan is to just really it is a lot times the tax returns for us is he's gives us I guess like a green light to spend money prior to the tax returns so I moved my wife got a new car okay here's a little bit more that I wanted to spend further than that the down payment on the car. Well we're like you know whoa we gonna get this much back based on past. Tax eternal boy so how do and like struggling because of it but. Our main goal is once you get the secretary is reported in our savings to replenish what we took out for the Clark you're like forty for. Of Americans buddy. Yeah on our credit spent on top ghost yeah in Vegas Jeff welcome. That's yeah I think they're members of the pink taco yeah that's even their installation that's a W out that's that they'll squeeze and that's an expensive tacos on Vegas sun yeah. 38% people say yup gonna pay off debts for the money. I was surprised you gotta do this because I know you that you think can take a trip about you know once analysts say gonna put it to his vacation. Yeah I mean it's kind of I guess I'll falls into that you could reduce. Booked our our our trip to run Hawaii all of DM I'm jealous of you I can get a plane to go to big get out of here you go Y eight loans that now Michael my life like just got a chance like it was my wife this weekend. But he can go to Hawaii. And this will do my hot and how did she tell you think she would be UAL and had decided to see me get a trip and we'll go live at some good isn't so bad these days. Yeah that is they can't even begin theirs the get laid in Hawaii unified cache that's I would do I'd say honey guess what a book as both a trip to Hawaii. The typical kids can she get out of California are all I guess you can't event I'm gonna. I got some good there isn't a bad things are adding it is I wanna take you know why the bad news you can go yeah. 7% of people base and again use the money responsibly. There were some people and yelled then they gonna splurge on something make a major purchase but 79% it was like eight out of ten say if they we can believe this survey. They do something responsible to catch. Actually the most irresponsible thing every day with a tax return was a spotlight on the goalie gear I mean I didn't need it and other. Money. Who lives around line and purchase that. Peculiar donating to ruin your tax return. Just choose I would an abusing them on Tatis with my parents are probably think they're stupid sound of a barrel. But a dandy. Tony and yeah I was really buy some some new guys at the hot topic Naughton. You know skinny you're. Asking your kids getting your I want the skinny jeans you guys have your money's no object. Green Day tickets this year OK. I guess in the past I gambled it all went well good for you heard our. That's a one shot like Andrew Ladd or something I know one shot I just used to be ice had a problem and I add to terms of their student I used here reality though is still does things not gamble yet brag yes. Athletically he's so we can't figure casinos to bring our resident prom for you like you do right now. What was the what was the gambling drug of choice roulette and now like Jack okay it was emotional loss of one. That my tax return is like around sixty under all packed yeah. Lot of money yeah I succeed her boxes how great would that be to go to item on roulette table and put all that only one number. Or whatever I don't know how hurt us our children all summer I don't wanna I don't wanna actually thought I put on red or black market timing yeah. You put on number stupid that is pretty good yeah but don't be so exhilarating. I think if you put all one number it would be amazingly exhilarating because if you hit that you're making some bank but there's more Rodham the odds are Morse could be devastating the league's all that's what I wanna be there when you don't want to it's exhilarated we don't want to put off and on one number one are remedying. Their you done in the past there is completely stupid usually the tax returns come around the same time I go to my big night spring break convention. So almost always ask that you are not. All the time but I'm most of the time it's booze and then when I'm drunk I'll go down to the dealer rooms and by like. I've gotten cloak might Cain all I ask him for all of my gas map all that's amazing cars and might I yeah yeah drink UN and then spending that's always good combo I dispersant very timely I spent my tax return this time I'll Metallica tickets. Yeah I think you know what it stands I tell you something. Though the root for the release date and a launch date I didn't realize that this is the perfect time because people will be thinking about doubted the semi what do what a brilliant marketing tool by Metallica and released the tickets for sale today at ten bodies and in India because I mean that the tickets are a pretty penny live nation dot com 10 o'clock this morning is when you can finally Metallica tickets yeah. Let's of course sure rockaholic and got the transmission you that the preset economy yesterday. Jan. As tough as it eight. It's tie for listeners on Olympus but you James should ask and you take the topic you guys this show to a 6421 Iraq. Rockets 7625 Texas 779990. Yeah. Your calls your Texas yeah and ninety. Nine point nine KI guess W all. Jumbotron T five he can plumbing heating and mechanical stuff preconceived. Column column they've got tickets. This is on the loose. You pick a topic you've got to show it to 06421 rock. Rock is 7625. Duffy in Texas 77999. Doesn't matter what you wanna talk about brand new something old do you pick that topic you guys to show. Though Steve has one rule for listeners on the loose and that's just managing and bring it otherwise we're. And then take about. Good bottle of. And Peter got to Texas is off the topic of fast food earlier talking about the shamrock shakes and on the other creed although as fast straw that McDonnell says so you can get both levels chocolate and mixed together in one simple this. Revolution therapy new engineered straw to a snorkel strata good shape like a snorkel on his got to blow hole on the top analogue hole on the bottom that way you get an equal amount of the shamrock and the chocolate some might think we're tad too excited about this particular show but well we are not me I dedicated entire blog to open I'm not excited about it no doubt well. What somebody said Steve BJ I'd just talked on my friend who's in the upper management part of McDonald's. And she said that the straws are being distributed in a limited number and of course none are going to Washington. So we're really getting these fancy strossen these straws like Alec they're big Macs opposite. On top artists this ridiculous on she did an amazing statement on all we deserve a strong. Find out what states there. Happening because I mean maybe. Timing will be right in on vacation. When my high paid good money we can't go to Hawaii we got to go first to opt Idaho. Because they have a fans have dropped from McDonald shake you were looking for a reason to go to Ohio ride the roller coaster is one of Ohio's one of the states against the fancy straws phone not a war with my wife but I'll try. Our hum there is a off the topic of fast food. You're KFC's going. Dole list pizza crust is deep fried flattened sickened with the rest of the pizza on top quite some good things. You know I don't wanna read this story about a 'cause there it is in front of me but I'm afraid they're gonna say it's not a real Washington State watched a pro I saw the commercial for the snipers on the story a music. That's sound weird but I saw a commercial like I would I want this I need to eat this. I it's fantastic idea it's brilliant yeah so that's it that's the headline KFC is now using fried chicken as a pizza crust. Because you know KF CNN is it pizza out or talk about me I think they're all like that they've that would based Albany governor Arnold they're not the same unit cannot altogether and nobody makes sense to put a pot of the you know pizza and chicken the other like this I like it. For the call the Cassie she's up. You guys tried today that one net at a taco shell made it owes taco Bell's chicken yeah I doubt when it should Michelle all right yeah because that all the one Derek down here in India Soto that when he is at Taco Bell KFC and it just aren't so good and I can just can't wait for repeats it you. Yeah I mean as far as though using chicken farm basically he had. Oh what a great of course that's what it is they're gonna (%expletive) off by Uganda this during the commercial with top pineapple on top of that that's gonna talk anymore. Well maybe with with a chicken crossed it's different it's not really pizza it's she sentenced Friday got its its cheats and fried chicken is the cross marinara sauce cheese toppings on top a bum. They introduced this the Philippines and India why I don't know this is Merkel must find tests on a number one else but Austin and bring it to us stuff. They've rolled around Singapore. So old maybe one day has its not here yet Spock com on I know about watching how they make it managed taken at chick impressed they slice may have been around with a mallet OK and and then. We can make you at home. Makers and now I'm gonna. Yeah that that that. It's amazing against it looks so amazing doesn't seem like it's really pizza to think it's more like the chicken chicken farmers on the you can hold I don't care I don't care either to call whatever you want to talk about a pair called finished and in my Boeing's mid. Well they go as I was expecting not here yet. Another Texas wants to know BJ I'd. Memory serves me correct I believe you're weird Al fan did you see that he just released. A song that was about a Beatles song but it it was done awhile back to kind of common text but based figured out if put out a I hear you know what I heard about this and never released it so he actually once did a parody of a abuse on their output and yet it was called Pacman which of course you know it's probably Obama Geithner I'd probably feel for the game. But it was gonna boxing coming out this year I got to put everything in the box and of course. How are you up put this out man at the height of the pac man anchoring maybe he didn't think it was good enough what's really funny about these box sets is that you're getting stuff that you know back in the inning when they first had a and first did it. I'll never release says I don't wanna. Many bands are you finding like lost music. And I love it I mean if you're a big fan if you're obviously not gonna bother to get the box and anyway but your big fan like I got you know the mother love bone vinyl sat but I also got the digital version. In the digital version has all these great just random demos and it's just cool like I mean. If you're not a fan you know could give two flying asked about it but it as a hard core model while bulls fan I love that night and I know there's a lot of low we are now that's true I mean uncle Chris is a huge weird Al fan he's much because I heard this yet. No or yes I was at a tidbit on arrival here is here it is this is the weird Al Pacman song which is a parity of The Beatles tune. Relatively popular. I saw maybe that's why you release of maybe if you are now. Our courses are really pissed at me yeah eighth in the coming out we grow look. Sorry. I wonder why that never got released I mean it was I mean think about all of the Michael Jackson's up the subject he was doing really popular songs The Beatles I guess weren't popular so it's not a popular sound that. Where he was paring a lot of popular songs so. You know what you don't have remind your album for that the idea you would BCI to your right Steve you think he would have Rahman there it but I you know the people that like a surgeon and eat it may be to people like that would be like what the hell's this deals crap. That's just like Pacman I think you'll enjoy it I I I would think but he you know I. Didn't put it up but now you get on the Howard L box at about that. Hamas is the weird how box it. I'm sure uncle Chris knows I truthfully the order he's already got a pretty. Here now box just listen some of those depicted topic you guys to show 206421 rock rocky is 7625. Yep might this impact of fiscal squeeze box. All I love that aren't they come to Michael look at concordia and golf course you would fall at Seattle you know we are now badly every artery. It's only 475 dollar let's. It's like coming. Quarters 35 dollars is from the White House to perform from weird Al. And it's. Lewis is on the loose you pick your topic you guys this shows more because mortgage sex at 933. On Iraq. And they eggs mornings on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. KIS the Iraq does Seattle's wasn't gonna lose you picked that topic you guys to show 206421. Rock rock is 7625. Sex does it 77999. Let's go to Jason in Tacoma Jason you are on the rock. Yeah ABJ what's up I was was Jason what you got by a parent so our. You know something that it is real close because you are grew up with you grow up look it's not an art or not and nor a lot of other music radio stations near. Called a buddy of mine's kid says he kind of big into music pretty good you know the northwest seen on younger glum about 39 I and armed. He got caught a school with from subscriptions. Pursues its subscription drug cycle or on the call are oxy yeah OK yeah and I'll stuff stuff. Yeah Amerigroup stuff especially for you don't want to fix his sixteen year old yet so solemn noted no character kind of they're all over the place or whatever so I was talking to him a little bit you know and I Norah in the art world what would your usual you've got to make it. If you shoot drugs they would choose music because you know the late great is he would you know he coordinates her original musical subsequent first. And I are out there that kind of all meet the robot sub situations in my life. Source told the world and can really get underscores. The long term effects and so much remarked to a lot of local artists you know like my sort of unseemly Indy would. You know just you know Marco that was DJ it is not a local radio station back at the end of oil market via water invite. Very serious consequences tortured or anything you can. You can put it all the way there are no matter comics don't lose and it if it doesn't do Michael water and looked her in the city. Didn't know there's great musicians that were there ever gore dark look for. Mark adjacent. I'm trying to figure out where oh where you're going what the call lies or message that you wanna give his theory is resented that you can use which is an. And harassing angle I never thought of it you can usually good at the rock stars as a great teaching lesson for someone who might be battling some kind of a substances job outlook the end result. Did not turn out well for these guys enforce are you you mentioned Marco Marco is still with us and he's doing good and it's you know he's. It's always great really catch up with him but yet he had to battle some of his demons x.s and is these documentaries. Glamour in the squalor but. That's from getting and I could be wrong but I as bad as you make an interesting take is that is that what you essentially hammer home for kids. You know that that that's exactly what I'm saying and I didn't I got a are you not have a dvd are malfunction yet he was sore and no I gave America enough. Did you ever have you ever had a drug problem Jason knows you know on the united our addictions stopped when I was younger you are never really got its heavy heady growth estimate of its. And so that's the thing man I mean I think you're I. I get what you're saying the problem is with addiction. Is that you know there's nothing that once you get addicted I mean once it takes control your body short if you could be inspired in your life to to basically work through your pain through art that would be fantastic but once you turn to the drugs and and they get a hold of you and and your body becomes addicted. That's a whole different story and that's that's the tough part so I agree with you if we can teach our people. All of our young kids how to deal with pain yet you know without having to turn to something and got art music is surely a great place to turn because a lot of people. And I you know through through the the Seattle seemed. Really that the process a lot of anger and angst through listening to music and working through that way a lot of the money indefinitely it what it right. I do OK I didn't there was there. That was the break and yet unknown senator we got to I think we got his point right those some people that I kind of got the vibe from him that he just felt like. Music would solve everything and wall and that's trouble as he gave some examples of people who actually they didn't the music didn't solve but for them. Right that's what price they had some of these guys are sadly found their inspiration do lose it or. Yes it's hard and Marco cause is lost the lots you how he's also offers to admit to you and you and he has you right he has told us those stories you've had on our show talking about it. So you know it's not just about the music mania that that stuff gets in your system and it's so hard to kick after that. All right how is it possible that Mick Jagger. Of The Rolling Stones wrote a memoir. And it doesn't remember it I'll tell you at 940 weeks on Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW. I play nine game high and W the rock of Seattle. Mick Jagger who has seven making music for a long time for The Rolling Stones says he wrote a memoir. That he doesn't remember right. Drugs. Now I guess so thanks Patti forget reading MM more. And if he would release when I mean that guy has had an amazing life and amazing band and he's never written a memoir. A publisher William John Blake says that he wrote. A 75000 would men word manuscript back in the early eighties. Mick got an advance about a million bucks and we set up with a ghost writer to help them out. Every was going fine until the management was rejected it because it was quote too light on sex and drugs. Allowing users try to keep it cool and apparently you give me a million dollars a ton every. Gavin dear Mick Jagger you've done that million dollars is chump change to your business good point for me a million dollars donated goes right out do it all yeah I don't care. Yeah now Blake says the manuscript is great so is this is extraordinary city compared to like the Dead Sea scrolls okay now you've got a little extreme says it's delicious heady stuff. And he's been trying to get me just to release the book as his but it's not a good citizen aspect because I remember right stamping out first place because you didn't get. They that's how we interviewed Vince Neil I asked him a question about something is broken legs that never happened. And I think how amendment and I immediately went back in my earlier days right there and he wrote back yeah thanks Vince thanks for remembering. Nick says look you wanna find out what I did in 1965 look it up on Wikipedia thoughtful. Right Cassel he's up next for the morning twelve pack. In case. Moonlight finished his sentence I can't believe I found blank my body Munson really does not sound like construction stuff and pretty like goes analysis appears on walls and he said there's a retreat on. A bag match. Condoms. And a ninja stars. And I'm like Hawaii and now that's an easy thing you know what was the plan. Came first and those I'll just one ninja stars like all right it is obvious the flight out whomever comes I'll do my condoms in my managed. In case mornings on the run. A point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney. Here's another question from a listener and I believe things also for bankruptcy like my car you have to list all your assets and creditors are your file bankruptcy. So yeah finally did you would have to tell the fifth corps and the trustee that you have a car or that you have a car loan you could. Say that I wanna keep my car and continue to make my payments on the car. Husbands are crippled court Wilmington notice you have a car and then we believe you may have a payment on the car so my leaving an option bankruptcy. If you mean that you can not disclose to record cancer that is now he must disclose them however that does not mean that you lose those assets. You'll be able to keep things like your current house and almost all cases but you must disclose under the court's. And you'll need to continue to make payments on how serve our you can keep thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to try to save time. I had to choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com thanks for listening.