BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-20-17-6A: The show is back from vacation with some interesting stories.

Monday, March 20th

The show is back from vacation with some interesting stories. News and sports. A Ride-The-Ducks vehicle got into a car accident over the weekend.


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Steve good morning BJ I forgot what to look like Jeff I know I know it's just I don't I don't know estimates are you guys yeah it's been awhile man now you've been off doing something weird how to do with some very weird out. Right now has led all almost probably. And did you look this. C de LA all look like you the same people I remember I had I guys I can't hear you very well I'm all blocked up. What happened I'd take a flame having a cold and so my head is completely just all clogged up with. On that cold stuff. Are you an idea how to save the day off today headlights again announcing a seventeen days off in a row they act that I would be hilarious patent I know we've been gone from practically two weeks here are taken today off as I know I feel like crap that's a moral hole you're on vacation and in the last couple days you catch a cold and feel like garbage and and have to fly home that. Now flying marceca is the worse our men and you feel bad for Rudy next Jon McLean yeah and because you know I got that because I was full blown real blow on the nose and having to throw all the clinics in a bad guy brought with me. Justice learn as masks on your face yeah I entitlement that. Yeah and degrades or given one to everybody on the plane Sunday get infected by your disease that's probably a better plan I think that would have been a better plan of one of inconvenience that you guys might want to miss yeah and every sneezing on every sneeze and a lot he. Wow I I was on a plane could we came back we went to Hawaii well pardon us American soc at all. But on the way back there was like a moment where I did bigger and take off there was a I don't know what happened and you know nobody. Some people on the loudspeaker read obviously some time and incident happened really needs to somebody had to be. Like a person must only be done all right Betty the person loses to draft to be on the clay and the Red Sea got to market and mets' current mop up why you can. Now there are also now there's way too many rows ahead of us I could tell what was going on but a personal Mike. More they talking to like be capped in. The flight attendants. And five cents for these old like Australian beards. There's a salty has asked so I don't. I don't think they were just had now that they are handling with kid gloves and also admitted just kind of eventually got to the point where the guy I was being escorted off the plane. Wow so you fool us salty Australian airline how they now have very nice he's. Our man I don't know if I'd serve it out clearly pulls somebody off like that that was the first in my CNET. That's awesome it was great on ice which I was closer so I could've heard the conversation. Yeah that would have been because you know drunk conversation. Yeah. Man you know picker of a celebrity do could you tell you this so what other celebrities espoused that they're trying to do very well financially because there was like wanted to. Including mine and this is not my first class and dad are crammed in the you guys are flying no asp. Yeah yeah on the very last round I was like maybe ten rows ahead of us yeah. Am dude yeah it was great that's awesome love seeing you so was his poll hall hauled off a plane yeah. I think delayed so long did it noticed a couple minutes I didn't bother me see dynamite senior Dave was delayed for a long time uses idiot I want him. Yeah I think we took off maybe ten minutes later and we are planned but did the pilot already set it up by saying hey we're gonna try to get there about fifteen minutes early. So I wasn't really stressed the darkest and we just we still got their five minutes early 98 C a floor show their payment yeah. That's a bad so he's watching this degree video of what I need to do in case the plane crashes. Is so I how. Which got us in that video off Tim I I decide brought the SARS virus on there that's what I did in there and you had a guy get escorted off pretty good. The big east of Mexico Vicki went to Mexico get back. Actually I was actually very difficult. Not stop so much I really because my aunt has a very very Hispanic sounding name only went through Rihanna customs. I did all the talking to them like we wanna talk to her I'm sick rapist she's like. An older lady she's my grandmother sister overlay. So they talk to her for a little while and they had to check your all airbags multiple times as my mom it occurred to her. To bring back like a whole suitcase full of frozen food. Cheese and handy. You know this team looks like drugs commits homemade and they're wrapped up individually is like white powder in my a little baggy and common sales made that mistake of the guys checking the stuff I don't think he was from I think he's from Africa or somethings are heated and he's a good system like. It's candy it's you know kind of powdery like oh it's made out of palace powder can you like out. 88. Little money then I heard you started and there's a lot of mattered yeah. Basically because I think that's she used. She our nose candy and of course my mom like you know I was always far away so she can help me. She I think she gaining her back on purpose on nicely the drug mule yes you are the real nice. So if you if you need help Dublin you know maybe there was paragraph on that I side get escorted the plane and Carlo CNN right now who's gonna have a layover in San Francisco the nose in Vegas so they're very thorough. Are you guys are quite seal this tight it's not the hit his satirical video and Mexico and of course you know I mean they get known inspected and everything depends of course the mother bring him back all the suspicious looking food. That's great I broke from later I can send all really William Russell mom's food ran this morning hi later writes the it's candy. Holds hey I'm low on energy can get an eye candy she's have flavored candy and I do want to Yemeni unmarked bills and they want that bridge. And like a paper German appreciate that thank you Marino and well ego Steve. Well I'm racier back guy you know every is good Danny series Grey's hello insurance or regardless trying to get a perfect for march not bad celebrated that's stated it they are they doing now. It's our rarity confused by your outfit so whatever you say at this point I don't think it's important to. I saw pretty Saint Patrick's Day Afflalo ensure lace okay. Well it's nice to know Danny is no Amanda I left them clearly no one was using their brains in this couple weeks original yeah did I need some help here are my brain is all clogged up I don't need you adding to the problem my front and running always insert yeah I'm so glad I did well why did I thought OK what's going on man. I was at this meditation retreat I'll be honest unionize them whoa dude like time travel. What is how old are remiss if Denver. And these people this retreat are amazing man I don't know what is it. I can't wait to hear more Ryder retreat unholy about Irish three I don't think about it a lot generally tell you that's the problem I'll come I'll man my club. It was like a fight. Guys have to jinx yourself now though I did OK okay. Yeah well Jennifer your ram you a little bit about it I thought it was. I using nine days of whom people haven't be next to me actually that was the real problem we take your shirt off reserve once or bruising is that you're kind of fight club. I'll all stars of the problem only body blows like holy up body blows maybe. Hey we're big news there's a lot of big bill on news that happened. I would say the dad landed the weather got better let's just say that that's nice yeah because I her I'm a member told me the weather. Here's the crash since we've gone yeah yeah I know I've been theological complaining if offline imposed and as I am trying to fashion posted a picture of me you know why it's gonna dissolve all my Seattle friends same thing do I was in I was in Ohio California and the weather was beautiful every darn day so I just open has I was there a purely. Eagles and I see it took him is whether stop. The they announced it well how about ride the ducks Steve ride the ducks the Seattle involves. In another accident. That's right Steve's got the news for its IL about a 619 on the Iraq. And bigs morning it's. Yeah I K I just helps you. NN white Knight KI SW Iraq does Seattle speaking of Morocco Seattle about the Seattle rock rumble it's on right now. You can book your trip to Seattle variants of bear insecure area bands and artists is that gonna go head to head to see who will be the Seattle rock. Rumble champions respond among kids there dot com right now on today's debate around here that each round is named after different mountains around here in the nor I don't like it to some of the bands like Nirvana state and on sky cries Mary yet camera box vs Seven Year Bitch. Screaming trees taken on C deck after QBs in this queen's Reich sir mix a lot he's taken a new American shame so you can vote right now. And he'll be entered to win the trip to see Carolina rebellion that features sound garden event seven full and more it's courtesy Warner Bros. records in Columbia records. So you want any part of Seattle rock rumbled you wanna try to get that trip. Vote for your favorite band go to KI SW dot com to get all the details. Most fifth graders have a better grasp of the English slang more and unfortunately there are any available this early in the morning. This is news wins teammates. Thanks guys thanks overly primary clinics are giving us news and sports and hey happy. Great American meat out day that's right he beat everybody lots of needs accused. Hate it. Glad it's also national. For you beaches all thanks Ted attendant be happy to be around us can I yeah I get once again didn't ride the ducks tour attraction. Is in the news and not for good things because of another accident granted this was not nearly as bad as that that when that happened last year but I still. This is definitely not the type of PR that they're looking for are they were involved in an accident yesterday in the Westlake neighborhood. The right that's vehicle collided with a black sedan and respect are fresh the front of the vehicle. Fortunately nobody was seriously hurt by a good woman at the driver's seat 65 years old she suffered a minor injury to her hands. Hi this Seattle police are investigating a bite out. The track record for the prices touched a man of god in Wallace oh good because medicines and seem like if this is. And how long is in the how long yak you've just got out of the wonder at this point we've all that kind of stuff in the news. Cause this strange story that happened in my neck of the woods in Puyallup Washington that the Costco which we do go to from time to time. Yet the man got some free pants all because while the pantsuit wearing caught on fire while an historic low. Because of an exploding phone this stuff is freaking me I did you see the picture of that woman who idea. The Bluetooth headphones and they exploded in my neck. For interface so no dude yeah that's all these thank types of batteries it's. Popping I don't know if that's the the story you've heard about these cigarettes before would wouldn't people like those severe like. Seriously Craig Duff battery apparatus thing you know I love the dollar write down a senator might stances luckiest few warm you know he feels is not good do good I put it in my boxers I could I always hope so what's gonna call me that vibration is amazing yeah I do it's scary now. But it is Gary shopping over the cost don't you all. On Thursday when his us cell phone exploded in his hands caught on fire. Here's a look at the fire before suffer any serious burns Obama's been a weird moment. Probably his pants were destroyed and you gotta give props to the manager of the cost golf game a free pair of pants. I've read of some like maybe front of the line access all the samples like a month that would bring good I think that over free pants I tell you what's the lie I still virus people Costco I would question the man first. Oh really because I don't think he was on the truth out. This is lying in his. So fires you say I'm back I'm not miss the beach full steam ahead Austin ahead David sure all right here are my friends here at the manager Everett talking. About what happened. Why smelled the smoke. Most kind of worried about the diapers and his fans were on fire he is putting up the phone and I asked ms. yourself and he said yeah I and I said what kind of soft on incidents LG. Yeah certainly makes you think about you know where I'm gonna keep my phone in the future when it's capable of you know I don't there that doubt in the near some McDermott. Yeah I think he's basically saying is I'm not keep my phone by my crotch and more known anymore. I yesterday's understands very happy they're finally playing at home for their home opener and diagnosis could. The MLS cup last year while they won with a 31 victory over the New York Red Bulls sauce that's always a good way to start things off at home possibly graduation at Red Bulls on the day loss. I'll bring was using games for a person I was a good thing for the sound is right there exciting news for us Seahawks fans and less offensive Luke Wilson did sign. With the Seahawks again so he's back and if you can probably be a little bit out of the mid guy and I I don't know what's going on NASA yet when your deals from what I heard out he might become a by tomorrow I talked to him over the weekend in the it's gonna try to buy tomorrow. Five on the show but he did posted things on Twitter just a case anyone didn't get it. I'm act. I'm also even bigger news committing myself to grind my hair back. All of how about this and we should all of our parents out there. You're not out of the league and now we're got to be a really weird but still it's time to decide pretty cool. Did you hear that Eddie lacy is now a Seahawks. Yes. I actually didn't hear that one year deals on my incentives involved and and as well but that ascended now there's rumors that I Marshawn Lynch once on retire and play with the Oakland Raiders scissors and lots of weird stuff going on obviously there's a lot of off. I'll hurdles to jump in order for that to happen whether it be the team releasing him or trading him to the raiders in exchange for maybe some draft picks I don't know what's gonna be kind of cool to us come out of retirement Guinness draft picks I'll have problem that they a pro we know Hindus might just be like you know. Just continuing to just wish people around Indian and in stir the pot because legacy posts like us Spotify playlist or something and one of the songs is called Oakland Raiders. It's some people are really as bad as well who knows. Todd does the Huskies they drop thereof coach in the world of basketball beat the Huskies out so most rumors on your coach and they were quick to. Filling that spot they hired longtime Syracuse assistant Mike Hopkins high yesterday that's a big deal because you're supposed to replace. Boeheim when you tired but. Then word came out sample I'm gonna continue to coach and I think he got to the point where is that I'm sick of waiting for this guy to me behind behind our guys Boeheim I'm very behind bars at D'Amato tomato they'll thank you Jim daytime and yeah obviously that doesn't mean she's in the casket suspended him. But hey we'll see what happens Mike Hopkins but he's taken over she's very excited to unique place in the workplace university and exciting basketball history and unbelievable fan support. Definitely I know it's been a rough go recently for a market still big shoes to fill on the well loved in this community. Guarantee anybody was happy to see him go but. Most people understood why he acted out. And the things in the world and NCAA basketball obviously. And life and it's going to re going to basic you know that March Madness is going on it really neat because there won't know any about their brackets a couple of numbers to see one of getting upset. Duke was the big blow losing to the gamecocks of South Carolina apartments. That's right there's a lot of Bob Brewster and I criticized the move to post editor in fact and there's a lot of hats and shirts with the Brewster on it I. Offense that's a that's gonna fight in Louisville they lost to off. Michigan. It's ours here in the north was a Christian value number one ranked team they're playing West Virginia on Wednesday as part of the sweet sixteen but the one that I think it's the funniest. Over the weekend is out which is our state lost. And the head coach his wife. Got out of hand during the game to deploy what they had to ask her to leave she was drunk. I have god I I think he's from rather interesting because I guess the person who's Gregg Marshall and according to one person I was there are reported as they try to kick out Gregg marshall's wife. Security says it since is the head coach's wife we have to be delicate. But they also say that she's the strongest individual act the game saying I guess you screaming c'mon let's. After some ass off all except what I left the same stuff. And utterly out of coach wants his life and probably. Act at the gala his wife sales got things that it had been the video was posted a currencies like banging and they just like Baghdad the seahawk game with a long hair in the front row and it's always banging the wall oh yeah and I he'll sober she did not. And apparently like somebody posted that video and then like NCAA officials read that reporters to delete that tweet right now old and so we didn't delete the sweep of the head coach's wife being drunk in the crowd really she's funny thing you can do that enough yeah but the reporter even Tweety said. I hope they know as soon as I leave there. Building I'm re posting that video yeah I could legitimately today if that's your point of facets Konami he was trying to SMS obstacles she's definitely was as far as whether 56 degrees in class. (%expletive) (%expletive) (%expletive) (%expletive) battle of the wide for the hundreds and other making their their loved one look bad yeah you know and it does happen now and in the world the sports somebody's wife says does do whatever and next thing you know. Yet it doesn't delete tweets yeah. That's classic. Manages just hammered. Smooth. That's the life admit and you know he got me out you know he had a what I heard her throughout began because she's certain clothes I would they sell. I mean do you eyed view they weren't players hate. Hey boss. Yeah could tell you what to shut the (%expletive) you know each hit he's he's a deciding who's visiting and you know many drama play unit that you take the ball inbounds and your throat and my wife baby you'll knock around general OK because she's she's got to control our hugest an errant passes on your shirt coach yes jury I just need an errant pass the consumer she says she's gonna have some mess up if we let you go on this talking to Damascus you know you had a T shirt cannon. You sure winners herself who I pull off yeah we call. And I can't imagine what you say day it was something I should floats he buyers of maybe eight knows he'll be quiet. And stop men and you've really been on on the national TV the gala those security like we have to handle this delicately that's the coach's wife yet. That's not a good seeing what kind of a job is that your security I go what was the any all of the coaches were right I I got to beat that no matter what are bad guys yet not a Dag. You know I have you know he heard that a couple times. Yeah I'm a man and how it actually does not quite. I had about woman you Nazi cells like those related party with coach dockers with one texture says. Who he concluded complex. After a shocker is like his Joan that tells a lot about that team Bennett yes in the may she probably left. That was your yelling at talent maybe that was most only maybe that's what was happening maybe some Elisa test period that's bad. Both of those things as the reported I was the one that was sort of delete the two mr. Franklin from the Kentucky Sports Radio. Aren't true mentored connect props thank you very thank you for being the true reporter we needed to be I just love how he's out not to said yeah I'm deleting it and as soon as they get away from you sons of bitches I read postings don't go right back up but he. This this is goal this is my job right here. All right I hate Friday Steve not the figure this one out geometric shapes Ortiz blacks are today's traditional soccer ball. All our pentagon sounds. Pentagon's total. I'm. Public gun we really prepared to Graham very close them. I realize that if you ask the mess up Colin now that her shot at beating Steve 206421. Rock rock is 7625. Played beat Riggs is 647. On the Iraq. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. What's the difference between the filing for bankruptcy and credit counseling. And counseling music there's a usual processor in some circumstances. 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