BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-20-17-8A: A soccer player was being interviewed and thanked both his wife and girlfriend.

Monday, March 20th

A new study says that men need alcohol to have fun when they hang out but woman do not. Facebook Drama. “Millennials”.


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Whereas soccer player that was an interview. The other night. After big match. And he decided you know what he won I think both his wife and his girlfriend he was that grateful for how things went imagine controlled. His name is Mohammed. And they were interviewed me as well he won man of the match one the big award which is like the MVP and he was grateful. And I can see them. My wife and my children every hello yeah. And go home that night yeah. My wife and my girlfriend. And what's. And do you think you're that mean he could've been just an honest mistake like a term at to get married I don't refer to my way as my girlfriend and then that's correct myself either that or do you think you like legit. The way it sounded was like it city say girlfriend first NE yeah I think he said my wife and yeah you're right he did well. And I love my you know so he's got DA's god better say the girlfriends you repossessed. Faults wait I shouldn't anger when I just thank my wife or should everything and anybody like this odd to him. This so sorry my wife I love you so much from my heart. Yeah I do I really this is the girlfriends crazy honey you have to understand and I love her from my Dong. That's the point. Different different parts of may love different people honey that's a sell out of a complicated guy now those is that that would be great if Mike. If there's like a truth serum given to like Academy Award winners who you know maybe you might man if you don't imagine a lot of those guys and girls. Might not necessarily be doing all the right things are you think. When it be awesome to hear like they're truthful thank you like that the bank. The girl that did something to me read Freud came here yes that girl she trying to calm my nerves. I was really nervous oil tanker. The stripper from last Friday I think the director forgive me his role. Here's what I had to do if that the casting couch that I was on is who she was so she was pretty demanding but I needed to get that role slows that I did. All right guys gonna have a rough night even if he didn't mean any harm by it meant that the girlfriend not a real thing yeah that's amid tough sell to resolve what is your act as if it is it is always just a nervous mistaken he really does never girlfriend yeah June would you believe them I don't know I believe them. I mean could images who's so caught up in the moment. I would believe them really what about his girlfriend have honey I know I make you. Really guide now. That's sites that does suck can be actually is truly discuss these got the wife and that's it. Or me and she stats can be of I would and I'll be so on they should reporter should have followed him home and now we have talked to his wife. And he's not here she's thirty tacklers on the left she's a she's got somebody you like to thank the media the pool boy lay the Gardiner. You know yeah whatever else going on her world Steve has got a lot of people think duke. So. Steve I know you don't like to be touched which is why don't like to get massages I couldn't continue to do that you're in our hotel room boosting and why there is it a little milk where they had like two ladies give him massages and all year and it's awesome to get a massage in Hawaii to the ocean Rory outside bright up on the beach you don't you didn't do the pound nine you have to be touched a faggot to sit there and drink. I mean that's fine. That's my idea of what can solve a case you should drink only millones that I don't touch me this is a surgeon beverages yeah I figure out. Well how about this maybe it's the human touch maybe that's the problem I think I have a solution. Involves a decides that is not involving human being touching you know as a dog. No I'll tell us is serious stuff all serious my dad does is sit this a serious conversations the although this Steve would you let someone wrapped up python around your neck for massage about that. Actually not tell you is that I did say it and not really touchy because they got a but it actually is how they kill you. But like this grieving the life out of yeah why not if they're losing not a pitcher. Aimed at the size python's are apparently and ended up enough in Atlanta proper type of I don't know happy ending that's what they're doing all I don't know about them is now see I have no idea that's happening Steve. Axis of a man snake around snake via Diego python around the pipe. This is salon in Germany and their offering clients neck massages. I was and known about this because though I know I there was there was some folks from Germany. That at that at the seminars that I wanted to ask about the python massage see them anywhere anyone got a how would you do it. Yeah I would you shot is long as I know there's a way to get this thing off me the went nuts. Yeah I don't know numb and I was makes you know like how that works that I do would you do you guys what happens if he decides he's gonna squeeze the life I mean is there anyway you figure this out right B how strong you guys. They're at what point do Ben and make a safety word like okay this is not a massage anymore now I'm being choked I think if you don't aren't bigots are gonna say Stewart. Apparently they literally raping a four foot python around your neck and as it sluggers in crawls around all the muscles in its body massage your neck. And according to the owner of the salon people love these snake massages and yeah there's a ton of demand for them honest we missed spots. And only cost forty bucks for about a half hour which is reasonable sound horrible as insurance cover that fact. To question. Who are wondering because you know usually you just know around your neck there's only so much they can do but if you can get like. You know them better than them all the muscles of the snake he you know one time. He had Cisco Friedman go on for awhile Canaccord Adams doing a quick Google search and beat reptiles therapy. How I had to name Hollywood's a really decides it wants is squeezing clamp on a holiday and get it off yet once it's because that's like a python right I have to match. Today I did think whoever's doing this knows how to handle the stakes were better memory to you and I let a big reduce screaming. And not know what to properly doing case that happens I would imagine there's some. You know rewrites and otherwise I think this this this is what the stock quickly as somebody tells the usual us make on your neck. Yeah I've been ever held a couple of snakes in my days that I feel like you know. My neck not a big deal. I don't know I could do it. Why do humans uh huh you do a snake but that sounds very interesting that added that the movement and I would I would be kind of a cool sensation of feel the movement of a snake on your body. Osi no you wouldn't mind trying to. For signs. Oh for sign silica is scaled a kind of freaking you out maybe in public cloth over it or something no I don't I touched a snack okay let's say something. You saw a Katy Perry's son and I liked that I did that touch your fair share type terms that's right brother fit but the and criticism of the massage from a nun and an old organ. Yeah. This thick parts Africa Mena if the choking part. Dahlia I don't know that. Again I don't know you know well David Karina and no no no don't be awkward as it would reduce the earlier of course but the senate how they handle that both London mice make it a little too happy and you know that you decide yeah you pay this is just this is perfect. Ten more seconds. And a. Well I I would give it a try. If they get showing how they get the snake off like Heidi get them off if he goes crazy numbers are slightly humorous at large enough to swallow you. But that the eating part it's the choke him part that's right I just thought that that was part of what might happen mediums ignorant and there's very good chance that I don't know why don't they squeeze a life body of them each yeah I don't know and I and I don't know either. Maybe maybe maybe. Because of the python wrapped around you forty -- you I just don't know if I necessarily gonna put myself in the position where the X-Factor is an animal that we don't know if it necessarily understands our commands the other putter in my case stops snake. The you're not missed that that hurts. And I don't know maybe you'll find part of me tasty. That's the other thing you know I mean is that these all meet any sodomy and I don't wanna meet any of me. Seasonal weird episode of fear factor and does TI LA Cho wrote is gonna be on them Milan get emphasize only that. I don't doubt the cockroach is no room. Got a city at the University of Pittsburgh found that men who is. Neither alcohol. To have a good time while hanging out. Women. Do not. Surprising to me. Because Tom I don't know I just I I feel like. I I feel like that's always tell you know I try to buy a woman a drink a lot of times. Maybe it's the sex thing maybe maybe some women need alcohol to see little bit less inhibited I don't I that I. Didn't realize we may need alcohol to stay hang people I think and ask your daughter but I think she's the opposite of the story I think that's all she does get drunk and have fun yes your point. Here's the main reason they're saying men are too embarrassed to show emotions. Even happiness. We're too embarrassed to show that were happy. It's because you're afraid that your body's gonna get I know mr. happy cancer so yeah I mean I they give me fun because her and a good mood. That's a good question. ID add I don't know unless maybe because the struggle of life you know you can commiserate and server Leila who each other are absolutely go to the struggle and you see somebody happy maybe yearly alight. That's really fascinating to me that this is an interesting study I never would have picked that. Apparently no one's dues have been regularly smile more of their less inhibited well ego the Indian emissions. And they have a better time and feel closer to their friends. Women don't need alcohol to show emotions so they can have fun and bond without it. But if you talk about inhibitions. I mean I don't know if it's a gender thing or just a learned thing in this country but you know men having sex. Is that never reconsidered the thing that's a negative reflection on meant. Yeah so therefore you don't have to be inhibited about a plus I don't know we've got that sex strategists as you know we're ready to go anytime. Whereas I may be for some women. That's where their inhibitions commit to play when it comes section you know just sex as opposed just hanging out. I don't restrict the sex right in June 3 is not being happy and I think what about sex. Talk to about sex. Access to what are always more social and assigned day they seem to bring people together they surely seem happier than most laws most dudes I know yeah you always see woman smiling quicker than a guy I guess on average. I I don't know friends sailing the alcohol have a good time. I know Steve sometimes a CNN as they go you know I've maybe judge rate would be helpful but I get real on orange. Analysts note and how much you Vicki do you need a drink have a good time. Yeah I think so just because and I actually get panic shy sometimes in group situations I don't know anybody so wondering kind of relaxes me. Or three such as. Hi my point that that he's telling you dude yep. I thought Mike but I go to a bar until I thought I won't be drinking and I have a a great time because I have I I find great humor and fun in watching other people being drunk. Oh yeah so it's very entertaining to me I'm I'm I'm happy it's over watching other people get drunk. And you know media I'm yeah I do get a better move look at with a drinker joined me yeah yeah oh yeah yeah that's why we always feed you alcohol. Yeah I'm practicing and I'm pressing me nice guy though that was one of these sentiments and I think you're gonna talk about this this whole seminar I generally see a lot of Bana was a good. Oh was also. Okay that's a lot I mean a lot of cool new friends hey there was a celebrity imminently and oh yeah yeah that would mean I was. He's got a lot of good. I can't tell until that issue they've got up and I was there by now I was a celebrity. The line is so I have a celebrity would move. They want to tell people if illuminate but never a fascinating subdue might be listening right no but they I was the big celebrity what do you want and not the basal arrival with the bases are tonight trying to dig out the path and asking who I'm usually if you ask anybody ever at its. I was the big celebrity there. Where are that was how I got to the joke yeah. It was a jokes and send to a chocolate visibly slimmer than it was me me you know you're always so you really you refuse to believe that was definitely you could think you there was a celebrity there I may to do it was just us regular people alt tag and meet the celebrity are you celebrities out there yeah you get the celebrity deal I get that your normal wing. Just got the celebrity deal if I paid I got to go at big celebrity to hope stood like a bite it was a good therapy thing right. It was say blood is if anybody knows this person Byron Katie I should as a cause of a therapist is that therapy she just has this way of navigating life that seems to really work for a lot of peoples and and my therapist. Who's done this herself so hey OK you know what may be a big decision does that I was looking EI elect I get away for a week or two. I wanted to try to lose a little way I just wanted to get away I had done in a long time where I just was just me get away and I look nice you seminars 1015 years and I have Abdullah now. So my service and yet try this so I read one of Byron K he's book says that all this is kind of cool she's. She seems I get down to earth person she's not about Wu spirituality she's a device like you know what kind of was crazy back in the day after it got away not to be so crazy maybe this'll work for you. Puck and then and calling it does. Yeah up IIIII. It was really really quite helpful to me it really helped my brain figure out how to navigate in the world sometimes word doesn't do such a good job so was it like come I know you can't hear too much pitcher too much is that there there was a celebrity or celebrity was resume now that this Paula. Was it like mostly like a lecture type of a thing I was like broken off into groups there was it was a variety. A variety of everything you know sometimes she would speak sometimes she would have a sit down and days of just watching someone talk would get I don't know how are you know we did we value of the united very taxing it we were outside we were outside we were inside the weather might gorgeous against like playing drums yeah herald mail life. Okay. Hand it. Yeah we got to see a lot of cool stuff I again. They ask at the place is to to not tell anybody what's up because if anybody wants to do it it's really nice theater experience and not have anybody tell you what you might be seeing. And I agree because I went in I had no idea what I was an experience. And I'm glad that nobody told me. What was soft somebody at one point did try to tell me one thing. And I'm glad that you know that they didn't tell me a whole lot because it's nice to just walk inning go OK what's tomorrow gonna bring in what's tomorrow gonna bring. And they do rare nowadays everyone wants to know everything had to tie guy no spoilers yeah yeah and and it's funny forgot who we spoils things for May what do you tiger in the celebrity over there and celebrity as I Ellis I can't help but if people are clamoring to you know hang element that's cool down by around while it went well it was it was it was also just beautiful the weather was amazing to California it was an Ohio California which is in his belly. It's on north of LA. And I was on a big golf course. Was so the grounds were amazing and just not a nature and lot of trails you go walking around in and I do a lot of walking every day a. Somewhere to accept it gives why enemy yet but I also saw no way I was so happy. There's else that I gained ten pounds I know for a fact I lost weight dude I gonna skill. And it says it lost ten pounds and I went to put eight you know I was eating good because the food was really good really help the wife would a liked it because. They had hardly any needed all they were all about hey we're gonna featured good and so fish was about all they have and everything else was released Egan and vegetarian and gluten free trial so I I found myself losing weight. Then but I get on the skillet I might is also my mom even to this is great. And I can't wait until about Iraqi at thirty to add that you know what did that the way I'm on meet the waves plus beating death and I get home in the my skill goes god do they are lying to you. If you lose ten pounds. I lost weight but I didn't lose as much as I thought I'd yes I mean is don't glad I lost some weight put it because that was one of the reasons I wanted to get away. But you know it was it was fun it would be great yeah I wish I could say more but I can't but it was really awesome. You know I now respect that they their wishes of the of the place I went to they say don't tell anybody anything. You know plus you know that way and no one can feel like if they did stuff that day and was gonna yap and flap about it. I get that yeah makes sense well about men a lot of cool people and about while atop an appeal for other countries man. Was really just like it was is so international was amazing and they Dave's been heard about her and flew all the way here for Dallas she's kind of a big deals have been doing it's like almost thirty years she's been on Oprah and everything so I mean. I am I'm kind of late but virus that episode you have you know for RY town after that I can kind of late to the Byron Katie party but. And doing just tell you this about this Byron Katie person she really practices what she preaches she's got a she just loves life. Like it doesn't matter what happens she loves life and always finds a silver lining. Days amid bad days before this big thing. She apparently had a horrible fall and and had to bread damaged both her knees and her foot now you know me I have a cold I don't show up spider bites you the ethic and we are not I think we've. She shows up and does this she's an aggressive moves. And she's I mean she just basically wrecked her legs Blake just right before this thing was supposed to happen. She shows up no problem. On young men and authors of financial implications and if you didn't show up that'd be could be you know I mean they I think they still could've done something and yet because she has he shows a lot of folks to help us got a great team. I think she could I would have been reasonable to go Taylor you know like that the poor lady just fell down and hurt herself and you notes and she's you know she's in her seventies then. I was like OK I don't know what she's on out of this work that she's going. But for the entire time she was fantastic you know me I get a hang nail yeah don't talk them yeah I'm not a big baby about it. That was the most impressive thing for the entire seminar was this'll older woman who felt counts of would have arrived Dorsey. Read rector self and still there to about oh let's do this gun is like why. A pimp okay lady I mean I'm umpire and whatever yourself on because I hell you're so happy I don't know. I saved an old man's life laws and Hawaii whose signal is like yeah fine and doing that coal is speaking of all people falling news older like eighty ish would you. He's on the ground as relaxed enough Parlow like area to sit and just to soak in the sun right by late where our hotel was in the red BOR hotel lines in the beat starts. And just on the ground look at this guy who think waving. I thought he was waving to somebody else. I'm Mike hopefully ideally matched. You're counting seashells or something like that how we don't really I had an excuse wavering now my. The hell was he waiting to my wife think I think he may need help might well. It's time to be a hero sir go program pick among. It just. Was will Greece. You can lead and couldn't really he can try and offer me money. While so you pick a number put more air. On the beach you should I think they know what you wanna go goes on and on to beat had been living here for forty years only okay well I'd like carrying him. Down these steps. And just pick them up and think Brian IC IA carried down the steps and Mike are you good use yet I'm going in the intake or the doctor. So scrape by his arm might hit the arm and a water and you'll be fine follow literal and you'll. I don't know on doctor this is solid the greatest life savings to remember he walked off. Which may switch amazing amazing grace his pocket they tell you your money. And then it was awesome it was I needed a hundred dollars. Yeah I'm running and they get out and taken into why did take the money you're trying to pick helicopter Georgia could have used the cash it's good point in Hawaii is very expensive it is I just felt weird I was gonna take money I don't know weird visual and once he's being carried as men on the steps. The and then he hands me money that I look how weird sex act was that and that's I think that's an urban dictionary so yeah I lean on them out although I was curious how much you think you gonna offer me. I wonder on that would have been good to find out that is the most bizarre life saving my life sirens in his life I mean you've picked him up. Drag him on the beach like a beached whale and do you think he wanted to die on the beach I'm usually die he just foul he can stand up news old back I'll I can't get up now. And the commercial says I just hope they'll get ugly could drag on the beach where you've thrown a deeper into quick and in my opinion he's their romantic actually. Yeah I think you just plopped on the beach she's not really give up again and then what happens if you want. You all teachers can stand I don't know what that was going on these old I don't know how old people are I don't know about this story. Or are supposed to do I go to snows to check your story and I think it is true as my life. She saw your life might be in on this or what what I know him just create a fake story about an old man on the ground. Meego. 700. I got that it was weird dynamic I was like that's very bizarre I agree. But yeah you see since valley couldn't stand back up so light and dynamite would you wanna go goes on to each. I called you and you carry him on the beach we'll look just like three stats. But I had a carry and confusing. Yeah weird at first and my arm while Hispanic carrier like in the play we just got married. I'll see you carry him like over the threshold. That is bizarre car. Well. Is we should do I thought to say it but there's still very. Kerry has got like a baby a couple of stems the drop on the beach. Drop a Mike just gently let him stand up on his own and then said farewell old man. And he said farewell young so you think that's his fetish you just sort of pretend to be injured and so ball Geisel Kerry among the deal is put and yes great arm. My specific to pictures they believe me I just it's a very biz and then his walks away it's so weird woman gonna follow him limp back to where I went. You want one we have went back up the steps and went back to my it's my wife what's the finest in the bizarre. Now everything is cool story resists d.s trying to report fake news Mildred Steve got conned by an old man when I get guiding. Are you sure did you lose and they didn't take any idea pockets on the over my heart out there and a single man. Well you know let's the only human to human embryos these sentencing and how much money when he gave me. That's only ten bucks worth giving ten that's just the tanner maybe twentieth the most that's audio and I was 128. The intense when they give you prepare those weird that. Shouldn't we just do nice gesture for people but they fall down like why why money had to get involved in that well that's a very good question but he you know that's neither does not that's a way for someone to say thank you because maybe he feels like I am about going into solid point you know and and some would argue that if you don't receive his money then you're not actually doing him the favoring complete the circle. So he still owes a debt T. My serve us as a circle of giving and receiving hello a lot of times the receiving is that is giving. And some people's minds. I've nudged me a critical tool I took its money well is it turns out maybe now. You know what the poor guy is like I had a fall gone against like get some easy cash and business you've got a growth and an even now. Oh yeah you look up bad ish thing like you just want to be baby via yeah up. There are guys that Wear diapers a younger man yeah but I do you go back to coli he's followed right there. Some other guys come on now go pick them up on me. Mittal and his vision in his pocket he wasn't trying to get money may be was think there's always there's everybody's packing you guys gonna go. I guess some for his sailor the massage your neck with this. I I got questioned nice thing I know you did a nice thing and I made it into no man's life it is me. It could be dead right now wasn't for me that's a good point and a lot of that the model allows Olympic nobody he'd be there right now. Still on the ground offensive followed merely get out but we will talk about now. Imprisonment here's a millionaire is gonna give you a million dollars to use them now do I know amiss Soriano until it goes to say yes never know. Yeah I do commit crazy eccentric guy and that's what he does I gotta keep check in the nuisance if anyone inquiries been awarded a million dollars for helping an old man now. That's gonna venue because of it. What happens when someone goes on social media to complain about colonials you know what happens another edition of FaceBook trolley. Here it's winning on the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. I know point nine KI SW the rock of Seattle the Seattle rob Ramos happening it is on now. Both for your favorite Seattle area bands and artists they go head to head to see movies the Seattle rock rumble champions. Looking at today's round it's a big around because everything's named after mountains here in the northwest pretty damn cool like that it's not seen calendar around that Adams and then the rain here. This is the speaker today to depict Nirvana or sky cries Mary I think that when we might know who might win that you know what they're great fans can a box for Seven Year Bitch. Adverse Koppen breaks any be realistic vs Brad and Seattle rock rumble wheat rice and this one up for today serve makes a lot as well screaming trees. Good stuff. Not only will you be able to vote for your favorite bands he'll come out on top of the telephone which also the interview with a trip to see Carolina rebellion. Between sound garden event seven pulled in more courtesy of Warner Bros. in Columbia records. And that's a nice that's a hell of a deal. Which he sounds are because of the Seattle rock crumble up that you're more info you wanna vote you know where to go KI SW dot com. Laura good. And these pajamas Reggie my heritage distilling companies brown sugar Bergen and BJ once again here's our opportunity to point out the dumb people that are on FaceBook. Is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds and yep we're gonna acted out we have changed names to take innocent. And the stupid in this time around playing the role the original poster. We're giving into the red red you'll be stance we are BJ he'll play the role of Nancy all right then I'll be truth. It's true and I. And Vicki you'll be Cher Shelley. Quote or sorry yeah how are Sherry Anderson hunt whatever you wanted to Jerry Kelly all right sir ram you are standing original poster so please take it away. She should all ideals. Its job that Brodeur appeared Jeremiah bonds did start treatment older humans summer is bad. Dollar Ronan as minorities. He's being low heels had to do in being blown. It's yours is what's it's the human race. Car. Am not out there and it jab at. Do break. During my point that boy you'll hurt big board get a bunch of over sensitive that's clowns whose political correct isn't news story and a merger are. Don't the only thing about millennium is not like in their bodies are much tighter and younger than us and the Generation X. Ara. Hash tag deploying our our. And rest drag you get radio guy who dealey made things about sex it's Saturday and hired me. Shelley all you do is post boom picks I'm sure you want bandages look at your eyes when you post such stealth pass tag one adds. I can't believe little bigger story I've done it as opposed. A girl has every don't don't pick our hopes and I'm ashamed. It meant to post to their chest so showed women staggered and. Except it clean it is emphatic end hot LA that's Brad that is now Kyle Bennett is it's not being West Bank. So based on that statement Jolie did you post pics of your boobs you must be this dank then stagnant URE Skaggs. Sure it just proves how all right I have huge young people are too soft. It didn't happen out before we end up becoming as quietly as that goes and maybe iron. He's got to make the yeah we've established that he's not a bigot at all and I think that stand is the man. Are low what I love that is that. You know Shelly never she never denied that she put it picks her boobs up. And and then Nancy hatter back and then Shelly call people who put pictures of the moves up ranks. Even though Shelley was the one assumes defending because Shelley put pictures of removes and I'm very confused. And again that we haven't seen any pictures of Shelly so it didn't capitalists is proof vest right activists. As I am want to know do they diesel feminist argument going on Twitter right now it's as. Junior posted an article about the key neighboring states OK and of course Washington was where it all started but there's other place Vegas and Arizona as well. And there's a local beekeeper re still about that by the name Carly Joan if you haven't seen Carly Jesse Kelly Jo let's just say well. Curly Joseph makes her permission be Carly what are you currently whoa right this holiday quoted in this but apparently shouldn't say and is despite. They quoted there as saying I go Leo's about empowering women. That's why we had the stands tonight. Mean it's like make it to the super feminist thing and and she's been on Twitter going I don't know why the hell they did put these words in my mouth I never said that I don't care about feminism. I just you know it's not about me time tolerable dose so that was all fake news about what she said apparently is also another. Stand in Arizona and I think that they most of interviewed that person and that those quotes from her. But attributed to curly Joseph well Carly Joe's Carly well yeah you're the pro like Carly low and hey let's let's let's have her be the poster child for these statements. So on so that was pretty funny and so you know when your post makes a huge article about you know those words are mine I don't bikini brief and being espresso and Washington that Arizona. And I think it's for this group was let. Does that it was finest she's like I'm not into feminist asks so he can take that down any time that's the Arizona owner's words not mine. It's interesting thing because there aren't that there is say viewpoint of some feminists about being able to go topless because of the fact that wire men's Nichols OK and mine are not hive but they but then again there's the other side and where I can't say -- pars are good or bad because they're covered with peace yeah I would imagine that they're great lust tastefully done yes. As soon but it's an all right quits and I conversation. Because you know breasts are ours our our son our look at sexually sometimes. But the same time there's also the freedom of being able to you know would be just like a dude I wanna be able to Wear the same clothes or not the same clothes the guy where's yeah. The two get confused because you don't wanna sexual eyes some people specialize. I so I don't know exactly where feminists did and I thought I think that most feminists are OK with topless news. Just for the fairness of at all sure but don't but then again there the bikini Brees does who are you know using top listeners in order to get better tips which I don't have a problem the other. Yeah I didn't even in the article select some might person from mom makes them a city councilman from that using Arizona stand but they went my. A multiple times in the stand are two different stand up courses zero dollar and I got some ice hard act of course got to go to see what's going ours I had the same way all the people I represent a look at a copy right. Ya de Alba discounts many try to break it isn't as if having frequent and at least one time in each of the shops just to see what the cut and customers in its subjected to. Where did we talk about three sticker strategically place and I'll leave it up everyone else's imagination as to where the stickers are placed but my job to. Nice job go wanted to check and make sure like I am glad you don't do devotion to check out only to keep Greece to stands. Yeah. Again I just honestly I don't you know I don't understand where nudity hurts anybody I just it doesn't really hurt anybody. I did and we need to figure that out and so that we can focus our. I guess legal authorities on real crimes and somebody wants to get naked and serve coffee I don't care Tennessee look like she's hurting anybody owed to all content always have a currently unable amid Carleton who always. You know let Carly won't do what she wasn't duel though a couple of Joseph what she won't still. Why they're what's her Twitter ins curly Joseph prints alliger early exuberance here and our allies EJO lets owners Obama. No this is one here in the northwest all college don't go well yeah oh yeah and it. Bikini beams espresso. Accident. Washington State. If homer of the original home of Carly blow it utility's records them looking like she posts like a bunch of like different. My Playboy's written about her the chives and broke Bible did as well in their eye line is low check out this Carly joke or insert current confident about it. Me great minds think alike Steve. That would be no nudity who does it hurt and hurt anybody. And yet we make such a big deal out of it really do so stupid. On Friday a voice Steve stumped on this one. What object I'd detect from falling down in the game curved walls. Balls. I don't know paths so you'll takes. What are good thanks Vijay is right there. I must been high that day I asked about the Crowley woke to my face. The credits are looking for was mark hopefuls that. Got a shot of beating Steve 206 point 21 Iraq rocky is 7625. Big mix we're gonna played at 848. On the rock. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorneys here's another question from a listener how long is that bankruptcy going to affect my credit ratings. Of course most of the time maritime. We're we're talking about filing a bankruptcy that credit has our he's taken a huge head coach after Simon's going to affect you more negatively than chapter thirteen. Chapter seven stays on your credit report for ten years from the time you file hate usually takes seven or eight years for your credit. Scores to get back into the normal ranges chapter seven case cover your crew will start to recover even in chapter seven after about a year. Com you'll be able to get credit again rendering usually before I guess your case is even over. I'm chapter thirteen stays on your credit report for seven years and usually takes about 33 masters for your credit to get back in the normal range of chapters thirteen. I'm looming your credit gets better and much more rapidly. Thanks travesty if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis anytime head choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.