BJ & MIGS Podcast 03-20-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Monday, March 20th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Ryan Castle question of the day. 


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I could amount go to KI SW dot com check over the Iraq earlier now Vijay congrats to Amanda Amanda Hamburg Danny Jenny packed. K like Caylee Lacey Lacey. Couple Cullen and there they can Lacey Lacey Lacey was up girls Mickey Quinn Rachel Jay and Vanessa. How about that. Very nice indeed. The bad and you can win described as very nice also to meet the rock girls party is happening Friday march 31 secular cedar creek casino. We've got more details coming soon but you we will meet these rock goes yourself up until CNET. More info you'll see it it'll be there and go check him announce hey I SW dot com. Mean. A. He made a it is time. I don't know him unless. Okay. Like Elvis first. Appreciate that old schoolmate Jimmy Dolan head in and of Steve York totally pumped up now let me just talk about the rock girls as stand up and I don't visit our occasional thumbs up and distracted Polly good thing for our contestant today we got Craig in spent away Craig are you there's certain. Yes I am excellent what is your point boarded a Steve tickets a slam fast as is happening over at the Washington State's rainy day marathon Saturday April 20 releasing their out there come on go to KI SW dot com from these towns went to got slam fest get you tickets around available right now at the fair dot com sorry Steve I. For those playing you know and Craig will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions Greg you can't pass all you want. Which you know he hit three guesses per question are you ready sir. Yes in January. 2016 billionaire James packer became engaged to which famous pop singer. Typically what color shirt does all this where for how banana chips mount. Script asks what animal has a two letter name Indy Chinese zodiac. In which decade did they watch TV you want American television isn't. Afterward talked the last but yeah asked what is the official language of Q flopped. Export it now aren't. I asked these Mario Brothers who is the brother to Mario out we did you ask what common instrument you doctors used to listen to her heartbeat. That was built asked red backed. Wolf and jumping are all types of what Iraq needed to tiger asked he sorrento is a car model by what what manufacturer. Yes you asked you have a short sleep this would have it tapped water act. Your kids to having shorts. Sleep is to have. Guess 2345678. Koran a bad performance we'll see it's gonna close it will be guy thinks he is going to be very distracted. Was all pumped up for Monday I think Iraq are also have lived there on his brain oh yeah Alan vacated there. Landed in these brain if like to think about it's just I just wanna get to know. The new members of RK I SW Franchione whose members like that wins this. You online news hour at his feet Mario or. In January 2016 billionaire James packer became engaged to which famous pop singer. Seems to act titans are accurate and Taj. Are. I got off knelt. Britney Spears knows Christina Aguilera knows exactly what color shirt that's how and where from Alvin and the channels you have ads. What's animal has a two letter names in the Chinese zodiac. Remember at this Brewster now hold top box yes a taste in which TK did baby watch keeps you want American television but it eighties he adds what is the official language of Cuba. Spanish yeah as. In Mario Brothers who is he brother Mario Luigi yet as to what common instrument to doctors use to listen to your heartbeat conclusions. Those are the stethoscope yet as red backed wolf is jumping are all types of what Iraq an addict. Spider yes he sorrento is a car bottle bios what do you get factories. Yes you have a short sleeves is to have it asked why act the act at things. And that I got. Dim its Larry Craig. Where Ike are very good game if he's there. No we come back to. Right past you know. Asks you asked if he'd been making guesses. Yeah playing the game rises past some kind numbers gala on the numbers when I was kind of surprised on that and that's why Steve you deserve to win my friend. And you both missed who became engaged to James packer the billionaire is as a Kenny Perry new rule it Arianna ground I know who. Mariah Carrey. Yes and it was a pop star get in and this year they broke. Do we try to watch set. We asked about it. At most four minutes in yours is like my wow it's so bad I gotta be so bad it's good it's so bad it's really bad. How I've searched thicket Hoover diva in just like freaks out over everything this is stupid now yes kind of as Arafat. Archos Harris. Glad that we know is the right away some remarks and etiquette point oh congratulations devalue what would not kind correct that's right may caller number nine your checking out slam fest the wash and say spring fair. Slam fest tickets are yours car 9206421. Rock rock is 7625. Well duty tomorrow at this time beat makes his wells is 6:47 twice each weekday morning and don't forget online on him and we get that for you to just go to KI SW dot com. It to be Jamie's page for that. New survey for you Steve they were asking people listen Taylor. Would you trade in your lives now to live in a virtual reality world are you just did you know gear on. So that's your world loses goggles are on our wonder about that like when I. Make people I don't really get to a point I would imagine maybe but when I saw one is like you almost like an event that's vegetative state. Or at least that they can't late there there are paraplegic or are some like that where they eat their mind is active yeah but they but nothing else is working rights. That would that be the option like hey we did this virtual reality world where maybe even I somehow working tonight that people they know and we were talking as the guys that Cuba Remo they are the folks have visited us do you remember their name I can't tell they visit Louisiana. Yeah huge and they come by BJ early escorts F. Let the virtual reality they're all different visit to ask aren't that they're they're guys that are fans of of our show as well as BJ she's key nation podcasts and they came by to the station and they brought in some virtual reality gear that was what they talked about was. The future of this could be just what you said Steve helping folks just like that. And I will tell you I did this was you know this is and I put it on you really do feel like you're in this world. And I know my buddy has this game of the latest assassin's creed where he said you can walk through every street in London they recreated London I think it is green and and ninety dollars a you can really in UK it is eighteen hundreds of London you can see everything I like that our current day well I was thinking in Amsterdam if I'm going to be mad that I. Did today virtual reality world and put beyond the red light district so right now with the current state of VR people as a 17% of people said they would change their current life in oral live in a virtual reality world is for the current state of imagine in ten years twenty years. You know VR is probably gonna look just like real life I would think even less than that I don't imagine that were not that may be just a couple years away from having it be probably right super authentic looking amendment that point I don't lose your brain is working. You can live. I'm life and go visit anywhere man as an all almost half the people said it led to visit places like Mars. Figure into the universal reality style. I guess against it from my game I was thinking go to Amsterdam yeah like religious leaders try and some people would like to go to Gotham city. Some people select shall the more door you know from Lord of the Rings go visit that town. That joint ticket toll this insists he's healthy thing and that's it really is there. Room I mean you can create an entire universe I mean you really. It's insane to think what you could do you can go more places in your life without ever having to leave your house I was thinking. It would be great to be on a treadmill I hate treadmills is on to stand look at that wall are still with. But if you could be like you're walking in your favorite. Height walking a beach and you and the treadmills is keep pace and an N and the senior he's moving by you at the same page you're walking. Don't be fantastic try to be something tripping like everything else like them might look like something like as if like you really in the middle like some weird like you know. Alice in Wonderland type of all your dad where that Jim Burton designs a place you go run around here before Christmas rush hour my walk I. 46% as one living virtual reality because impossible things are possible. I am due to one person says it's not so much exciting for VR is the super sedated 17% of people think their life is that bad. Maybe marry him and maybe I mean it's above what they can put in place in our head maker stout man where you've really feel like you're there. And that's what we're guarantee you know we get everybody some at some point like if someone is not able the use all their body parts that can be taken a hospital in just plugged in. In the virtual headset on and there are living. Some kind of a life. Guys are great episode of black mirror that addressed that very issue funny sex on to sex and that it sends a black mirror ever so that is exactly that once you die you like to become a resident of that virtual reality world or you opt out your traveler wanna do it's one of the best episodes I think they've ever done a black Marion and a it doesn't involve a pig which I think is really important I hit telling the it's a hit if it doesn't have all the pig you know I it's a good episode of black Americans on people that presents a total recall becoming true. Aside to pay quite a good. You can have are buying and our demand would you like to come with me I take your roster lots of Rio we. 33% of people said they wanna meet fictional characters I have you get to hang out with like captain Kirk. Chris definitely. Argue they have one they have when you're all on the bridge of the enterprise you raw actually you looked over with a big mess they took the cast of Star Trek and put them in virtual reality helmets so that they could all be actually. The cast was all Manning different positions on the bridge of the enterprise. So it was really fun ABC Lavar Burton hanging out what everybody else like it did on the show but they were both the actual running a ship with yours yet that would be cool. All right so early and with the smarts. For as well guarded well action. Be really have in the apps generally and Dylan them to have been bringing it to minimal much from how often does that are all that and don't forget what's your face mirth Arafat Heather you have Carly Joe's worth a crap I think we're instead we appreciate it buries his release is our men Bob wilderness -- they'll pay you blow. Our our earlier this morning we mentioned that there's a big concert announcement to make. Is this Steve this is a Bardera is cool is headed to the gorgeous but theater on Saturday June 7 season he had. The it's a Saturday. Finish the show go on sale this Friday at 10 AM to live nation dot com urology shows you know ago KI SW dot com that's weekend. Are you out. Hi Jennifer this is on the list you can get topic you guys to show 206421 rock rock is 7625. Texas 77999. Again if you missed it tour coming to the gorge June 17. And they eggs mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW. I played nine KI SW the rock of Seattle it's so listen marriage some of those proxy by overlay primary care clinics. Listeners on the loose where you pick the top if you guide to show a 206421. Rock rock is 7625. He can also Texas 77999. Minutes simple what do you want to talk about. You get to pick the topic brand new something all to do discussed yesterday day before a team a year ago ten years ago on care. Now Steve does have one rule for listeners on the loose and conserve some energy and bring it otherwise would have gone in and then say about it bottle and. It's as simple as that. Let's start off with the milkman in Centralia milk when you are on the Iraq. Hey welcome back I think surround beyond. I was watching that ID channel this week in a mirror feature in a guy that the reporter looked down in Louisiana and and at the beginning of the show they mention Israel India magic the gathering in hockey sense later you find out that. Did actually murdered for his collection. And I'm not a collector. About the first vehicle of a baseball card collection based colony here feel on that they can. Wear your collection lie in the basically at one card called the black widow or not those were like 25000. I'll be the they'll be the black Lotus yeah. For the black widow. Yeah the black Lotus 25000. Dollars worth that much yeah. You know if you if you happen to have an alpha black Lotus. You have you've do you forget about. If they're no honor among its magic beat gatherers. My view yet I mean it to kill somebody for their car I like order how much it had to be if if if he had a big enough collection had to be six figures worth of cards is to be killed over. Because I mean I had every day that that's just insane. Yeah I don't have anything like that no man I I started collecting magic the gathering probably. I think three to four additions after that particular 25000 dollar print run if you will. So I never had anything worth that much had a car a couple of cards were the hundred dollars apiece up like that I've had those but as the black Lotus this. I don't know anything about magic signed on Sunday the army group is like -- like the ultimate card like if you pulled it out while you were playing continue to dominate over everybody's who dies out wide for a that I got it down the outdated there's a thing called the power nine and magic which they basically -- they don't print anymore because it broke the game it just allowed to view it allow you to do stuff in the game quicker than anybody else have you got yours out first pretty much it was game so it's more important in my good draw for a milk yeah exactly much more important in the draw for the prospective with the games that I play exactly. A man mentally into it basically turns a -- for into you basically give them a drop ten. You know I mean it's like that it's like you just ruined the game for anybody else if you get your results first and you get to do all the stuff before they can do anything. Some of them you know were attacked and Malia is when he swell its and it was rarely stopped making it and then depending on the you know if it's a mint condition. Yeah I it's it's it's a something because they can make a lot of them in the first place and I get my hands on this card. Can I go to like a magic the gathering turned into dominate. If it's the right kind of tournament but most will know that you you can't play that card anymore because it was so powerful they banned it from almost on the format they have. I you know because this is just too powerful it's just about again yeah I caucus today easy way to win money. Yeah I know people win a lot of money magic if we get back cartons and start crush of people. Yeah I just did what it does is accelerates the game you know I appreciate the call no man's Michael Garcia sounded off saying you know I heard this over with so it's like it's like monopoly right you get you get to a at all as you go by go yeah OK so this card will let you get to its 600 dollars if you go by ago. So you know a monopoly if you get triple your money for gone by go you can buy things better than either Biden or properties so that's why that card is just crazy they realize all of his breaks the game letting somebody asked three times the amount of money you need to do things and anybody else. So that's why it was that's why it was like OK we have a sub Megan's car just nuts you can get that kind of coin for yeah. Yeah I know I know I'm with you do to my buddy told me about this game right back when those days happen I could've gone on in my store. Bought them like I'm a crazy person I buy everything and I went ahead all their money but I didn't listen to him. And I waited till about two years after he told me to start playing the game did you mean who would have ever thought. You know I love you surprised how many times I'd buy something early domino earlier doctor it's worth doubling. It is one thing I didn't do oh the one game it didn't do it was the one you gets Chileans for dot. So bombs. Be it takes it's 779 matches dude did you hear that Shaq thinks that the earth is flat WT acts. This just folks that are coming back with his flat earth are saying. I don't understand. Yeah I don't. Even AJ styles in the Demi did you realize he's he's even on board with this earth is flat thing to him I got people pestering me about you know showing videos about the moon landings were fake because here's why and get some scientist guy from he will tell you why he thinks their faith. And now we get the flatter thirst and Shaquille O'Neal they carry carry curve him I think he kind of got things going with this at first and he had never Agassi's Sunday he says he doesn't think the earth is flat but there's some things about it that makes sense. As far as the earth is flat mentality and yes Shaq is the latest got to come out and claiming you're at his flat. He talked about it I was podcast the other day. And he does sound serious and a lot of people are trying to take it that way. But that a lot of people think he might just be joke what did you make of the fiery stuff. I don't losers True Blue blue blue blue blue bird flu alert. Check what are you talking about earnings well who do you wish to manipulate the mine which read what you see you what you hear in school. First human to jones' own Columbus discovered America. But when he got here there was some oh fair skinned people were demoted or smoke another priest blessed so what does that tell you. The moment there's just so America found or some little blue left. I'd draw our phone calls for gross. And try to make it. Yeah can I do not go from Mercury are you succeed you re going olestra for Barbara everything had to look a subtle and let no way we should always build so you presume you have a child is underused. China plus we've seen and there are no we him soon and yes you had you seen it from satellite imagery of similar merger could be the doors of the drone only up on this your aggression. Performance of New York. Flag New York to Seattle had its laughter and I'm Colin off the players he had no business. Where the body comes to Seattle yeah. I don't understand this whole thing I mean dead anybody's taking a cruise they would have fall off the edge of the earth rights law I'm looking at one of these. The Flat Earth Society could I was thinking that too like Jimmy had been a day it has to be a drop off point that is heavy sigh that's what they used to think back in the old way old days but they believe that there is armed Eartha surrounded by on all sides. By an ice wall that holds the oceans backed the ice Walt what explorers have named an article. Beyond the ice was a topic of great interest in the Flat Earth Society to our knowledge no one has ever been. Far past the wall and every turn to tell tell their journey. And there's an image so there's the earth it's flat so it's a disk it's into yes a flat district court I didn't ask him around the rim like instead of like if if the earth with pizza. The crust is it now hungry. You know Christ is the deicing wall so basically it's game throws is a big ice wall that is around the entire earth. You're in John Snow is in charge of this apparently mega server is cool. Making sure that the other dead people live is live news tonight the night what weapon watcher watching everything force over there are right there because like what does that sonic the edge of the freaked him Eartha click. Turnaround turnaround don't Tony on. Yeah I and know what's come back to tell a tale red so. That would mean this ice wall has to be all the way around lately with the zeal to fall the wall or school all the way around in the zip and you don't fully irritated it's truly a our earth. And North Pole as dishonor crazy if that's really the deal. I'm real I don't know I mean I say I can't tell you that I know. I only know what I see. And I am what I see the pictures do show we have never been open space to actually see the world right guys around circle that's really catchy man yeah I don't know. Three sacks bringing up I mean I I I I I can't honestly tell you I have a clue I don't have a clue about it but that would be awesome if we were really this big disk. That was an actor's attorney pressures edit Chris that this world guy. There's a whole bunch of books based on the fact that the world is a disk on top of a turtle. Which is an anti sounds believable on top of a couple elephants are set like that he had supposedly made a whole bunch of novels called this world. That's very tragic yes he's a Seattle suit from my mistakes. Maybe I'm wrong about that but anyway. If you think Shaq believes visitors he just asked him with his career. It's so like he was sort of laugh and at the end of that podcast literally currency area I think yeah I don't know if you miss. Certainly being superstar but maybe so maybe he has now and maybe you know I mean like they see the big east has got to says that day. I don't know if it's necessarily flat but there are some things that make you think about it. So here's what I'd do if I'm the one mosques I go talk with the on mosque if on the Flat Earth Society go can you put me on your ship. Let's put this does put this to rest now right and we take you ship up there as SpaceX will go see if it's actually you know if it's if it's a globe as opposed to a flat this. Right. Until we got to do that I guess we have to do that only. I everybody that goes the space stations are all lying to us is that what they're saying everybody has been up the International Space Station and I didn't do not know realizes ignorant stuff the anti intellectual has some that's running rampant in this country is going to be the death of this nation. It is all part of the fake news cycle if you're Donald Trump your love in this. It really your love then that you you have to question everything you can't trust anybody to be truthful anymore if you're Donald Trump your love and that. It just seems so ridiculous but. It's it's crazy out more more people are coming out to talk about it one person this is what kind of we did Shaq smoking and what do I get some I think when he stops in Seattle lifer he's getting that we'd. That makes him think that the earth is flat. There's like this video of this guy who looks like he's completely sane making it doing a conference about how we never went to the moon. And he's got all these facts that seem like they are true. Neil based on how cameras work in this and that and how it can't be shadows are in the wrong place and he's saying the moon landing never happened. And he completely he doesn't look like a whack job be completely sounds like he knows he's talking about I sit there and I think. I got and I've never been almost don't know we've never gone again and that's what happens I think confidence is trumping. Intelligence and I think you're behind me like it it's it's it's so I can say something with complete confidence in and make it seem like what they're now paying. Is the word. It's it may it be starts creating doubt in side of somebody's hat like while I haven't been up in the mood so I don't know but I'd like Wikipedia as I trust that I know why I mean I don't trust them anymore nicely on the Internet misses that. So are you becoming a flatter there. I'm I don't I don't know I think I don't know what I'd I don't even know where I am I don't know if it's the I don't know what a flat earth around earth I think that it is a writer I don't know what the Evans probably you guys stop giving credibility to the flatter Arthurs. But she is saying is they should yeah OK your travels he goes from one of the country to the next us. And then it I might add them actually in enough odd that the earth was what I was I was menu. All I wouldn't give any credit for the super rich and expire history do some research. OK here we flatter it is true do some research no we're not gonna do your research sir we don't care. In all I know is that when I'm I don't care if it's flat every round I really don't care doesn't change my day. It really doesn't. Numbers and Bugs Bunny through the world is round along time ago despite throwing a baseball all right in there is our only theirs are theirs are facts forgot all about that. 20642 Iraq Brock is 7625. Texas is 77999. It's a listeners on the loose you picked a topic you guide to show you cause you're taxed at 933. On the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. AI SW the rock of Seattle the listeners on the loose and you pick that topic you guys they show. 206 fortune one rock. Rocky is 7625. You can also Texas 77999. Speeds. It's not crazy Sherry but it's close it's Jerry. Jerry trash O line he asked. Jobs convincing other whack jobs that they're crazy. Statements are the word of god. Very pretty. That your vacation the last couple weeks one of the segment. Of Scientologist was quoted as saying that it's there. Are what the cheers were murdered Scientologist for protection. Now there's Catholics protected only the whole. When the Pope will choose so more children the only difference would be the crime. Yes it's a crime if you protect anybody from mines it would be. Aiding and abetting right idea that I yup well well. Well right through colleges would only protect their top guy against the accusation. All right Catholic ever known to affect tree. Who are much lower balance of more serious crime. I'm big ditch situation at the Scientology's protection. Is crazy saw therefore Catholic sauces wage carrier. Arab and yeah at times I wonder about both his whole I did you find that Gerri appreciate because they do find that. In a lot of a lot of the human world where higher ups and anything businesses. Organizations of any kind of there especially as we go back and look at history people were getting protected who did some horrible horrible things not just religiously. There are corporations better you know people had money to buy themselves out of trouble. Yeah and they didn't do it in their head and Ike Willis look bad on us as a whole so we need to protect him and end in high debt we were inside back in the day when an app. Athletes we used act like idiots that do but. They used to be the reporter's job to high back and at some point and I'd be interested to know when that change happen but at some point they changed it happened when now it's the TMC world where it's like. Reporters are going out of their way to try to make everybody look bad. Yes sometimes try to dig up some but not necessarily as true but they just do that. I feel like you know Steve though the thing that really stands up for me is Gary Hart the other presidential candidate that. I was college you're gonna vote that was his wife. It is funny now but yeah back on it like this seems like yes not good obviously but like at the time people lose their minds about I think nowadays you write blue room. That was the first scandalous thing I remember where you're like wow I can't believe this guy reported then in reality and and go home. Now everybody is so many different stories and of course Penn State you know Joseph Paterno and all that stuff in the same dusty situation a good example that definitely is where I was only you know that's it. People had a lot to lose. And that's why they cover stuff up which is a human condition I mean it's gonna happen people wanna protect their kids people wanna protect their business is. And I think it's unfair to target just won that set of people over that I think it's a human problem. I think right now there's still such a fascination with the Scientology's. World because we don't know much about it because it's so secretive so whenever you get any kind of information about Scientology's. That's. We didn't know about make all that Leah remedy stuff I think it's fascinating guys it's like okay well there's someone who was knee deep in that world. And you obviously they don't believe David Bruno what they can make it seem like she's in the wrong for what she sang but you know you gotta take everything she says. And kind of be like on. It is it true is not I don't know but like. She was there she was she experience is part of it now and a and and of course if you're the Tom cruises of the world losses say you're getting benefit from this community you don't want to community due to broken up or to be disparaged in the way. And you might put blinders on and we know that has happened in the world. Knew if you know if if in fact you know Tom you know loses is like no it doesn't stuff is gone where I'm currently finds Tom think the world is flat or round as a very good question or part. That almost is the biggest question of the day but Steve we do have a bigger question. What do Ryan castle. And monopoly haven't come and updated 948. On the Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock and 99.9 KI SW. And gain yards. Derian castle and monopoly have in common a broken up some families over the years. And through some relationship as. Yeah there's definitely room no one in my college friendships flipped over tables when is it because when Specter says and I were tied to Rwanda would tables let him. Both only have one shoe was just accidentally. I had and vote for me in tears after a night playing with tiger I came home from the court which ones you want some things. That's a good show great show but it's a little beat you collective soul remember it was cancer like well same difference I. Both those but what death. Both those bills will have had to lose this year to Hariri created actual I don't care yes let's do it let's lose our shoes that role of bringing extra. Iced tea monopolies and osu game pieces that they're kicking up in the new wants to put men and yet we lose the symbol the wheel Barrow the boot. Coming in. A T Rex a rubber ducky and a penguin Vega not enough has been. No she's a moment now to answer it. They check out Steve's blog to god the pride in my son majorities blog and Ryan castle check out his blog blog I Q plus plus plus. Tonight's thought I was gonna slowly back that dynamic. In case. Music on that filter and all the chicks like the current with the dog with a neighbor big Tony good. That is disturbing and I author. Wow wow that felt it basically means something doesn't look like. And he uses that Phil and I don't know I've presented today I learned something about him on the I don't know do farm and got that little now. And made some mornings on the rock. I'm point nine KI SW. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney keys here right now and has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. How much as bankruptcy cost twelve million vigorously constant course vary depending what kind of your occasional finally. There's a certain amount of ground. Court costs and other out of pocket costs and you're going to have in any case. I think it shows the filing fees and a bankruptcy case are you are about 300 dollars whether you file chapter seven Jokester he. I don't wanna read things to watch out for when you're shopping for bankruptcy attorneys are looking. As possible options. Is that a lot of times especially the really cheap. Places don't value upfront about all of course costs and what amounts of children out of pain in addition to the attorney fees. So make sure that you get their full pitcher when you're talking. Current prices for bankruptcy lawyers on what the attorney fees are how much of course costs are going to be so that you can really make your. Kirsten thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time at choose the right chapter dot com.