BJ & MIGS Podcast 04-20-17-9A: Listeners on the loose.

Thursday, April 20th

Beat Migs. Listeners on the loose. Facebook Drama “Man Pleaser”. A man stole three rolls of toilet paper from a womans house.


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Corn stone sour face you know at all the pretty reckless posse that's your lineup lots more fans to. And you got your tickets at KI SW dot complex can hang Alice DJ am makes and the rest of the game from our show das aren't going to be there. A limited number of tickets available. To see Sarah. There are regulars dumb and they'll be drinking the wonder twins via. Activate. Your first fears included with a ticket so come home. But do remember man limited never tickets available as well T shirts we have a special Vijay and makes pain and pressure were given all the folks join us. At our our big party for our little party at the big joint. You're more info about all these ticket packages. And the auto pain just go to K I SW dot com. Okay. Am so lean marrying. Any time you turn around role. And that is I. Am Friday. Course it is very sad for many people out there a wise that look at the sport money. Suddenly force won't do it all part are we weak ticket at that that's. The fact that a but our let's get to our contestant we got Jeff in Q while Jeff are you there sir. And her career excellent with a blank for today's Steve ninety minutes of feared take it that's happening at the evergreen speedway on Saturday April 29 go to KI SW dot com for more details there's going get tickets for ninety minutes of fear get your tickets now through. For those playing and don't jets will have sixty seconds to answer ten questions. Jeff he can passively want but you'll only get three guesses for question are your. I'm ready what is the name of the annual summer event that celebrates Canada's culture in Seattle salt. Or have expressed to you asked by first names which member of The Beatles this first alphabetically. That would be here at dawn doesn't die hard not to talk to me that's. Doors yes these three little pigs made houses that straw breaks and what other materials. Drawer correct. Six to ask did I end autos ghost is used by doctors to examine which part of the bodies. Their total and now the throat now. Your brains now in the TV show Brandon Wood street and main characters were simply lost. So throughout their Monica asks you which you west city is these sports stadiums the Staples Center correct. Who walked into looks you ask the sequel to the movie David subtitled dig in the wise. Do you know at TD are active at that what you're of the release sixties didn't careless ms. gross guy. Wars goes there needs to act. Yeah I do 3456. And a little erratic that's the difference maker I've played a solid and get a player summit didn't get to Christie did so now right for gusty cute dance but I think. He's doing to help. Wow well last time he did so well that you let him play two songs and writes him so and now I'm gonna play three. I mean. I don't know they're winning or losing sorry I'm. Wheldon are you ready. Again what is the name of the annual summer event that celebrates Canada's culture in Seattle as fast as. Despite its first names which member of the Eagles is first alphabetically. Spring got to know just. Student tests to Steve George yeah ask the three little pigs made houses of straw breaks and what other materials. To. Ericsson's and laughed delta on. Tanks now oh. A strong. It sticks yes. Otto scope is used by doctors to examine which part of the body the here yes it is these TV show friends which two main characters were siblings. I'll Ross and Rachel notebook Abby we're now would be set top. Tom Ross and Monica yeah adds it which US city is these sports they do that Staples Center that's in Los Angeles yes the sequel to do was beat David subtitled big in the Washington. As and like get to know. I haven't taken the fun to know pagan didn't now what year these early sixties did Maryland and Rhode diet 1960. Now once it's 3456. In Mac is the deciding factor you. Lose six that's. Don't go. It's a gas unchanged congratulations. Jeff. Thank you guys hang on the line and of course. Was that he sizzling USA's. My badge of a brute digest what we say and I don't connect happy birthday to my daughters to sixteen today and the last hour when the chin and down. Emily. Well I think in honor of that and they're playing the losers song as yeah I played a birthday song don't we Steve absolutely what's your name again. Emily Emily. This is from my mom and dad to you. I need Aaron hey you're really Lou I'm you know Larry hey Hillary. Lou you move. Being burned hey news. These. And he. Weird OK OK you moved. Yeah. We better not ask anything else this. I Dawson needs jazz. Most sincerely want cars not this daughter she wants a birthday greetings from Steve's mom and dad yeah and nonaligned Jim I gotta get surprised but he congratulations and of cars. Good to you that you it did get wrong Jeff actually got corrected is babe pig in this city. Well it goes to the city David I am I must have missed out is that that was that the radio Stevie tomato is this right now is currently at zero I haven't seen it. Things got darkened movie. And in the years the early sixties that Merrill mineral passed was 1962. No it's a great question arises that since there's only emily's birthday but also your view George decay all that's right. And we'll. Boom. They want for him is it he's eighty Y eighty years old mr. Sulu from the original Star Trek George decay. Can do eighty and he's still going strong you know the king and by the kings of FaceBook the way his posts are awesome man. I mean considering he's been through his life he. He was in a Japanese interment camp back in World War II when they basically said I'm sorry world war with that country means everybody is Japanese American gonna pitch and a camp. I mean it is dated and he survived that he's also gay dude that's a lot of good stuff for gay rights in this country and and and and he's done it now are real positive way you know he's he's had fun and he's been cool and happy birthday mr. decay and I do believe his daughter lives in the area. I don't know yeah I think south side that Iran about that but at some point that she did. As and they George today. And Amelie and Emily. Dice. I say I got five surprised that's about online dating okay here's what you need to know topped one of them has had not heard good idea. The big thing that people really look at an online dating is your age. That's like a big defining factor so it doesn't matter if you happen to be really hot if you're too young to old for somebody it don't matter IDR they're gonna stick his gonna stick with the age group they want. Think a year or more of I don't know how are with the Butte general demographic is for people that use online dating belly I'm guessing people were Didier typically in her twenties. L for the most part I know some people hired him forties might be doing the online dating but a lot of them most get married or whatever. I can get it again veering early twenties you've probably wanna have to be dating somebody gets around that age. So at that makes sense like now I guess I was single forty out really not give a crap about an obvious don't wanna be able liberal bar with a person but my. Yes and I don't necessarily want to get a discount on my meal. At 3 PM so he wouldn't it mean and bright but any in between that. Completely fun to see that's and so would be huge that's my selling points like I early bird special ladies that's right I get to do now. Second most important factor is education. That's interesting so that's got to be youth because if you're older who cares if you're educated right care if you got a degree that's what people online dating care about are they say that just that they sound like daycare you know I mean I suppose if you were surveyed they give answers that they think people want to hear as opposed to. Clearly matters I have another theory okay I would think that if fury female. You wanna make sure that the dude your wit has got a brain in his head so that you know between to a view you can actually have a good life financially because an educational get to more money and life. And that's that's I would fake and for Matt and maybe that's also a concern to that you know what that she actually can do some pretty Smart stuff money wise because of her education. Process Mickey she's armed security tighter relationship or in and I committed official relationship death upon. Do either this matter to you and education. Age I don't like going out I I went out the duties two years younger than me and I felt the difference he'd just felt like they'd like a little itty bitty child's knees I am not doing this again and then the older older guys they feel like they're trying to settle down the cut off. For me and giving it like twelve years all over my age that's already twelve years older NASA forty. Yeah out in my van took out there yet. Yeah 4041. That's as far as he will go and then you'll as a Delhi nuggets occasion I didn't graduate college so I don't really care if they could. Because it's like I don't I honestly don't think schools that important. Because he resort gas often do well in other other usher jobs. Also so I think it's more important an application. It's a great here's your butt every two bit age she does care about and then look so as an age before looks freedom. That's number three on the list Obama does not care about eight I think what she's saying is like. They can extreme hot streak of like I only day like this small window I mean she's just one day some younger than her and I sense and just one day someone that's like my dad's age tonight. And now the Pentagon. The two years younger I think is actually a little bit of a thing I would say I. If it was maybe he's you know five. Years or seven years she won't go lower math but only going to here's a lesson here and I think that's because that's right around you yeah I mean I'd get idle get a shot but I I honestly in my experience I haven't you I don't cry all you really needs somebody older than you are great and you dad's age but here you yet you're not his image. I think you're more mature occupancy was here. I management accordingly I think you're more mature than the average person your age and that means you're gonna need an older guy because those guys are you know. On the on average less mature than women RH. And I raves Steve's proof of that. I am very mature man he's like I was all you have to vet if I was thirteen I guess you're life is unbelievable mature parade all 100% she's I mean honestly if I if you wanna just played a transcription of your wife's conversations every you can choose a forty year old woman. She's she's an old soul fresher and you know if we replace transcriptions of your conversation five year old thank you ya and I think that's potion at. So yeah so that's that's the story of the online dating so people care about H van education and then finally looks. It's okay that's what that's livestock killed livestock as a whole you gotta get farmers only I don't know where livestock sentiment element. I don't Saturday is. Listeners on the loose you pick that topic you guide to show 206421. Rock rock is 765. You can also Texas 77999. We got you calls we get to texts at 917 a. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9. KI SW. I'd organized ai has come to the rock of Seattle. Listeners on the loose you pick that topic. You guys to show it to 06421 Iraq. And rocky is 76258. And also Texas 77999. There is a lot of talk about brand new subjects of the old could be days old years old that matters. What does matter is that Steve has one rule for listeners on the loose passive system energy and bring it otherwise. Revolt and. I got a text message BJ do with my man for about a year we'll have freaked him out if I say I love you. I felt it for awhile that wanna scare him off from 35 he's 32 love U guys two from Brittany. I think after a year and it's too soon to tell you tell us that you love us he had a win on the lawn of I'm not ready for that UST disease he's a commitment follow. It just I can't do it man. Dude I don't think you are the gonna scare him off and all other guys get scared off. That let me a year in tour relationship around the you can get scared I was just Vicki has Vicki does not like the L word being thrown around and she gets a lot of sensitive guys so. What do you wanna hear the L word I want you have to be the relationship that the L were to be drop seriously. Quite a few months I think a year is very reasonable she she should like like I understand that the people fill a solution. So I think it's totally reasonable for her but I've had guys drop it like two days so. That's not a C I dropped it when you're having now granted this is back in Jurassic period when the rocks are cooling. I felt like deterred actual statement he told them you love them it didn't turn ankles you know they've it was really the run a source that wanted to now. And to be fair back then they'd intelligent of their loved and just him over the head with a towel now letter hammer thing our top club you malice camera I don't. I don't know how you would know your real one yeah thank you mr. history and we're able to get malice and hammers at Home Depot the other work that's rights you know. Children what are we talked to them I'm gonna scare him off of it he's been with you for a year. And she's 35. If you're hitting somebody who's 35 plus. You've got to know they're in the zone of like you know old wanting to be a love relationship right going and don't know that in the mid thirty's that you. Just have to expect that from a woman you spend time with and it is a guy I mean I can't speak for all periods but I I remembered as being terrified to say it first took quite possibly. You're ending game of chicken of I love you between him like he might be waiting for you to say it today he can feel comfortable Hussein as well now I know I think he loves you have to if you gonna get a free yeah Britney loves you yeah. And I want to marry you predator ring. He's getting until he's 32 retired disabled on any unfair expectation he might just be the guy and get his milk for free Steve showed up. Anthony Alabi you can junior and a new relationship have you brought the army has told her we talked about his daughter I think about two hours after they started seeing all the really weeks come all that's right forgot Danny is. Yeah. Did she say back yeah I had I think yes she Munich as I've talked Doris doesn't as a means it probably not a she's like I wanna write and sing resilience. Of San just you know. I'll two weeks and that's that's quick yeah I feel like all the relationships I've been in have been pretty I see it pretty quickly. I think it means my I think as I think like traditional guys like. They won't say it lest they really really really because it's big stuff. As for the average terrifying yet it's big stuff to say may because you feel like that means your in ninety it says so much for gotta say I love you pretty much is saying we should get married to be together MB of being monogamous hole for what text has a very good job. Tidbit of information or advice OK she should tell that she loves him while performing karaoke on him I yes without. I like that creates. Blood flow a little karaoke and I Downey. Stages right here is awesome. 20642 rock rock is 7625 you can also Texas 77999. Listeners on the loose. When things and I missed FaceBook drama yesterday. My buddy said it was hilarious as you guys are gets for doing accents can I please hear this is you know and Rhett got a lot of props people are very impressed with the fact that rev can really do some accents and voices and resurrect their part of FaceBook drama. There won't do Brit accent he should thank you plot you take isn't class is actually I know you've done some improbable like that I mean is that the it's you really upped her game I mean I remember that day when you join union had no talent it's oh thanks for a bag and -- because this was not a compliment yeah OK yeah. Yes Tokyo this episode of FaceBook drama all goes on social media to complain about a co worker how. Floor. And maim and John and try to give my heritage distilling companies brown sugar bear ran Vijay once again here's our chance to play the dumb people on FaceBook. Actual FaceBook post a drama unfolds and yet we're acting it out. Changed names to protect innocent and the stupid and this around media you'll be the original poster your name is Diana yes I'll play the role carry. Rather you'll be deeds we stereo liberal Teddy Hank and did you will be George shoeless to legalize these people are co workers to ski down masterminds of the original poster once again is Diana. So BJ. Please take it away and honor the late princess. This will be my Dianna three and honor so who died than thirty years ago now you guys. This is so when someone post simply just wouldn't. Dupuis to stop you still expressed nonsense. I'm sure your intention read this post us and we'll send it to you. All hope away scratching pitch. I didn't start to ask. I don't tie this is not happening again must die due to added our own FaceBook all I got cold into the openers. Josh do you'll jolt and lay off ice war. And to me these are shots and it's just admitted to. Is Carl. Matt played better than the first choice of words cutting 40. She you have to go to vigil mass I dad oh some thing. Every time you tell that story and gets worse. It's why I and I know it all off the you know my daddy's mess at all. Our relationship goes into Google you. I was looking at them. Oh wow what I could I had an. MG. Yeah I was right then because he wasn't in the streets and clearly you know Sherry. Probably on spreading how amazing David how well. And now you know Larry life is trying to stick bench. He may be all domain but he knows he's guy who's. Has the right. This tension establish. Pencil. And I'm. Why how and should kill about whether or not. Hi pops pack and works. The classics. Texas' 31 of the best basement dramas by the end of the year from Shane men's and once that Steve you sound like you're getting poked in the mirror and wondering how all I know I just how Vicky gets me into the mood I'll still doing an English accent and I sure that's something that we should be revealing notes that inside secrets and stay with that sharp BB death. Hey it is listeners on the loose you get to pick that topic please. And yet the guides show 206421. Rock rocket 765 text us it's 77999. Corey calls and texts at 933. On Iraq. And makes it more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI ESW. Austin Seattle. Listeners on the loose you picked a topic you guys to show it to 06421 rock. Rockets 7625 Texas it's 77999. Went into says. Did you guys hear about the people that interrupted a tennis match wick sacks. Did we hear about yes we did airtight ready yesterday was the best audio. This is really great audio because it first and it we've got the but it it it's it's being played I played by this tennis announcer. And they're confused because they first thought it was coming out of a cell phone they thought somebody's phone was so loud. That and for some reason somebody was watching porn they were there and but in reality this was a real couple having sex. A cross and a building across a lake from where the tennis court is at the Sarasota open in Florida. And the best part of this is one of the tennis players finally reacted to this onslaught of sex sounds. Once again blow this James Kruger. Ask your opponent deficit situation. Well that is slow. Maybe most bizarre situation. I don't know how to put this folks that somebody's phone going off. In the stay inside. It was in the old. It's an Alzheimer. I don't know how well you can you can get home. There maybe fifteen. I still here. It's still going. What he's doing nothing yeah. No it's not a a phone. That's an apartment across the league can. Oh my god well. Who was looking around to see where that was coming from and finally you know. Wasn't video. Recently had a good night. And again. Really tight call. The hole dead weight and they it's you it's that low once he's going to the tennis player who snaps is great and one match here under point. Well good luck charm right there he is Beckett yeah. He's that good they were that good and it reminds me of when they you know Toronto. In the sky dome would have I'll tell oh yeah I was a couple people could see having sex and hotel room agree that you could see it from the ballpark but how we went to see a cut the dead rise against Portland we sit hotel and the hotel out there who's a apartment complex are condos across the street. And you saw somebody would have to be like the top floor because it was hot tub outside a couples getting in on it it was it was the highlight of the entire he can't. And lots of cool moments that happen that we can but the fact that you know you always hear about people catching somebody doing that was awesome to be able to witness it. And I was hot I hadn't happened below me and I was hoping you would spurn on my wife. It didn't it was in Hawaii I and it was very it was the room right below our journey fifth floor we're the fourth floor all yeah it carried. They had their balcony open and they weren't on the balcony but just the Leo did the acoustics and everything is you knew what was happening it was a slim fast. I'll man. And us. And I don't think you know maybe end. On and I can you do that now. Heroine title as many years ago and I was working downstairs series yet that the big concert and fast and back in the day or so much fun because it was in Bremerton. They would had a person fairgrounds that the build a stage and on the bandstand. The company would put us up at a hotel like this over and Eleanor something along those lines news that was always my favorite. Time of the year because that we get we all just lost her mind. And one year I was able that and it. Maybe a girlfriend or somebody out now that's something it was a good songs hanging out with him we were on the schedule you know affectionate all right. Next day we're all hanging out Hambrecht face and just BSE one of the guys give their work with and well talk about our night and I have alternate couldn't sleep. The people next to me kept me out because they were just. Do when it and it's kept hearing the bad timing and fall slanting against the wall and I couldn't get any sleep I'm so pissed off. So yes for rumor you anything like whatever room 127 and Mike. Brahma in room 129. Sorry. Man I thought Kapler as the day that was yeah I might add. On every level you can't get to sleep and some seven a good time that you wish you could be had and it's your co worker yeah it's even worse. So real and Steve are we gonna see you a battle mania tomorrow night you pressure Assam going to be what is battle mania Steve retool a battle which is a great local independent wrestling crew on that put on a great show every other Friday overactive all fitness in Seattle. Their big event is battle mania that's their wrestle mania pop it is tomorrow night already vol fitness and you know get there again in line early because this is the one. Where typically so many people show up at some point they got to turn people away. But it's it it's it's the who's who for damage as far as that all their wrestler is like Eddie being planned and yet to Saks going to be subject to an Arab you guys had the nerdy guy he had been there as well my boy Cole crazy problem makes fondle. But also watch Joey Ryan who's on national. Torre wrestler you know he's a guy who's just performed all over the world he's known for his penis plaques called us guys yeah not at all hokey and own as well. But he's wrestling he's tag teaming with not even glance that's gonna be really really cool saw I can't wait to mark it's going to be a blast. It's always a fun time even if you on a thinner wrestling Vicky goes to them all the time. Yeah out there just it's such a great production and it's just you get into the crowd the crowd healing and I've brought people who are fans and all I can never seen a wrestling show or anything. And they walk away just super impressed and super excited and I greatly to doors are going to be there Aleutian dormant in Milan piece by who is unbelievable on the range he just flies and achieves. In seeing on Iraq's also who she's rustling as an independent wrestling there's no gender lines. Also we got an invite girls all the time well and end Everette successor because it's entertainment it's not. That's really good point you're down you wonder when that will translate the WW we can't go ever well that's too bad because I think you're right it is entertainment right I mean women have been met the dude is due to be not the women out of it. We all can suspend reality we know that there's not like this is like anything bad going on but. A lot of these but as one of my favorite local wrestler she's incredible laundering so it's gonna get it's it can be a great time hopefully you'll see you guys there and there's alcohol served so that's always fun to want more info why do I just took a 321 battle on FaceBook and all the information is that. Place I ST we had a guy that broke into his neighbor's house and he did it for arrest the crappy S reason. Tell you last night fifty on the rock. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 K I guess W all the nine point nine day high as the new rock god Seattle. I don't wanna go on vacation in the house alone because this might happen. Happens guy in my break into your home and steal your toilet paper. TP ING. This is that this happened a four stroke memorandum of Philippine lives in West Virginia previously broke into his neighbor's home while they were away on business because yeah I opinion that TP. Now the guy a loser got an alert from the securities is this summer was in his living room so he called his sister asked you to go check it out. She saw Philip when she got there but he's pretended to help her look for whomever broke him because well you know she thought he was just a concerned neighbor right. And and a security cameras show that oh no he was the one who actually broke and and he eventually admitted to stealing three rolls of toilet paper that are you serious had to go really bad and he gets gross sometimes the name. Leave someone down the path of crime down his first it was thought his last name. Okay burn side. Mug shot Foleo is just constipated you think. And that words on figure offer listening check got to buzz a KI SW dot com right Cassel he's up next Tuesday morning twelve pack. Inmates. She's got your red convertible. Which is as decent drama and everything do you use either. Jack columns in the Redskins and the red convertible there's somebody who had the red convertible that's driving around with a bronze. And I believe their bronze and could be gold I don't know. Chuck Knox on you've seen little guest today. Got a guy says no that's awesome that rice is a huge negative people talk yeah that's awesome. And made some mornings on the rock 99.9 K I guess down here. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy if I called Travis will actually see him or someone who works for them. I'm suing when you're coming to see my in my office so when you first call and myself we'll try to help you. We're everywhere any basic questions that you have. Oh I didn't get your car back. But they'll schedule usually spread a schedule you for. Free consultation with the means to be returning. Can only would you personally we'll talk about surely the basic educational taking your questions. And answer session they usually rely on your view of the usually lasts about thirty minutes. Now we'll get the basics of your financial situation. I can answer your questions and we can talk about whether bankruptcy makes sense you're just under your non bankruptcy option. And now bankruptcies and effectuate the processors. Thanks Travis if you have more questions about bankruptcy you can reach out to Travis any time as you choose the right chapter dot com that's choose the right chapter dot com. Thanks for listening.