BJ & MIGS Podcast 05-19-17-6A: Bryan Cranston was on Jimmy Kimmel and talked about messing with his fans.

Friday, May 19th

Bryan Cranston was on Jimmy Kimmel and talked about messing with his fans. News and sports. A man from the Deadliest Catch got arrested after spitting and kicking at an Uber drivers car.


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Should a great story. About how we lies the mess we as fans people are recognizing me people I see your face on people's shirts all the time where all the good drawing on the curb your face from breaking bad I'm we'll see you Walter White shirt on some guy. And I will sneak up to him and saddle up next Tillman Disco. I like your shirt. What's that any looks at me go up and I leave and buy time but when I turned the corner I start running ahead. Visited my head I have this magic thing like noise sort of god he's right. That's awesome that is really cool if I was an. I mean I'd be the best celebrity I think you'd think you'd be the best every believe that this if I think it and I comic character on television so let's just goes up Neil Patrick Harris. OK you know Craig not nearly as charming as good a look Karzai took out all right we put about Neil Patrick Harris and I was party. I would Wear a suit all the time and how it hit up every laser tag placed in the entire country. Yeah just messed with people that way you like laser tag anyways much of a stretch for you that's why take Leo Patrick asked as he likes to write unicorn who don't like writing. Hearts yeah plus he's got rules he slams a ladies that's right straight character and produced a lot of drugs with Harold and Kumar that's sometimes it's a little out of control well there's that old drive Molly. Other than that I'm gonna do about it is that having a ride to unicorn okay that I'm Bryan Cranston and many would show that some questionable neighborhoods and make you know. So meg on some of the simplest math. I didn't I hear relaxed these early get into it. My house sees a so forward rice doing is not a legal I think when you're going to neighborhoods and pull out method slightly illegal that's why is not nearly as awesome of the celebrity as I could all I see well you know what it will be shortly celebrity and then of course first. I guess. Steve migs in jail because he thought hey I can prolong meth anywhere I go I play that guy on our own math writing and Lawrence shoot lasers. You money. Would you gonna be like an iconic peg what iconic character would you be all I would wanna be Shatner say probably got to do shadows Epoch then you can use the voice. Yeah because I mean the voices so iconic Kiki just I would order food that way. Like a shaken closed as it. And thought I would adds this I just could use his I would use that Kirk boys everywhere I go I get belay if it's not butter. It just everywhere. What kind of butter is that. You know say it's as the whole life I hate that it's part day. I can't believe I would dress up or. How would spot with you but I can't do to him. REI if you have three yeah editing this guy's not Spock is this a fascinating it's all he has to say OK fascinating fascinating itself and I did I'm. Spock did you believe it's not out there. But I haven't. I am not able to Buick you know we shocker yeah emblem that I into the live long and prosper that's not that's the lives shock and prospering there is that. That's good begat that's it that's what you're trying to be right all of this out together and needs to keep up the pinky India ring finger not you can do it and I panacea karaoke you're the last dance sometimes it's like ten year old geez that's even worse dad bugs me at all. Cloud that's amazing and if you really look at the games I got it again sign it's lawyers and barely snuck back. So yeah I do you do that Tom I just can do it now I thought it's still tougher on my left hand you do and yet. Chris ubiquitous. I can as Dara the issue although my left him once you're gonna you're going joking you do it. Joseph there area of course he's pouring into your world I would imagine everybody in the room can do it for use on just don't put on the geek world all yeah that. I offer all nerds because we can do the live long and prosper Spock thing man and a yeah now what happened my parents filming. He's well you know not everybody's got to put my dad like Star Wars he likes Star Trek to I think Brandeis that shows was have to do with the UN hands they can hand out masks and neighborhoods though that's that you have. And I point you've got back from prison BJ year William Shatner is a mixture of William Shatner and Jerry Steinfeld yeah. Well I can't believe there's a so yeah. Some winners this is it done. So is it two years ago they had a Barney Stinson suit up laser tag broad day party ever tools. Ports and our cars and Tacoma and if you were Neil Patrick Harris you would have been there to really surprised the mall I park my unicorn outside and shoot lasers. Elian I would be happy celebrity I'd like to think I would create gap in us just having a great time and everybody. I think that's great though you know what down. It was Cranston does where he just sneaks up to people wearing his Walter White shirt and says you know. That there at least your shirt. Have. Crescent City guy who just love him all the celebrity game that he's received he's always makes sharing great stories and indeed seem that he's very fan friendly. And I mean think about this guy's career he started off as a goofy guy that's how we all know miss Malcolm's dad to be going turnaround into one of the most amazing shows ever as one of the most. Unbelievably tough and leading Carrick to shoot oversee the tough and also a giant Wallace. I he had like a little bit of both yellow both the man yeah but he ended up on me you know spoiler alert he ended up really are spending a lot of big timers worlds in the world of drugs America Walter White was the man. We did with Walter White is a top five character of all time. Wu. I would that's a list via oh man that's a list I don't know if Walter White would be on the list Heisenberg blood doesn't feel like is it. And my legs he becomes. Heisenberg he's become less than that once I felt like he grows his hair when he's not Eisenberg you've always done is he's Heisenberg he's Walter White they're the same if I market Superman it's ruined her and I hate to agree very small guys I do I don't have Denny's on my side he's from New Mexico so his you are being counts twice a call it's all about the transformation. Yeah but the highs and his. I mean bigamy and Steve is right in Vicky is right Steve is right it's at the characters Walter White guy but it it Walter White in him playing that character who becomes Eisenberg but he's really want to wipe that's the character's name. But I also know Dick he's talking about. That character his transformational Heisenberg. Yeah no doubt about it but that's what makes Walter White an amazing characters then these cars that if you ID him it's still says Walter White doesn't say hi America. Op what that would be a fun comer station most iconic TV character of all time he's got in the top ten output of the top ten okay top five I don't know I'd I need time to think about that as you talking about the entire all the history of television yet. Oh that's tough for a top five top ten yet he I would say behind Fred Flintstones he's been hurt you okay. Have to go there. I have to go now. Hey. This is us and tells them to tell you but one of the stars of course the Deadliest Catch was arrested. And because he didn't know how lever works that's how this all happens he will tell you about it 617. On the Iraq. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9. K I guess W all. 99 point IKI affiliate there on the Seattle taking us in the ball game. I asked our annual rock that it Safeco Field not dig him and you know I love me baseball and quick turnaround okay this. This night is when the Mariners are making their run. Ford championship glory that's nice it starts with those losers that Tampa Bay Rays. And we'll be celebrating at camp by the terrace club terrace club is awesome if you've never seen a baseball game there. It's one of the fireplace Safeco Field to watch the voiced little ball around and you can get an exclusive beach and makes the Mariners T shirt with your ticket. Fireworks after the game and like I said terrorist that was awesome the food is great the lines are shorter yeah it's it's not beautiful view of the game to. You want these tickets here's what you do go to Mariner's dot com slash KI SW. That's mariners dot com slash KI SW and use the coach KI SW to get your discounted terrace club seats. Hope to see there it's going to be a great night on June 2 mariners raise. It can be a lot of fun KI SW dot com actually go to mariners dot com slash K guys them. Mess newscaster. Named steam. Yeah and news room. Right now all ears Steen made slid the news. But thank you guys and they some local C bingo for giving us a news and sports and a guy from the Deadliest Catch you know him off from the northwestern. Sig Hansen in trouble with the law got arrested yesterday morning. Because he allegedly kicked and over driver's car. And there are reportedly spat on pro that's not good is all happened at 2 in the morning shockingly alcohol was involved. According to police reports Hubert driver picked up a couple people. Four people total two guys to women. Who wrap weren't Ballard to celebrate them John Q weren't there are Norwegian constitution day yeah I you know what that is one of my favorite college celebrate black guy I was visiting the house is gone. Thursday hard again it's really tough while they wanted to go to shoreline where they lived. Somehow the bride was canceled on that Hoover after the drivers like I can't get paid if it's canceled. Told the passengers can use the app began to request to ride that way you know I can get compensated for this trip. Well he was offered cash by the customers and Hoover the now allowed to lie except cash. So he's a can't do that you gotta get out they eventually got out of the car and that's and figure Hanssen allegedly kicked it dead in the guy's car that's fast. The police report says that save was intoxicated they got to the vows and you just like I got my family's home for a safe and sound in fact six. And then they sit out you know did you have an altercation with the overdrive rethinking now. Now is now we're darn. Good oppression by the way thank you say I don't know if that's what you sound like I feel like I'm there. Eventually did tell the police that his son off offered the driver a hundred bucks and he thought the driver was stupid for not accepting the money. Well anyways he sobered up. After getting arrested and put out an apology tweet saying regarding the altercation last night I'm terribly sorry for my behavior and very embarrassed by it. I know bunch of people apologies first and foremost power over driver who's just trying to get us home safely. I hope I can make an apology in person I have no excuse and I accept responsibility for my actions. Well schooled I actually know what that's end and frankly. I think that that policy over hasn't really stupid. And yet he still took responsibility credited nobody should do we did but I still think the policy student code is trying to side would say this time facing an iron how are we don't as a judge I think you're stupid and they. You don't know who bird it's not very difficult to figure out how it works. When your drunk try to figure it all that's all okay drunk so go ahead pick a card spit at somebody I know I Santana I didn't say that was right that's why I'm happy that he took responsibility does is no excuse for that no punches but I also think Hoover's rule is stupid that's all saying you vs Hoover. Oh yeah I I go out logos is think beyond must. Yes no I they've got a they've they've got to go pro guy whoever he is on shark tank is like I he always tells liberty housing vaulted over. I'll go I'll go out it was him I guess they are. This it was a tough day for all of us here at the rocket for everybody at the fan of Chris Cornell in his music has we found out that he got passed away it was ruled a suicide but things are getting a little bit interesting and it and it's a it's a tough story to talk about because there's still a lot of speculation and unfortunately. And somebody situations we might not never know the true answer. Our first officer whose families did send us I mean now in a statement to today were devastated about the sudden passing of our brother son father. At a fairly come to terms with this loss to request that we've been left alone to grieve privately. We're grateful to all of our friends and it stands for your kindness and condolences and recognize that you are grieving with us. But jobs a stable put out by Chris his wife Vicki. And I she should freeze to death with a loss that escaped words and it's created an emptiness in my heart they'll never be filled as anyone who knew him come out commented. Chris has devoted father and husband he was my best friend. His world revolved around Stanley first and of course his music second. Are you flew home from others did spend time in our family and and spent time with their children but also at at at some point you mentioned that she doesn't believe that it was a suicide. That took his life. She said that he might have taken some extra around out of hand or two and he was slurring his words that's why she was not concerned about him that makes and if you watch. I watch some of the clips of the performance yesterday I don't know what the U I have no idea what's true what's not but if you watch the performance in Detroit. And consume accuse a 100% on top of his game I mean I even saw some reviews of city was soaring some words at times. He was stopped arguing and in night leaving the stage every once in awhile because of qatari Hughes he was kind of off on the on the beat when it comes to sing the songs. So I don't know I mean obviously it is it's heartbreaking. And just thoughts and prayers go out his family his wife. And everybody is just peeling off. It's terrible. I gotta give props for the Mariners great tribute to Chris Cornell and we were playing the music at Cornell all day long all morning. Ought to mariners used. Only Cornell music at the game yesterday were to go to really I want review that was awesome to prosecutor Martinez who's behind the scenes in the marketing department the rest of the crew and Americans to do something so classy. And fortunately able to win the game yesterday almost lost that Iraq. For a nothing I believe a one point blew that lead. But ended up winning in a rally in the ninth to beat the White Sox five before they play again tonight at 7 o'clock and tickets are available and he has good market apart. So what are hanging out nights at Safeco Field good luck that it Hebert that you know they wanted to be a tough championship another in this tournament called the memorial cup. And it all starts off its all the junior teams across the across the board and America and Canada. An oddity and you're otters that decree being that's going to be tomorrow you can watch and the NHL network enforce it's that delayed broadcast beat Georgia 4 o'clock founders. Take our rheal Salt Lake tomorrow at 2 PM it's a century link field to watch and Jim TV you know Colin. As far as whether six. Nine degrees. And sunny and to send me all weekend and thank you for close to giving us news and sports or talk about it all the fresh forget meant to mention a news is big news very very happy. Happy birthday to my lovely wife. Always tell their birthdays or birthday and she turned 21 you guys and what dragon she is she's actually just about to graduate high school or are they you know Wilcox are. I dive Asia's folly to anyone and I also they shall get there now and we're gonna Soviet style game on a plane going to Vegas really so great for the weekend war. All Lincecum Brittany tonight Wallace a big Brittany spears fan look at you guys jet setters hopping a plane and gone mad but tomorrow. I know the I'd love those are the isolate things well yeah they are all services when they come to town I was gonna want to Redmond. Volunteers there's a few that is never come to Seattle and one of them is. Beatles love and Emma yeah I love The Beatles and and I'm a fan a circus elation when she said Hamlet to go to wanted to show is like Beatles love mr. Beatles love. And who gonna go to these memorize and we're going tomorrow night man I am so excited tech guy at a -- a ten year anniversary around this time so that's gonna be cool to take out whatever their Dylan and I watched a bunch of videos yesterday to get all excited for it oh yeah you're stoked let me get a break from everything is going on record now and you know is really tough and some guy's gonna put myself and a better mood so I just watched videos of The Beatles love circuits away and it just got me pretty pumped up about tomorrow's nice happy birthday to your life. I need Barrett hey you're you're just happy he's there hey bill. Use. These burn okay deal my law. Needs. How are being very weird hey you do you boo you back here on June. And a crazy crazy stuff at circuit anyway the funny thing gets they'll probably go with the prime will caller and singer have debris hit batter yeah. Knowing that they probably well a well it's awesome that sounds let's clear great weak answer this allay their shows in Vegas I mean every show I've Joey to real couples who are you've gone oh do you have do their guy isn't on this whole time I always more. When I never knew that you you've checked those things all they're out there I believe blend those and Joey you know the what they hesitate to strip clubs because he knows that I'm not my cup will go on a suppose my kid. I don't know why yeah. But he was like he tasted the fine food and the fine shows. You know I all I wanted to see Penn and teller live never had so we got to see him in Vegas that was fantastic and giving us that is. Joseph I know these sirte isolate shows in Vegas are just rumored they're ridiculously over the top we saw a couple guys you know Tamara Moore park in Davis imminent Everett the arena and in their awesome but I'm. It's embarrassing mandate yeah and it dead end at almost mean everyone we saw it's like he did trip over in any really get tripped and fallen to a certain installation when they're all but also to be amazing. Yeah yet there's there's a good handful ones that I could go 01 as well we'd like to check up or I don't for two nights. It's like you can only fits almost to see why would you go you're gonna really I think you gotta be hooked. Positive for Vegas is cool for that kind of stuff so distracted Beatles love is so cool major gonna love it. I got to see that to make this enterprise united majorities I go to Vegas we we do that one Beatles love we can see that all of you know on when we get back ice for sure another person is viewed most people when they got lesser (%expletive) away a six foot six tattooed bald. Don't look like the guy that would like circus away and I went to Beatles love and I was blown away yeah. Yes it more excited madrassas Stephen emulation wife's name his wife yeah that's you know it. Its traditional name. The first Beatles love is amazing went twice each time I visited Las Vegas. I'll twice cap that says something. He always gonna be and it is our bit deeper crisis at. And big east tonight during a podcast keeping men are men that would be awesome but but again there and a hoping to meet up with him afterwards for the wife a yeah you wanted to have a brick pressure with a wipe off all my clothes for what she dug out we've seen them above all times and well that's that's fantastic because you know I'm because you know paper it's great guy but you know like he had caliper in the guys that gets you know gets a little wild and based on. Things and British said Bert love mine are all really hurts when it mattered as the Eagles. Rob how did you pull back like and she's standing right next to me that's awesome don't put that in there a year it's too late to think some charming bird yeah. About that. I guess avoid mr. charmer over here he was stumped on this one let's south American city business eighty foot. Statue of Christ overlooked. The Vatican now juror no bottom. South American city now south American city and yeah parents is screaming. Pretty. I think we're also looking for real my. Friend real vision medals but had a big game. That means you soccer ice. You wanna be TV every shot to 06421 rock rocket 7625. Feet made us at 647. Today's podcast was brought you by Travis Gagne bankruptcy attorney he's here right now has agreed to answer more of your questions about bankruptcy. Travis if you're outside denim your mortgage should you continue to make the payment continuing to pay your mortgage or not these are complex decision. Because you're going to have to save the lives somewhere and you're going to have a housing came. So yeah. Continuing to make your house payment really depends on several factors one is. Whether or not just a second mortgage on the second one is how affordable your ongoing monthly mortgage payment is. The issue is whether your mortgages adjustable when you're facing an increasing your mortgage payments later on when interest rates go up. 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